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I hate everyone. Not just everyone but me, or everyone but my family, or anything like that. Legitimately: everyone. Myself included. We are a filthy, indulgent race. We are a disgusting people. We are violent, crude, vicious, unable to control our base impulses, lazy, and despicable in even the most noble of our actions. We are a vile stain on the earth and the universe as a whole.

I've found that when people use cliched/optimistic statements to try to help me with things, it makes everything feel worse. Like the fact that I haven't dated anyone except for one crazy ex from a couple years ago: "It'll happen when you least expect it!" Um, no it won't, because I don't expect it at all, and nothing has happened yet. When I got fired from my first job: "Everything happens for a reason. When one door closes, another opens, and this just wasn't the job for yo... read more

When you rant to your friend and they think they're helping but their advice is so s*** it makes you feel worse...
haha I f***ing love that
and then they just change the subject like youre fine and they made everything better and the world is f***ing perfect

Being threatened to get slapped is nice

I hate it when someone asks you do to something, and you flat out refuse, but then they still expect you to do the thing they asked you to do even though they know you're not going to do it. I hate being held to promises I never made in the first place.

The more money you get the more problems you run into

I get really fed up with these anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive politically correct thought police, social justice warriors, and control freaks who make up fake, bogus words and slogans in order to bully everyone, bossing everyone around. Hypocritically, they CLAIM they like to promote diversity while hysterically screaming while condemning anyone who disagrees with their rigidly intolerant rules and regulations.

I totally condemn the shooting deaths of two New York City police officers that just took place in Brooklyn. They weren't harming anyone; they were just sitting in their patrol car. My uncle and a former boyfriend of mine were cops, so I'm familiar with the dangers police officers face every day, every night. R.I.P. to these two officers, and my prayers go out to their families.

#policeofficers #NYPD #compassion

One year ago...
Me: "oh your dog is adorable. It sure does yap loud!"
Idiot Neighbor: "oh she's a puppy, she'll grow out of it."

...feeds puppy treats and says, "good girl" every time dog yaps...

Me: "oh your dog is so adorable. It's still yapping, though. You said she was going to grow out of that. Oh by the way, do you know what time it is?"
Idiot Neighbor: "HRMPH. How rude!" and storms off, with yapping dog in toe.

The time: 5A on a bloody Sunday.

Screw you b*... read more

I can see my neighbors (19 & 15) peeking trough their window blinds while I'm doing some streches in the kitchen (nothing sexual) and some squats. Keep laughing you two. In a few months I'll be even more toned while the two of you will still cry about how fat and unhappy you are.

Im so unhappy, I ask u to leave u stay and for what? To make me more miserable Im starting to HATE you!

I think most of you suffer from delusions of adequacy.

Im so tired of fans defending band members when they do something s***... "but EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES...." that still doesn't make it alright???

I just went trough some of my old class mates FB profiles to see how they're doing. (We graduated this year in July)
I realized how all of them are more mature than me, or at least look like it. They go to college, some have jobs and all of them have friends and go out.
I'm still stuck at home. No college because we're too poor, no job and no friends because I'm too introverted and mentally ill. I honestly feel like I'm 16, not 19. All of these people take up responsebilities... read more

I wish I was never born. I don't fit in anywhere I go. In school, home, church, mall anywhere. I feel like people really hate my presence so they would just avoid me or ignore me although I dress nicely, observe personal hygiene and not being rude. However, some people told me that they are afraid to approach me because I look like a cold-hearted person, I don't smile a lot and I look intimidating so maybe this is the problem. I keep trying my best though but I still fail. I ... read more

Okay, so, it's the christmas season, and my boyfriend and i wanted to get dressed up and go somewhere nice, so we did. we've been together since junior year of high school, stayed together through college, and have had a healthy, stable relationship the entire time. he's literally like my best friend in the whole world and its great . but so, here we are, wearing our nice suits and everything, and we sit down at the table. the waitress comes up, and she starts hitting on us r... read more

The priest of the parish I work at handed me a Christmas card yesterday . After I came home I opened it. My humbling surprise was the one hundred dollars that was included.
He will never know the attitude adjustment that gave me . Truly not the money , but the thought.

I hate how people always ask personal stuff like "do you work?" at college... then automatically ding you with "...oh". Then they call you "lazy" when they are a personal fitness trainer and your a computer science major. I just laugh inside my head because I know if they were in my classes they would be shizzing in their pants like little poosies. Like you son of a b**** don't assume I'm lazy because I'm a "full time student" and I'm not working. These classes are fairly dif... read more

What is is about having a penis that totally disables dudes from ever having real empathy for others?

I'm sorry but if you f***ing start spreading more hate because you are hateful of something else, that won't f***ing solve anything you dumb f***. What the hell is so hard to understand about that?