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I'm always, always the last option. I'm the one they go to when they're desperate. That's why I'll never feel real love.

Creeping on the profiles of ridiculously good looking people

Hellooooo my chunky monkey

I like you Bailey, you're such a cute girl. I know you'd say yes if I asked you out. Just give me a little bit to work up the courage and I promise I will.

Ugh.. I dont know who to trust .. i dont know what that looks like anymore.

Why don't girls show any initiative? Do you realize how much I'd love to hear from you? I know we're not that close and I hope that changes, but damn it would feel amazing if you reached out to me now matter how little.

My humor gets me in trouble sometimes.

I was having an awesome day, like walking on sunshine kind of day. Then one sh**y co-worker had to ruin my day by bringing up my weight. You don't do that to ANY woman; unless your a doctor, trainer, or therapist! I was stressed all week with sh** she couldn't handle for 5 damn minutes. But instead she had to make that hurtful comment. Well b****, at least I can change my problems! Yours are permanent! And because I am such a classy b****, I won't grace you with a response! ... read more

So my manager said b****es aint sh** and I laughed. And my other coworker was like why is she laughing at that. And Ive ruminated on this for hours and figured out I am laughing because 1) its true, and 2) Im not a b**** so that doesnt offend me and 3) anything my manager says sounds funny because of his native accent

i refuse ,,... to talk . . . , , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to people who ttype lliek this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of experimenting on animals, let's experiment on Neo-nazis instead~!
They're f***ing traitorous monsters :)

The most frustrating thing about all of this is that he says he likes hanging out with me and he wants to keep playing video games and chilling or whatever, but how can he not see that I'm falling apart over this? I don't want to listen to you talk about the dates you're going on or the girls you're meeting that are more attractive to you than I am. Sorry dude but I'm going to just leave you and all of my feelings for you behind.

Thank God, they called the number!

What do I do? They are threatening suicide, I have no idea what to do.... I gave them the Suicide prevention number... I hope they'll be okay. They have a lover too. Heck, I never met them or know who they are. But I'm so scared right now...
#Suicide #Suicidepervention #Help #helpplease

Why do some men start calling you names the moment you say you're not interested? I just don't understand why they get so offended? It's not like I'm rude or anything, I try to be as friendly as possible but they still get angry.
No wonder they're single, let's be real. Ugh. Don't be like that, guys.

I love seeing this chick act like everything is just fine and dandy online but in real life my mom's evicting her and her bf's family.

Your man should've payed rent with that money instead of buying a new car boo.

People that refresh the page just to like their own comments? Why??? Do you feel like anyone else actually agrees with you or what's the satisfaction?

I'm sorry I value our friendship but I value my sanity more

Omg, she's so gonna lose, lol.

There's no point in reporting attempted assault. No one believes you.