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To the driver of the orange truck who was tailgating me, f*** you. There's no reason for speeding on the highway. So f*** you and I hope you got caught in traffic. I managed to get ahead of you so I claim victory. Your driving skills are for s***!

I hate teenagers.

"I just want to hold and kiss my baby. It will make it all better."

oh lord. If you think a baby is going to fix your messed up life, you got a rude awakening coming.

But I already told you that, months ago, before you were even pregnant. I told you, "are you sure you want to marry him?"

"Oh he'll change!" you said.


So I will still be your friend, but you make so many life choices that I will not be involved in your drama. So pardon me while I ignore... read more

Twinks stole my boyfriend. I hate them, lol.

Oh no, I'm talking bad about TERRORISTS!!! How dare I?!
#ridiculous #pathetic #cremation #evil #ISIS #untoldtruth #2late4abortion

If every single person dropped f***ing dead the world would be a better place, I guarantee it

Yeah I miss you but it's better for me if I don't talk to you.

Just because you don't understand doesn't mean the guy next to you doesn't either.

Jesus christ. How f***ing stupid are you.

f*** you and you eyebrows.

I'm so glad I'll never see your horrible distorted face ever again. Those empty hollow "I'm thinking about stabbing you" eyes will never glare at me again. You've already KILLED your unborn child as it's part of your depraved excuse for a bloodline, cunt. You'll never know true love with that vile personality. Vermin like you is compatible with only murderers, drug abusers and rapists. I hope you and your crack head futute wife/husband don't reproduce those evil genes. For hu... read more

Today my girlfriend had to take this stray cat we took in for its last check-up for his broken leg.

I was just relaxing or TRYING to relax by just reading up on news, playing a few video games, my dailies such, and such, got a bowl of cereal to feed my hunger. Roughly 2 hours pass, and i remembered i wanted to clean out the fridge today.

My sister (26), and i both live in a small house, and we both pay half of the rent, and her boyfriend lives in her room, but he is a cool ... read more

Girl from Salt Lake City, UT. You are f***ing bat s*** manipulative.

If you know who it is, we have a problem.

I'm a good kid when I'm busy. I need just enough free-time to sleep. Once you go above that, I'm really bad.

Non-straight people hating on straight people? tsk-tsk...thought y'all were better than that. Don't give me that "love is love" and "equality" bullcrap if you can't treat other people nicely. #hypocrites #tumblr #inanutshell

Ashley Gray, I understood you just fine. Your rude bitchiness is getting in the way of you understanding me my dear. Here's a tip to you, pay attention to your driving, i.e put down your f***ing cell phone, you inattentive moron. #b****

Daniel Leach, in CA, you are completely bat s*** insane dude. That's all.

No more rape enough is enough

Something I've learned:

Treat others how I would like to be treated.

But do not do so __expecting__ others to reciprocate.

It's nice when people do, but it's a losing battle behaving one way and expecting that the world is required to treat me the same way. In fact, to think this way will cause much grief.

Behaving well does not guarantee anything.

So why do it? Well, that's an interesting question I suppose.

I need help. My friend is only young and is in love with his childhood sweetheart, but since they've been together he's been steadily going downhill, from a happy student to a class A drug user, and last week is the final straw, he got drunk and broke his arm! His mum has no idea and I know if I tell her, she'll just "ground" him and he'll end up closer than ever with this fool. He's so in love it'll take a lot to make something happen but bear in mind I am close enough to pl... read more

I hate it when i try to help a complete stranger and it blows up in my face. Now those strangers have turned on me. I thought people are meant to help thy neighbour. This sucks, why can some people so cruel