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People I've known have always said "yeah, I talk with depressed people all the time and help them feel better."

Yes, finding somebody to talk to would be nice IF THEY WOULD REPLY. 90% of the people I know don't know about my depression. If they knew that every message they ignored was a cry for help, I'm sure it'd be different. But hey, whats it matter to them?

I'm just saying. I don't care to talk about my problems, but if you don't want to, ask about the f*cking weather o... read more

Nothing like smiling awkwardly when you forget you have an arm. This is why i can't make new friends

I just explained to a mutual friend what it's like to be an introvert (such as feelings of invisibility even when making attempts at social interactions) & he told me that I need to just put myself out there. I might as well have been talking to a brick wall... Like if you're going to talk over me &/or dismiss what I say, I'm going to continue feeling invisible!


Why are people so stupid? If you are going to ask me for directions, LISTEN. Also, NEVER ask me how far a bathroom is. Do you need to go or not?

If you're going to act like that because you think my problem has to do with you, then we don't have to spend time together. i don't have time to deal with childish bulls***. either move on or resolve the issue. don't be a b**** when i try to reach out to you because i will never reach out to you again.

It's really really annoying when someone monopolizes the conversation to the point where you're just sitting their for minutes upon minutes as they go on tangent after tangent. It's called a conversation, not an interview.

Julian Assange IS a hero, because he has chosen to bear the totally unfair and unjust disapproval and persecution of the fascist and racist government of the United States of America (don't be fooled by Barack Obama he is just an "Uncle Tom" - just as many black people have suffered under his dicatorship as under the Neo-Con Dictatorship of Dubya Bush and Dick (Lying Scum) Cheney - and Bush was a racist and a RETARD! and Cheney was, and still is, The Anti-Christ (I call him D... read more

You're pathetic. soooooo pathetic.

I hate your guts so much. I just hate you.

Well f*** you too b**** a** n***a!

Blacks go to hell, you ruined modern society, good job you cowards

I f***ing hate black people and it feels so good to say it. They deserve everything bad that happens to them. You all are racists and no one owes you crap. Dear world, f*** black people, oh wait that already apes and your s***, entitled attitudes are f***ed

Most vips are unapologetically arrogant a**h*** who spread shade more than mother nature yet claims to be saner than everyone else. no beeyotches you can take your "fam" and your douche a** wannabe thug menatalities back to '06 your no better than anyone and your bad attitudes dont validate anything... on the bright side, I cant wait for this comeback! ^^

I've never in my life met an honest Punjab. I live in a very culturally diverse neighborhood and several small businesses are owned and or operated by Punjabi families. They all lie, cheat and swindle customers. Even the ones who call you friend and buddy. It's as if they have some sort of genetic disposition to cheating people.

I'm not a morning person, but if you become the sun to my light, that can change.

I always wanted a relationship, and now when I finally manage to find somebody who actually likes me, I don't want anything to do with it. I mean he has a cute personality, he's smart, funny, and good-looking too. But when we're together, I just feel so uncomfortable, I even avoid him sometimes. He thinks I hate him, I understand why, but I don't. I really like him.

I guess I got too comfortable with being alone. Ugh. How do I fix things?

Ashley Magdaleno your are very immature. Your 24 with a family, and you act like your 16. Your not getting anymore money. You need to learn patience little girl

There is a woman at my work who takes it upon herself to point out EVERYTHING that is wrong in the office and then tell me to fix it (I am office manager) MOST of these things don't need to be fixed! and I DON'T CARE! but if I don't do anything about it she just tells me over and over and over until I fix it!!! IT IS INFURIATING!!! LIKE I'm some sort of trained ape here to do her bidding only! I have better things to do than find a way to keep the bread from getting moldy in ... read more

There's this girl in my class that I thought might pass as good-looking, but it wasn't until I took a close look at her. I then realized she wears a lot of makeup, her hair isn't natural, I think she wears a girdle sometimes to give the illusion that she has a flat tummy, her boobs are a nice size, but then I saw her thighs. Yesterday she wore some shorts that sometimes reveal a** cheek, and I looked at the back of her thighs and damn, must I say, her thighs weren't toned. It... read more