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I know sweets make me feel better, but I need to start watching what I eat until I'm able to work out again.

My "best friend's" a dick and to be honest and I'm sick of it.

We've been best friends for around three to four years and as all best friends are, we're close (well we used to be).

I guess it started last year when we where getting ready for our GCSE exams ( I'm from England and these are really important exams). She's always been extremely clever without even trying such a being in the top set for everything when she skipped lessons and refuse to go constantly. Her mum has... read more

I don't take "selfies". I'm tired of explaining to everyone that I just don't necessarily understand the concept of taking a selfie... because I already know what I look like & my friends knows what I look like. So what exactly am I trying to validate when I'm taking a picture of myself? Is it a form of self expression through the unconscious acts of self indulgence? Seems a bit silly to me... What do you guys think?

Dear the dudes blowing up my phone asking for nudes/crying that i dont want to date them:

why do guys just go straight into sex? why cant i just meet a chill guy who wants be my friend, and doesn't broach the topic of flirting or sex within two days of us starting to talk? like i just wanna be your friend, and talk about s***, and learn to be comfortable with you, and then maybe ill wanna suck your dick when i dont feel like i'm forcing myself to be cute/attractive to you. i... read more

I wish my skin wasn't so dry. Whenever I put on make up to cover redness or acne it looks flaky, ew...I tried all kind of chemical and natural products and it still isn't helping, I just break out fml

Ever since he found out that you can overcome anxiety he keeps annoying me why I didn't already overcome it. To him it's just a silly problem. He's got social expirience and it's no problem for him, he's also an extrovert.
I, however, am introverted. Talking to people drains me and there's often nothing to talk about. I do my best but it's f***ing hard. I've been trying to recovery for 3 years now, and he's upset because it's taking too long. He just wants me to be an open, t... read more

This is ridic.

You have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on your plastic surgery on your face and your boob job.

Yet you do not sign up for health insurance and now you are begging for money on a gofundme because you cannot pay your medical bills because you have no insurance?!?!!?


And these stupid morons who enable this bad, reckless, irresponsible behavior. "WHY BUY INSURANCE WHEN I CAN JUST GE... read more

I feel like if there are good guys left, they will go to every other girl but me. No one is interested in me, and if they are it is for sex and I want to be in love before I do that- which I haven't been so I still have my virginity. No guy is interested in actually getting to know me and building a relationship. Every time I think I meet a potential bf I end up seeing him get into a relationship with someone else. Every. Time. No matter how much I become his friend and we ha... read more

I love at home with my mom and step dad. He's really awesome until he starts drinking. Then he gets dickish. he can't go back to his moms house because his brother will get him to use method again. So I'm stuck in this house just hoping hell stop drinking.

Honestly im just so sick and tired of having acne. everyone says i'm really pretty, and i believe them-i have a decent enough face, a slim, hourglass body, and i get my hair permed so it's always nice and silky and wavy. In all those respects, I'm happy with the way i look, and I think I'm lucky to have been born in a relatively nice-looking body (im not saying im like super hot or anything at all, because that's completely opinion-based). i'm not egotistical and as you'll so... read more

Dear neighbor,
I want you so bad. You are so Damn fine and I can't get u out of my mind. Your eyes your lips the way you carry yourself your strong hands...i just want to make u feel so good. Idk if men can be beautiful but you sir are so beautiful.If only I had the guts to let you know. Every time I see you my heart beats so fast and my blood starts pumping like crazy! Can't we just be together already? Ughhhhh I wish I wasn't so freaking shy! I guess I'll just admire you fr... read more

For goodness sake I'm 18 years old now. I feel so immature for coming onto muttr and venting almost daily. I know I should feel happier and more grateful for my life. But it's as if there is something in my head keeping me from being able to smile when no one is around. I have to wear a mask because my depression was starting to affect those around me, it made them sad and made me feel guilty for hurting them. Which only made me feel even sadder. So I have to put on a show da... read more

If you're eating bacon wrapped lobster and cheeseburgers while wearing a gold crucifix dangling over your jesus tattoo covered by your sleeveless polyester shirt with your bowl cut and clean-shaven face while your second wife braids her hair to get ready to bible study at the church where she will drink the "blood of christ" right after you have sex and pull out (or any combination of the preceding) and STILL go out of your way to complain about your gay atheist neighbors get... read more

People who should NOT have pets. I work for a small family-owned company, they have old family wealth. They bring their 3 dogs to work with them everyday, I have no problem with that at all - love to have 2 of them around. The third, however, is a nasty, possessive and aggressive dog that has no business in the office. This dog has bitten every single employee at least once, barks viciously at the customers and yet they continue to bring it to work everyday. The first time I ... read more

Youtube's got me frustrated again. I have no idea why people are against gay marriage. My best friend is against it because of her religion, but I explain to her just about things modern people wear, eat and do that are banned in leviticus right next to homosexuality but "That stuff isn't important anymore, they only needed those rules back then". How hypocritical! She told me about a guy who came to speak at her christian university who had decided not to participate in homo... read more

I've known this guy for only 3 weeks and ive already made out with him, given him a hand job and a b***j**. but i didnt want this. it was just nice. all this bad was happening and then he comes into my life and he's sweet and kind and he makes me feel happy. but in the end he just wants to f***. my friend even tried to explain this to me but i didnt want to see it. i didnt realize it until i got the text that said "hey baby just bought condoms cant wait for tomorrow." i don'... read more

Ugh my girlfriends want to have a 'couples night' out. Me and my friend are the only single ones and we're invited too. Way to make me feel left out at something again.

My wonderful husband is having a hard time at work. He hates his job. It pays well and he is a competent and good worker, but the people are horrible. I made the mistake of telling my in-laws about it. I mentioned his micromanaging supervisor wanted him to be more assertive, although it goes completely against his B-type personality. Now every time his dad and step-mother talk to him, they want him to take classes to be assertive, to speak up for himself, tell his supervisor ... read more

Her: "Oh I only dress sexy for myself. I'm not trying to impress or get with anyone."

What does that even mean?

You dress sexy for yourself? So you can feel sexy? Why do you need to feel sexy if you aren't trying to impress or get with someone? Are you getting yourself hot to rub one out?

Totally don't understand this. Plz explain.

Well s***. me and this guy online used to be friends but now we don't like each other. i was stalking his youtube and accidentally clicked subscribe. i unsubscribed right away but it's too late, youtube already sent him an email saying i subbed and he's going to see and wow that's pretty embarassing