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Like ik I'm dumb and a kid but like pls don't make fun of me when I'm literally in the room right next to you

Thanks for tagging that trigger, hun; you probably just lost a LOT of followers for that.
Seriously, though. Who doesn't tag s***, then put that s*** as the title of the post?

She's so hot oh my god

When mother's think you owe them something for giving birth to you. And you analyse and realize she thinks you owe her for having sex

I'm not against guns and open carry is legal where I live but you rarely ever see it, most people conceal carry. I just came across a guy at the grocery store who was open carrying and it gave me the heebie jeebies. Now that I'm home....I think it was less about the gun but that guy just seemed odd. I don't know.

I will not apologize for defending myself you wanna throw insults at me be prepared to get it thrown back at you

Dont you just hate when people crawl into other people's a**es for fame
there's this one animator i know,, i'll just call her maggs, not that i want to protect her though
shes a ''furry animator''
she used to be... an 'acquaintance'' of mine and she used to be my best friend's best friend.
by 'used to be' i literally have no clue if they talk anymore, because thats none of my buisness, but my best friend i'll call her c, c is never on her friends list anymore, maggs is probab... read more

Like putty in my hands. Playing right into my sweet little plan. Doing exactly what I want you to. Evil laughter!

My life sucks so I need to enjoy this brief, unimportant moment while it lasts. More evil laughter!

I am so sick and tired of people lying to me to cover up for Elizabitch's lying and backstabbing! All she has ever done was lie to me when confronted about it, then has everyone else lying for her because she wants to play the victim! You can't stab someone in the back and talk bad about them behind their back and try and play games with their head because your jealous of my relationship & can't have him! I thought you were my friend, but you only wanted to try & get close to... read more

I really, really wish I wasnt with someone who is: Anti-Social / Sociopath / with OCD / ADD / Autism / & Hording tendencies.
You're not even going to give a rat's a** about this; as per usual.
I'm going to have to scream and b**** and shake, until I lose my voice, for you to get up off your a**.
You're not going to flinch at the stress that, HAVING to do, that causes me; which makes it even worse.
Or if you, take all of your effort to, 'pretend to care' its not going to be fo... read more

Troy Tyrell
Troy tyrell vancouver My company used to refer prospects to Troy Tyrell until I found a more professional, reliable and skilled trainer who now is the Networking Trainer Manager for my company.The person issuing the spam report against me is Troy Tyrell.He was extremely upset and embarrassed after I let him go as Networking Personal Trainer manager for my company.I have a new client who used you (I referred her to you) for a couple sessions and she said you were b... read more

Want someone to talk to anonymous plz

What's with this dog face for girls in snapchat or whatever it came from? It's everywhere. Like an epidemic with girls. What's the attraction?

I wish that I was aborted I wouldnt have to suffer for years an unhappy life like I do how

I hate my daughter Kayla I told her not to embrass me in front of her teacher but she did. She told the teacher that I smoke right in front of me

Every person deserves every bit of frustration, rage, offense and pain they get from others.

I hate my two kids I wish I had an abortion when I had found out especially my son

My dog died last week.

He was sick, so it is good for him as he is no longer in pain.

I do not know how I am going to make it through the upcoming holidays without him. I have no family and few friends who live in very distant locations.

I can make it through day by day, I mean, that's been what's happening so far. And it's lonely. But the holidays... I just don't know.


My friends are all white (not a bad thing, it just correlates with this story) and we live in Georgia. Ok, so the day after the Charlotte shooting, on Facebook I see a dumb post from a guy that said " These n*****s are getting out of control smh, unfriend me if you want but you dumb n****s wouldn't get shot if you didn't act so stupid." I thought it was atrocious, screenshotted, and shared it with my group chat with all my friends in it cuz I tho... read more

I've never noticed people haven't complimented me for something natural I have. Not my eyes, not my figure, not my nails, hair, anything. When I did get complimented it was an item I wore, a fake piece. When I had brightly colored hair or extensions that made my breast length hair go to my lower back. I always try to compliment others when I'm out and about since I know how nice it can feel.