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f*** off f*** off f*** OFF

Oh grow up, go f*** yourself

People who berate waiters/waitresses, cashiers, customer service reps, bartenders, store clerks ect... are losers I don't give a s*** what bulls*** excuse you have. You are not better than anyone else by any means. Your a loser and no one will ever want to be around you my advice to those people make your public appearances minimal until you can learn to deal with your miserable self until then f*** off before you piss off the wrong person

They needa get someone to teach coding in west virginia.

Sweetie your convertible is not a priority sorry to say

I am no feminist, but some things that people do make me feel like I have to be one. I was at a flea market with a bunch of friends along with this guy whom I'm close with, when I was thinking of buying this particular trinket. I ask for the price and later ask to reduce the price when it was a lot more expansive than I imagined. Now, what the stall owner did irks me. I was insistent in trying to get at least 5 bucks cheaper on the item, he looks at me unamusedly, only to LOO... read more

Girl, why you throwin shade?? I see what you're trying to say...but do you have to say it like that?

Sometimes, I just want to smack the stupid off of people... I realized i couldn't because there'd be nothing left of some people. I hate being treated like a b**** when the other person is the one with the problem... and they haven't seen or heard from me all day... to me, thats plain stupid.

"in order to believe in miracles you have to be religious" most idiotic statement ever

I feel so alone and unneeded. It seems like no one cares about me. I feel invisible all the time. Being left out of everything stirs up this deep pain in my heart. Pain literally spreads through my entire body, from my chest, down my arms, and in my hands. I feel like no one would notice if I ceased to exist. I get this feeling that people don't like me, yet I am told that it's just an irrational thought. I don't know. I just feel terrible about myself.

Lately I've been thinking about suicide - for probably one year now. I've just been rather upset lately and I have no friends, nothing is going right. I don't know why but I keep holding myself back. One thing is I'm afraid to die I guess. Another thing is I love music and photography is my passion. My favorite musician is Beck Hansen and every time I hear his voice and any song by him, I get so happy and I wanna be just like him even though I'm a girl. I believe he is the be... read more

D Rupalcava in CA your a grown man, but I felt like I was talking to a 15 year old

It's funny how a lot of us are scrolling over the feed of Muttr's and deciding which ones are worth a response.
Imagine how it feels to be one of the people who gets passed by. Everyone's problems are equally important.
Advice for the Day: Find a random Muttr with no responses and give it your best advice! A little time out of your day to make someone else's isn't much to ask.

f*** you I hate you so much

A red flag that is someone is not to be trusted and they are full of sh1t:

"Oh, just trust me, I've been there, I know."

No, you really do not know. Shut up.

So, my ex lives in Ohio...
And recently, there's been an Ebola scare in Columbus, Ohio...
Is Karma taking it too far?

I hate when I'm talking to a guy, and things seem to be going well and it turns out they were just waiting for an opportune moment to make the entire conversation about sex. Every single time it happens, I stop the conversation immediately and simply ignore them because I honestly believe that anyone who wants to make the very first conversation they have with a girl via texts about sex, then that's all they were really interested in. Today I was looking through my text messa... read more

I have this really weird problem. I get feelings for someone like really emotionally attached, sometimes to someone I've hardly ever talked to. it's like this super secret crush. then as soon as they show even minor affection or interest in me, I find myself subconsciously withdrawing and eventually just avoiding them all together in every aspect until they lose interest. the whole problem is that my feelings never die, I just get all touchy with the whole "you like me back" ... read more

This girl is really going on my nerves. She's good in a sport and always brags about it. The thing is, there are max 3 participants in that sport, so even if she scores a 0 and ends up 3rd, she brags about it. She's gonna get her a** kicked once she joins a competition with 5+ competitors,wonder if she'll shut up then.

Someone I know just got hair extensions... a weave... and it looks all busted.

Should I say something? I mean, it looks really ridic. And this is someone who has tried to kill themselves before over their appearance because they didn't think they looked natural enough.