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my ex-husband was one of those guys that goes around trying to get sex from anybody he could-wasting my time energy and money on a wedding not to mention the cost of the divorce and the broken home for the kids

Ever since I was three,I have always had a passion for the arts. I wanted to become an artist or something that involved an art for the longest time. In high school, I would always draw in class. One time at a career fair, a college representative asked me what I wanted to do after college. I told her that I wanted a career in the arts. She chuckled and told me "Why not in something more practical?". I went home, feeling stupid for liking something that wasn't going to offer ... read more

recently my bf told me everything about his past love stories and the names involved. i was fine bcs he has finally open up to me about this. he promised not to do mistakes like he did with the people in his past just so i wont get heartbroken. i read his group chat one day, i saw something im not supposed to know and it kinda hurt me a little since i actually trusted him, a lot. i know it's just a secret thought about this one girl in his school but i dont like it one bit. e... read more

i think the boy i love loves me too but for different reasons. i love his mind and heart, and im afraid that he just loves my body. he sees a future between us, so i think we can make this work but i'm nervous that my heart will be broken.

I loved you, but you suddenly began treating me like nothing. You threw away everything we had in the blink of an eye. All I ever did was love you, darling. But you gave it all up.
Is that common in those with depression? Why do they do this?

my girlfriend just broke up w me and said 'i think we should just be friends' lmaooo ok??? i'm more mad at myself for dating inside my friend group tbh

so you are all out again on this floor it is Sunday you might all be at church but somehow I doubt that I do not like you any how but I hate being isolated alone living on some deserted island just me and God thank goodness I know about God "with God you are never alone"

Hangover poop is the best.

i don't understand physics at all and i cant help but have a mental breakdown everytime we have a quiz/test... and guess what? I have a physics final tomorrow and I am so f***ing frustrated and sad I cannot put it into words. Am i that dumb to not f***ing understand a physics lesson? Why can't I just for once get a mark higher than a D or an E?

I might have a disease that could kill me, but I don't care. I don't feel anything one way or the other. I probably don't have it. I'll know when the tests come back.

wouldnt it be nice if you were good at answering texts since you are my bestfriend?? #bcialwaysdoansweryours

im sick of being hard on myself. i dont tknow how to take a break without feeling guilty and like a worthless piece of sh**.

It's just... I wouldn't be so upset if this weren't literally the 8th time he's done it in two weeks.

I like baking. I love it, to be honest. The only downside is that I worked seven days a week and could only do it once conditions were perfect, meaning a clean countertop. I am the one who has to clean it off after myself, my boyfriend, or our roomate makes a mess of it. Lately, it's been my unemployed boyfriend more so than anyone.

The cleaning isn't my biggest issue. Sinc... read more

You are you, I am me, you cannot turn me into you.

I'm ugly. I think I need to face the facts. I know I'm not exactly hideous. Plus I'm healthy and in good shape so I'm not a total train wreck. But my face just looks weird. My hair is kinda frizzy and greasy and weird and I have a slight receding hairline. I have a kind of teddy bear, baby face, and it's all slightly disproportionate, plus my beard growth on my cheeks isn't full and looks slightly plague like. I think my brow is slightly furrowed too, like Moe from the Simpso... read more

She doesn't know this yet. All I've told her is that I want to take her to a musical but today I've decided I'm going to save up money and try taking my love to New York to see a few broadway musicals like she constantly talks about seeing when she was in her early teens. The plane tickets would only cost about 300 to 500 and I could get that saved up in about a month but I also have to consider the hotel rooms and the cost for the musicals cab rides etc so that will probably... read more

I can't stand that b**** Alaina I wish somebody beat tha sh** outta of her period she has no respect at all

Dear God,

I could really use a win or two about now. It doesn't have to be big, but it needs to be a clean win. What's the point of a win if the cost is a mess someplace else in my life?

I love you. I want to live my life with you, get married, go out together. I want to feel you. I want you.

Chatting with someone and calming them down is difficult but rewarding because you'll learn something from their experience. This is why I love this job however this isn't allowed because of strict guidelines. No, I don't work as a social worker or anything related to the field. I'm a simple security guard patroling the night and finding random stranger that needed a talking. Funny the only way I can chat with him is by complains and eventually be friendly.