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There is a slight chance that Final Fantasy XV will have a PC version. I think I might cry if this is true.

I don't find droopy eyes on a guy sexy at all. Many male celebrities have them and women go wild for them (Ex: Jason Mamoa and Ryan Gosling). They just don't do it for me.

I just finished the watching the LEgo movie. I gotta say no movie has brought me to overwhelming tears in years as this movie did. Great work, guys! :)

As soon as I finally hug him, I'll kill myself.
I love him, but love isn't real.
But I love you...

Listening to a beautiful song about having sex for the first time.
It's so innocent and yeah.
Thanks, Hatsune Miku.

Haha, storm off and get defensive... I am laughing at you the whole time!!

Even after so many years, "Make it stop" by Rise Against still makes me cry. Damn.

No new friends, no new friends, no no new, f*** all y'all niggas

Not sure why, but I always manage to end up on the disturbing part of the Internet.

Life is such a joke man.

I was at G's surprise party last night. It was her school friends and BBYO friends. BBYO kids, myself included, don't mesh well with other kids.

Some girls brought Smirnoff. They all knew what to do. Some kid took egg rolls out of the oven and put them on a plate. Others opened the package of plastic shot glasses, filled them, and lined them up. Each girl tilted her head back and drank the firey liquid. Mind you, this weren't BBYO kids. BBYO kids, for the most part, don't dr... read more

Muttr be like:
*posts honest opinion*
*gets a hundred hate comments*

Dear person who replied my to my fashion advice saying it was punk: THANK YOU

Is it weird to wear thigh high socks over solid black tights?

The first time this virgin saw a dlck she was scarred for life.

I wonder if wreck it wralphs penis is as big as his hands. And also when Felix has sex with his wife and let's say he has a huge cock does he go I can fix it again and make her p**** super tight?

Listening to tokio hotel right now. I don't know why I ever stopped listening(o thats right, my mom and dad had cut off access from my "emo" things) to their music. Its so alive, I feel like I can conquer the world.

Srsly? Da FBI was brought into investigate death threats received by Pimp Mama Kris Kartrashian?

What a waste of resources. I'm calling my congressman/woman/person.

O god all these old timey shows depresses me. And that damn gerber commercial. Shutup shutup shutup If I have to hear "the grow-up plan.." one more time I'll scream!!!

Cable continues to air this stupid Brittany Murphy 2 hour piece of crap. To the producers : get over it , the story , as her , is a looser .