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I am the shadow in the night and you'll never know when I'm about to strike!

Now am I a man or a Woman? and why is woman just a man with a wo added to it?

Why do they make it look so easy to get a girl in the movies?

Is it weird if I cringe when guys f*** up asking out girls in movies?

Katie Hopkins needs to be raped ASAP!!

Netflix sucks big green donkey dicks

It can be frustrating seeing such a lack of passion from creators of things you normally love.

Bought Bloodborne... meh. Maybe it's because I just started and need to get into it more, but I don't find the game very satisfying. When I die, I don't find it cheap or frustrating, I just find it very boring. Not nearly as engaging as Monster Hunter imo. :/

You said hookers: hehehe

"The new PPG isn't for the original audience! Stop whining because it's not made for you!" I suppose twerking five-year-olds and Bubbles dressing up like she's a prostitute is definitely appropriate for kid audiences. I mean come on, yes there are adult jokes in kid shows sometimes, but there's been jokes more tasteful than dressing up cartoon children like they're hookers.

Oh man this is some mind blowing smoke!

So Marvel's like "Team Showboating Billionaire or Team Nazi Rhetoric?" and the American GOP's like "how about both?"

How could anyone in their right mind like heavy metal? It is the worst sound I have yet to hear. Is rather hear an hour of nails across a chalkboard than 3 minutes of heavy metal.

Its gotten to the point where I'm only watching Korean tv shows/dramas. I find it hard to watch anything from the UK anymore because Korean tv is so different and thats what im used to now. Korean tv is heavily edited, very scripted and very censored. Its gotten to the point if I do watch British tv I'm questioning things like, "Why didn't they reply this 3 second bit 7 times from different angles?" And "Where is all the colourful writing that that pops up making jokes about ... read more

I love playing xbox and meeting people. some are chill and really cool. anyone have an xbox 360?

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Ah lets go!

A negro named negga.... priceless

Does everyone hold their dick while watching a scary movie or is it just me?

It really bothers me when amateur fan fiction writers write a ton of unrealistic, overly sappy, that-never-happens, relationships among the characters and then proceed to create situations where the girl keeps getting hurt and the guy acts overly overprotective. When the guy keeps touching grabbing/touching/wrapping his arms around the girl's waist also seems like a really annoying thing to read because it's overly sappy. Does anybody else ever feel this way or am I just a so... read more

I never give an opinion without being willing to say it openly without hiding
will you do me the same courtesy instead of hiding behind anon?
oh wait I cared enough about this site to register and be open about it

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