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Why are you all so f***ing stupid. holy s***. humans the average citizen is even without common sense nowadays. you are literally just sheep that the elites are cattling into doing and feel whatever they want you to do or feel. you idiots care more about sports than your president. you could give a f***. all you care about is sex money and drugs. not that smoking weed is as bad. but if its the only thing you care about grow up. you people have all the power but you let your o... read more

You're gonna regret that in 5 or 10 years.

I'm not sure why I keep coming to this website. It's a website made for whining but all I get are comments telling me to stop whining, as if that is constructive on a website literally made for whining. I don't think I've ever gotten an actually constructive thought, and very few actually supportive ones. I'm venting about the comments I get on a venting site, how about that?

I have unpopular opinions that I get pretty vocal about, but I feel the need for them to be heard as they are based on facts. This doesn't mean I force them on people, but I post about them when I feel like doing so or I want a debate. Because they are unpopular many people that simply can't accept they're wrong decide to "bash" me and even when I show them the facts they refuse to accept them. It's mentally draining me and I'm extremely introverted with anxiety, so sometimes... read more

How can people be so loud and not realize it? I guess you can't hear yourself over your constant screaming. Chill. Also why do you need to yell to emphasis your point? Do you have no self awareness? Like mid sentence, did you have to scream like "I was eating icecream and it was SO DAMN GOOOOOD" Everyone in this general vicinity can hear you. CHILL.

What a bunch of idiots

f*** those bastards who continuously try to "help you" but know full well that you didn't ask for their "help" and that their "help" only ends up making life worse. And no, I don't mean the people that at least mean well in trying to be kind. I mean the people who actively try to do things such as trying to force you to change, when in reality, you just want to be yourself, and be accepted as yourself. People like that.

I keep all of my emotions inside and cannot physically release it, anxiety and stress is taking such a hard emotional toll but my parents just continue to anger me.

Is it crazy for a man to be dating two women at the same time

Don't be bringin hoes to the house show RESPECT

I am not really that smart. I just have a hard time believing that people insist on being so stupid.
I feel alone most of the time because when I try and talk to people I find myself speaking so far above there heads I get frustrated. So I don't talk much and really don't have many friends. I wish I had friends like me that I could talk to. Even at family gatherings I set there most of the time and just say nothing. I wish there was a place to move to that has more people lik... read more

Not really people, sorta just based on me? Haha, so I've been wanting to stop something lately, which is my problem(if it even is one) of sending too many messages? I don't know if it's just me, or if I'm annoying; I just want to find a way to the point where I could possible ignore the urge to message someone and wait until they send a response to my previous message, or let them have the first word?

Trust no whitey. g**d***, it runs in their blood to enslave and betray HAHAHAHA omg. never trusting a crusty a** white b**** again.

My hate for white people grows and grows every day. It's getting so bad that I can't stand talking to my colleagues at work.

If someone takes the time to do something nice for you, the least you could do is say thank you.

I think I've gotten to the point where I've beaten myself up verbally/emotionally so much that I don't really feel any emotions anymore, at least, any that feel like they have any sort of depth to them. It's concerning, but.. not? I'm not sure how to explain it honestly. Maybe I just locked myself up subconsciously. Who knows..

The internet is stupid. The entire thing is a hate amplification machine.

Person 1: I'm so glad I'm not straight

Person 2: Okay

Person 1: Why are heterosexuals so bizarre? Like why are they just so straight?

Person 2: Some people are weird some are not.

Person 1: Please don't mistake me for heterosexual

Person 2: No problem

Person 1: Why is heteronormativity a thing? You shouldn't assume someone is straight!

Person 2: Well most of the population is straight, but whatever. You do you.

Person 1:I love *straight character X* and *straight char... read more

Sorry, but I really am sickened by the type of cliche gay man who loves only his cats, Judy Garland, and casual sex. Or, the 21st century version: shaved genitals, skinny jeans, and a plaid shirt.


Why are there such blatant hypocrites? Where does the logic completely disconnect between two actions a person performs? I don't even understand.