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"I don't go out to eat lunch...that much. At the most, once a week." Well, let's see, you went out today, and you're going out tomorrow with you regular Friday group. That equals TWO. And you call yourself a math person.

Why do people feel the need to cuss? Cussing reminds me of someone from the ghettos. It's like you don't have the vocabulary to clearly express yourself so you have to use foul language. Cussing does not make you cool; and it's definitely off putting when you are a boss or boss' boss. And it's damaging when a parent cusses at their kids. I totally hate that.

I swear some people kill me. The campus monitor in my lunch room came up to me and said "I can hear you cussing from over there" which was over by the door of the cafeteria. So I was of course respectful and apologized but COME ON. There are soooooooo many people closer to her that are complete and utter potty mouths. I am too but that's just how I talk and I bet it is how they do too. But reallyyy? You come from alllllll the way over by the door to tell me you can hear me? A... read more

How do you tell someone "I'm tired of seeing you around all the time" without sounding sh**y?

God the noise, just shut the hell up, I gitta deal with the damn noise .

7hip736 turns right in front of me, whst a b****, can't even f***ing wait while I'm making a uturn.

i find men really boring and obnoxious
i really wish i wasn't sexist but i think i am a bit

Ok so I'm almost 20 and you still request to see my grades even though you know full and well that I paid for my f***ing education?!

My nasty a** ho of a roomate just left her bra in the living room... I hate living with this thot why doesn't she just go stay with one of her many different boyfriends instead of dirtying up the apartment!?

I think a guy who delivered food to my house may be stalking me..... #imtoonicetopeople

When you are kind a kind person in general and nice to others, and willing to go out of your way for them, and hope that you can be on good terms with others and then they ignore you and/or treat you like sh**. Then when it all builds up over time and you finally get mad and voice your feelings, then they go out of their way to tell you this is the reason no one likes you or you don't have any friends.

I'm always surprised when I ask someone if they have ever felt the want or need to kill themselves, commit suicide, etc and their answer is no.

It just seems odd to me.

I wonder what a life is like where one has never felt the want or need to end their life?

How many homophobes does it take to change a lightbulb? NONE. They're afraid of change, even if it makes the world a brighter place.

Be careful who you let walk your dog. Ted Kawleski rapes dogs for fun. He is very cruel to animals.

As men, we are encouraged to dismiss as irrelevant experiences that don’t accord with our own. We take for granted the fact that we rarely have our personal safety in the forefront of our minds and that we are not judged almost exclusively on our ability to satisfy a particular patriarchal aesthetic.

Worse still, we continue to celebrate misogyny openly and with little acknowledgment that we are doing so. We continue to expect women to ignore the casualness with which thei... read more

I really wish she wasn't there all the time. It doesn't feel safe to express myself in the group anymore. Her persistence and wedging into our group is irritating. I never liked her, even in the beginning when there was no bias. I hate her guts and want to destroy her for ruining one of the very few places I could be myself. Her mere presence makes me want to punch someone. Yet I know the moment I even so much as raise a finger her 'bestie' in the group is going to defend her... read more

I just realized that ever since I moved across the country, I have been dealing with my spouses family who don't really communicate, they talk at and over people and while the other person is talking they are not actually listening, they are waiting for their turn to speak. Today someone asked me a question and actually listened to my answer, then repeated it back in their own words ... like ... an actual conversation. I forgot how f***ing GOOD that feels.

i told myself i wasn't gonna care if they were gonna be there BUT I DO AND IT f***IN SUCKS, BUT ALSO IM KINDA EXCITED so here's a digital scream since i can't exactly just start yelling in my house


I f***ing hate idiots. My country is full of them. Dumb f***ers everywhere. The trouble is these idiots think they're f***ing genius's even though they've never stepped out of the f***ing swamp. That's probably why they think they're so smart, they've never actually been around anyone with half a brain.

So what started as what I thought was just some banter with class mates on a group chat turned into a massive scene of one person having a huge go personally attack me. In like, 3 messages. Boom essays on why he dislikes me, attacking my quality of work personality, behaviour and just about everything that me, me. I don't respond other than some snarky responses that wouldn't give him the satisfaction of a rise out of me. So I wrote a 500+ word doc explaining why I also hate ... read more