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You know what's awesome? Having nightmares all the time that feel real. I'm honestly tired of these dreams and I can't take not sleeping enough anymore

I recently got dumped by my ex and I thought for all the wrong reasons. I thought at first she just didn't love me. But after talking to her again after a few weeks I find out that she still loves me but she just doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore. I am just so afraid of losing her at this point because I feel like I have a chance still.. there was no problem with our relationship at all. We never had fights. We were like best friends but with the title boyfriend/gi... read more

So I was meant to do a oral presentation today in front of my whole class today but I didn't go to school since im really really nervous and I feel likeI'm not mentally or physically ready , so my teacher called my mum and said I have to do it tomorrow.. I really really dont wantRo do it and I'm ok with getting a zero on it but NY teacher is still forcing me and gets angry when I don't show up to school? I'm planning on not going to school tomorrow aswell since I'd have to do... read more

I hate her because...
-She's clingy
-She b****es about everyone despite the fact that they are my friends or family
-She's too emotional
-She's self-absorbed
-She narcissistic and arrogant
-Then wonders why she doesn't make friends
-She literally does not give a f*** about anything i'm going through
-She thinks she knows everything
-She always rolls her g**d***eyes in my face
-She over-reacts

And to top it all off i'm stuck with this friend of 6 years

I hate my job, but I need the money. Life, right?

My friend is such a f***ing freeloader. She knows I'm unemployed and she still makes me buy everything. Or she arranges our plans so that she never has to pay for anything (like I have to pick up the food for the party on the way, since it's "out of her way") and then NEVER, EVER, EVER pays me back. Literally NEVER. Always swears she will and then when I remind her later she pretends like she doesn't remember what I'm talking about.

Now that I have my own apartment she's thr... read more

I relapsed today and cut for the first time in 6 months. It was only a few small cuts on my fingers but I'm now realizing how I've just failed myself. I couldn't even resist three small cuts. THREE SMALL CUTS. I can't believe how stupid I am. I thought I was going to be okay for once, but I just ruined everything by giving in. Six freaking months. It's all gone down the drain. I've failed the people around me as a daughter, sister, and friend already, and now I've even failed... read more

Nine months ago, I spent $900 to get my car fixed. My car is 16 years old. It's probably worth about that. I had the money because I worked a bunch of hours over Christmas. Grateful it all worked out. I don't make enough to buy or lease a car. Today my car took another s***. It's costing me $400. I have the money, but I won't be paying my electric bill or my cable bill on time. This will set me back and catching up will take a couple of months.
The last four times I had to pu... read more

I've only gotten 3hrs of sleep total in 4 days. I go to work in the morning, come home visit my son. Son stays up late cuz he wants to see me, and then when he finally does go to sleep its almost time for work. It's super tough

The dude kept silently burping in class and I could smell his breath... It made his handsomeness slightly decrease.

I wish I could get that passion back. I used to draw(probably not so well, but I liked it.) And I used to try to get my hands on any fiction book within reach. I really liked reading. Theyre small passions, but I used to smile then. And thats something big, considering I rarely smile at all anymore.

Oh, for f***'s sake. It's YOUR, YOUR! As in, your hat, your hand. You're means you are. It's not that hard to figure out!

You're kid was a cute toddler- but sorry, now you're child is not so cute.

I hate going to the doctors' because I always feel like they're judging my weight.

I'm not insecure, I know someone could like me. Yet everytime someone does, I feel like its because they are desperate or just see me as an easy target because I'm quiet and have no friends

This virus is kicking my butt. So much nausea and headaches and just ugh. :(

My dad died yesterday. Not a week after surgery to get rid of esophageal cancer. He was recovering well, and I thought we were out of the woods. I am 18. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. I'm hurting but I have nobody to vent to because everyone else is hurting too. And all they care about while talking is what they're going to get from what he left behind. My aunt sneaks stuff from his room constantly and took all the money in his wallet in front of everybody. It reall... read more

If you're sexting someone and they suddenly decide to watch porn, does that mean that you're doing a crappy job at talking dirty?

f*** your dick f*** you cukfasjdlkfj;laskd f*** yoru f***ing mohter f***ing dillon you are a selfish f***ing dick sucking b****. i wish you are dead. period . cos you are worthless mother f***ing dick face f*** you s*** f*** you
i blocked him for a long time. just wanted to see what's going on with him. so i unblocked him and immediately he blocked me.
f*** him.
man. it may sound childish.. but i might have f***ed up too.
but whatever. it's really worthless relationship. ... read more

I Gave in and texted back!! This is not right, I guess I feel bad for him.. Idk what it is but I will try again. Even though he'll probably not text me anymore until he wants something else