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My precinct has the worst cops; I think they're the cops no one else wanted, actually. I can call with the intention to get a simple question answered, start with "good morning" and still get a rude, unhelpful response. Do you pigs seriously think you're seriously better than me because you have a badge? Without that badge, I bet people would spit in your face if you talked to them that way.

I need a hero and i know its sad and pathetic but i do

I am 21 and my boyfriend is 30. I started getting messages from a 44 year old who live on the other side of the USA. He seemed nice and i was being polite, so he asked me why I was with who I am with (He has never spoken to ether of us before). I tell him "Well I like him, he is just my type of guy and we have lots of similar interests." I thought it was a polite response, but i get this book of a paragraph "No offense, but he's not very attractive or at all cool-looking. He ... read more

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish that shine-bright-like-an-api-edit would die a gruesome, slow, painful death. I hope all the admins of that evil blog die. I wish for them to go through the same pain that they are forcing me through. They have no idea how it feels to be laughed at and to be told to kill yourself. I don't care if someone considers me a psychopath for it because frankly, I am through enough pain as it is.
So to that damned blog, if you come across th... read more

g**d*** your such a f***ing cunt, I can't even ask you a simple question without a bitchy comments coming from your fat f***ing mouth. I can't wait for the day that you need my help, what goes around comes back around a**h*** . Ughh

I don't really understand people anymore. At least not relationship wise.
Everyone (that I know), always suggest a break up as the first and best solution. It irks me somewhat. Mostly because if something breaks you're going to repair it, right? Not just leave it broken and get a new one. Are people becoming more lazy about fixing their problems or what? I just don't get it... I rather try everything human possible to make it work rather than see that there's a problem and gi... read more

The f*** is wrong with you? You don't just crash at my table uninvited. Courtesy and manners people.

So, I have a boyfriend who I love but I feel like he is cheating one. There is this one girl he used to have relations with and they still talk and she leads him on all the time and she and he both know I hate it when they are together alone cuz he still wants to f**k her and she him..and know I just looked at his phone (I.know that is really bad) and they have been hanging out when I'm at work and he hides it and lies about it to me...He swears he only.loves me but I don't k... read more

I'm just gonna say it---people who go on and on about being "friendzoned" irk me. This guy be bitching about me not liking him even though he was so damn "nice" to me (oh, please, he just opened a door or two and basically treated me politely--y'know, like a human.) and going on and on about how he's such a f***ing good friend I just don't want to change things. No, you irritating, ignorant, arrogant, whiny little b****. I'm just not f***ing interested in you the way you want... read more

A guy showed me a paper full with a bunch of different scenarios between two people written on it and then asked in which of these situations the rape was justified. I said I didn't have to read any of them to know that it never was. It was never justified. He then showed me the results of other people's choices and it was just shocking. 40-50% of men said it was justified in most cases, and 20-30% of women said the same thing. My mind has been blown---how is it EVER justifie... read more

I Gave in and texted back!! This is not right, I guess I feel bad for him.. Idk what it is but I will try again. Even though he'll probably not text me anymore until he wants something else

I'm so sick of helping people with fitness related things. Mostly because they ask for advice then don't follow it. Ask me to help them create a beginner program then drop it after 3 days. I'm really tired of that stuff...

On every other subject, my mother is a complete sweetheart. She is very kind and generous and I love her to pieces. However, her intolerant comments about Islam are really starting to bother me. Maybe it's because she doesn't really know any Muslims let alone is friends with any, but she sometimes sounds like a Daily Mail headline. I'm going to ask her to read Orientalism by Edward Said to see if that changes her perspective at all. Does anyone have any recommendations of mor... read more

A guy was bragging to me about how he turned a bisexual girl straight because she said she only wanted him from now on. I just wanted to shake him and call him an idiot. Her wanting to be in a monogamous relationship with you doesn't somehow make her straight the same way her wanting the same thing with a girl wouldn't make her a lesbian. She's /BI/, she's still going to find both men and women attractive even if she's not sleeping with them.

I am in love with two people. I am married. I want to be with them both. I can't stop my heart from loving them both. I love them both differently. I miss them both constantly.

I've noticed I'm so irrelevant to you now, that all you do is ask me for cash or to buy you things. I thought for a second that there might've been something between us, but apparently not! I'm no one's personal bank! I worked for my money and I should be able to spend it how I want to. Not buying you what all you need And want!! I'm a dummy for that I guess I was catching feelings for him and all he's doing is taking advantage of me.

Have some riddles:

What does Jennifer Lawrence like to get while at the spa?

What kind of shot did Jennifer Lawrence get at the doctors?

There's this girl in a lot of my classes. I usually have to sit next to her because the teachers alphabetize us in our seats. She thinks she's all deep and dark. She's always wearing black and she always has to bring up something depressing or bloody. She annoys me. So much. All that goth look stuff would be okay if she had a cool personality, and it seemed like that for awhile when we had group work. But now she just won't stop going on about things like homicide and canniba... read more

Why must we people hate each other? We're all people, we go through the same problems. Let's just help each other out and not hate

Holy s*** i love baby faces so much. (i swear im not a pedo. im just a 17 year old girl)