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I hate this f***ing a**h*** who keeps hitting on my girlfriend. Shes gay. A lesbian. An open lesbian. Who is gay. And yet he doesn't get it. She's told him she's not interested, and yet he keeps on going. A few days ago he even tried to imply that they were dating, and after she set him straight, he let up. Now hes at it again. Hes such a f***ing creep and I just wish he'd disappear already. Why can't he leave her alone?

I wish he would stop playing W.O.W long eough to have a conversation with me. I work a full time job and am carrying his child. I barely see him all day and just want to talk and spend time with him. I just need some real interaction with someone other than customers.

I really enjoy being single for the most part. Every so often I wish I had a cuddle buddy, what other than that things are great.

As a response to the post below this one:
Yeah, same. I don't know why, but I found a bunch of Budlights just sitting there in our kitchen floor. I'm so tempted to just drink that s*** even though I know it's nasty af' since it's cheap a** beer. I've got too much on my mind right now anyway.

I can't wait until I get a job so I can buy a car and a dog and move out. I'm going to buy a million dogs and never talk to another human again.

I want to drink but I can't even keep any food in my stomach with out feeling sick.

I'm intimidated by ghetto/rachett ppl.

There is a girl that I have been friends with for years, she has not had any relationships where I have had a 4 year relationship up until 2 years ago. We have gotten very close over this past year. I have always had it in the back of my mind that maybe I could be with her, throughout the later years of my failing relationship and when I thought I had a crush on her friend more recently. Just the thought of it has been hindering me and I am not quite sure what to do. I don't ... read more

My "best friend" never texts me first. We've had our ups and downs through out High School, and I thought that now that we were 17 she would care more and be a more mature friend. She hasn't. It really pisses me off because I'm always the one talking to her and she never texts me first. It just makes me feel like I bug her. I get her stuff and write her really nice letters and she never reciprocates back. I don't know what to do and I don't want to talk to her about it becaus... read more

I know this is gonna be a controversial post so I'm disabling responses. JUST VENTING!! I live in a multi-ethnic country with different religions and cultures. Our island is small so everyone has experienced some part of each other's culture at one point in their lives. In fact, I was a Hindu, attending an all girls Roman Catholic School, which also allowed Muslim girls to attend and even wear their hijabs. Even though we were all required to attend Holy Mass, we were all all... read more

If a guy supposedly likes you, why would he compare you to his sister at least once or twice?

I want to break up with my abusive boyfriend over email, so I can just send it and be done and never talk to him again, but it's the WHEN that's killing me. When is a good time? We've been together for years so despite everything he's done I would still feel kind of bad. I really want to do it but I feel stuck.

Someone give me advice please read the text. I am a guy and im 18 and my co-worker she is 24. I truly love this girl alot and I would do anything in the world for her. I would get a new phone number and drop every other girl ive ever talked too for her. We hang out at least 3 days a week at her apartment and im not talking about a few hours I mean im spending nights! If I do get in a relationship with her will it work
alot of people will say aw she wants a man not a boy but h... read more

My mom's stopped buying food, didn't tell us why. If we asks her to stop at the store she says, "make sure your chores are done or i'm not getting groceries." Do our chores, still no groceries. Turns out she no longer get's food stamps because she makes decent money so she just stopped buying food and tried to use chores as an excuse not to feed us. I probably eat one meal a day now. Last time I checked the scale I lost 7 or 8 pounds. She's on a diet thing where she only need... read more

Please stop saying that you miss me. Please don't tell me things that make me still love you. Please stop playing games with my mind and giving me hope. I'm smart, I know better and I know I don't deserve the way you treat me whether you mean to or not. I just wish I could move on. It's hard because I still love you.

I'm a Catholic, but I masturbate when the mood strikes me. It used to fill me with shame when I did it, bit now, not so much, which makes me feel conflicted. I also feel like it's a way to keep my virginity intact in that if I pleasure myself I won't feel the urge to sleep with someone as much

I wonder what I ever did to you to deserve the way you treat me. You make me soooo sad sometimes.

"I'm going to kill myself" feels so good saying it but I won't actually kill myself. If I had access to a gun and knew how to use it, damn I would.

I've always been a person that gives up easily. But why do we have to work hard for stuff? I didn't f***ing ask to be born a garbage of a human brown skinned female in this piece of s*** world.

Pills are slowly killing my liver. I wish I could just kill myself and these headaches