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You are you, I am me, you cannot turn me into you.

I can't stand that b**** Alaina I wish somebody beat tha sh** outta of her period she has no respect at all

When i ask you how your doing dont give me a one word answer. I eant to know how your feeling and why. What's going on in your life?

Is it me or my exhusband? Here's what happened. I blocked my number and called my exhusband. He then texted my 10 year old daughter and said he doesn't answer unknown numbers or listen to their messages. If one doesn't know who called how can that person then contact someone? Doesn't the fact that he contacted my daughter suggest he knew exactly who called????

The one thing somebody has to learn you can't make a person like you

Sick of my partners 2 sisters.sticking their noses into our relationship.the other year we was going through a bad patch months later my partner asks where her sisters house keys are as they was gone out of her car I had no idea her sister had given her a spare set.turned out her sister had given her a spare set in case things here got to bad and my partner could go there.but that was over a year ago we have been getting on fine since.but then yesterday in front of me her sis... read more

I hate the way some of my partners family use my partner.ok they are on holiday we go over to usual my partner gives all her nieces cousins money.two of these people are adults with jobs.and one of these adults within about two hours of my partner giving them money thought it was fine to let my partner pay for them around the slots mains etc knowing by asking my partner to go with them my partner would pay for anything they wanted. Really peed off about happ... read more

Where is everyone? .___.

I miss those wise men... :(
It used to be really fun and insightful reading their debates... Although the level of toxicity of the other users were too damn high (everything has gotten better since 2016, tho. I feel that one of them, changes from the forum site itself, and some other users have changed the community to be more positive and friendlier to others).

I really miss them tho... T_T

You are so close. But so far away.

Stop assuming you know what's going the f*** on and ask instead...but you don't care anyway...

I've learned very quickly that when people don't give evidence for their claims, they are probably lying. And I know firsthand that those lies are anything but harmless.

Case in point: My mom. She'd feed me all of these bulls*** stories about kids like me who befriended people their parents disliked and wound up pregnant and homeless. If I asked, holy sh**, who was that? she'd grow angry and say "That's not important. What's important is that I'm trying to help you and YOU a... read more

I miss GB too, it was fun listening to him :(
But that was years ago. Time has really passed.

I'm alone. I'm alone and don't feel real. No one cares. I can't talk to anyone about how I feel because no one will listen and I'm just a burden to myself and everyone else. Nothing is interesting anymore and everything I liked to do is a chore. Everyone I know just wants me around as something to tear down or vent to, and I was okay with it for a while because I wanted to help. I want to help people but I can't do it anymore. I'm weak and pathetic and shouldn't be around. I'... read more

If you're perfect then be perfect news flash nobody is perfect we all mess up

I feel so bad for people who hates themselves... 'cause I'm sure 99% of them are pure beings that don't deserve the sh** they're getting.

There is this individual who does such noscive things to me which I can't understand. The type that just stop oppressing you if you die.Sometimes I want to understand but then I get so scared of becoming like that and doing the same things but immediately I stop myself from understanding it or else it might contaminate my way of understanding things and I will become the same. I'd rather remain secretly in disbelief.

Man f*** you dude! Like straight up honest to god f*** YOU!!! You think you deserve her back? You f***ing LEFT her so you could tramp off to Oregon with your whore mom for a year and a half!! You shattered her f***ing heart by leaving AND you were already cheating on her with a s*** up there in Oregon anyhow!! Guys like you make guys like me f***ing sick. You don't know all the sh** I had to do to keep her from killing herself or hurting herself more than you already did!! Sh... read more

I hate all of you

There are several people on here annoyed with your 'asking for citations' sh**.
Figure it out for yourself!