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Sorry, but I really am sickened by the type of cliche gay man who loves only his cats, Judy Garland, and casual sex. Or, the 21st century version: shaved genitals, skinny jeans, and a plaid shirt.


Morning! caffeine pill! apply for jobs all day!
evening! sleeping pill! no nightmares re 25k student debt! :)))))

One day, when Narcissus was out hunting for stags, the mountain nymph Echo followed him through the woods. She longed to speak to him but did not dare to utter the first word. Overhearing her footsteps, Narcissus cried out, Who's there?' to which she replied, Who's there?' When she finally showed herself, she rushed to embrace Narcissus, but he scorned her and pushed her away.

I'm dating other guys now. As you suggested. It's likely that I will never come back. As you were wishing for. I will treasure my old perception of you in my heart. Knowing that you do not exist.

We went to school together, we saw each other occasionally but we never talked. I liked your pictures on instagram and commented on one calling you cute. You responded and I asked for your kik. I kiked you but didnt expect you to even answer. This happened on a Friday night. I was at my friends house and we were playing cards against humanity. I was so nervous talking to you. I didn't know what to say. I had always had such a big crush on you. Anyways, we talked all night and... read more

I feel unhappy. My ears don't produce as much wax as they used too. Now I have no excuse to let the ear specialist pick them with a metal currette. i am so sad. Come on ears! Make more wax!

Honestly if theyre questioning why am i abusing myself by not eating , not sleeping early & casually just not keeping myself healthy is bc i dont even care anymore. what is the point of living if im nothing but a huge disappointment. i dont even care anymore. i hope i die out of hunger. out of exhaustion. i dont care if i get hit. nothing matters in this point. i dont want them yelling at me if they find out. i know they want me dead , too. even though i never even asked to b... read more

Im so sorry :( I can deal with this though, im sorry I'm sorry im sorry I wanna scream but I can't but I'm sorry, everything will be fine the past can't be changed but the future is bright

I'm in a loving caring relationship everything is so amazing at the moment , about 2 years ago I kissed someone else and instantly regretted it,I said no to kissing about 3 times then I Gave in, I had really bad self control and didn't know what to do, I feel sick and shacky with guilt every day it's ruining my life, I'm not going to tell my partner because that's selfish things are perfect and telling him to get it off my chest will only hurt him and end the relationship and... read more

I really wish you would of left me alone. i could of done so much better without the five years of mental an physical abuse oh an the concussion ...thanks

I met this guy when I was 12, and we instantly hit it off but broke up after a few months. Last year, when I was 14, almost turning 15, I was still infactuated with him. I was best friends with his sister, she fell asleep and we were alone. one thing led to another, and I thought if I just went along with whatever he wanted to do, he would feel the same way. This continued for months, months of me giving myself up to him, because I was so f***ing stupid, I thought he would st... read more

Everything hurts a lot. my aunt dies, i relapsed a few weeks back and now im so behind on a lot of schoolwork im just su f***ed and so devestated she's gone

I think maybe the only reason I even started dating this new guy is because I hate being lonely and I hate all the awful things I think about to make myself feel even shittier. Things with him were a waste of time... We couldn't even break up properly because he blew me off and I got fed up with trying to be the bigger person. We haven't spoken since he blew me off and in my mind its over. I'll just let it slowly fade. I'm much to busy with finals to even care about him anymo... read more

I wish my ex would move back to my country. I bet as soon as we'd see each other again it'd be like he never left and we'd still be in love. I look at our pictures and it's really bittersweet because I'm happy about those memories but it sucks that the person that made me feel so special and happy isn't with me. Our whole breakup was just.. I feel like it wasn't fair at all how things ended. It wasn't fair for both of us. I hate how his dad made him move away so suddenly and ... read more

Why are there such blatant hypocrites? Where does the logic completely disconnect between two actions a person performs? I don't even understand.

Ed is such a crackhead.

I honestly feel disgusting. i hate my body and the way i look, i feel like an awful shell of a person. i was in a long term relationship where things were really serious and i felt as if i was in love, however they lost affection for me and decided to break things off. it was one of the most heartbreaking things on planet earth to think that the person who once saw the stars in your eyes cant even look at you anymore because they feel as if you're a burden on their life. i st... read more

You look like an ultra obese blobfish. Everyone is ashamed to know or even lay eyes on you.

So i have a boyfriend whos away from me, were in long distance relationship. weve been dating for like 9 months and things got boring between us, i got bored talking to him and i know hes bored too, i just dont know how to bring back the spark in our small talks, and in every day i always felt sad about it.

The girl I've liked for 2 years doesn't like me and the girl I've been venting to I'm also into so I can't talk to anyone