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Really wanted to attend my last day at work today ans sort out the possibility of coming back after the hols, saying goodbye to everyone etc. instead i went and slept through my meds alarm and now i can't walk in a straight line or make sentences so i have to concede defeat. i also missed dinner. and i gotta pack and go home today :( why do i fail so hard?

Everyone has a routine of things that they do. If you want something different, something must change.

I lost my cat because of my stupid fat father in law to be. I hate him with a passion. Since by baby has been gone ( 1 1/2 months) I have gotten depressed, heart broken, lonely, sad, I hardly sleep, I hardly eat, I have had dozens of dreams good ones and bad ones about my baby. I am upset because he leaves doors open all the time and he has dogs he puts a baby gate so they won't go out. What I don't understand is that if one of his dogs gets out like on the street for ex. The... read more

Firstly, I am so sick and tired of my friends trying to set me up with someone, okay I know I'm almost 25 and haven't had a boyfriend SO WHAT!, I get enough of that 'not getting any younger' bulls*** from my Mother I don't need it from friends who just want to set me up so I can 'get my happy ever after' (my friends exact words) ... this is real life, it isn't some fairytale bulls*** where everything is perfect! yes, I know I sound lame that I haven't had a 'special someone' ... read more

I think I'm anti social, im 20 and a female, I only have one friend that I don't see/ or talk to that often. it's been years since high school, and even then I never really had friends. My fiance thinks I hang out with him 24/7 but I feel like I hardly see him cus I work 50 hours a week I barely sleep. He also thinks we arnt getting along at times because he thinks I'm jealous that he has online friends and I don't. But really I don't like him playing video games that much. I... read more

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? (also, it's only in caps as a title, i'm not angry at you. Lol.)

I think my mom only loves me whenever I do something praise-worthy. I'm probably being manipulated by my whole family either subconscious or consciously, but I don't know what to do. Help?
[BONUS>Things they do:
>Guilt-Tripping "This is for your own good" and stuff.]

So boyfriend and I finally went on a date, (first one since Valentines Day) and managed to only watch a movie and buy cat food for about 3-4 hrs of going out.
-___- Kinda pissed at the fact that he didn't even wanna AT LEAST go out to eat and actually eat at a nearby restaurant but instead take it home and eat it there so he can watch YouTube while he ate. Kinda starting to think he only took me out to see a movie just to shut me up about how much we don't go out.
Finally wal... read more

Or maybe like there's nothing actually there in ur brain, ur just a shell & sometimes you have echos that look like ur a real person but u kno ur not

U ever feel like ur not really a person ur a bunch of people who killed each other to try to take over the same body

I want to have sex with my boyfriend but I'm nervous to talk with him about it. I don't expect sex at all but I just want him to know that if it happens, we both need to be prepared and take care of ourselves. How should I approach the topic?

I know I think about it a lot. I submerse myself in these movies, the books, and I fall in love with the characters and I love how I am just taken to a different world. And I do that because not only does it make me happy, but more than anything, it helps me disappear from all of the hurt I am feeling. I can't get away from it, I mean how can you run away from yourself, your own thoughts? And the only way I have found is just by forgetting reality and just losing myself in al... read more

Things I love:
-The night sky
-Losing myself in deep thought
-Using logic to completely explain the meaning of every bit of something
-Spending hours coming up with postulations and theories about cartoons
-Being able to use my physical strength whenever possible
-Saying words in other languages
-Singing and humming
-Being alone

Now tell me how the f*** any of that is suppossed to help me in the real world.

How was my weekend? Abrupt and very s***.

Los Angeles MTA bus drivers are the world's laziet drdrivers - they are always late, and they're rude,,

I shaved yesterday and now my legs are itchy!

I know you don't love me but I just want you to hold me and pretend that you care for a few minutes...I know I'm not supposed to get emotional with you and it's not even really about you...I just feel so f***ing lonely and you're the only person I share any physical intimacy with so you're in my thoughts...It's better that you don't love me, right? It's better that I don't get into another relationship...But sometimes the loneliness just eats me up....And I wish I had someone... read more

I have trust issues... and i can tell you that from my experience, they emerged over an entire childhood of moving 8 times, being bullied, getting into fights, being betrayed by so-callef friends and being a child in a family where no one would have noticed if one day i just didn't come home... so, the moral of the story is: it takes a lot of conceit to assume that a person with trust issues can magically overcome them simply because you know YOU are trustworthy. it also take... read more

When I first saw her, I said to myself, "she is the most beautiful girl I've seen." She has been the closest person to my heart, closer than my best friends and family. But things happened and it didn't work out. My feels for her never went away, no matter how unbearable they were. After giving myself a break, my feelings still lead me to believe there could be something possible again. However turns out she loved someone else. For the second time my heart had been broken. It... read more

The guy I like graduated from the same high school I attended my first year. As soon as I became a high school freshmen he was pretty much starting his first year of college. I didn't even know he existed until I went to college. And then I found out we're both taking the same career path and saw how mature he was... f***in' swoon! And then my heart got f***in' broken from all the wistful thinking... But on a side note, I went to my city's library, found some high school year... read more

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