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I live next door to dad with mom her boydriend his daughter and my sister. Its annoying. His daughter is 12, im 13, and my sister is 11. We all share a room but dont normally spend much time in our rooms. Our room smells bad. Our rooms messy. Because of HER. She lived with her filthu overprotecrive animal loving grandparents and her father. They did f***ing EVERYTHIG FOR HER. cooking cleaning even basic stuff. I know how to do all of that...i can cook quite a bit, clean up my... read more

Idk if i'm introverted or anti-social or something but i'm so, sooo mad at myself for being so awkward around people. When i'm in school it gets all stuffy and when people approach idk how i should act and i end up doing something absolutely retarded i can't seem to pull myself together i'm honestly fed up and stressed out with socializing i just badly want to stay at home but i know isolation would never do me any good :( :(

So fking tired of my fking life. Stuck in a hell I don't belong in with toxic people sucking the life out of me. Just want it all to fking end!

Getting this off my chest even though its not same as talking to someone about it.. This might be long but bear with me :l
in my senior year of high school I met this amazing girl. She was that type of girl that you look at and say "wow". I'm not saying this as in she has a big butt or big chest, I mean it as in her personality was just so PERFECT! It took me 2 months to gain the courage to go up to her and introduce myself. *fast forwarding* Prom night. I had a soon to be gi... read more

I don't even know how to be human anymore... when will things get better? How long do I have to be put through constant misery before I catch some kind of break. I just deleted everything I wrote on here... I've never been so ready to leave this world.

I want you. Physically. I feel you with me. I know you want me, too. I feel it. It's wrong. How long are we going to hold back? I fear the day when we can no longer resist each other and we have to let go. Hell's gonna break loose.

I hate this. I wish I could be going to sleep with you.

My wife is so irritating. For somebody who has been mollycoddled all her life, she sure as hell thinks she knows everything. She telling me that I should pursue my masters degree in her home state but doesn't realize that it does me no good if that school doesn't offer the program that I am intending to get a career in. All this is coming from somebody who dropped out of high school and has done nothing with her life since.

Well I finally did it, I actually asked a girl out. I didn't hesitate it nor did I prolong asking her out nor did I make a fool of myself an the big one I didn't get friend zoned (yet) I'm still on the defensive. Anyways I feel so overwhelmed because we've been talking non stop and I feel a pretty genuine connection, I'm just so scared that shes just gonna randomly say just kidding! I don't want to date you! I'm so worried I'm afraid shell slip through my fingers, I want to c... read more

My crush is online. Why is he online? He never gets on Facebook.
Should I message him while he's online? Should I ask why he's online at 1:15 in the morning?

After 6 hours, I can finally feel the tryptophan kicking in..
I wait here, at the dining table, waiting for slumber to take me away for the night.

Damn, this wine is making me calm, sleepy, and horny... Maybe I should shower before going to sleep. Might even fall asleep in there hah

I am going to f***ing stab my f***ing uncle if he f***ing touches me in my sleep one more f***ing time.
Excuse my language but s***.

I was supposed to shower tonight, but I'msipping on a glass of wine instead... thinking of him. Looks like I'm going to need another glass.

I see you're online. Why aren't you replying. I thought this RP was your favorite. :c

I'm honestly really bothered when people self-diagnose with an illness. I think it's disrespectful and degrading to those who actually have the illness.
I'd like to point out for a second: I'm not talking "Cold" or "Food poisoning" illness. Go at it.

I'm talking, people who self-diagnose with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, etc.
Imagine Betty. She goes over to Ralph's house, and Ralph attacks her and rapes her (That escalated quickly). She calls the police and Ralph is sente... read more

This is getting too serious. I am too attracted to this young kid. I'm almost 30 and he just made 18. He looks so yummy to me. I wonder if there's a small chance that he's attracted to me? I'll never actually try anything with him, but I'm probably gonna always daydream about him.

Ugh. So, I found this guy's youtube channel. He goes to my school.
And I find a video called "dance lesson #1" which is basically a video of him dry humping the air, but to a tune. He ends up getting his crotch so close to the camera that he knocks the camera over, and the video ends. So, of course, I die laughing.
*Next day at school*
Me: Hey, do you have a youtube channel?
Him: Uh..yeah.
Me:I saw this one was called dance lesson #1
Him: Oh.
*I burst out laughing*... read more

I do this weird thing where I get my emotions out by watching other people experience them. So like, if I'm feeling happy, I'll watch someone being happy, whether it's on a tv show, or a movie or something. If I'm feeling low, I'll want to see someone cry, or hear sadness in his or her voice. Maybe I do this because it poses as a way for me to get the emotions that I have trouble expressing out? I'm not really sure.

I thought everything was good and that I had moved on. I thought I could love you like I know I'm supposed to but I thought wrong. I hate you. I hate being near you and I hate hearing your voice. I hate the fact we're sisters and even more so, I hate the fact that I feel unwanted in comparison. I hate you because I hate being compared to you. I hate you because you know why I hate you though I try to be the best sister I can. So when I look at you with all the malice I keep h... read more