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Transgender activist is beaten unconscious in brutal attack by man who told her 'happy Pride' as she left Orlando fundraiser.
Approached by man who said: 'Show me your t***, you tr***y c**t'.
Beaten unconscious and left with severe abrasions and bruising.

This is the title of an article dated: Sunday, June 26 ...
"Dance School Elects Its First Gender Fluid Prom Queen Sparking Backlash From Female Students Angry At Being Beaten By A 'Boy'."

100% of the "comments" on this article are negative.
Nobody agrees with this.

AND some of the students don't like it either ... ... ...
'It just sucks that men win everything'
Another student wrote, 'We thought we at least deserve that.'

Everybody on muttr attacking people that are agains... read more


Your special needs child is no more special than any other child.

Your special needs child is no more a precious gift from god than other child.

Your special needs child IS NOT SPECIAL.

Hey the next time you walk Daisy ask me inside your apartment

I remember muttr from 2012.. simple & less whiny adults.

Let me start of by saying I've just moved to Arizona from LA so I just started a new job, Im completley new to the area and have no friends here. I'm not asking for a pity party just venting on some of the weird s*** that went down today and also just confused and shocked at some of the implications that were made. Now things have been going okay at work for the most part good and still getting the hang of a few things but not to bad. I do get a rude client every now and then... read more

Need to vent. I got a family member who is a bleeding heart for others to use. She always loves people no matter what they do. She always accepts them whether they are druggies, felons, whores, single moms, or just normal . what kills me is that she thinks they can change with enough help when they cannot until they hit rock bottom. A perfect example is we know a young girl who is whoring herself out. She is doing it for fast money and cars. She was raised well but rebelled. ... read more


So it's that time of day again where we see a lot of people struggling with depression, ready to give up. I try to comment all of them but this is generally what I say, hopefully it helps change your perception as it has with one or two who have replied to me.
I'm not religious so I wont say everything happens for a reason or anything like that but I am a firm believer that you control how you perceive things. Youre not weak and you can get through this. I... read more

Virginity is a social construct, and I don't think what I had counts as sex. I was pressured into saying yes. a couple days after we started going out, he went on and on about banging me, and I was beyond uncomfortable. I thought it was normal. he talked about how he'd please me, but none of it sounded nice. he was eager to get into my pants. I didn't say no. I still wasn't ready. it hardly felt like anything. it was over so quickly. he looked satisfied. I felt used and it wa... read more

How to be a motivational speaker 101: be a halfway decent looking black guy (don't even need to be black, just a typical big black dude), act like you know everything and run words in circles around people, not giving them an option to think of anything else, and add prince before your name because you're so high and mighty. Make sure to add white guilt too for all the liberal white people, and make it as generalized and vague as possible so you won't offend anyone.

I have spent approximately 1 month off of all social media and cut from speaking to people for personal reasons. I was also fortunate enough to spend a week out at the Air Force Academy. While getting a first hand military experience and spending time off social media, I have to say, I absolutely hate our society.
It all starts with social media, the stalking, the bullying, the destroying, the depression, the constant need for likes and attention. I worry for our generation a... read more

Gods i hate humans

BLACK LIVES MATTER BS! BLM has made me prejudice. My black ghetto neighbors also! Have you ever had a confrontation with one black person? It's impossible, they have to go get their whole crew-BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED! BLM and blacks can whine all they want but no one cares! I do not attend MLK parade or celebrate the day, I do not vote for them, I can not stand them! They whine and complain about the PAST that did not even happen directly to them. I do not watch their BET, I ... read more

Fyi just cuz you have a kid with him doesn't mean you have his heart. Trust me. I was engaged to him and he spent all that time we were together chasing a girl he dated in middle school! IN f***ING MIDDLE SCHOOL!! more than likely he cheating on you with that same girl.
he can't take a hint
nor can you.

You always seem like a pedo to me im suprised you even managed to have kids!

I hope your brothers wife cheats on them and leave them and take the kids

I want to feel sorry for you but you came for me out of no where and i don't even know you. Its f***ed up now that you are stuck with that bastard seeing how you have his kid but i can't feel sorry for you
You deal with him seeng how you came for me over some bulls***

Who's winning sidechicks or mainchicks you decide

If you are struggling today, I wish you all the best.

even if you are not struggling today, I wish you the best as well.

I wish everyone the best. Including cranky people. because there's a reason cranky people are cranky.

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