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I wish I had the dress from the movie labyrinth for my costume but tonight might as well be just another Friday... Bummer

Today is Halloween and they're already showing Xmas episodes, wtf...every year they're starting more and more early.

Does anyone have any tv show suggestions on Netflix? I really liked Dexter, Lost, Supernatural, and Once Upon A Time. So mainly action shows. If anyone can help me out, that'd be great!

I consume so much media it's ridiculous. Videos, podcasts, news articles, books, games, etc. I burn through everything I like so quickly and I hate waiting for new stuff to come out.

Listening to some Boyz II Men before I go to sleep. Life is good!


I'd be willing to bet that Betty White smells like a huge bag of fresh , wet dog poop.
It would match her perfectly .

Farewell to Jack Bruce , one of the better bass guitarists from the late 60's with Cream.
Even a liver transplant in 2005 gave he another shot at life , he died of liver failure.
He lost everything early due to drinking , can't help to wounder if he did give it up after the transplant , or it caught up to him a second & final time.

I dont wanna go DRINKING TONIGHT! hahahha i mean who says that? omg a bunch of folks are gonna be dressed in dirty arse costumes and i wont be supervised.. and i don't wanna go? idk whuts wrong with me! THATS THE WHOLE PT OF HALLOWEEN... and its not even halloween...

I think "How to get away with murder" on television starring Viola Davis is amazing.

Viola Davis is very sexy and vulnerable and powerful and multifaceted and I love her.

And everyone on that show is ho. I love that, too. I love hos.

Hahaha! You didn't cancel your wedding two days before getting married because you love me... but whatever.

There is too much sex on television.

HOW U DOIN?? *in wendy williams' voice*

Does anyone else hate it when other people start liking a band you've liked for a while? Especially when it's because they've had a popular song on the radio. My problem is with my favorite band, The 1975. I'm so happy for them, but I've loved them forever and now all of a sudden, people are calling themselves fans and they only know the one song on the radio! I know it's dumb, but it's been getting on my nerves.

Feedback appreciated! :)


This stupid / I mean stupid reruns of Mike & Molly are driving me crazy. It's only been on 3 seasons and the re runs are off the charts.
Plus they have the balls to show adds for their own show on their own commercial breaks.
Trying to make something outa nothing.

I hate the killer from Along Came a Spider and I hope he kills himself by eating dog feces.

Going now to see Svengoolie's visit to a local car dealership .
Gotta ask him when stooge a palooza is coming back on the air.

One day I want to perform on stage for a living, whether it be theatre, or in a band, etc. I'm always at peace with the world and myself when I'm on stage. But my parents discourage it. I know they mean well, but it'd be nice to get some support from them. I'm getting a job to save up for the classes I'll be taking downtown. I didn't tell them the real reason I wanted to get a job, cause I know how that convo would go :

I'm so disappointed with Once Upon a Time. I was blown away by the creativity in the first season but now the writing is full of lame plot devices. Side characters have gone from their established distinct personalities to "f*** common sense and our character development, let's start a mob". The writers are throwing in random bad guys just to keep the plot running. Magic is tossed in for convenient solutions or to keep a dumb story going. The flashbacks are getting convoluted... read more

I wish I had the money to start my own magazine. It would be about fashion and health. Just that the people in the pictures wouldn't be photoshopped. I'd include all of their wrinkles, fat rolls, veins, uneven tan, pimples. And not just females, males too, also trans and those that don't identify as any gender.
Ha, I wish...