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Episode be like: you gotta buy this, and that, if you want the good ending you have to buy it, with things you don't have, you gotta buy it, Rudy, you have to BUY SOMETHING, for 50 gems, now 30 gems, now 50, hey it's been like one choice since you've purchased the good ending with your gems, now buy this choice which is a ton of gems, buy buy buy.

#ummm #notagoodplan #therearebetterstrategiesthanthis #whywouldpeoplewaste$100onanapp #inonesitting #whohasthatkindofmoney #youca... read more

Started watching a show and then found out the next season comes out in 2017. I'm too impatient!
(Oh well, at least I still have other good shows to watch, but still!)

In order to get the best options in Episode (or at least the Demi Lovato stories) you have to have a whole stockpile of gems, so you just wonder if playing it is even worth it. Why should you have to pay every single time you want the good option? It makes no sense! Who has the time or the money to do that?

I like the "honeymooners" with Jackie Gleason and Art Carney.

I like my sisters underwears

Guys ..... Taylor or Kim K ????

You know what, you stupid f*@#? Go and keep your little secrets. So long as I get what I want in the end. You will fulfill your obligations, arserag....whether you want to keep secrets or not. Get me back to where I belong and sorted, and I mean fully sorted. There's no going back on your word now...I'll make sure of it.

I like many of you unfortunately have pieces of s*** for former "friends". The s*** that just went down with a false police report being submitted was the straw that broke this camels back. f*** these pieces of s***. Complaining about bad services and poor customer service is not harassment. The management can REALLY just go jump off a clip. Remember to find the right forum to complain on. NEVER go to this establishment and voice your concerns. Amys Bakery again/

Everybody jump up and scream Allahu Akbar!!!!!

I don't know why drinking by yourself is considered a bad thing unless you're overdoing it. I'm drinking by myself and I'm honestly having a great time. I guess you just have to know how to entertain yourself. Cheers! :)

I'm a huge anime fan, and i watched SAO (sword art online) and loved it. Then, when i tell people this, they say what a horrible anime it is, and how poorly written it is, and i hate it.
People say that it isn't actually SAO it is just skipping everywhere.
But after watching the anime twice, and reading the manga once, i realize how its supposed to be like that. Its not an anime about the SAO game, but MMORPG 's in 2022 in general, and the life of Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yu... read more

I'm so frustrated. So it's kind of silly, but it still ruined my afternoon. I was doing summer homework (never fun) when I saw on my phone on Pokmon Go that there was a Snorlax, which is kind of rare, so I went to get it. I told my sister that it was there, and she came with me. We went down the street, and saw it on our phones. I tried to capture it, but it jumped as soon as I threw the pokeball at it. I thought, ha, that's funny for a Snorlax to jump. So I threw more at it ... read more

I can't decide on whether or not to pre-order this game
Pros to pre-ordering: I can get an extra soundtrack and two exclusive themes, I planned on getting the game anyway and I usually love games in its genre.
Cons: I could wait until it gets a price drop or goes on sale or I could save the money I have for something else when that comes along.

Decisions, decisions...

These are the ships I want to be endgame in PLL:

Hanna and Jordan (dunno the ship name)

- Don't give me hate for not shipping Ezria or Haleb.

Am I the only one who doesn't like Pokemon Go?

Black people aren't black, let's call them darkie from now on ;)

Ugh, I f***ing hate the Pokmon fandom. First it starts out cool and Pokmon Go is a game all can enjoy, but now a lot of entitled grown shits who played the first game way back when are telling you that you can't play unless you're over the age of 15 because you're "overloading the servers" and "don't even know what a Squirtle is". I know this sounds like a minor thing to vent about but for f***'s sake... Some of these people make me feel ashamed to say I was born in the 90's.... read more

This ia how i want TVD to end. Stephan becomes human and marrys Elena and they have kids.
Katherine comes back a vampire again and Falls in Love with Damon.
Caroline get with Klaus
Bonnie and Jerremy
Rebbekah and Matt
Tyler and Hailey#TVD #CWTvd

This ia how i want TVD to end. Stephan becomes human and marrys Elena and they have kids.
Katherine comes back a vampire again and Falls in Love with Damon.
Caroline get with Klaus
Bonnie and Jerremy
Rebbekah and Matt
Tyler and Hailey

Go watch a comedy.