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Rocky Balboa's voice is ugly. He's got the looks in the movie, but his voice...

Forest Whitaker's facking one droopy eye annoys the beejeebus out of me.

How does anyone like that get cast in any roles besides those of deformed people?!!?!?

Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano's relationship is so true and it makes me want to f***ing cry, especially at the end of the last episode.
#MiraiNikki #TheFutureDiary #anime

I'm up all night...watching k-dramas! It's so addicting D:

I just finished my favorite anime (Mirai Nikki otherwise known as The Future Diary) and now I am pissed off and sad.
Pissed off because I don't know if Yuki and Yuno see each other again and sad because the I don't know if Yuki and Yuno will see each other again.

Time to play out an alternate ending in my head. >:(

If you lived alone and hear a fart, would you laugh or be scared?

The australian radio station triple j has in recent years become nothing more than a parade of tall poppy syndrome. They will preach how good a band is until they band becomes big and then all of a sudden they hate them, they seem to think they are the deciders of what is cool, well they can keep their arctic folk drumming and sitar played by deaf japanese nuns provided they learn to shut up. It has actually gotten pathetic, oh he said one direction what a joke *all of the pa... read more

Nothing gets to me. I don't get emotional ever, and I take much pride in that. Although when I watch old romance movies, like from the 30s-40s, I weep like the sensitive woman I am deep deep down inside. God, they just don't make them like they used to. It's a shame that I can't enjoy them with anybody I know.

Shannon Dorehity has a pair of major league knockers.
If kindness was related to knocker size , she would be another Mother Thereasa .

Oh my stars! Something offensive just came on my television!


So I changed the channel.

I was no longer offended.


Can't help to wonder if Bill Cosby was doing his dirty old man act in the days of his hit tv comedy.
He certainly was surrounded by a lot of women on that show.
Or maybe he evolved as he got older.
Current pics give him the appearance of a dog.

So I was with this b**** and she asked to feel my muscles. I lifed up my shirt and flexed a little bit and I could tell she was digging it. Then I said, I let you feel mine now I get to feel yours. She said okay. Then I grabbed her on the a** and she pulled my hand away. I said, dats a gluteus maximus hoe!!!!!

Went and saw Interstellar today. it was BEAUTIFUL. I loved the plot and characters and the special effects and everything and I was thinking how I'd recommend it to anyone... until the second half. It became the stupidest and most disappointing ending I've seen in a while, like someone was hurrying to finish the script. It went from cool, realistic sci-fi and characters you'd care about and cry over to (mild spoilers) some time travel bulls*** and a forced romantic plot. Oh w... read more

All I want to do for the rest of my life is scroll through my album of funny and adorable memes featuring dogs and puppies.

My favourite is the terrier buckled into a child's car seat and it says, You Need Coffee. You just put your baby in my crate.

13 women claim Bill Cosby had inappropriate contact with them . 13 ? I don't think that many is a fluke . He looks like a dirty old man .

Star trek was dumbed down science fiction from the beginning. Trekkies certainly can't lay that at the feet of J.J. Abrams. The original Star Trek television series and the ongoing universe it spawned is to true science fiction (the works of Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut etc) what World Wrestling Entertainment is to Olympic Wrestling. To suggest otherwise is to be deliberately obtuse at least, sincerely ignorant at worst.

I need advice

So I'm sitting in physics, and some kid asked me if I wanted a pair of headphones, I reluctantly said yes. He pulls these AMAZING black and red Sony studio headphones out of his backpack. There $80 retail. He said he barley ever touched them, and he replaced them with some Beats. I prev. Broke my old, cheaply, Koss headphones.
(He was with me when they snapped in half about a month ago.)

should I keep these?

My Lord , these non stop reruns of " Mike & Molly " are over the top . It's just not that funny of a show to be shown in reruns 24/7 .

League of legends is f***ing whack and the people that play LoL are douchebags too

What's the saddest song you've ever heard?