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I'm confused or something.

I've been going to therapy with the same therapist 2x a week for about 4 years now.

The therapist is constantly asking me to explain, like, maybe, 60% of the stuff I say: "I just want to make sure I understand what you are saying."

This has become such a common occurrence that I am not entirely sure if I believe them. I've been going there for 4 years... they should understand by now.

But then again, I spend a lot of time saying, "I'm not sure t... read more

To all WHITE females out there, PLEASE explain the following to me, especially when I am talking about LOOKS. I know this whole "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "beauty is subjective", but then explain to me the below:

I am SO sick and tired of white girls mostly always dating white guys over other races. I keep reading, hearing and seeing how the average pretty white girl will date the white guy over say an Arab, African, Latino, Asian. Its true one cannot general... read more

Do you ever just want to stop living in this world because sh** upsets you too much, and you know you're in the wrong for getting as angry as you do, but you also have no idea how you could ever possibly fix this problem (which IS a real problem, not just something I have a personal vendetta against) without getting angry? nobody wants to change. nobody wants to hear that they're a piece of sh**, that they're unreliable, that they lie all the time, even if it's completely 100... read more

f*** you you selfish, narcissistic, egocentric, self obsessed, manipulative, condescending, ignorant know it all, b****.......

I listen to your bulls*** all day everyday. You ask me what's wrong and ask me sensitive questions. I answer you and I explain. Then you cut me off and say I told you this already, and that I am making you upset.

c***, you talk about a guy you f***ed once over two years ago CONSTANTLY. And your f***ing "trauma" that never happened. f*** you.

You be... read more

Common sense is not a flower that grows in everyone's garden

Fat is a drug, at some point all you have to worry about anymore is your fat

Just a fair piece of advice. If you think you're helping someone by making failure seem like a bigger deal than it is, you're a c***.

Hey Miguel B, you and your crook attorney are venturing on the line of insurance fraud.. I hope you like jail!!! Oh and I hope your attorney is ready for his disbarment.

I hope my neighbors die.

I don't care how nasty that sounds.

I'm sure they hate me, too, so whatever.

If I don't kill myself, I will have to kill others.

#anger #rage

I love making rude people feel stupid.

Selfish when it comes to somebody's needs I hate that you only thinking of yourself and not anybody else


Pro tip: do not take out those super large gauge ear plugs.

Even better pro tip: don't ever get ear plugs of any gauge

Source: social media photos of people who decided to take their ear plugs out and now have dangly ear lobes that one could fit a big fat penis in

My best mate, love her to pieces. But im sick of it. I offered her to stay at my place despite that potentially causing issues with the council. Then she moves to live with her parter, after only going out with him for 4 days. Then asks me to keep up the pretense that she stays at mine for 3 days a week to everyone. Then when her partner and her are looking to get their own place, she tries to make out to the council that im telling her to get her own place. (bearing in mind ... read more

About two years ago i was sitting in the lounge of the gym area of the neighbourhood. A cute girl, who is much younger than I (I should stress that I noticed her but not with intention to date her) , walked passed me as I was new to the city, I asked a question about the mentality of the people here and the dating preferences of people in Germany and if there any racial bias' and etc...just to like get some local perspective.. and she was somehow able to reservedly answer it,... read more

Wow people f***ing suck

Why yes, let me stop whatever it is I am doing so that you may call me stupid and comment on how I, though I am humbly older, more successful, and vastly more knowledgeable in this field, have no idea what I'm talking about. Please. This would SO make my day.

I can't take it anymore. My roommate is driving me insane. I've gotten to the point I basically ignore her very existence because all she does is berate me. I can't even have a simple conversation with her with her trying to be right ALL the time even when she's wrong. Who cares if it's the common name for something isn't what I use, it doesn't matter. But oh no! It's a world ending discussion that has to take place now. Honestly, I could careless if I seem rude anymore becau... read more

So yea anyways,,,, down with cis