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Watching Gremlins 2 and was just thinking Marla is soooo much hotter than Kate.

Just wondering why Santa is portrayed as such a douche in most of the 1970s Rankin-Bass Christmas specials? In one he refuses to deliver presents to a town (and sends back all the letters kids in a Children's hospital sent him) just because 1 person in that town sent him a nasty letter. In another he berates Rudolph because he's different (has a red nose) and claims he's unfit to even be considered as a sled puller because of it and despite Rudolph being obviously faster, str... read more

Sheryl Conseal cruise planner for sandals, 610-287-2798 is the worst travel agent in the world in my humble opinion. She is RUDE, and well, just a b****. has no idea what she is doing. Just stay away, go to a REAL travel agent like AAA or Liberty travel. Dont waste your time with this RUDE b**** who thinks she is someone special. Call her up and tell her she sucks as a travel agent. Get a real job.

So I went on a Disney cruise vacation, and I was at one of the Broadway style shows on ship, so this kid sits beside me and I am also with my family. I had a can of soda in my arm rest and she just puts her arm on my OPENED drink.....Didn't drink it... Could not finish it and I couldn't just shove her arm off she was a 12 year old brat and I am in my 20's and I couldn't tell her parents about her rude behavior because they were 4 seats down . I tried to find them so i could g... read more

Maybe fall out boy is purposefully messing up all the aesthetics for their new album

Frozen....For the 15th time because my sister keeps watching it. "Let it burn...Let it burn! Take this movie back to hell! No one cares about a frozen b**** one CAAAARRREEESSSS.... About her stupid emotions anyway. -_-

Haha, You know how people say it's not lady like for a girl to curse? And how most guys find it unattractive?! Well f***, b****, a**, cunt, p****,dick!!!! Suck it ya p**** f***ers! XD #Shittymouth #Don'tGiveAFuck!

Im super bummed. I love the series Gears of War and I want to read the comics but I would have to physically buy them. Im used to just reading manga online but I can't find Gears of War anywhere. Does anyone know where I can read it online for free.

I've been waiting to see this movie for months. I've heard great things and miraculously managed to never hear a spoiler. Most of it is. Amazing. Better than what I expected. Then some intense, did-they-just-go-there-yes-they-did s*** goes down, and I'm wondering how the f*** anyone can resolve that. I was expecting something just as brilliant as the rest of the movie. But f*** is was disappointing. The climax was quick and cliched, and the ending was cheesy. The logistics of... read more

My family really needs to shut up about "Christmas". They seem to think everything is about gifts and s***. In my opinion I see no point what so ever. There is no cheer nor family happiness. I'm an atheist so I don't believe in "Jesus's birth" I hate getting gift and I certainly don't give them. I may sound bitchy but I don't believe in X-mas nor Christmas. Useless holiday. >:(

All my friends are ""2 cool 4 pop music"" but im 1d af. i can't hide who i am anymore

I just watched Gone Girl...
I hate everyone, I hate everything, I'm DONE with the world, please just stop my existence RIGHT NOW.

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, "hey, why the long face"?

I'm sick of PBS begging for money. And then they have the balls to put commercials into their programming . They sold out for the mighty buck years ago.
They're just another worthless station.

I use to have her album years ago... she is so gifted, plays the piano, drums, guitar and has such a gorgeous voice, so soulful when she sings.
Jamie Lipe - Want of Nothing can hear her on you tube - :)

Anyone else watch gracepoint on fox?

Natalie Rasgon is such an easy one to get, seeing her flirt around like a little bird make me want to taste her sweet you-know-what.

There aren't a whole lot of rants as not serious as this one.
But because I'm simply addicted to muttr and it REALLY does make me feel better:

I ain't got no type, bad b****es is the only thing that I like

Aaron Tveit is literal perfection #RENT #LesMis #voiceofgod