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Looks like the idiot is back. Lord someone just smack this low life down the drain. You sir clearly need a mental evaluation.

I hate your f***ing kids! They are disrespectful little brats! No one really cares how they are raised! Not even you! I can't stand you or this family! I want out! Everyone here is f***ing sick in the head!

I like being hit on because it makes me feel pretty and wanted, but I don't like it because I am really bad at rejecting people. I don't really get hit on that often anyway, so it's not a big deal.

Hoping to God above the sex troll here is gone. If you see this please stop. There are people here who need to vent serious things. You are just pushing all our posts back by your sick fantasy land s***. It's not cute and not even close to being funny. If you really feel the need to post what ever the hell it is you call that stuff you post just do it once and not 80 billions times. Its annoying and nobody really wants to see that s***.

I hate being told to date my friends. We have never dated for a reason. I don't want to ruin our friendship by dating

I wish that someone would come talk to me :(

I believe something is wrong with people who take selfies every day.

My virgin eyes can't believe what their seeing. I thought this was a place to state your problems not your fantasy's. I've got advice to who ever is posting that GET A LIFE. Sincerely,everybody else on here.

Well thank god that sex stuff is over. So f***ing annoying. People have no lives.

Bro can you stop with all the sex s***. Really getting annoying. Everybody cums. What makes you think you are so special.

I feel so alone in this world even though I am surrounded by so may. I try to not bottle things up but I can't help it. I have severe trust issues due to things that have happened to me in the past. I just wish I could be happy. Am I the only one out there that feels this way? I swear it seems like it. Ugh why.

Wow. What the hell is going on here lately?

b**** be like "You're getting cramps from your period? Why would that give you cramps? You're just being over emotional, stop pretending it hurts so much."
and I'm sittin' here wanting to punch him in the gut so he gets how I feel.
Like what the f*** do you THINK is happening inside me? What, that my body has realized a moon has passed and so my uterus has decided to offer my unfertilized egg to the goddess Aphrodite and thereby grant me everlasting beauty? That my egg then a... read more

Burning some bridges so I can see at night. Bye motha f***az you just lost me.

My crush was so very harsh on me. He told me that he would never like me back because I'm ugly and I don't have self-esteem. He also told me that no guys will ever like me because of my mindset and ugly face. I'm so upset right now. Do you think I'm really ugly or at least average looking?

I'm trainsgender.


F***! How frustrating is it to be the one always giving and the other one is always f***ing taking from you and they don't even realize the imbalance of power here!

Men: f*** you all very much. Goodnight

Can I ask a question of you guys.

Are you more intimidated by a girl that you like, who only has all guy friends, and if so why?