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I hate this so much.

I'm bored. I stopped playing video games out of boredom because I'm getting bored of them, even watching tv and browsing the Internet is getting boring.

And you know what? I'm suppose to be in school right now, but I'm not. My mom's working on getting me into school, which I'm thankful for. But I want to be in school now, or at least do something fun that doesn't involve me staying inside this apartment.

Oh how I wish my life wasn't so frustrating.

I have a big crush on the father of one of my piano students.
I can tell he likes me. I know he can tell that I can tell and that I like him back. He's so f***ing hot. So.f*** I find myself waiting for this lesson, thinking about what to wear in the morning. I am literally wet as the lesson before comes to an end, thinking about him knocking the door, sometimes sitting down through the lesson the way he does. And nothing happens; he just smiles at me, that knowing smi... read more

You're so f***ing selfish and all u ever seem to do is cling and start arguments I'm so sick of this s*** I need a f***ing break.

Today I had to stop myself from kissing my crush. I had the urge to just stop him from talking and just f***ing kiss him.
That scares me.

I've never had to do that before.. and I wonder what would have happened if I didn't stop myself..

Please God, be different from him..please don't have lied to me too. Please?:'(

f*** you I hate you so much

I spend atleast 1.5 hours cleaning after my family every single day! All my brother does once he comes home from work is smoke pot and play League of Legends. He's 22 years old, I shouldn't be cleaning up after him and his friends. I'm tired of sacrificing my time in order to live in moderate cleanliness. MY FAMILY IS SO DIRTY AND IT'S INTERFERING WITH MY MENTAL WELLBEING

My friends daughter has been relentlessly 'bullying' my daughter for months now. I hate to use the word, but it's true. It started out with little arguments, which I KNOW kids do. Now its gotten to the point where their daughter tells everyone not to befriend my daughter and she is constantly teased by this girl and her clan of morons. I think she goes after my kid because she has a mind of her own and won't follow the rest of the sheep. It culminated the other day with their... read more

I'm a teenage girl and i live with my mum. she is getting divorced again and since she is someone unnaturally emotional and sensitive, she relies on me for comfort. it's rather uncomfortable because i know she doesn't mean it, yet she places her affection in an odd context as if i'm supposed to replace her husband. i'm not sure if i'm overreacting or not. she also tends to complain about my lack of affection towards her and she sulks alot about it whilst lamenting about how p... read more

Oh I wish my husband would give me a yes or no definite answer on us moving out of town. I know we shouldn't rush into buying a house but I just can't stop thinking about that property and what all I can do with it...

I feel so fat and horrible why do I eat such crap

Im dating my best friend of 8 years and weve been dating a month..we were kissing and ended up having this bad?
I was comforrtable and everything if that helps/.

I dreamt that there were fishes in my bath tub... What the - ?

You know what really grinds my gears? substitute teachers who take their job waaaaaaaaaay to seriously! like g**d*** just mind your own buisness you a freaking sub!

A red flag that is someone is not to be trusted and they are full of sh1t:

"Oh, just trust me, I've been there, I know."

No, you really do not know. Shut up.

So, my ex lives in Ohio...
And recently, there's been an Ebola scare in Columbus, Ohio...
Is Karma taking it too far?

I've been having a lot of issues with anxiety that are starting to affect my health and my ability to work, so I've managed to get a few weeks off, thanks to my manager being a good person (and calling in a favour)... but, as it tends to do, time is moving forwards pretty consistently. I have to return to work soon and every time I think about going back I get this overwhelming sense of panic. My job isn't bad; it's not glamorous, but I genuinely enjoy the work. I just can't ... read more

I've been depressed for 5 straight days. Little appetite , angry , sleeping a lot & anything sets me off.
It's got to be the crappy Chicago weather. No sun , overcast , chilly & drizzle.
I've alienated my wife because I'm no fun to be around.
Gotta pull out of this funk , it's depressing !!!

It's been such a bulls*** 4 years.

Here's the deal. I am 20 years old and in a very healthy, very stable relationship with my husband of nearly two years. We have been in a relationship for over 4 years now and I am ready to start a family with him. I feel like I am in my prime. I have a few health concerns, but I am taking care of them. I have never felt happier, more confident and less anxious than I do now.
My husband (22), however, is not ready for children. He scoffs whenever he sees kids at play. He teas... read more