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You know you want to so just do it! there's no time like the present so do it now!!!

I can't stop crying. I don't want to leave home, I don't want to get older, I just want to stay here

I fear I have dementophobia, the fear of becoming insane. My sister has autism, and she's always so distant, sometimes she yells, screams, tries to hurt terrifies me. I am scared it is hereditary. That I will be nothing but a big ball of screaming and crying and fear and nothingness. My therapist recommended medication (because she thought I was depressed, not because of the dementophobia). To be honest I was quite hesitant going to a therapist. My sister goes to a th... read more

Self harm tw --

i relapsed!!!! i feel awful!!!!!!!!!!! f*** everyone who tells me that relapsing is part of recovery, id ont feel like im getting any better here!!!

f*** f*** f*** f***

I want to yell at my mother in law to back off! She's telling me how I am going to ruin my son by continuing to nurse him. He's not even 8 months old yet! She says he will never fall asleep without me nursing, yet he already does sometimes. She even had the audacity to say I am nursing him for my own pleasure. WHAT!?! There is so much wrong with that statement I don't even know where to begin to correct her. I am so over her right now.

If your unemployed behind them down one more job offer I suggest, I'm all going to throw you out the window. As q matter of fact, in a little bit you're about to be job hunting alone. You complain about not working, yet you don't want to do anything to help your situation. You don't want to get a certificate, you don't have to drive trucks, you don't want to use temp agencies. Look, the economy isn't booming where we live at all, so if you don't bend on some of these options ... read more

I used to work for this pediatric surgeon I thought the world of. Until he bullied me and made me think my coworker was coming after me and my family. He scared me to the point, I slowed down at work and got fired. And to add insult to injury, he promised me he would write me a letter of reccomendation via email but he never did. The funny thing is that he got rave reviews from patients, but behind closed doors he was an a**h*** . I've always been a bit intimated by bald peopl... read more

I have a thing for hispanic men, I think as a whole they are the hottest men out there with there dark hair, beautiful eyes and sexy accents!

F you. God I hate you so much sometimes.

I'm sorry it's so long ;_; So my friend got asked to prom last year by this guy who really liked her and even though she didn't like him, they went together and had a good time. She still didn't think of him like that but she decided to give it a chance. They skyped for hours at night until the wee hours of the morning and he got her gifts and stuff. I thought it was all fine but then one day she told me "I just don't feel butterflies". I was surprised but of course if she di... read more

I hate that I didn't know him and he acted like he owned me, it's not fair, I wish I could of done so many things to stop it happening, I hate keeping it to myself yet I don't want to tell anyone, why do people think they have the right to touch someone's body, it's not theirs to have.

f*** you Deb Neeve. I hate you with every ounce of my being. You are the WORST mother and human being out there. I wish you were dead.

Stop it. Just stop it. Stop being so patient. Stop being so kind. Stop being so understanding. Stop always being there for me. Stop trying to get me to trust you. Stop trying to figure me out. I dont want to grow attached to you!

You can't save me. Nobody can.

I hate college! I was forced to change my major because I got on academic probation and they threatened to kick me out of school and I didn't want to be living on the edge of a knife. Then, just when I found another major I thought I could handle for the next two years, I received an email telling me I couldn't change my major without talking to my probation adviser. I already spoke with my academic adviser about this, and he gave me permission to change my major and even rec... read more

If i cut the strings that hold me hostage, would I fall and shatter? If that's what it takes to breathe again, does it even matter? I left behind all that I used to be, but this time, I did it for me. How could something so enticing have such awful side effects? I am fixated on all of the things we were together. But, those are fragments that are better off lost forever.

I always forget to take my meds. and then when i get depressed again i feel the urge to just take the whole bottle and make my stupid numbness and sadness go away immediately. i wish i'd remember to take my meds. i wish i just wasnt depressed.

Fml, why do freaking parents need to exist they literally do nothing but stop you from being a person and trap you in a jail which they call a house. I swear this isn't right. It's like I can't go anywhere. And for no reason. I haven't done anything bad , I didn't do anything to deserve this. I'll put my self up for adoption so I can get a better mother that will actually care for me and want me to make friends and be happy.

Gangbang in boxing ring