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Kids are inherently selfish.

If you live in the city and want to move out to the country do us a favor and DON'T! We have too many already out here and when city people move out here all they do is try to turn this place into the city we like it the way it is and we don't need any more stupid horse farms or any more land broken up plus those of us that we're born here are tired of stupid, dependent, annoying city people you may not realize it but most of us see you as idiots.

Take your fake attitude and your crappy holidays and shove them up your butt, bisch

I hate arguing. I never want to argue again :'(

"World's Worst Deadbeat Dad Now Has 26 Kids, Supports None"

and who says sterilization shouldn't be meted out as a punishment for certain crimes, like failure to pay child support?

The highest insult I can give a person is calling them a walking youtube comment.

Here we go again . These mindless fools in Ferguson are heating up again .
Apparently the legal system doesn't apply to their violent way of what they perceive to be justice.
They generate violence under the guise of justice .

Only a jerk would change the day of his birth for the sake of astrology.

Ok I just wanna clear out in some way (I guess muttr will do) any emotions, thoughts, nerves, obesessions, etc that I shouldn't own. In other words, trying to relieve tensions in my mind that come from making a big deal (?) Over things. My dad has been having a lot of temper tantrums lately over things not going his way and he's also getting stressed and depressed over his financial irresponsibility. I shouldn't have to think about it 'cause it's his problems. But i guess i'm... read more

I want to trip myself down the stairs and break something.
It's the only way.

This girl (i'm a girl too btw) hugged me from behind. We're NOT on hugging terms. and I had my backpack on. Awkward.

I feel like no one on the internet is truly anti-racism. Everyone either:
1.) acts very obnoxiously racist and tries super hard to justify their sh*tty beliefs, or
2.) claims to be against racism but still says/does racist things and then refuses to admit they're wrong when they're called out.

It's really not that hard to be respectful, people. Honestly.

Bill Cosby is a rapist. The women coming forward will not get money or justice since there's a statute of limitations and a world that prefers to victim blame. # rapeculture

I hate math. :P i also hate people who think im a girl. im transgender and i think i look like a guy. i hate people. haha. f***

I hate technology class. i cant do s***. i fail at everything ;-: why cant i do anything right? i need help. i feel death around the corner. cherish your life is my motto, yet i cant even do it. bleh.

A drunk guy I was dancing with said I seemed nervous and asked if I'd been raped... dating with anxiety ladies and gentlemen.

I put up with many years of your crap and now you're telling everyone I'm the bad guy.

Ever read something so sad and heartbreaking, onlt to find out that it really happened? That's how I feel right now. It's been almost 2 years since the case of the Canadian tourist girl who died in LA, and it seems like everyone has forgotten about it. Looking at her blog posts and being able to relate to the mindset and outlook she had was eerie enough, and at the same time just so sad. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wish it never happened at all and that she was still ... read more

So I live in an apartment and I can hear my neighbors having sex all the time through the walls. I am really annoyed but it's not something I can easily complain to my neighbors about... . I'm mad how their noise disrupts me when I'm trying to take a nap or go to sleep, meditate or whatever. the girl is so loud I swear everyone in the whole complex can hear her (ughhhh). thank god i'm moving out next month but I'm just very angry today so I had to vent.

I wish my neighbor would take down her disgusting halloween decor. She has stuffed, bloody looking men and skeletons hanging in her tree and door on a noose. Its gross and it scares my kids. I quit opening my blinds because her house is right infront of mine.