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Simba was walking too slow, so i told him to Mufasa.

Haikyuu ost is so hype .! check out this anime if you havent seen it yet. even if you are new to anime. it's about friends. competition and not giving up to win and be the best team. while working on their skills etc. seriously its awesome. check out "most epic anime music collection "Haikyuu!""

Stupid b**** at a concert kept touching me and i almost killed her but i didn't wanna go to jail so i just called her a b**** to her face and ofc she didn't do anything lmao c***

Mystic messengers is killing me.

As a kid, I had a dream about Spongebob rubbing his whole sponge body around me

and then we had 2 kids but then Patrick came in and ripped our kids apart into pieces )))))):

I stop watching at season 9 and replays it from season 1 because I don't want the series to end. #FRIENDS

I'm a gimp
I walk with a limp
because of my big o dick

When God is unable to do something correctly and isn't able to believe in himself, does that make him an Atheist?

Snapfuck or snapchat

I always thought people who got really upset at losing their toons on online games were a little off. For the ones who get violently angry, yeah, there's still something wrong with you, but I get the hurt now. I lost my toon, one that I have been playing for six months, today. I do not know if it is recoverable and I am actually sad. It's almost like grieving, but not quite. I feel like an idiot for being so upset over it, but I am still upset. I keep checking my email to see... read more

Help! I just got a peanut butter covered screwdriver stuck in my a$$hole!

Why are Miiverse admins so DUMB... "I hate squid baggers... You jerk!" gets banned for hateful/offensive content. Did I say a name? Did I use profanity or any racist slang? For f***'s sake... Even including the word fetish automatically makes it sexually explicit content when fetishes don't necessarily HAVE to be sexual... and I made that post on a T-rated game community. Geez...

Looks like it's going to be a long night for muttr

I wanna go DANCING, why don't I have any friends that like going clubbing, isn't that what uni's supposed to be all about?? I tried going to an event alone and it was okay, but it's probably not that safe getting drunk and being alone in the city. SOMEONE BEFRIEND ME AND GO DANCING WITH ME PRETTY PLEASE XXXX

Maybe an unpopular opinion (?) but Fine Art is f***ing dumb. I made a completely abstract jumble of masking tape on a page and my tutor said he loved it and it was really interesting, and seemed to have a lot of meaning behind it. I MADE the piece, and i can confirm it had 0 meaning, and no political or social message. It was just a pile of masking tape. Maybe I should sell it for 100000 and see if any galleries love it too.

- a cynical art student who wants to do graphic de... read more

Why did they give a good humored but also serious movie a horrible title like Whiskey tango Foxtrot so no one would see it

It's just so strange.

Those Kardashian hoes.

Going for black men only.

The objectification is just terrible from those hoes.

Kendall, because she is a lesbian.
Kourtney, because she's in some lifelong "partnership" from hell with that Scott Dicklick guy.

Why is it that those who strictly like Western-media tend to have a problem with those who like Eastern-media? Notice how I didn't say strictly Eastern-media because Eastern-media has a combination of themes including Western. Western-media tend to stick with just American or European themes. I will never understand why there is more openness on one side versus the other? Maybe it's a cultural thing because it's a problem when things are too "impossible" and realism is more s... read more

I am turned on xD anyone else?

Id like to take a minute to complain about my hatred for all these clowns terrorizing people. It really ticks me off I spent over 500 bucks before all this was going down for a custom made twisty the clown costume from American Horror story just so I could go out and have fun on Halloween in it and now these jerks ruined it for me and Im stuck with this costume I cant even wear in fear of getting the crap beaten out of me. Clowns were once awesome now its ruined because of th... read more