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Thoughts on Ariana Grande?

Let's compare how pathetic and petty we are! What's your muttr rep? Mines up around 475-ish. Which is hilarious.

#Muttr #Author #Ihavetopoop

Im tired of this ad that keeps on showing me the anatomy of a f***ing dick saying "we got the cure for erectile dysfunction" EVERY 5 SECONDS #ANGERY

The good die young and f***er keeps on going -- OJ Simpson could be released within months and free to cash in on his multi-million dollar NFL pension.

Cool story, was there any actual context or just vague generalizations?

My friends went in to sephora and I obviously went with but I had no interest in the makeup the only thing that I got excited about was that Ruby Rose was on like every poster in the store.

Putin rigged the Oscars. For everyone who wins, it should've been the other person.

Watch the wraith on Netflix before ending your life

A joke -- If republicans and democrats approve of medical marijuana for arthritis, is there joint support for joint support for joint support?

I just remembered that Pepsi commercial with pink and Beyonce and Britney Spears singing we will rock you , I still love this commercial it's my favorite

Bill Paxton Dead at 61

Warm tongue on cold nips is your civic duty. Free the breast! #milkmoney

does anyone remember when the times when Disney channel use to do these songs when the cast of all the shows on Disney gather together to sing this song about the world one song come to my mind is send it on and once upon a dream i miss these songs i use to love these when i was a kid

Want somebody to RP with. Nothing smutty(well, not necessarily). Just an interesting online game of pretend while I'm recovering from surgery. My best RP buddy went off and got some lame JOB so she's not as available as I want. What kinda crap is that?

They should make a car racing series where only AI self driving cars compete with big payouts to the company that wins driving innovation.

It Begins: Trump’s FCC Launches Attack on Net Neutrality Transparency Rules

Net neutrality, the internet’s open access principle, is under assault by the Trump administration.

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted to eliminate open internet transparency protections for millions of consumers, in the Trump administration's most overt salvo yet in its nascent campaign to dismantle net neutrality protections.

Witches are casting a spell on Donald Trump. This is stupidity on a massive scale and it's also hilarious

People who really need responses get ignored on this websites lol

Niggars are f***ing annoying. No one wants to hear your blasting loud jungle rap! Should just throw your a**es back on plantations.

In Scooby-Doo, every single mystery the gang ever encountered always had a logical explanation, and the only unexplained thing was having a dog that could talk.