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I can't stand these people here anymore. All they do is stab eachother in the back and talk s*** behind your back then there nice to your face.. I can't stand it anymore. There all scumbag. It's so hard to find friends here.

Environmentalists are pathetically naive.

They can try all they want, but humans are greedy creatures. They will never sacrifice even an ounce of personal comfort for the sake of anyone else, especially something that doesn't seem an immediate concern. Humanity is a slave to habit, no matter how destructive that habit is to themselves and everything around them.

Extinction is the key. The only way to prevent the planet from any danger is the extinction of humanity, or its e... read more

So according to my dad crying out of frustration is only a child thing. Okay everyone who needs a cathartic moment, you're all acting like a bunch of sensitive kids!(sarcasm). Oh, so apparently throwing a hissy fit and potentially hitting someone or breaking something is a better way to handle frustration?(which is what my dad does btw). I cry a the age of 20 when I'm super frustrated but I'm not ashamed of that, only he is.

As much as I do respect war veterans, I think this is going too far.
I had a friend who worked her a** of to be able to the college of her dreams. The place was almost full but she got the spot. Until someone else showed up whos father (or grandfather can't remember) is a veteran and gets her spot. My friend comes from a not so financialy stable family and her parents gave up a lot for her to be able to go, while that chick that got her spot is a C student and her father/gram... read more

Ironically, most geniuses, don't know how to prove it.

I can't believe how greedy and stupid some people are. I was browsing pictures on tumblr and saw a picture of a fit, healthy woman tagged as "thinspo". People use thinspo to promote eating disorders, mostly starvation. Girls who browse this tag think, that by starving themselves they'll get that flat tummy, abs or strong legs. And "fitness" blogs tag it just so they'll get more followers. Wtf is wrong with people? How can you mislead people and not feel guilty?! Sick.

Oh my God! This lady at my work is such a dickhead. She really pisses me off. I don't know what's wrong with her, she's so annoying. She's like a walking cloud of tension and stress. She rushes around like a madwoman, working way too fast, then complains that this job stresses her out. She even keeps taking MY jobs. It's like an addiction. In fact, come to think of it, maybe she is literally a workaholic. She's got asthma aswell and she often has to stop to catch her breath, ... read more

People will do anything for money, seriously. It's rather sad, really. Last week I was walking around a mall and this lady working at a stand called me over. She asked me a few questions and then tried selling me a product that I clearly was not interested in purchasing so then she tried lying to me and I wasn't buying all the bulls*** that was coming out of her mouth so then she called over her partner and told him that I was being "difficult." He then came up to us and aske... read more

I just hate when people are just so unfair

"Omg guys won't stop looking at my a**" "I hate my a** it's too big for these jeans" "My butt won't fit through this doorway"
SHUT. THE. f***. UP.

You are a liar. All you b****es LOVE it when guys look at your a**. You don't hate your a** because guys LOVE it. Just shut up.

So sick of working with a cigarette smoking, stinky, white-trash s***.
Ok. I feel better.
I would quit but then I wouldn't have a job. I know she's not going anywhere.
Something must be wrong eith me to feel this anger.
I wish counseling was free.

It doesn't make me sad when I think about how people wouldn't care if I died. It makes me sad that people do care about me and that a part of their lives would be gone. I really want nobody to care so I wouldn't feel guilty for having suicidal thoughts.

Brandon flowers' voice keeps me sane

One of my friends/former roommates I haven't seen properly in about a month. Why? Because the bastard sleeps ALL THE TIME! His sister (and keeper) makes excuses for him, saying he's "just a night person" but sleeping past 2 in the afternoon is just lazy! No wonder no one can hang out with or get a hold of you!!! GET OUT OF BED!

That moment when you're talking to someone and they're just so rude you stare hard at them all like "FIGHT ME!!!! ()"

"I come from a really good, upstanding family," he said.

Then how you do explain:
-your younger brother is a meth addict
-your older brother died of a cocaine overdose-induced heart attack
-your sister abandoned her children and now they are drug addicts also
-you were fired from your law enforcement job because you inept and unstable

Your family is crap. Stop talking out your stupid pie hole. I am not impressed.

So I'm on this art website and this dude asks if I wanna be friends and chat a while. Being bored and lonely, I figured why not? I read their profile and they seemed nice, they had a lot of friends and even some pretty cool art. So I gave him my contact info on the condition that he understood I wasn't looking for anything more than friendship. So we spent a while talking and I noticed almost immediately he didn't really seem keen on getting to know me at all. First he praise... read more

Listening to my two friends laugh and share their stories about the times they got so drunk and f***ed up that they threw up, passed out, etc.
One of them is 18 and the other is 15.

And I'm 14, just sitting here actually worrying about my grades and school life. Pity.

The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

Nobody ever texts me first or messages me on Facebook. I occasionally send messages to my friends, relatives and some acquaintances but they never initiate conversations with me.I'm also always "seenzoned" for no apparent reason. I try being nice but I get nothing in return. Yes, they talk about me but they don't talk to me.