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Sometimes I feel like my brain is empty. I can't explain it. But it makes me feel irritable and tired and angry. Everything I see makes me angry when I get like this. Everything I SAY makes me angry too. It feels like a hindrance to process words. It feels like I'm not myself. Like I'm a robot or something. Usually my brain is very lively and active and colorful, but every now and then everything slows down and gets dark. It's scary. I hate it. It makes me feel like I'm going... read more

It wasn't a fling. I fell in love with her.

An "are you okay" message from you would be fine. js.

My favorite word is dammit.

WTF?! My father doesn't want me to move out although I'm 19, in college and has a full time job. He forced me to stay here although I'm not happy here anymore because he's such a negative person and complains a lot. He's also been verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive so I have valid reasons not to stay here anymore. But he keeps telling me that "families should be forever because we're asians and Christians" and other bulls***. I won't buy to his bulls*** anymore. Famil... read more

Are you actually interested or am I just so egotistical and desperate that I've convinced myself that you are?

I mean I know it's the latter but you've been making such an effort to talk to me lately and you're hella cute.
You're almost certainly straight though.
Oh well, it's not like it would've worked anyway.

f*** everything. f*** that tree. f*** the pavement. f*** that car. f*** that squirrel. f*** you. f*** your mum. f*** your window. f***ing kill me please.

Why does every girl I talk to think I'm trying to have sex with her?

Why do I feel like honesty and truth lead me nowhere? I think society let me down. I'm smart and capable, wanting succeed and not afraid to work. All I ever wanted was people to give a s*** about each other. Now I've alienated my family and friends, ruined my social life, and am living a life of mediocrity because all I ever did was let my life flow with the convictions I had set on. What the fck is wrong with me?

Let's see where to start!! First off my best friend is starving herself and I can't do crap about it (even though I went through the same thing and trying to help her through it). Then there's another frien who tried to kill himself not once but TWO times. Oh and not that this is important, but my freaking crush had feelings for me, and then his douche of an ex decided to try to humiliate him for liking me so he wouldn't go out with me. Oh and don't forget about school!!!!! I... read more

Not sure how much longer I can take it. My co-worker smells horrible. Without exaggeration he smells like a warm pile of fresh poo. I don't know if he has gas or he actually goes on himself or what the issue is, but its gotten to the point that I'm becoming less productive at work because of the stench. The problem is the boss is his aunt and the last person who complained to her about her nephew's odor was fired about a week later on trumped up, bogus reasons. So I'm stuck b... read more

A year and 6 months gone due to doubts about whether it was the right thing to do...... Being in love at a young age is the SHITTIEST f***ING THING EVER. I love a big part of my entire existence rn because of the doubts of the future. She doesn't know anything she wants to do with her life but that she doesn't want to be with me. I'm just so destroyed, I want it to be her... I don't want another girl, I don't want to lose my love for her I just want to f***ing be with her for... read more

Let's have a pizzaparty! Shall we?

So ever since I was really young, when I first started playing tee-ball, I have played sports year-round. Since middleschool its been, volleyball in the fall, softball in the spring, and lots more softball in the summer. In the past few summers, I have played softball for a rec team at the local park, as well as a travel team. Last year, as a freshman in highschool, I decided to switch things up and play tennis in the spring for my school instead of softball. I loved the team... read more

I've texted people and messaged people. I had people greet me in class and around campus. I had lunch with a friend. A friend drove me to therapy. I went to a meeting and made everyone laugh. I hung out in a friend's apartment with some people who were very excited to see me. I have a roommate that's said hello every time I came home. I had people ask about my break I had people ask about my leg. What right do I have to feel lonely?

I'm crazy for caring so much about people only to get cruel words, hits , and small kicks. Your suppose to be the people who support me the most and the most you can say is " Why are you not talking to me, I hate where people don't talk to me " Shut and dont make this about you. Or hitting me on my arms, kicking me, my backpack, or taking my book will not make me talk about it. I'm slowly to hate them, I need a place where I can be free of them, maybe a new school. I was real... read more

SO let's just cut to the chase.
I have been dating this guy for 10 days... Not long enough for me to already have driven him away!!! He wont talk to me. And whenever I try to text him he just ignores me. His friend keeps telling me that my boyfriend really does like me, he's just bad at relationships. I really like him. I love long relationships and I can't NOT like him. Somebody please tell me what to.

I'm constantly the butt of my friends' jokes and they don't realize how much they hurt me. One of my friends has an ego the size of Russia, she is always bring me down. Another one of my friends is rude and God forbid you get in a fight with her, you have to aplogize first. My last friend is a flake and is always expecting me to be there for her when she needs it. I have depression and this is emotional drained but instead i smile and nod. What is wrong with me. I'm so angry ... read more

If anyone can shed some light on this, that would be great. I just saw my boyfriend this past weekend for the first time in a while and we had sex (we were already sexually active), but since I got back home, the inside of my vagina really really really freaking itches, I have this odd swollen part in between my clitoris and my vagina, and I'm putting off this yellowish discharge that smells horrid. I looked it up and saw "fishy smell" this and "fishy smell" that, but it's no... read more

I'm not pretty and feel like I'll never get married. What can I do?
I would like to share my life with a kind man, but I would feel unworthy of it, even if I had the chance. If I met an amazing man who was wonderful, he would deserve to have someone better than me.
I know that this may get dismissed as trolling but I'm speaking from the heart and it's a very serious question. There are so many beautiful women, and I'm a 34 year old hag... even when I was 20, I was never prett... read more