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What's a good movie to watch on Netflix?

"This video game is dressed too sexily, I don't like it, change it. I'm dressed too sexily and you don't like it? Stop oppressing me!"

Silento is soooo gay..

f*** telekinesis and anyone that likes that superpower

f*** telekinesis and anyone that likes that superpower.

I just love stalking people but you only get that fear rush when they know you are somewhere around.

Pixels a good movie just finished watching it!

Recommend me a good r&b slowjam or neo-soul song please.

One thing I'm doing these laast couple of days and will be doing the next couple of days is googling Frank Ocean. Need to see the freaking man drop his album!

Swab yo vag you dirty s*** cause I ain't down with you to f*** you can kiss my a** and suck on my dick but I ain't gonna let you stick with it you can go sloppy jaloppy and suck Jose too but if you do that then i'mma f*** you I want your p**** now upon my cock then again you da hoe on the block PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget caitlyn I'm johnas and I'm a gal about to become a guy

Mmm.. I'm somewhat nervous for highschool. but at the same time I'm really not. I'm over thinking again- I'll be okay, I know. I just don't want any friends or people to talk to me. I don't enjoy having friends. including the ones I have right now. they're rather useless, and while they know me quite well, I don't really care for them. I don't know how to get rid if them though.. and they might be able to help me with studying or something later. but theyre also very lazy. I ... read more

I want to learn another language, just cos', but I don't know what to go for. I know english & french already. suggestions, maybe??

Don't talk to the audience unless you're eloquent and well-prepared. I'd rather the performer sit down and just play without a word than make a fool out of themselves and make me lose admiration for them.

Blackheads deadheads what's the dif?

I wish I knew other noob SC2 players as terrible at the game as I am. Terrible noob SC2 payers stuck with really crappy high latency internet like mine would be a bonus. I have no one to play or practice with most of the time. :/

Is it bad that I'm under 16, Canadian, and a goody-two-shoes (kind of) who listens to South Park's Blame Canada a lot, has memorized the lyrics, and doesn't find it offensive? Seriously, I'm not sure if that's good or not.

Equal rights for women!!!

I'm a woman!!

hey you can't hit me!!!

Bullo bullo!!!!!!!!!!!!

An online friend of mine has been lying about her entire life for years. She makes up fantasies, like books, and pretends online that it's how her life really is. For years I've known her by a fake name and fake story, a girl pretending to be someone out of a fantasy. Of course I've never believed her, and just thought she was some nutjob. Though recently, I've been failing in my hobby of writing, but I have so many ideas... I began to play this pretend game with her. I know ... read more