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This is going to be a long post so I'd appreciate if anyone reads this and gives me honest advise. I moved to a new city for school last fall and made friends with two girls who had also moved to this city the same Fall and had decided to be roommates. I met my roommate and thought she was nice enough and started inviting her whenever the three of us made plans to hang out. We four got along well, I thought we made a nice bunch. However, I found I got along exceptionally well... read more

I just needed to get this out sorry if it's bad. I am having a hard time with my best friend. I love her so much and she is like family but recently she has been ignoring me or excluding me I guess we were at a convention and I made her promise she would stay with me the whole time but she didn't she decided to ditch me with her other friend. So by the end of the night I was sitting alone crying out in the open waiting for her to come around. This struck a nerve I guess cause... read more

I can't.. Throw this away.. what happened to you? Where is the man I feel in love with five years ago..? Why do I not matter anymore..? Why won't you just hold me.. or look at me like you love're so so cold.. it's killing me.. I can't bare the emotions or even find the words to explain.. I just want You back.. this you.. I don't know him.. he's not the man I love... but that's not enough to make me let go... I need you.. I love you.. please come back...

I kind of wish the transgender visibility on tumblr went a different way. Like, if transgender people didn't care what other people thought about them, then that'd be very good, because usually people who bully are insecure, and if you have confidence, you'll be fine.

I don't think taking selfies and reblogging of yourself is a good way, because it just seems like they're rubbing the whole trans thing in other people's faces. We understand you're trans, just gain the confide... read more

Stop trying to threaten me with you leaving! You would be doing me a favor. We know the real reason you wont leave... You're the one who will be missing out. Divorce? Yes please, and thank you very much!

Asexuality is the vegetarianism of the sexuality spectrum. Attitudes towards both are pretty similar. 'Oh my godddd, how can you live without meat/sex?' 'But it tastes/feels so good!' 'You just haven't had the right sausage/person.' (All puns intended.)

I am a piano player. Well, I would be if I could read sheet music. I try to learn it, but it just wont stick. I know that this probably doesn't matter at all just because I'm thirteen, but I just feel like I'll never be good. Like I'll never live up to anyone's expectation, and I'll always be just a kid banging on a xylophone or something. My family says that I have a gift, but I seriously don't. Just because I can kind of pick out a melody by ear doesn't mean that I have a g... read more

I am 47 years old and married to a woman getting ready to turn 50. We have been married for 28 years. Tonight when I came home she was getting ready to get into the shower and walked by me nude and initiated a great sexual encounter. Great sex. I want you guys to know that sex gets better with age if you are with the right person. By the way, she just headed out the door to drop the kids off at church youth group and coming home with Chinese food. Like is this the perfect wom... read more

My bed is so comfortable

I got in trouble for skipping the first 30 minutes of math class today. I stayed in the art room to clean up and help out, and then I kinda lost track of time and hung out with my friend instead of going directly to class. I then went to math and got my phone taken away. After school I went to pick it up and she said she will talk to the (mind you) SCARY vice principle about my consequences. I need a really good excuse please somebody help.

I pray to God that I meet someone who's humble, knows not to be rude when people are rude to them, aren't negative, AND are understanding.

But I'm having a VERY hard time finding those people.

My coworker and I were such a great team and communicated well. He tells his wife how well we work together and she does not like that at all. He told me about their fight, and wanted me too meet her, so I did just so she would calm down. I did it as a favor to him so they can work out their differences. Well, the next day he gave her my number to meet up, but I didn't respond to her text. Their thing is their thing, no need to bring me into it. So the next day he did a 180. ... read more

I don't like my coworker. He's an a**h*** of a prick! He can eat s*** and just keep eating it! The end.

Okay so since this is anonymous, I'm going to say a few things. . . I can't really say to other people. Because people don't understand. I hear things. A lot. Things that don't seem to originate from this 'reality'. I don't believe in reality. One time, I opened the refrigerator, and there was my neighbour in the door talking about me to her friend. I tried to set them straight but they acted like I wasn't there and disappeared. I find myself trying to set people straight all... read more

I laugh at the snot nosed celebrity's that make such a big deal out of the most smallest things. Justin Bieber once canceled a show just because he had a little sore throat. f***ing p**** a** b****! I once performed a show with bronchitis and just recently did one with a pulled tooth. What a little wimp a** white boy! And they say us chicks can't do big stuff like that b**** please. I myself am a few months older than Justin Bieber and a girl that can pull a show off with a w... read more

It makes me sad that no one seems to care to talk to me anymore. I've had friends but for a few months now, none of them seemed to care about me at all. It's like I don't exist. I hate being so alone

It makes me mad that other people get way more recognition for doing things than I get for doing the exact same thing. It's like I'm constantly living that situation, where you tell a really clever joke but say it too quietly, and someone else says it louder and gets the credit for coming up with it. But I don't want to seem desperate for attention, you know? I just wish I got it sometimes, without having to ask!

A few months ago, I had broken up with a boyfriend of two years. It sucks but i try to push on. Recently, i found out that the person he left me for is cheating on him. First, i hated the thought of someone else going through what i just went through, but at the same time i see it as Karma doing her work. I told a mutual friend about it and he feels like i should tell my ex what's going on; saying that no one deserves that. I am torn between telling him and not telling him. W... read more

I don't know anyone in this city. I want to go dancing. I want to have a drink with someone. I've been here one year. One year. One year. I swear I'm normal, it just isn't happening- making new friends to the point of hanging out with them.
People think I'm "popular" just because I'm so nice and know everyone. I say hi twenty times during a five minutes walk. But on weekends I am alone. Alone. Alone.
Have a good weekend! People say. Doing anything fun? The guy at starbucks sa... read more

Im just not getting the results i want as quixkly as i want. Its frustaiting! I want to see my abs again boohoo