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"This mlp episode was a message about racial profiling!" The changelings literally feed off other species and Thorax was like a singular instance of not being like the rest of his kind, as far as we know. You can't use that episode in reference to racial profiling. That's a terrible fictional example.

Junkrat is my spirit animal

I don't get why people always talk s***. If i enjoy doing something which i think is genuinely interesting, i don't get why you'd continue to talk s*** about how stupid and pathetic it is. I'm not you. Something you might find pathetic could be someone's life goal. Just shut the f*** up you dumb b****.

Not even a vent but g**d***, why does Welcome to Night Vale not have a larger fanbase?! I mean come ON, hardly anybody I know knows about it but it's so amazing and perfect I just?? Any fellow Nightvalians out there???

I am tired of being wrong. I am tired of being too young to understand. I matter too I just want someone to care about that. I matter too

I nnneeeeeeed my Subnautica update. It's my day off and I've already binge read through most of the good stories on LNM/nosleep. Otherwise, there's not much else to do unless I'm at work saving up to get out of this place and away from these people. At least my boss has been saying good things about me.
First world problems~

When I go to write a story, I can't. But I think of plots/characters all the time.

So bored I gotta read here? Naw I'm gonna watch now you see me 2!
wouldn't want to be you hahahahaahaha

Bring back mob wives Chicago

I like teslore but the only person who actually talks about it and we had long pondering conversation, kept trying to argue with everything i say, so now i dont have a tes lore buddy O^O

Damn do I feel dumb.

I recently started piano lessons. 1k a year. We're already trying to send my sister to colege and get treatment for my dad. I feel like my stupidity will be the burden and downfall of this family.

I don't know how to write a funny tweet.

I like K-Pop boy group music nowadays but I prefer the girls group style back then...

I wish I get into K-Pop much sooner... Now a lot of group that I want to like has been disbanded.

I wish I can give more views to the musicians I love in Youtube.... I wish I know how.... I really really really love their music and video, they are diamonds yet they are so underrated...

Jonathan Taylor Thomas LOVES pickled eggs!

While playing Pokemon Go today I saw someone get hit by a car. I laughed cause their shoes fell off an now my gf is mad at me. I wasnt driving the car wtf is wrong with wome ?

What the f*** is wrong with IchiRuki fans

Jessica's 300 plus lbs and her feet fell off. It's ok, she'll just staple em on. No joke, she said she will.

Oh crumpets! Mum threw my fish and chips in the bin! Bloody ell!

Stupid charter, Im not paying $64 for ONLY internet! Go to h~L! F that!