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This must sound weird, but I actually love taking long bus/ train rides! It just feels nice to take a little trip and have some nice company with you to talk and laugh with. Meeting your soulmate in the bus sounds so romantic too. Aaw...

Mrs. Ochoa I have answered your question 3 times, and your not understanding. I don't know what else to do to help you understand, so please get off my phone.

"I'll pray for you," is, In other words, "I'd rather just ask God do something about it because I don't feel like actually helping you,".

This kid just killed himself at the school I go to and now people are saying, "Oh, I pray others don't have to feel the pain he felt,". But what the f*** did they do to help? Did they give a rats a** about him then? What are you actually doing to protect people from feeling so helpless that they have to kill themselves, other than pretendi... read more

I love you all!
Well except for rapists, child molesters and evil people. You can all just f***ing die.

One thing I hate THE MOST are people who TALKS ABOUT ME BEHIND MY BACK. Like, don't you have a F*CKING LIFE?!? Why don't you talk about yourself instead?! HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME?!?! FU*K YOU. Just because you see me like this doesn't mean this is the real me. Just because you don't understand me and I may seem aloof, eccentric or cold doesn't earn you the right to express your judging to everybody else. IF YOU HAVE A FUC*ING PROBLEM WITH ME, TELL IT TO MY F*CKING FACE, NOT SPR... read more

It's funny how people seem to want to talk to me more when I make an effort to look nice. Even people that at my friends.

Man everything is some damn stressful latly I literally feel like a doormat to everyone INCLUDING MY FAMILY. I love to help out my fam.. Don't get me wrong but everything has just went so stressful so fast... If it isn't the constant nagging of trying to get money from a uncle who still owes me.. It's my other uncle wanting to me babysit.. Get this.. 3days babysitting.. $30... Now I'm not a money hungry person.. But $30 FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT COME ON.. Then there's my nana who l... read more

Living with a hypocrite can be so trying.
When I owe you money I'm harassed 24/7 until I pay back every last cent. When you owe me, I have to rent a billboard that says "Pay Me Back" to get your attention. You regularly take food from my half of the pantry and leave IOU post-it notes which you NEVER make good on. Or if you do, you replace the yummy name brand products I paid a little extra for, for cheap dollar store crap that you claim is "basically the same". You guilt trip... read more

You know why Justin Bieber was smiling in his mug shot last year? Cause he just got corn holed. Ha. Sad but probably true.

Well looks like we have been hit with a troll who thinks their funny. You sir are not funny at all. People here actually have problems they are seeking advice on. Just do us all a favor and get over yourself by taking that weird stuff to like a porn site. Sure they would love to have a weirdo like you. Shows what life you have. People these days man.

Not to be f***ing mean, but this is muttr so i'm going to just f***ing rant

why are people so f***ing dumb, lmfao? you're 17, almost going into college, and you can't write a cohesive paper. your grammar is horrendous and how do you not know how to write a f***ing paper?

"my life sucks, i have to write a research paper in 2 weeks, i should have been given a month"
"ohmygod my mom brought me the wrong stuff that i forgot at home, i hate my life"

first off, i was given an as... read more

That moment when you think you gave the perfect advice but a different person comes and gives way better advice.

I hate your guts so much. I hope you die.

Ugh, so here's what happened:
I was busy in social networking sites, and it was a very lazy Thursday. My family was watching TV, and I was here in my room and was typing fast and everything about status and everything was fine. Then, the light suddenly got out and, I thought it was a brown out but it wasn't because my laptop's still charging and the TV's still on. My mom started yelling at the construction workers for shocking the breaker/electricity and destroying the light ... read more

I'm not interested in excuses as to why you always have an attitude

I like tall skinny guys. If you're short, f*** off! You don't even have to be muscular. Buff guys are such a turn off!

Amanda Bynes...Enough said. Phsyco.

It's insanely stupid, but I'm tempted to get back in contact with someone I cut off for being toxic. Maybe it's just because I have no one to talk to. She most likely hates me at this point though and it can only end badly. I guess what I need really need is just a new person to talk to, but that can only happen by chance, and only rarely lasts more than a couple months.

Justin Bieber is like the modern day Vanilla Ice,no talent and a egotistical white trash millionaire. I bet he is so stupid when it comes to simple living things that us everyday people do. If his car were to break down I bet he wouldn't know how to even change a tire. What a little wanna be Michael white Jackson. Sorry but not sorry nobody can beat the king of pop.

Terror. Chilling me to my core. Day in and day out. This is no way to live. I am exhausted from feeling so much terror.