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You've been kidnapped, but the last person you saw on TV is trying to rescue you. Who is trying yo save you?

Super Robot Wars AP is so f***ing hard, I seriously can't land a hit on a single f***ing thing!

The fault in our stars was a comedy.

The Fault in our Stars is sh**. Come disagree with me!

Looking at Dawn of War III's open beta, I can't exactly help but wonder...

What exactly happened to everything that has been worked on since the first Company of Heroes game? There's a reason why CoH and Dawn of War II were so successful (in fact, DoW2 topped 2009's NDP Sales figures... as in the NATIONAL PURCHASE DIARY). The cover based mechanic of both games added a depth that you wouldn't see in any other RTS and the smaller scale i feel is an example of "less is more", w... read more

Laughing so hard right now.
"Well I guess that explains why they look fine."
Go to YouTube and look up TurnThePaige spelled exactly like that, and watch her latest video which is called "Incompetent Doctors"
Paige is literally the queen of sarcasm I love her. She's not fake like most YouTubers.
#TurnThePaige #LOL
Comment done once you've seen it.

Fox has confirmed release updates, including

New Mutants (4/13/18),

Deadpool 2 (6/1/18),

Dark Phoenix (11/2/18)

"Avatar takes flight as we begin con-current production on four sequels.

The journey continues December 18, 2020, December 17, 2021, December 20, 2024 and December 19, 2025!"

WHO will even care by then???

Overwatch developers are pieces of sh**. They say one thing and the game is the opposite. 50% win ratio does not exist and I think they should all collectively take a dick in their a**es. f*** you Jeff!

MySpace Tom is now Zuckerbergs head toenail clipper

A woman is on trial for beating her husband to death with his guitar collection.

Judge says, 'First offender?'

She says, 'No, first a Gibson! Then a Fender!'"

Gotta love that feel when a fellow player in an online RPG lists all of the characters in the game….except for yours. Not doing anything to make me feel as though my character matters, guys.

Lots of gangster movies end in a shoot-out.

Director Ben Wheatley’s new tough-guy flick, Free Fire, begins with shots fired—and never stops.

The entire movie is a firefight.

“It started from reading an FBI transcript of a gun battle in

Miami that happened in the 1980s."

Starts today.

Support players are some of the saltiest in all of Overwatch.

radio 2Chainz sound like he sangin \all i want fo my birthday is a big bootyhole\

Dear Youtubers: STOP POSTING SPOILER TITLES AND THUMBNAIL PICS IN YOUR VIDEOS. Especially for Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild. I'm not even looking for spoilers but I should feel free to use Youtube without having spoilers thrown in my face due to video recommendations. If you MUST put a how to get [insert secret item here] then title your video as "How To Get Secret Items in BotW" or something, with a thumbnail of Link or something that doesn't include secret or easter egg i... read more

h t t p s:/ /ww tu be. c om / wa t ch?v=2dj x83-4X N Q

You're welcome

I need to watch a really good scary movie that I haven't seen before. I mean sh** my pants scary. Preferably something within the last 5 years but anything will do. Recommendations?

okay i don't expect anyone to have it but does anyone play a mobile app game called Mobile Strike? you know that game that got the sh** advertised out of it during the super bowl with Arnold ?? if you do please for the love of everything good in life comment with your name on the game! i need a huge favor on the game since i haven't been able to access it in a month!

Maybe the reason post-apocalyptic scenarios are always full of crazy people is

the crazy ones build fallout shelters in preparation.