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I went back on thechat so i could talk about the special that just aired but nooooooo we cant talk about it because someones sister unplugged their tv and stole the wiress.

What did everyone think of the super bowl for me i thought it was ok i like the performances

I think I was probably one of the only people who didn't like music growing up. I mean, now I love it sometimes but I've always preferred just quiet.

I'm not a really big Beyonce fan, I mean I like her older work, and I party to some of her new songs, but I'm not a huge fan. Tonight though, I give her props. Her super bowl performance was amazing. Her video Formation was amazing. Everything it stood for, the words, hell even the beat was AMAZING!!! She hit everything our people have been going through and did so in a classy, creative, and bold way! The Black Panther gear, the afros, sinking that police car in her music vid... read more

The moment you realise she knows you screen capped the snapchats she sent you , FML

Why in some TV shows I watch I end up liking the character that was mean but then became nice later like allot TV shows I watch my favorite become the characters are s*** or the ones are mean but later in the show become good and nice for example in 90210 my favorite is niomi and adreana and in gossip girl blair and in vampier diares Elena and Katherine but not every TV show I like the s*** character they are some other shows I like the nice and good characters

Just finished watching Paternity Court that aired on February 3, 2016. Dang! That baby looked kinda rough in the first case. I felt like the cast in the episode of Seinfeld where they went to spend the night at a friend's beach house and they had this ugly looking baby and their reactions were soooooo funny. I know I was making some of those same faces. LOL. Sorry. Had to vent to the web.

Jojo's bizarre adventure is basically wasted potential: the manga

One quil up my a**
Yet I can't get it up there
see I gotta turn them around
A mighty smash without a sound

I can feel your every quil
slamming your head against your will
f***ing through the sound barrier
like a sonic boom, my a** on you

Watch me turn your head away
watch me f*** away
feel my s*** its running
all the way down

Modern morans, modern morans
Playing s*** games since the year 2k
Modern morans, modern morans
f***ing those quils for the 69th time

I will buy al... read more

Conceited cartoons = Anime

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight,
not a footprint to be seen,
a kingdom of isolation, and it looks like im the queen
my penis growing with a swirling storm inside,
couldn't keep it in, i just want olaf's cock inside,

just let him in, just let him see,
let olaf see my naked body with his erect peen,
conceal and feel, his magic carrot,
let him enter my a**,

let it go, let it go,
let it go in my a**
let it go, let it go,
olaf let it go
eat my a** x 4
let his cock r... read more

I hate the show, it has no storyline, its super short and it has no entertainment value what so ever. I hate more because i see it on a art site im on EVREYDAY.

Thanks south Park, you got me in trouble with my girlfriend

The fault in our stars was a comedy. If anyone opposes, I will take you on.

Undertale is a bad game and you should feel bad.

I just want to vent my mind away right now. I have three things I want to talk about, oh and here is a caps alert, you are going to need it. Ready? Three. Two. One. HOLY s***! INSTAGRAM IS A HELLHOLE CREATED BY THE DEVIL HIMSELF. For example, you have little girls giving duck lips, little girls taking selfies while in duck lips mode, little girls posting their a**es and boobs, food, minion memes, grumpy cat memes, memes that start with," blah blah blah be like," with a random... read more

Seriously? I went to google and started searching "clever terms for"...and the only suggestion it gave me was "clever terms for pooping."

Y'all are some weird people...

There is no way in hell I am playing your RPG while watching you fawn over a girl young enough to be your daughter. I'm done with your bulls***. You're a coward who can't think beyond their own self-satisfaction. Your airship pirates game wasn't even fun. #venting

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Ok so this is a question more than a rant but I'm trying to prove my friend wrong. Only answer if you're a death note fan, if Mello left the orphanage when he was 14 1/2 but has been in the mafia for a year 1/2 how old would he be? I believe he left the orphanage in 2009 but I'm not sure. My friend said he'd be 20 but when I told my sister, she said he'd most likely be 16 1/2. I have tried the internet and my death note books but neither of them tell me the exact dates. I thi... read more

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