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Exo's mv is gonna drop soon! What time is it gonna drop, anyone know? SO EXCITED!! :D Any EXO-L in the house?

Insomnia. Sometimes I browse my iPhone for whatever I can read to make me drowsy. Sometimes, I go to the TMZ website to read about other people's problems. Tonight, I realized I truly DGAF and I don't know or care about any one of the people on the front page of the TMZ website.
Growing up. Better late than never b

Watching 'stairway to heaven'....why did I put myself through this?! So sad. Bawlfest.

It's really disturbing how many old men, especially old men from Islamic countries are following the Facebook pages of very young female celebs. I'm a fan of Aryana Engineer (Orphan, Resident Evil: Retribution) - she just turned 14 this month (I'm a 16yr old fem, fyi and deaf like Aryana) and I just found her FB page today and followed it. I saw all these Arabic guys posting "I Love You!" and stuff. I mean it looks pretty innocent, but it just made me feel nauseous looking at... read more

What's with people bitching about Zayn leaving 1D?
It's not like the guy's dead, he's just going to have a solo career, everyone calm the f*** down.

I guess I'm just a sucker for love oh baby you could do no wrong my money is yours give you little more cause I love ya love ya oh ooooo. Well s*** looks like I have Justin Bieber stuck in my head now. I'm not even a fan of his music but not gonna lie his version of that song is pretty good. Hope he really straightens his act up cause I'm sure he has potential to put out some good stuff. Thinks I might be a fan after all. Who knows huh,.

Love me love me say that you love me fool me fool me oh how you do me kiss me kiss me say that you miss me tell me what I wanna hear tell me you love me

The pathetic PBS channel 11 in Chicago has shown a show called " 1963 Loyola Ramblers ".
An all black b ball team that won the NCAA championship .
It's all well & great but it's played 7 x day for the last 3 months.
WTF , dump this piece of crap / who cares !!!!

Dammit!! I really love games, but.. To download it, they are members only.. Or it's expensive.. Or worse, it's limited.. Or worse, my computer broken!! To use laptop, the screen's too small I don't give a s***!!

If only I have a friend outside my country that is willing to send me the game.. Well, problem is I don't have money and how am I supposed to send money?? f*** it!!

God, I want games!! Games!! GAMES!!

#addictedtogames #gamesfever #lovegames #hatedevelopers #willdoa... read more

Anyone have a good k-drama recommendation? Something with romance, comedy, but also some suspense.

Last one for the next few days: Will Singe; "Put It Down." Check it out

Will Singe's cover of Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud is just ugh omg <3 #Peaceful

I'm sorry, but I was watching a episode of Gamegrumps and I just have to say this, Suzy is so unattractive. I mean, her face is just too scrunched up, or something, plus her eyebrows are weird looking.

I really really really really really really like you and I wan't you to want me to want me too. Oh have I said to much? I'm so outta my head.

NOOOOOOOO gooddrama (site where you can watch asian drama) just shut down!! Where am I gonna get my daily fix kdrama?

How many times did they almost get rescued off that island?

I meant to post that muttr about Will Singe under my username, but somehow it ended up being anonymous :/ Anyway, let me know what you guys think! I love his music to death... It also helps that he's attractive lol

Okay guys, (especially girls!) If you are a huge fan of music, looking for a new artist to be interested in, or just really love a hot guy with an accent, check out Will Singe. You have to look him up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram though. If you google him, you'll get all the old cranky junk. Comment and let me know what you guys think of him ^_^ I'll probably post this a few more times to get more feedback.