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I have an autoimmune disease that I didn't know about until I got REALLY sick. When the symptoms started, my bf wanted out of the relationship. Instead of manning up and ending it, he lied and said I was verbally abusive to our mutual friends, hoping they'd ostracize me, which they did. None of us even realized that he was the one pulling the strings until he started being two-faced with them and one of them called me up to apologize for what had happened. I left the school t... read more

f*** you, you can't even respond.

Passive aggressive people can go kick rocks!

V Cyr liked one of my tweets.
What an a**.

On my test papers i had to translate an article about waste management and on every picture of a trash bin someone wrote "me" and i never related so hard.

I find it ridiculous that some people are transgender (or identify as something other than what they actually are) and if you say anything other than that, you're an outcast. Sure, when we were young, we wanted to pretend to be something else because it was fun. But mutilating yourself just to make a statement? That's crazy! Society totally rolls along with this, too, which is... well, sad and horrible at the same time. I'm just hoping that the world will realize life is not ... read more

What did I think would happen?? Good job me that's what I get for lurking rest in f***ing p e a c e

Love when people get flattened with smack-downs of truth. I effing revel in it. So damn tasty.

My roommates think I just talk to myself all the time so I must be a crazy person, but this self-talk is very therapeutic and there is a reason for it. I do one-person method acting in order to help my writing, and it has really helped me flesh out my characters and their relationships with each other. I would never be where I am on this novel had I not done this self-talk, self-acting as a form of brainstorming. I just wish I could live in my character's world as I built it,... read more

Holy s*** go blow your nose, you don't have to sit there sniffling every two seconds.

To the woman in the very nice Mercedes driving without a care in the world who slowed down to a near halt in order to get over (with no signal) who then waved at me as I honked (with her right hand because her left was holding a big a** cup and the steering wheel)...I just want you to know there are other people on this planet and some of them have a daily commute too. I actually honked because you basically pinned me and a landscaping truck almost side by side in one lane, h... read more

Every thing's so blurry
And everyone's so fake
And everybody's empty
And everything's so messed up

I'm being followed around by a demon. She's better company than most humans, though.

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Her racist sister pointed out with joy when seeing her new crush's picture, "he's white :-)". SMH

I don't understand the dumb s*** people get distracted by and how people are so blind to EVERYTHING.

Example: our political system is a joke and our whole world is a mess and yet people constantly make dumb comments and read tabloids- OMG Hillary gains weight. OMG Kylie Jenner.

f*** PEOPLE'S stupidity ! Can't people see this is just a tactic to keep people distracted from all the actual s*** going on? But no, we're sheep.

People talk about that dumb s*** all the time at my... read more

My son spiked a fever last night and I believe he has the flu. I have to be at work for my shift at 10. Hubby can't take him, so it's up to me. I call the doctor's office at 7:30 am to make an early appointment. Lo and behold the doctor himself answers! Yay! I tell him I need a morning appointment for my son. He says there's one available at 10. I told him I have to be at work at 10, was there anything else available he says 9:30. Ugh! I call work and apologize that I'll be i... read more

You make things so difficult. Why can't you just stop being so over the top with everything. It's obvious that you didn't get attention most of your life. It's not my fault, so drop the Broadway theatrics and move on with life. You're such a revolting mess to the eyes. I wish you could just get therapy and move in a different direction. I feel like throwing myself into a wood-chipper every time you speak.


It's been 5 days since you went back to school. Since then, we've had like 2 conversations with each other haha. I know your time zone is 3 hours ahead. I know you're busy so I've been giving you the space you need, but would it hurt to just ask how I'm doing? Send me a snapchat? Call me to hear my voice like you used to... I miss you so much and it sucks because I'm not so sure if you feel the same hahaha

Gender is Sex. Out of respect, I'll use they/their/they're/the, but gender fluidity isn't real and you can't be gender less. We all have masculine and feminine traits, as well as both testosterone and estrogen in our bodies, but that doesn't mean we are truly 2 sexes. Sure, some people are born intersex, but most still identify as either male or female, and the vast majority of their body is one single sex. Get over it.