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So wait, if gay mans butt whistles then les ladies breasts would make thunder right?

Does anyone know what that Rugrats episode where the kids learn about body differences? (I shouldn't have to spell it out)
I remember it from when I was younger and was just wondering.

How is Grey's Anatomy not canceled?

The first episode was a farce... opening scene to start the season and a gurney flies off the roof of the hospital and just HAPPENS to hit an SUV, impaling two kids having sex?

SO fake.

And other than that... same crap, different season. So sick of stupid alpha-female Callie and blond ditz Arizona and their ridiculous relationship back and forths. JUST END IT ALREADY. And didn't they move into some house where someone was murdered?

Patr... read more

It looks different here.

Interested in music but don't wanna do it by yourself? well keep reading! girls from ages 13-16 are being given the chance to send in videos of them singing, dancing , or rapping to janue_t on yahoo
no playing around we need dedicated, hardworking, talented GIRLS who have a passion for music.
no joke. we wanna start recording , performing , and practicing A$AP!
must live in houston, texas

Ridiculousness could MAYBE be funny if the host would stop trying to be funny and the guest wouldn't force laugh. Why do I even watch this s***, there's other stuff to do.

I hate when people "interpret" song lyrics online and all they mostly say is that the song is about drugs. do you seriously think a (in this case, alternative rock) music artist is going to write an entire song dedicated to drugs when it obviously evokes feelings of something more than just being f***ing high. also it is pretty insulting to the lyricist as well when you pin all their creativity to them being on drugs.

Am I the only one who thinks Bashful (from 7D) would look better without a beard?

Colosseum Providence is filled with a bunch of losers

It's so funny when I see people in a serious relationship.
The poor thing.
They actually believe love is real.

*posts about suicide*
*no comments*
*worthless fck posts about sex*

Mental note: listening to horror movie soundtracks in bed at midnight WILL fck up your brain.

I love when someone is talking trash on Facebook and you post a reply to their comment that's so soul crushing they delete the entire conversation, just so they can pretend they never got owned that badly.

There is a slight chance that Final Fantasy XV will have a PC version. I think I might cry if this is true.

I don't find droopy eyes on a guy sexy at all. Many male celebrities have them and women go wild for them (Ex: Jason Mamoa and Ryan Gosling). They just don't do it for me.

I just finished the watching the LEgo movie. I gotta say no movie has brought me to overwhelming tears in years as this movie did. Great work, guys! :)

As soon as I finally hug him, I'll kill myself.
I love him, but love isn't real.
But I love you...

Listening to a beautiful song about having sex for the first time.
It's so innocent and yeah.
Thanks, Hatsune Miku.

Haha, storm off and get defensive... I am laughing at you the whole time!!

Even after so many years, "Make it stop" by Rise Against still makes me cry. Damn.