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I cry at night because my dad doesn't act like he wants me or loves me

Im having a lot of trouble with relationships

I'm a caregiver. I really enjoy this job. Recently, I started a live-in position, M-F. The gal I help us a hoot. She's got dementia however and it gets frustrating. I don't have friends or co-workers to talk with. It gets overwhelming sometimes because this woman doesn't grasp some things because she's not hearing what I'm saying.
I'm exhausted and really just want someone who can relate to talk with, vent to.
I'm so tired I can't finish.

My big heart always gets me hurt.

I hate that I let your memory bring down my mood, It's so upsetting, I want to stop this feeling, I don't want to miss you anymore, I don't want to think about you anymore!!

I hate that it took me over 10 years to get an answer about why I was always in pain. Turns out I have an autoimmune disorder attacking my joints. It just took me 10 years of taking over the counter meds like candy and bitching at the doctor's about my pain for them to finally take a look. I can't imagine what this has done to my liver and kidneys (since acetaminophen is processed by the liver and ibuprofen/naproxen are hard on your kidneys).

It's wishful thinking that the friendship you lost and that hurt was me but I know it's not, I wasn't the best of friends and I didn't show any kind of affection. I'm sorry.

First off, i have an extreme phobia of shots, everyone thinks its "childish" that i uncontrollably spaz out...not my fault
and also, flu shots literally make me sick, every time i got one, not more than two weeks later i was so sick i almost had to go to the hospital, from "flu like symptoms"
i jsut hate how everyone acts like every single person needs a flu shot and some places even offer discounts on stuff if you get one, and some jobs make you get one....if i had a job tha... read more

Sleeping with my dog next to me is the best :)

I am going to be a junior in high school and I have intense anxiety. It has only gotten worse as the summer has progressed and I feel all of this pressure on me and I honestly just don't want to live. I've always had an undertone of passive suicidal tendencies but recently, anytime I try to think past the summertime I get nauseous. I sincerely don't want to live to see next school year and I just want some horrible thing to happen to me so that I can die before then and it wi... read more

I just saw a girl I used to have a big crush on is dating a dike now. What the f***. Lol

So she's either bisexual or now she's a newly self proclaimed lesbian..

I doubt I'd ever date her now. Lmao.

Yes this will offend people. Yes I'm aware of it. Yes I'm being honest about how I feel. No I don't hate gays for being gay. Yes I have an opinion and I will voice it. Yes her sexual orientation does play a part in how my attraction is to her. No I don't care what you think. Hah... read more

So I just got promoted and this was my first week. I'm always so nervous I had just gotten the hang of my last position and don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE my promotion but I miss all my old coworkers so much and I try really hard at my new job but... I just feel like I mess up 80% of the time and I'm holding everyone back their so fast and great at what they do. It stresses me out to the point where all i want to do is just cry even though I do like being promoted its j... read more

I was wrong to let you in. I was wrong to let you give me hope. I was wrong to believe you, to believe that miracles happen. I remember why I locked you out. You're a monster. With you around nothing good comes from it.

I have been feeling depressed for the last 2 weeks. my ex just came back in my life and i have been telling myself I was not gonna be back where i was. When we was together, i was so deep into him that i did not even recognized myself, i did things that i have never done. What makes it worst is that he knew i was so deep into it that i wasn't going to leave. i was so stuck on what we had that i did not realize thst wat we had was dead. We broke up and i did not speak to him f... read more

I'm gonna be a senior in high school and I feel so alone because all my friends seem to know what they wanna do and study and what college they wanna go to and truth is I have no idea and I feel like noone understands me and I'm sad all the time and I wish I wasn't such a mess, I hate that I'm always worrying about every little thing and that I can never enjoy things, I've had obsessive compulsive anxiety disorder since I was very young and essentially i never got to be a car... read more

I was thinking today that I am unhappy, but I know it's not just me being sad. I feel like I can't express myself. My real feelings. I have this irrational anger that I cannot shake sometimes. Like if someone is rude to me or irritates me I cannot shake it off. I will be very pissed off. And I will think about it for hours. It happened more than once today at work. I always get mad at work because I hate working there, but today I was just so angry. I know why I hate my job, ... read more

So what happens when you work at an optical and your doctor disappears without telling you and your manager leaves KNOWING that there's a up coming issue to deal with ? A PATIENT THREW A PUNCH AT ME! I am 19 living my life working 60+ hour weeks to support not only me but my brother (Both of us have extremely high medical bills) anyway I do my job and I'm good at it, but it's people like this that drive me crazy this lady started screaming at me saying I was "uneducated" and ... read more

Me;" oh I'm just trying to make tofu, I'm going to be vegan now.
My boyfriend; "look love... We need to discus our relationship "
Me; "huh?"
My boyfriend; "I can't date someone who doesn't eat meat.. Who's supposed to suck my dick?"

Of course -.-

--My Brother

Dear Kim,
I wish you joy and happiness. Sorry we couldnt be friends. I was nice to you and accepted you when no one else did. You unfriend me though i dont feed in to drama. Its ok as im not too mad. I dont get butt hurt over losing online friends. I just want to let you know once you delete me i dont accept you back as a friend on Facebook. I dont do game playing or drama. In fact, i never once said s*** about you or your life. I dont care what others do nor do i judge on th... read more