I am sick of all these so called "live" webinars, where a "guru" talks about some new SECRET to earning money and how to become successful like they are. They show you screenshots of their accounts, and in some case show inside of their accounts "live."

At the beginning of the webinar they say do NOT leave the webinar because it is so full you will never make it back in. This is 100% bulls***! I accidentally exited and guess what, I came right back in...only to realize, the webinar that had been going on for 20 or so minutes, has magically gone back in time and is now starting over. The host is doing and saying the same thing, all the people in the webinar are saying the EXACT same thing in the chat box.

Don't fall for these scam artists as all that these webinars are, are a way to get you sucked in and buy their product that they are promoting at the end of the webinar. What a joke.