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I ruin everything . im annoying and stupid

My sister is a b**** and thinks she can get away with anything and manipulate her way out of it, but she's got another think again cause I'm not taking her s***, I'll bark and bite twice, no- triple as much! so she can SHUT THE f*** UP AND SIT THE FK DOWN

f*** yeah just spent 17$ on a mean because I used the 24hour app for delivery and they messed it up and it sent twice. So I got two orders for one. Loving life.

I have to vent against myself. I have lost my way. I am a older married mother and grandmother and I am dealing with with addiction. Pain medication for a horrible back injury and food. How does one lose their way so late in life? Some days I just want to OD and be done but my granddaughter is my reason for living. It is out there now. Anonymous but out there. Peace and love for everyone.

Im failing math, science, reading, and english. i hate school, i almost never come and when i do all it does is stress me out to the point i wanna rip my hair out, there is way too much work. when i get home, i have a ton of homework and once i do it, i really have nothing better to do than get on the internet or watch tv. both are getting boring but im not allowed to go anywhere and i have no friends in or outside of school. i have books but ive read all of them and i have c... read more

I like this girl- who is absolutely amazing. problem is, im a girl and i cant even begin to guess her sexuality. That, of course, is on top of pre existing depression and anxiety.

I get my progress report this week and im failing all my stupid classes. im such a dumb kid, my mom probably hates me because im not the smart kid she wanted. i hate school, i just wanna take online classes or be homeschooled. every day when i go to school, kids bully me and no one cares. i dont know what to do , my life is just going to crap.

Orcan wind, tons of rain and thunder. I'm terrified. I hope the pets are okay. And I hope that the water won't flood the house.

I can't tell if I'm sad or happy. I dunno why, I feel like the only time I'm happy is when the weekend comes or something
or when i listen to cheery music, i feel happy. idk, i just cant tell
im a mixture sorta

I hate you. I love you is a lie.

I'm writing here because I don't know who to write to, or talk to... Most of my family aggravates me beyond all possible belief. Sometimes I know why, sometimes I don't. My friends are all probably busy or won't want to hear me complaining about things... I've still to this day got bad habits from a past abusive relationship I was involved in, where I was afraid to talk to anybody because I was under the impression that I had noone left, and that all I ever did was make thing... read more

I'm so f***ing stressed that I can't even take it anymore. I hate having people depend on me because I just f*** s*** up all the time. My friend is almost going to get kicked out of one of our classes together due to the fact that we haven't done our character analysis and I've been sick so I haven't been going to class and I'm not done with my character analysis either and I'm freaking out due to the fact that we have to perform tomorrow and I'm scared I'm gonna f*** up and ... read more

I love it when I ask my daughter to clean her room and her response is to throw herself on the ground, cry like a toddler, and act as if I have murdered her cat.
I am so f***ing frustrated with her being so f***ing difficult in every f***ing aspect of life.
f*** f*** f*** f***.

He used me for sex and lead me on but I still love him with all my heart and soul. Sounds stupid, I know but I can't stop feeling it. He lead me on and hurt me several times but despite of these, I still forgot it and loved him. He was my first everything so I feel like I can't move forward. We don't even talk anymore even though we're friends on FB and we still have each others' phone #. He doesn't even strike a convo with me like he used to. It's been 2 months since we have... read more

I only have two choices to escape and run away from my never ending problems:

I'd either commit suicide or run away from home.

I'm so f***ing stressed and I wanna snap at everyone I hate school so f***ing much and I don't know how to stop procrastinating it f***ing hurts and I'm so scared for my future because I keep f***ing up my school

I wish I had a normal teenage life. I'm 18 years old and in college. However, I feel like being in uni isn't enough for me to have a normal life. I have few friends, and I've never had a boyfriend. I'm jealous of other women of my age because they party, have sex, have self-confidence and have lots of friends although they don't go to school. They're also popular and lots of guys are chasing them. They're also popular on facebook, twitter, and instagram. They get 100+ ... read more

I want a relationship but I don't want sex until college and I am sure that no high school guy would agree to that.

Sometimes i really dont like one of my friends. she's constantly so mean to me and everyone. today i had a little stubble on my leg bc i havent shaved in like 3 days and she called me disgusting and in front of some people i hadnt even known for a month, she said one of my most embarrassing moments and began to mock me. she makes me so mad at times, but she's also really nice but just so rude. i know i shouldnt be friends with her, and i already tried confronting her about it... read more

My cat died that I grew up with since I was a baby for 17 years...