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My friend asked to borrow my graphing calculator because she forgot hers, again, and I had mine even though I didn't have math today do I led it to her. Big mistake. I have both math classes tomorrow and I just remembered I didn't get it back. Maybe I'll get it back in time for my calc test, but I don't really trust her with stuff. She wouldn't steal from me or anything, she's just not reliable. That's why it sucks when she wants to partner up with me because she never finish... read more

You need to stop setting your expectations so high. Just think if it would actually work and if people would do it before you ramble on and on about it. You're pretty much the only one interested in doing what you're doing. I'm there because I guess that's what friends do. I'd rather not, I'm sorry because that's selfish of me and there's not a lot of people who get what you're thinking. But it's awkward and boring and I know you'll be disappointed. Ypu're too shy to put your... read more

That one person who has to mooch off of you all the time. It's was a long day, it's wasn't over yet, so I got some fries. As some as I get back I feel like I'm protecting some prize. He sits next to me, he's staring at the food. I know he's not starving, if he was hungry after school he can bring money or pack extra in his lunch like I usually do. I put my bag of fries on the floor behind my legs and started on my drink. He's still there, talking to me. I thought he was just ... read more

Let's skype in the morninggg, I said. You'll be tired tonight, I said. You'll want to go to sleeeep, I said. Oh, but don't listen to me. That's okay.

I feel like I'm losing my sanity but I want to live. I want to die but something in me keeps going. A light that won't burn out. Sometimes I just feel really useless and a waist of space.

Lately I've been the super villain in my own dreams. I murder, steal and ruin lives and I actually LIKE it. I wake up feeling like I had a blast. In my last dream, I was a different person and gender, and I had a twin brother. We were both a pair of thieves and we wanted to steal a diamond from these two rich twins, so we sneak in through the balcony but as we're taking the diamond one of the "good" twins catches us and I stab him in the throat to silence him and then me and ... read more

Im such a loser. im just so ready to move to a new country. only way out is to just cut off all connections with everyone and move. Don't look back. Its a shity choice but its the only option. hate myself so much

I love my sister. And I understand that she is under an unbelievable amount of stress both working and going to school full time. But some of it she is putting on herself and I can't handle continually comforting her. I ask/tell her to do her homework when she's home. Literally every weekend and the week nights that she is home, I ask her if she has homework, especially homework due the next class day. And she's not doing it. Some she's not doing at all (reading for philosoph... read more

I can't sleep again... she went to sleep first but then she slowly kept snapchatting someone, then about 8 consecutive texts after that (she didn't look at those) I can't help but think who is that ... I'm being too paranoid...

I don't make a lot of money and all my life I have lived paycheck to paycheck. I have worked for several years but find it virtually impossible to save money. Anytime I accumulate money something happens and I'm back to square 1. How do people do it? I want to fix my credit and have money saved within the next two years.
I am a decent person... Why can't I get it together?

I hate work it sucks!!!

All my B+'s are borderline A-'s.... I'm talking like 89%.... .____________. just like 1 percent and I'm there ughdlkfjgdh

To the lovely person who turned my wallet into campus lost-and-found without taking anything from it, you have restore my faith in humanity and I wish I could than you in person. I hope everything goes well for you in life.

I'm really not ready to leave for college now.
Just the pressures of getting accepted and having to leave and find new people scares me, especially because in anti-social. I'm especially scared that my boyfriend won't talk to me anymore and leave me for someone else. I've told him so much about my terrible past and I guess I've become attached to his kindness and warmth. I'm just not ready yet.

You flirt with every girl on the team. Don't deny it, I see you do it all the time.

But listen here. One of these days, you're gonna flirt with the wrong girl.
And then she's gonna fall for you. Hard.

And you're not gonna know what to do about that.

One of these days, you're gonna realize that I am that girl you should have never flirted with.
Because once I see something I want, I am not going to let it go until I know I can't have it.

And that takes me a while to realiz... read more

I hate that my battles with someone else, i hear all these storys about coworkers and someone says yeah they really turn their life around. im 23 and get pulled in a pushed away so often that it f***s with my head, this battle is not but i cant stop it from taking all my focus away from my work and school. ironically i moved a few hours away from my family to escape the stress but all the battle came up again living here with new people. best to yell f*** em all and move on

My brother in law has a gf of almost 2 years. They now have a child together whom i adore. My brother in law has had a drug problem for some time. some time meaning since he got with this girl. No one can catch her doing drugs so there fore unlike my brother in law she doesnt have to go to rehab & shes not on probation and other than me no one is telling her she needs to get clean so she can take care of her child. I hate the b****. Plain and simple. & i KNOW shes on drugs be... read more

Okay; i believe there is a god.. I also however never have once read the bible. I don't really know anything about it. I was told once that wicca was worshipping the devil which goes against christian beliefs.. Which i don't but i do want to learn more on wicca. Gypsy witchcraft to be exact. I recently discovered that wicca isn't about worshiping the devil which intrigued me. I want to learn so much about it. Does anyone know anything to help me better understand it. It seems... read more

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