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In the late 80s while in high school I wrote and shared several short Star Trek fan fictions I wrote with friends. The stories concerned themselves with a relatively small science ship lost far from home (it was pulled into a wormhole) and trying to find its way back. The captain was an Asian woman, the first officer was a black Vulcan and the security chief was a Native American. Change a few things and...
But nobody would ever believe me. Especially since I just tossed the ... read more

Taissa Farmiga is adorable, why is she just pixels on my screen dammit.

The meme about '' Did u know if we were 20m closer to the sun we'd burn up!! '' and the dude climbs up the f*kin ladder and burns?? I have hated it ever since I saw it IT'S SO F*kn ahhhhhhhhhhhh I can't

Will Singe's cover of Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down" is just everything. Like...that's probably my favorite one, which is crazy because his cover of The Weeknd's "Earned it" had always been my favorite ._.

Last night I dreamt that Al Pacino had a huge dick. I even announced it when I saw it "AL PACINO HAS A HUGE DICK!". I woke up and realized it was a young Dustin Hoffman.

Season 7 of Parks and Recreation is a travesty and I am very upset about this

I just hate it SO MUCH when my friends who have a higher rate than me in League of Legends just won't stop crying about some being overpowered when they simply don't know how to counter it, and just assume everything I say as wrong no matter how obviously right they are.

It's pretty scary watching insidious late at night alone. Why did I start watching?! o.O

I just got hooked on the Flowers in The Attic movie series last night, staid up till 5am watching the first 3. Flowers in The Attic, Petals in The Wind, If There Be Thorns, and the last one...Seeds of Yesterday...I CAN'T FIND IT.
My friends TV stopped working after the first two, and so I looked for If there Be Thorns online, and found it on Lifetime Tv. I watched it, and wanted to watch the other, but you can only watch one movie for free without signing up, and to sign up y... read more

Aladdin... I mean, "Exra Bridger" is the worse padawan EVER.

Princess Leia is a redneck bigot.

* She made out with her brother and later admitted she "knew all along somehow" that he was her brother.
* She doesn't give Chewbacca a medal.
* She calls Chewie a "Walking Carpet".
* She tells Han she'd rather "kiss a Wookie" clearly meaning she finds the idea of kissing a Wookie disgusting.

The Pokemon Emerald in-game pokemon trades make no sense. They want you to trade super rare pokemon for commons. WTF was the game designer smoking with that generation?

Friend: "OMG I love the Kardashians soooo much. Kim is my idol. She is the best."
Me: "Oh, really? Well, ok."

... fast forward five minutes...

Friend: "I'm so depressed because I'm not pretty enough and I need a Range Rover or a Bentley but I work at McDonalds so IDK... and I need a rich boyfriend and I want a driver and paparazzi. Why am I like this? I'm so miserable."
Me: "Oh, really?"


Im an exo fan, their a k pop group of 12- well used to be 12 but now 10, guys, luhan and kris left exo but i saw a article rn about them possibly rejoining exo, thing is it was posted on april 1st, was it a april fools joke? :( it was wasnt it. gosh those dickheads i was so happy for a second i couldnt believe it i kept rereading the words over then i see it was posted on april 1st -.- #exo #kpop

You lost your mind, I can't believe your actually blind. You best move on cause I am muthafuckin done. Sorry bout the lack of funds but your not trying to have fun. So best of luck and grace, I'm still gunna miss your face.

I am reading My Immortal right now...
It's the funniest s*** I have ever read.
If any one can give me a terrible fanfiction as great as that one, they will win the Internet.

Star Trek is so f***ing pretentious and preachy (the old Trek, not the new films). I honestly can't watch a single episode without rolling my eyes at Gene Roddenberry's "perfect" society. Humans as a species will always be greedy, selfish a**h*** . We always have been and always will be.

Bates Motel went to crazy town tonight in a fire red Bugatti Veyron bumping K-Pop so loud the windows were vibrating.
Norman in a dress calling Dylan "Wake your brother up sweetie!"
Not getting that out of my head anytime soon.

I don't really much want to vent but i just want to really get my mind off of something, talk about nice things that have nothing to do with pervertedness or sex i'm just suffering through a pretty bad trigger that's bringing up a past event and i just want it off my mind.