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Can't help to wonder if Bill Cosby was doing his dirty old man act in the days of his hit tv comedy.
He certainly was surrounded by a lot of women on that show.
Or maybe he evolved as he got older.
Current pics give him the appearance of a dog.

So I was with this b**** and she asked to feel my muscles. I lifed up my shirt and flexed a little bit and I could tell she was digging it. Then I said, I let you feel mine now I get to feel yours. She said okay. Then I grabbed her on the a** and she pulled my hand away. I said, dats a gluteus maximus hoe!!!!!

Went and saw Interstellar today. it was BEAUTIFUL. I loved the plot and characters and the special effects and everything and I was thinking how I'd recommend it to anyone... until the second half. It became the stupidest and most disappointing ending I've seen in a while, like someone was hurrying to finish the script. It went from cool, realistic sci-fi and characters you'd care about and cry over to (mild spoilers) some time travel bulls*** and a forced romantic plot. Oh w... read more

All I want to do for the rest of my life is scroll through my album of funny and adorable memes featuring dogs and puppies.

My favourite is the terrier buckled into a child's car seat and it says, You Need Coffee. You just put your baby in my crate.

13 women claim Bill Cosby had inappropriate contact with them . 13 ? I don't think that many is a fluke . He looks like a dirty old man .

Star trek was dumbed down science fiction from the beginning. Trekkies certainly can't lay that at the feet of J.J. Abrams. The original Star Trek television series and the ongoing universe it spawned is to true science fiction (the works of Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut etc) what World Wrestling Entertainment is to Olympic Wrestling. To suggest otherwise is to be deliberately obtuse at least, sincerely ignorant at worst.

I need advice

So I'm sitting in physics, and some kid asked me if I wanted a pair of headphones, I reluctantly said yes. He pulls these AMAZING black and red Sony studio headphones out of his backpack. There $80 retail. He said he barley ever touched them, and he replaced them with some Beats. I prev. Broke my old, cheaply, Koss headphones.
(He was with me when they snapped in half about a month ago.)

should I keep these?

My Lord , these non stop reruns of " Mike & Molly " are over the top . It's just not that funny of a show to be shown in reruns 24/7 .

League of legends is f***ing whack and the people that play LoL are douchebags too

What's the saddest song you've ever heard?

Charlie XCX looks like Lorde's hot older sister.

Ohhhh my gosh. Annie's Mac & Cheese. MmmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmm.....

Thank goodness that pathetic / ultra stupid Two Men and a Idiot is finally being driven off the air.
It should have left when Sheen did because Kutchner totally brought it down lower then it was.
It's so lame , it's creator , Chuck Lorre is just a money hungry duchebag .

Gilligans Island has to be the most stupid program that ever was on TV.
Bob Denver's character has got to be as pathetic as Gomer , or even worse , Goober .

Closing night is done! We had a good run, but I always noticed how the other actors were forgetting parts of their lines. it's not that big a deal, except they're dropping bits of jokes and exposition. Then they add in ad-libbed stuff which is sometimes funny but other times makes them look out of character or disrupts the flow of the play. Then there's this one guy who steals other people's reaction lines. He's a good actor but he's obnoxious as a person, and he's always hog... read more

I had to kick some noob out of my guild (before you call me elitist just holdon a minute), this individual joined my guild and immediately started acting like a douchebag, and now you ask why so? Well, he started cracking crude jokes borderline racist (yes I know humanity is a race, but what do you want me to say? ethnicitist? I guess that sounds better. Well, yes he started cracking those type of jokes. As a guild leader, I am always exerting my mental energy on my guild, wh... read more

TCM is now showing " A Hard Days Night " .
It's pathetically corny / filmed in black & white , but the music is classic Beatles .
They were so innocent and fresh .

I was watching switched at birth, and my younger sister asks if the actress playing Bay is from Austin and Ally. I tell her to stop being stupid, she looks nothing like her. She continues to bug me, so I'm just like "fine, let's google it." I google the actress name of bay, Vanessa Marano, and recognize the last name from the actress on austin and ally, Laura Marano.... They're sisters. I never saw any resemblance between the two, yet she saw one immediately. creeped me out. ... read more

So I've been watching Teen Titans again and I noticed that in episode 3 of Teen Titans, when Cyborg's arm is "walking" around the tower, the middle finger is up the whole time? I know that was the finger with the camera, but it is there. Was the raised middle finger not considered rude in 2003?

Like most of these muttrs sound like the old white graying neighbor that hates rap music and only has respect for himself and maybe his dog (that he really yells at because he doesn't believe dogs have feelings). lmao.