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It's funny how fast everything can go down the shitter. All I've been thinking about all day is killing myself so I don't have to suffer this life anymore.

I feel so much Pressure from my group of friends to be a good singer, but they're all so good, and I'm just an untrained alto. I've honestly lost all confidence in my voice since I met these people.

I Am Senior Poopy Pants!!!! Fear Me!!!! I Have TP On My Zapatos!!! Wahahahahahaha!!!!!

Enjoying a nice quiet swim in the pool when the new lady in the apartment building comes out to the pool with her 6 million visiting grandkids. The past 20 minutes has been...

"Grandma watch this!"
"Grandma watch this!"
"Grandma watch this!"



"I did a backflip in the pool."

"That's nice."

"Grandma Make him stop!"
"Grandma Make him stop!"
"Grandma Make him stop!"
"Grandma Make him stop!"

"What now????"


"He keeps splashing... read more

Honestly, f*** off. You act like you're sooo smooth and think you're impressing me when honestly I'm just tired out. Like, I get you're trying to be cute and seduce me or whatever, but if you want to girlfriendzone me, at least don't insist on staying friends when I keep rejecting you and then go back to trying to flirt.


The failure wrote: "But you are the real paranoid schizophrenic here. Why else would you keep going on about it?" Oh, come on. No, smelly cunt discharge. You are the real paranoid schizophrenic here. Why else would you keep going on about it?

You can't have it both ways you f***ing dipshit. either toxic people are evil and abusive and you never need to so anything for them and you should cut them out competely, or they're just scared and hurt and deserve second chances and help. you can't have it both f***ing ways! you can't say someones evil and irredemable because you personally don't like them, but someone else is just hurting and deserves sympathy when you like them. f*** off. which is it? f***ing hyprocrite.
... read more

Damn managers, call before u show up on my doorstep....its freakin mid nite! I'm sleeping!

My ex and I just broke up, and one of his friends immediately started messaging me and asking me about what I do "now with my free time". What a scumbag, right?

Okay i'm so done with this horrible gifted program and everyone here. so many self-absorbed a**h*** that seldom give notice to what other people feel. i'm going to smash my face in if i have to listen to this one cripple dickhole go on and on about how the music industry will turn me into a stripper or prostitute. i can do whatever the f*** i want. i will pursue music as a career and be successful. if not, i'll do something else and be successful. i am smarter than him, i am... read more

I'm having one of those days where people were supposed to show up for different reasons and so far, I'm 0 for 2. I hate flakes.

Wow, don't you "UGH -.-" me, you annoying f***. It's your own f***ing fault you're in the wrong place. Pay more f***ing attention. Nobody here needs your s***. Honestly.

Why cant people just LEAVE ME THE f*** ALONE!!!! HOLY f***!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO f***ING ASK HOLY f***

I'm such an awkward person!! I feel so embarrassed after meeting new people or friend I haven't seen in a while. >.<

It physically pains me to have to interact with you. Please somebody end my suffering give me a mercy killing or something I'm so done I can't handle this anymore who did I hurt in a past life to deserve this I want to vomit on someone

I'm going to block your posts from my news feed. Not because you're annoying or I hate you.... But so I can get over you. Seeing your face drives me nuts. >_<

Just started talking to you again about a week ago. You won't be on here it's pretty much a guarantee, but on the off chance that you do frequent this site (HA!)... I feel like when we've talked you've wanted to ask me something deeper about the situation I'm in. I've given you an answer while shutting it down because I don't want to talk about it with you. The s*** is crazy. I've pretended to be happy while being miserable that I'm not sure how to communicate normally anymor... read more

Sometimes this website cracks me up! Trolls are generally people that have nothing better to do than get on websites like this and try to get a rise out of people. Your reactions to posts they leave only serves to confirm thay they are in fact getting to you. Stop allowing trolls to rent space in your head or your posts for that matter. Just SCROLL and keep it moving!

Why put two people in the same room when they don't get along knowing that there could be a fight