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It feels like that was forever ago. I'm happy that I don't need you and that I'm free of you. I feel more like me without you.

i recently left a sorority i really wanted do join. I didn't even know they hazed. during hell week they didn't let us eat or drink while making us exercise, they hit our ankles with pipes if we didn't walk in a straight line, they spit on us, hit us, called us racist slurs (they called the white girls "land stealing crackers" and they called the black girls " nasty n***ers" and they even cut MY hair. it was so short, uneven, and choppy i had no choice to cut it all of. They ... read more

Any one using testosterone creams, read this.....

The couple’s son, age 10, and daughter, who is 5 years old,
“developed enlarged reproductive organs, growth of pubic hair, advanced bone age,
precocious puberty, virilization, abnormally increased growth and aggressive behavior.”

Simpson was never informed of the risks of the product and did not know until April 2016
that his use of the product was causing “severe adverse medical problems to his family."
His wife, no... read more

i never realize how much i love sleep until its time to get up on a Monday

And I keep hoping that one day you will walk in with food or flowers and give me the apology I deserve.

to be a good friend you have to genuinely want them to be happy and not go out of your way to disturb or bother them. it's really not that f***ing difficult. if you only want friends with little to no sensitivities then don't pick sensitive friends. they're better off without your selfish a** anyway.

i just told my mum i cut

i want to kill myself, i'm tired of being abandoned and despised and always so so sure i am nothing but annoying. i'm in constant pain physically and mentally. the world is ugly and i get no joy from it. can't wait till i'm cold and disgusting to look at. get f***ed, i'm out of here.

Today is a day. And once this day is over i have the next day off. Amd instead of being a piece of trash i can be productive and have fun instead of laying in bed reminiscing of all the bad.
Its not even a chore to do things you love i dont know how i got into this mindset. If anything can be learned from a child it is a privelege to do the things you love and you should embrace any moment you get to do it.

To those of you without kids, a husband and a dog. Sleep. Sleep as much as you can and enjoy it.

Also, a PS to my Nazi-imagery-policing friend:

If you, a teenager who has never seen war, are triggered by the music video for Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2" then you are far too sensitive. Do toughen up before you spend much time in the real world.

To My Friend,

The fact that you are Jewish does not make every use of Nazi-like imagery an attack on your heritage. And while we are at it, your heritage (which is awesome, by the way) does not entitle you to judge what is and isn't "proper" use of Nazi-like imagery. The Nazis are a part of world history, not just Jewish history, and the people of the world can reference their own history as they please. I love you, but you have no idea how annoying you're being right now.

Is this abuse? My dad used to hit me a lot like almost everyday. One time I left my bag on the floor and he kicked me in the back. And one time he dropped the mail and I didn't pick it up and he pulled my hair. Like yes some of it was Bc of like I wouldn't listen to him but he didn't have to slap me for it. Please! Advice!

Ok this is it. For real. No bulls***. I'm gonna work my a** off now and kick junior year's butt. I've been slacking this whole year and I'm coming to terms with how bad my time management skills are (as in, I've known for a while that they're total sh** but I think I'm finally ready to get better and work hard, like REALLY work). It sucks that it took a wasted spring break for me to make this promise to myself, but at least I'm making it, right? (It's the early morning rn and... read more

I miss the feeling of happiness. True happiness. It would fade at times, but I know I had those moments. Moments of such genuine and all-encompassing happiness that it filled my soul. I know I had those moments, but I can't remember it... After all this time spent snuffing out, I've lost my soul. I miss that happiness with every fiber of my being, but I can't even remember that which I miss so desperately. I'm...empty.
I'm so tired. Please, I want peace of mind. Please, let m... read more

I want to hate you, i want to scream horrid things at you to make you feel as hurt as i am. The emotional pain you caused me is so intense it hurts me physically, I want you to feel the way i feel when you injected that pain into me. I want to hate you, but the glint in your eyes when you laugh and the smile you get after making cheesy puns is too precious for me to forget. The way you get excited over stupid stuff for me because you know i love it, the stupid f***ing smile y... read more

f*** you, the f***ing granny driving the f***ing bus to Gullmarsplan right now. f*** you very much. If I... "snackar invandrarspråk" ...its because I have no other f***ing choice. f*** you very much.

There was a month in my life where all I did was sob every single day and every single night but I can't remember it very well and no one will tell me why or how I stopped crying.

I told my mother that I have serious anxiety and she told me to pray

Nothing ever changes. I somehow always end up in self destruct mode... Even I genuinely want it to work... I just have to push that big red button.