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Why should i get judge for voicing my opinion or defending myself when i get attack seriously am i allowed to say yes or no?

Expiring for love is beautiful, but stupid.

Indecisive people annoy me.

I'm glad knowing that everyone goes through some hardships in life... makes me feel less alone. And that those bastards who seem to get away with everything will still get s*** in one way or another...

Can I just vent about how much people suck? And how they make up rumors?

I swear these f***in glass repair shops all share the same lack of etiquette, verbal skills, and customer service. #a**h***

Beware of the toucher Serial toucher hide your stuff hide your valuables serial toucher on the loose

Part of the mafia is you take on that lifestyle if you aint for it don't get involved unless you're born into it

If I hear one disabled bigot on a wheelchair say something hateful stuff to me, I will flip his wheelchair to the ground and he'll cry like a b****.

I'd be more willing to take you seriously if only you would actually back up your points with genuine evidence and fair reasoning instead of calling me a stupid kid and spamming insults. I'd say the same to you really, but I'm not going to stoop down to your level. Since you were never worth my time in the beginning, but I do forgive you for wasting my time.

I AM SO AGGY my mom is a huge b**** shes constantly selfish and puts her self first. She puts wayyyy to much pressure on me and then says a bunch of s*** about me to my step dad, who I also f***ing hate. I want to f***ing run away.

Shittin on these hoes

Why? Why anything? I just don't know. #whatisthepoint

There's this nasty girl in my class and honestly she's a f***ing brat who won't shut up. Her opinion isn't needed nor wanted. If she takes the piss out of me one more time I'm gonna f***ing flip. Ignorant prick telling me people with eating disorders have a choice about how their body looks and tell me that adding weight to yourself doesn't make you heavier??? This b****... I s2g.

If you're calling me a Hoe what are you

Letting go of the past is like letting go of someone's neck when you're choking them. You know they're already dead. But it's so hard to let go even if you want to, and you end up clinging harder.

Getting blame for all the s*** i didnt do

Ok then can u check out my goanimate channel? i do original animations and there relly good u wod like them there funny and cool plese watch them and subscribe

Can u ppl pls check out my minecraft lets play

If you know how to use voodoo it shouldn't be a problem know it

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