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I hate lilos that have the blowing valvey thingy only in one chamber, it makes it harder to blow up, it means you can never get it the be completely blown up and it is so f*cking annoying that they couldn't be bothered to put a valve in each of the chambers so that it makes life about 10x easier to blow up. They clearly didn't think about testing it before selling. This just really pisses me off.

Trolls! Well I see the night shift is here, goodnight

I've had 364 good days this year can't I have a single bad one?

I breathe you in.
Arch your back.
Kiss your neck.
Touch your lips.

Squeeze your hips.
Chaos and wreck.
Lights to black.
I breathe you in.

some lyrics from one of my songs i just felt like posting.
these lyrics resonate with me today, so much....sexual energy XD

I'm a sadist not a Masochist learn the difference!

Now I'm just laughing my a** off!

Wish I could tell the world about the world ? The most amazing story in the world would be taking to my grave

When in an argument always as for the definition of a word, they always run away at that point!

You think your the only one in distress? these kids today would not have lasted
a minute in the world I grew up in where taunting and provoking
was the mainstay of our entertainment, and we didn't feel the need to cry cry cry
and when we vented it was to friends, but the kids today are so wrapped up in the tech
that they are not learning how to solve their own problems themselves
much less learning how to communicate properly, or bolster their own ego's
Why is it that the sui... read more

Ahhh the DRAMA hour featuring You! now tell us more about your life

I like Cytherea! small t*** and man can that girl squirt, she can hit a glass from 10 feet away

I need love and laughs dammit, click on my buttons please! oo

I just tried to commit suicide and I found out something very important, My brains aren't in my a** and ouch that hurts!

GOD, I laugh at that, he gave you 2 heads but only enough blood to operate one or the other!


The only thing better than Splatoon is communism.

Hey, weirdo, your videos are no longer interesting to watch. You've always been weird and mentally ill, but in the past, your videos used to be fairly entertaining, particularly the videos you labelled "Cop Watch", in which you would run up to police officers out on public sidewalks, hysterically yelling irrational abuse at them as they were making their daily or nightly rounds. But these days, you hole up in your apartment (which you can barely pay for) making boring videos ... read more

If you are going to make a low budget movie about amazons don't you think you should cover up those
modern tramp stamps?

That's it cunt punt the b****

A man drove up to a farm one day got out of the car and asked the farmer
Sitting on the porch, I heard you got a whole field of milk weeds mind if I have some
The farmer said OK and the guy pulled some jugs from the trunk and went off to the field
When he came back it was with gallon jugs of milk.
Next he asked the farmer I hear you got a field of honey suckles do you mind and the farmer said no
So off he went and when he came back he had jars of pure sweet honey
Then he went... read more