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I am so sick of hearing about how if people come to America they should speak American! Okay, first of all it's English. We don't come to America and speak American...

And second of all, WHO CARES! Who cares what language other people speak? Who cares what language other people speak when they're with their families or what language they prefer to write In or what language other people prefer to read on the signs? Why is it any of your business what language they speak when ... read more

I hae my step mom so much she is so mean to me and when my dad is not around she tells me to go kill myself and just keep cutting...i hate her so much and she purposely leaves the door open when they are having sex so every night when i wake up they are doing it and my dad is just like her drone. he got mad and yelled at me for asking if when her show was done we could watch something other then the real housewives off orange county. NO ONE GIVES A f*** WHAT YOU THINK RENE!!!... read more

I still am in love with my ex theyre my best friend in the world we didnt even date that long before they broke up with me but i still love them so much and continue to love them just as much as i did when we were dating. theyre my first real love and i dont know what to do anymore

My family and my in-laws make me want to move further away. I wish I had the kind of family that was the safe place I could relax instead of something I had to tolerate every holiday :-(

I'm a 36 year old mom of three great kids. I just left my old man. I can't forget nor for give. I have a mom that is dipolar. I live in two campers to make a home for my kids. I have not worked in a few years. I am unable to work with all that is going on. I really don't have someone to talk to that can understand my issue. I am not one to talk to just anyone. It is hard and don't want to burden anyone. I know I have miss spelled some sorry. Thank you for reading this.

Why would you be so disrespectful by fighting at a funeral

My money my man my mansion my a** b**** you goin work

Im f***ed. My gf and I are taking a break. My car broke down. I have finals this week and next week, along with work. I start my other job back up in a couple weeks thats more than 20min away (driving) and on the 13th fall semester starts which is 5 classes and uhg. Im so stressed and I feel so alone in all of this. :(

#Stressed #Alone

I can't stand it. Why do you think I lock myself in my room? I can't stand to let you remind me of everything I hate about myself! I guess I really am a monster.

Where do I begin. I guess I came here to express my anger... Well, that sounds violent. I'm not violent, I'm just frustrated. I'm frustrated that I can't even go on Facebook without him messaging me. I can't go one hour without someone wanting my attention. f***ing phone calls, texts, messages, ding, ding, ding! My ringer mocks me. I can imagine some 40 something telling me to "just turn your phone off." No. I wanna use my phone. But I don't want to be harassed through it. Pe... read more

When my boyfriend touches me trying to initiate sex or I feel him get an erection while cuddling I want to hurt myself. Today I dug my nail so deep into my palm it left a mark, and I also scratched at my eyes. I f***ing hate it.

People like to talk about how s*** humans are, but remember this. I just read an article about how scientists are saving Tasmanian devils from a cancer which is devastating their species. If there were no humans, those Tasmanian devils would just go extinct like 99% of the other life that has ever existed. Earth doesn't give a f*** who lives and who dies. Without humans, there is literally no one to give a f*** about the damn Tasmanian devils.

They're sitting up on their own little pedestal, looking down there noses at everyone who'd been dealt a different set of cards in life. But when they get knocked off their special little horse, and their faces get rubbed in the mud, they expect us to f***ing care. Who am I talking about?

f***ing humans, man.

People say, "You're a smart kid, you'll figure it out,"

Well, I'm homeless! So much for that!

A while back, I was depressed. I wasn't cutting or chugging down pills by the bottle, but I would hear things in my head like the voices told me things like, "Hey, cutting doesn't hurt that badly, it'll make you feel better!" and, "You know, if you take just half of the pills, your mom won't notice and you'll feel much better!" and I kept thinking, "You're right!" but I couldn't do it. After a while my depression disappeared and I was happy.... for two months. And now I'm a d... read more

My dream is to marry a rich old man, and once he dies, use his fortune to open schools for girls in southeast asia.

I guess when a parent is used over and over again it's our fault . I admit that .
I'm just done .

I'm literally dying inside. I can't do this. I'm deteriorating. I need you.

I miss her so much. She's my best friend. I don't care how old she is, that's my best friend and I need her at this very moment in time to make me feel better. I just saw her family picture and she looked so happy. I miss her. 5 weeks and 3 days. I can't do this anymore. I was perfectly fine until I saw that photo. I just cracked. I need to stop crying. She's my best friend. I keep repeating things I know but I just don't know what to say. I love you.

In me, you don't see what you've feared a long time ago, you see what you're insecure over. That people will go on liking the newer ones. That people will look back on the things you liked as a child and will realise that it wasn't as good as you made it out to be. You can't stand that simple fact, the simple fact that people are going to like the newer versions, newer things. You're not willing to accept change, you're just someone still stuck in the past who gets off on put... read more