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some people seem to always have things go their way
they will probably not understand people who don't have such luck
it gets even more frustrating when you worked so darn hard and yet u r nowhere near
what makes it worse when they say things like i didn't worked that hard compared to you so you should have done better.
eh...that hurts!

hate people who are stingy and selfish! and i have to end up with one! darn it!

why do some people feel the need to be passive-aggressive when giving PSAs?

You said not to bring up again. But I have to.

Beat me again.

Come on! DO IT.


Being an oppressed minority doesn't give you the right to treat everyone like trash

Everybody in my life treats me poorly and I don't know what I have done to them... 😢 I am moving across the country soon and I am thinking about making it my fresh start by cutting all those bad people out. Unfortunately that will be almost everyone I know, including my family. Considering if it will be worth it or not, but I deserve better.. or I like to think I do. My biggest fear is discovering I am just as bad as all of them.

Always gotta talk sh** behind somebody's back but don't have the guts to say it them face to face

bryson tiller is the come up that n***agot some heat coming our way

I get so internally aggressively angry when I hear someone hate a portion of themselves that I love.
They'll be like "Ugh I'm so freckly I wish it would go away" and inside I just violently flip a table, do a 360 spin, a front flip, and backhand slap them and whisper real close to their ear, "You shut up about being mean to your beautiful melanin clusters or so help me I will stab you right here right now" but on the outside I just say "Oh well I think they're cool"

Sinner takes all by tera patrick is something I mean if any woman can relate to her it's a lot one of the chapters definitely was like wtf where at age fourteen during her first photo shoots she lost her virginity to a sick a** photographer who kept feeding her champagne and Valium until she got wasted scary as f*** a lot to deal with

Rape damages you physically,spiritually,mentality,emotionally

I f***ing hate Canada. Entire country full of smug pricks.

"White people won't watch a movie if the lead doesn't look like them. So racist."
"Um, actually, I'd watch a movie about a non-white lead. I don't care what color the lead is, so long as it's a good story."
"Pfft. You're just saying that so you'll feel better about yourself."


love is strange

Here's a nifty tip, if you're going to talk sh**, you don't do it while the other person is there, just because you think they won't hear you.
I heard all the sh** you said, did you honestly think I wouldn't?

....... it's a day.

It's terrible I know but I feel like I've given up on even trying to be friendly. Don't get me wrong, I'm still nice to people, at a basic level. I'm not a total a**h*** . But as of late my social anxiety has peaked to the point where I just kinda brush people off and come off as rude and uncaring, even though that's not how I feel at all. I hate it. Half the time I avoid people that I like. There are certain people I see in the hallway at school that make me panic and I will ... read more

Southerners definitely don't take any mess at all especially if you're from there you should know better

i'm soo a bone.... not psychologically. i have a mummy who did her breasts. a little cyst 'er who for the most part is human.
i love my grandparents, especially broiled. 6 of my friends were really good tasting.

yet i feel soo boney.

Ranadeva Jayasekera, Trinity Collage, Dublin lecturer from Sri Lanka is a well known playboy who takes advantages of conferences traveling across the world and using social media in order to attract women. Usually from Russia or Poland. He maintains more than one relationship at the same time promising marriage, taking girls to his house in Sri Lanka and then eventually abusing them. Initially he's charming then the real hell starts. You can find him online under different na... read more