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I am out of school and would like to say I am celebrating CHRISTMAS VACATION! Not WINTER VACATION! f*** YOU POLITICALLY CORRECT a**h*** ! It was always christmas vacation long before some jews and muslims complained about it!

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Anyone who says or hints towards 'educate yourself and form an opinion based on evidence and facts/open your mind' or in a more 'uneducated' version; 'youre retarded,' has a lack of overall respect and understanding towards others.
First off, why insult peoples intelligence? Second off, why be rude and stubborn? Youre not going to get anyone on your side by speaking like that, regardless of how you word it. I cant stress the wording enough. People arent stupid. They know when you are insulting them.
These kinds of people need a serious wake up call to grow up and realize they are just as rude and arrogant as some of the people they make out to be. Hint, look up Virtues. Define them. Learn them and perhaps you will become a better advocate or in the least, a better person!
#48    Anonymous     12/25/10 @ 08:21:24pm    Advice
Actually Bones is right many Christians don't do their research and make careless judgements. the X in xmas is jesus's name in greek. Jesus was born in March cuz the sheep were outside and peole traveled with too much cold and such. Happy holidays its sometimes a chore to those whor just want to say Merry xmas, but WHERE in the bible does it say to celebrate Jesus's birth, cuz it barely says make a party for his death too. also christmas has pagan elements and other cultures involved. Happy Merry Hanakwasolmas. anyone who don't fit that happy holidays, just have a nice winter break.
#56    Anonymous     12/30/11 @ 11:06:11pm    Advice

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