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We've managed to dig deep and bring one of the most requested features to life!

Registered members can now attach an image to their responses. You can also search through an extensive library filled with thousands of fun GIF's to attach! Feel free to respond here with your favorite image or gif to test it out and have some fun :)

I've said it multiple times...please, if you have a question or anything about the site, PLEASE do NOT muttr about it! Email me instead or even post on the featured muttr(s). A lot is changing (the entire site)...please bare with me here.

Just a quick warning: from here on out, questions about Muttr, or some kind of "bug" WILL BE removed. I can't have the site being filled with support questions. It's hard enough to moderate everything as it is.

If you have issues, comments or supportish questions, either comment on this muttr or email me (

Due to popular demand, the "Idiot" voting option has been removed from Muttr. We want this site to be helpful, not trollfull, and we feel that option encouraged rude behavior.

That said...we are unsure if we will be replacing it with a separate option or not yet, that is still up in the air. Any suggestions, feel free to let us know!

Look, I am all for using this site...but if you have a million things to muttr about, do it all in one muttr! Do not spam this site, some people need their muttrs seen to get advice.

On that note, I have had enough...all but 2 muttrs from the spammer has been removed and they have been banned. I really hate having to do this, but I cannot sit here and moderate 24/7.

Thanks to all of you who use this site appropriately and for what it was made for!

We are in the midst of rebuilding - Now is your time to contribute! What do you like most about Muttr? What would you like to see improved? What new features do you feel would be a great addition? Your feedback helps greatly improve the site!

What does the fox say?!!?

Muttr gives our thoughts and prayers to all the children and families involved in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Connecticut. This is sad and devastating. So sick there are people who could do something like this. In utter disbelief...

Would just like to say...GO PATRIOTS!!!

Alright people..."Love" can't be the only thing you need to Muttr about! :P

For most people across the country, tomorrow is Friday. To those in the northeast who still don't have power...tomorrow is day 6! Thank you, National Grid <3

In the observance of the holiday weekend, Muttr would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

I had borrowed my dad's 05 Corvette today. I was pretty excited because he finally trusted me with his baby. I pulled up to a light and look over at this hot red head driving a BMW beside me. She's giving me this very.. sexual look which caught me off guard. Ive heard stories of women who simply love Vetts and well it was great til I called over to her and her look changed instantly. Next thing I know, some dude sits up in the passenger seat and gives me the finger while wipi... read more

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