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I don't like Nicki Minaj. I don't like her voice or her attitude.

My p**** was so wet all week bc i thought i was going to see Carol at the movies today and the movie theater just announced they changed their showing date from today to this week. jsdfgn i hate this

Are you kidding me, Nintendo?

Why is it that our species can have the heart of an explorer
and yet be so afraid of the unknown?

And why are there so many people living in the past, a dead thing!
rather than wanting to explore the unknown wonderment that is tomorrow??

Sometimes I think that Alessia Cara's voice sounds like Justin Bieber's younger voice :O Am I the only one?

Some people don't ask politely when they want something from you. It is annoying, they just grab the things form your shelf and don't wait for you

I guess next year will be a year of complete change. Fate has sealed the deal for me. I spend this year fighting it. And fate has rewarded me with the ending of The Soup. I feel absolutely sad right now. I've watched the show for 10 years...why is E canceling good shows and keeping crap alive for another year? Just really sad about this world right nowadays.

Just because you say it's not a choice doesn't make it true
it really is a choice

We have hit an all time high of three people in the last 5 hours, oh my!!!

Tbh, I really don't know why none of the girls at school like me, I'm cool as f*** in my opinion

So why aren't you posting loser! oh that's right you're under 13 and mommy and daddy won't let you post

Now that Pururin's dead, where do I go now for my daily dose of hentai?

The only way for a gay to procreate is to subvert my child from my beliefs!!!!!!
All gays should be cured

This topic is not open for debate as it is a fact, homosexuals are not capable
of producing children so where do you think they come from? IMHO

And who decides what is normal?
The majority of the population! Of which you are not! hahaha

Why is it the strange ones always have to ask what's normal?
Maybe it's just because they've lost their moral compass?

Why is it so wrong to be gay?

The wheels on the bus goes round and round, round and round
The wheels on the bus goes round and round, round and round
The wheels on the bus goes round and round, round and round
The wheels on the bus goes round and round, round and round

I thought Imgur was funny. I've never laughed so much reading this guys trolls...hilarious! Check out: don't even reply. What a funny site. Lol

Set the hounds of hell loose!!!

I hate false advertising!!! Just watched an episode of how to get away with murder
and yet they don't teach you how to do it!
The same goes for that show a 1000 ways to die! Hump, never saw anyone die ever.
What's this world coming to, just give me what you promised!

It's amazing how much kief you can find after scraping around for thirty minutes!