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Just been to a toga party and actually found out girls can be perverts too as some of the girls were caught trying to look up some of the guys togas. Girls harp on about guys been perverts because they look under girls skirts and dresses but when the guys wear something similar the girls are caught doing the same thing.

I miss my ex. She might have been abusive but at least she loved me at the end of the day

Ngl some of the trolls on here actually make me laugh. But i don't know if i should be mad, cry or just laugh. What are you even made of, how can you even come up with such random bs all the time.

Black is not a language, how the f*** do you 'talk black'.

Why do people talk so damn loud in the library, some people actually want to get somewhere in their lives? f***in douchebag!!!!

Please knock on my door with the piece of paper, saying this is all over

Why do people discriminate over race but get sensitive about other things such as medical conditions that people do not choose to have? Its so pathetic to judge someone because of something that they cannot change. Stop being so hypocrytical and learn that ALL lives matter.

What is up with all the race related muttrs?

Hey white people can I ask you why you gossip so much about others behind their back? Seriously

Some people are too lazy to discipline themselves and want to be babies their whole lives, so they spaz and act annoying, hoping that someone will discipline
and then if no one does, they use that as a justification to misbehave

I don't really like to be left out of conversations that are about me :)

f*** you stupid b****es, I can hear you. The walls ain't too thick.

Sometimes I wonder if someone could really do things without reflecting and being conscious of every action they're doing at that very moment. To be aware of their existence and place if being, if their emotions and how they could have reacted differently, of how they can't really control what they feel and regret the feelings being felt at the very moment. I wonder if it really isn't normal to space out. Spacing out is a common in my family, everyone in my immediate family d... read more


You're cute. I wanna ask you out.


Random guy

What up with Muttr recently, it's so dead. Never seen it like this before?? Comment if you're active on here? Feel like i'm talking to myself 😂😂

Just saw some funny stuff at the restaurant. I was told to sit next to a Black couple since I was eating by myself. I was like aw damn. Cause I didn't want to deal with the drama. Because yo black friends - sorry but people are waking up on you guys trying to skip the bill and trying to taste the whole menu. Anyways, long story short I seen this stuff happen before at restaurants. Black people swnding food back and asking for something else and being unhappy. But the guy said... read more

i dont know why i get pissed off when people cry around me. I truly feel like they dont know what real pain is. try watching your twin brother die a slow death from cancer, and becoming weak from all of the chemotherapy. Try going back to your home country you fought for, and went to a warzone; and going back to face prejudice, and discrimination simply because of your skin color and ethnicity. Try going back to college with all of the memories of growing up in poverty, and s... read more

Yeah she's winning alright she sucking dick for something she wants

I wish I could be more of an a**h*** .. That's the popular personality trait these days. Just showing how much you don't give a f***.

As part of my job, I counsel adults who were abused as children - the abuse runs the gamut from sexual abuse and daily beatings to mental and emotional abuse & neglect to covert incest and on - and the main theme that is the foundation of how I counsel is that it is not the survivor's fault, that any type of abuse, no matter what it is or why it occurred (some survivors describe feelings that the abuse was warranted as a punishment for something or as a result of some behavio... read more

I don't know if I'm too sensitive or people are massive a**h*** .