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So i guess the only way to vent and get my feelings out is this place, because my boyfriend doesn't want me talking to anyone about my feelings. he made that perfectly clear, he got mad at me , so here it is. First off when he lived 3,000 miles away he always would tell me we will have sex twice a day , but we only have had sex maybe 4 times since he has been here since oct. he never kisses me or holds my hand or cuddles at all that has stopped. he doesn't talk to me at all a... read more

Mom caught me cutting again.

She started yelling at me. "You don't deserve this, you don't deserve that, you could've helped it"..... I am such a piece of s*** for making her cry. I didn't mean to. I have crafted out careful strategies so that she will never, ever find out again. I told her I would stop... but... it's so difficult. And now I have to live with the consequences. I'm so, so sorry mom. I love you.

I feel like such a piece of s***... I made her cry on the worst ... read more

I wish I had planned a trip out of here for thanksgiving, because, quite frankly,
I have no positive contributions to make today to the table. I'm not burying any
hatchets today...I don't want to break bread with anybody. Why is that people need
particular holidays to "fix" things? You had all f***ing year to talk to me.

Why do I have to sit here and suffer through this entire ordeal?

I'm already having a tough time for a variety of reasons right now, but it just got so much worse. My cat hasn't been doing too well lately because of a bunch of medical issues, including arthritis, a dry skin condition, and now hypothyroidism. The vet gave her a shot to treat the latter but it has nasty side effects and now she might be blind.

I'm f***ing devastated. This cat has been my best friend for the past 12 or 13 years and has been there for me through every difficu... read more

My mother is emotionally abusive towards me and I contemplate suicide on an almost daily basis. I only just recently realised what she has been doing to me all these years is considered as abuse, I was so used to it.

I feel like I'm in a ditch, and I am shouting for help but noone is responding and they just walk right past. Life is just passing me by and I feel so disorganized and messy and just a pile of rubbish taped together into a semblance of a person. I just want to e... read more

My husband was in a mood yesterday. He went to work and i was home with the kids, i cooked and cleaned most the day and when he came home i was finishing my workout. I had also gone to the store but didn't buy too many groceries because all this thanksgiving food is taking up all my fridge and freezer space. Anywho, he comes home looking for something to eat that we didn't have so he settled and ate some leftovers. I also been having bleeding problems and abdominal pains this... read more

Why do men shave their junk? It's not appealing!

In by being a pedantic a**h*** , you don't actually prove that you're smarter than anyone. You actually prove that you're too stupid to absorb or interpret nuance. That's pretty harsh, but at the same time, I'm so sick of pedantic a**h*** . Yes we get it, you want us to think you're intelligent.

>Thinking you're free in America

I had a sort of thing going on with a guy and we were actually quite close and would like text a lot and s*** and then for some reason one day we just stopped even being friends but like I don't know. I like him and I'm not sure if he even still likes me. Like what do I do to make things go back to how they were? I sort of miss him :(

Hello im originally from a town called Tulsa in Oklahoma and recently about 2 years ago i moved to North Carolina and when we moved back we were living in a few hotels for about a month or two. Then we found a okay town house but the neighborhood so good so we moved to a nicer better home. My father got a job selling cars which he has done off and on since i was a baby, and then we moved to another townhouse on an even better side of town. In my eyes everything was going good... read more

I'm really starting to think I'm going insane... I feel like I'm gonna fall apart at any moment!

Thanksgiving is so damn stressful this year

Definitely not seeing my bf tomorrow who I haven't seen in over a month (not that I really wanna deal with his family anyway though). Would have maybe seen him today but his flight kept getting delayed and he didn't get home until really late so nope.

Own immediate family does not get along. Dad will probably try to convince me to eat his spaghetti tomorrow but I'm done with that s*** for prob a lifetime (spaghetti tastes alright ... read more

My cousin moved in with my family, just right in. My parents knew about it and asked my brothers if they cared if she moved in but didn't care about asking me. Shocker my cousin became my room mate. Now I barely see my dad or mom as it is and they never really willingly talk to me first. But when she comes around that all they can talk about. She got a job working for my dad and she spends all her time at home hanging out with him. And she's always with my mom speaking a lang... read more

Today i found out my grandfather has lung cancer. this is my first significant glimpse of the grim reaper. i have been quite fortunate as to not have any affiliation with death, as most of my life thus far as been pretty calm in that sense.
you see, my grandfather and i are very close. both my parents are hard workers, and consequently very busy. most of my summers were spent with my grandparents in their home.
he's a simple man, grew up on a farm and likes to tinker woth car... read more

Just because I was being disrespectful towards you doesn't mean I'm racist, I'm disrespectful towards everyone equally.

Ive always been afraid. Thats the problem. Im afraid to try new things, meet new people and learn something new, afraid to TRY. I think its because of the fact that I am a very shy person. Like extremely shy to the point that Im even shy to order in a fast food chain. I was already in college that time by the way. It was worse when I was a kid. I find it very difficult to talk to anyone aside from my family. Every time I see someone looking at me I bow my head down. It had al... read more

Okay so I've been kinda confused lately. I have this friend that is a girl and recently she has been very touchy with me. She has started sitting on my lap, putting her head on my shoulder, holding on to my arm when we walk to places and touching me when ever she gets the chance. Do you think that she is flirting with me or trying to send me a message??? Or am I overreacting??? We have been friends for 3 years and she has been acting this way for maybe 2 or 3 months. I want s... read more

I don't know when I'll ever start talking to them again like normal. Sooner? Later? Maybe never? I really hope not. And I'm not even sure whether this is helping or harming me. I've said way too many hurtful things for the past few days due to stress, and my friends ended up becoming the receiving end of my subtle rage. I've said offensive things cause I didn't felt like giving a f***, and in turn it hurt some of my friends and might have given a bad image of me. I have a fee... read more

Sometimes I forget that for the whole "friends with benefits" thing to work you can't get attached. I allowed myself to get attached to this dumb boy thay I've known for 5 years and the fact that me & him only started doing this was so he could get over his almost 2 year relationship since his ex cheated on him. Sometimes I feel like he isn't over her so I doubt I'd have a chance with him, regardless if I'm his close friend. Then it hits me, I'm not really important like some... read more