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Desperately Frantically seeking my straight man.... ( Why does your mind always go there? you filthy pervert!:)

Broadcaster, writer, humorist, comedian. Seeks my straight person (Politically correct version)
Someone who can play off my talents so that we may achieve Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, heights....
Humor can be clean or more adultish. But NO and I repeat NO HATRED! humor based on that is lost to begin with.
so please reply C/O Inner workings of a truly twis... read more

Ducktales, woohoo!


How do you get a sweet 80-year-old lady to say the F word?
Get another sweet little 80-year-old lady to yell *BINGO*!

My haiku about Hawkeye:

f*** you, I'm Hawkeye
I am a real Avenger
I'm Hawkeye, f*** you

Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Pinky.

Well if you mean why don't they make sardine pop tarts then yes Brain I am.

NO! I don't mean... why don't they make sardine pop tarts Pinky?

I don't know Brain but it would make a great advertisement " A snapper in every box"

Bill loved to write. He wrote articles, compositions, poems, anything he could think of he wrote. Although he tried desperately to have his hard work published he was never able to find anyone interested. It was after a year of not seeing one of his friends that he bumped into him at a supermarket.
Harry am I glad to see you! Do you know that my readership doubled since I last say you!?

Congratulations! Said Harry barely glancing up from the meat he was examining, nobody tol... read more

Men are mean to their friends just like women are nice to their enemies."
~Lisa Simpson.

A Nation of Two -Quiet Company

Eat, sleep, masturbate repeat...

If I hear that Jar of Hearts song again, I'm gonna flip. I hate that song. It's depressing and slow and stupid. "You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul"?? REALLY? That's so creative and such an effective insult... I'm sure that would really hurt someone's feelings (please not the sarcasm).
I don't know why it's even still on the radio. Should have stayed on YouTube. With the other music twats that sing slow with their hipster feelings.... I'm talking to you, ... read more

Lana Del Rey rocks!!

Baited and hooked, can't resist because of their lower intelligence, watch him now now spend hours and hours trying to 'fix' it lol gets him every time

All I wanna say is that they dont really care about us. minus the SSI, medicaid, section 8 and foodstamps

If you are a woman and you want to get ahead in life you better learn to give head

How many times do I have to flush before you go away?



A black 11-year-old girl has been charged with beating a two-month-old baby to death while her mother was babysitting the newborn.

The unnamed pre-teen appeared at the Lake County Juvenile Court in Ohio on Monday to be formally charged with murder in connection to Zuri Whitehead's death last Friday.
The 11-year-old had taken the infant upstairs while her mother slept, and beat the child and when she returned downstairs, the infant was bleeding and her head was badly swollen.... read more

MIAMI (CBSMiami) The boyfriend of a Black woman who is accused of beating her 8-year-old son on several occasions and killing their one-month-old English bulldog puppy in front of him is speaking out, saying she has a history of problems because of her temper.

He said he can not believe that she took the life of the puppy.

Thats like a human being. You dont do that to a little animal. Its just a puppy,
He said he called Miami Police to their home on Tuesday when his girlfri... read more

A black couple from Indiana has been charged with child neglect after cell phone video obtained by authorities recorded the pair telling a one-year-old baby to put a gun in her mouth and instructing her to make sounds like the weapon was firing, police said.
Good jobs niggerz