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I want to die. Like legit. I have no friends in real life and no one to call a homie. I'm different. I don't belong. I want to castrate myself with fishing knives. I want to just end it mostly. I'm not special. I have no talent. I have no defining features. I wish it could all just end.

My boyfriend gets mad at me for every single irrational thing, and when I want to talk it out, he insults me and in turn I insult him, and he decides not to talk to me for hours on end. Then, even when he stops being mad at me, he still refuses to say anything to me, even when he knows I'm waiting to hear from him. And if I try to reach out first? I'm "not giving him enough time (even after 4 and a half hours)" or I'm "making him mad all over again" or "making things worse." ... read more

I feel like the worsts sexual abuse victim ever b/c i was too young to understand i was being taken advantage of, i was still a child in a lot of ways, even though i started to "develop" young. but at the time i thought it was normal and good and i felt like they all thought i was so smart and mature and chill and that was why they said that stuff, i thought it was normal for adults to treat you like that, i thought it was just part of having mature adult friendships and i di... read more

I just...Wish I wasn't so shy. I want to talk to you about all sorts of things, whatever comes into my mind. I just want to tell you, but the words never come. I don't even want you to like me, I just want to prove to myself that I'm not a timid little weirdo, that I am in fact capable of human interaction, but every day I prove myself wrong.

Today's Journey (World Traveler)

Well first I went to a nice pub in Dublin called temple bar, then I went to Iceland to see the northern
lights but it was overcast and raining after which I went to Paris and checked out the Eiffel tower what a
wonderful view and then I ended up in NY at the Statue of Liberty. now I'm back home remembering
all the lovely views.
Tomorrow Jamaica Man, to ricks cafe and swimming in the grotto

Make up your f***ing mind, do you want me to take care of my own mental health or suppress it to take care of others? i can't do both, f*** off

My friend thinks I'm replacing her because I've started to talk to someone who I don't think she really likes. But I haven't talked to her or done anything less then I normally do and I'm kind of offended? I ask if she wants to do things with me like watch movies and all I get it "You'll have more fun with out me." I don't know what you want from me buddy.

Okay, so im about 230 pounds but i dont look it, i have muscular thighs and a tummy but an a** and boobs. but i continue to get picked on and called fat. i dont understand why people cant understand that my thighs and a** take up a bunch of those pounds. i do have a tummy i like food lol but i also workout like crazy. i have hypothryroidism (underactive) so its really hard to lose weight i just build muscle. i guess im just tired of it.

First they say he has several years to live, then it's cut down to six months. Then once he falls and breaks his hip, he's lucky if he's got six months
April 23 2015 was the day I found out my father had lung cancer. It was stage 4, but he had a couple years to live. Or so the doctors said.
Last week, I was informed that he'd survive only about 6 months. That means he'd be dead in November, I'd just be starting high school.
Only several days ago, we were then told he has less... read more

Just started talking to you again about a week ago. You won't be on here it's pretty much a guarantee, but on the off chance that you do frequent this site (HA!)... I feel like when we've talked you've wanted to ask me something deeper about the situation I'm in. I've given you an answer while shutting it down because I don't want to talk about it with you. The s*** is crazy. I've pretended to be happy while being miserable that I'm not sure how to communicate normally anymor... read more

Omg, estrogen is f***ing CRAZY!! i currently feel misanthropic, depressed, hopeful,flirty annnnnd fully aware of contradiction. do trans ppl who take hormones have it worse? better? is it even quantifiable? #f***in' a. menopause must be hell.

The empty feeling.

it's that thing in your stomach when you decide 'I don't need it'
or when you decide 'it can wait' but it ends up waiting hours and you end up forgetting there was ever that feeling so you move on.
it's the time where everyone has food but 'you don't need it' or 'it can wait' so you allow your stomach to beg and your mind takes over reminding you that you'll be fine without it.
it's that moment where you're stomach is loud enough for others to hear but you... read more

I wish I could retreat to another world where I was the only human there, but return here sometimes.

I love when i get negative tarot readings, it's like good, destroy me then, i'm ready, i already know i'm doomed so come get me karma

So my boyfriend is like IGNORING ME and i know that's so basic of me but i wanna know he got home safe I've had 5 panic attacks over the past day and a half and I'm terrified of literally everything right now. I punched my laptop screen to kill a fly and when I was successful and it was dead, I started crying. I'm so worried about everything and it really just.... I'm so exhausted I feel like I've run marathon after marathon and I don't want to deal with breathing anymore.

Gene Roddenberry the hypocrite.
So gene Roddenberry the creator of Star Trek and proponent of socialism wanted his utopian world to be free of greed (capitalism) and so he makes that point very clear throughout his several Star Trek shows by giving us a vision of the future where the state (The Federation) controls all facets of life and individualism (hippies, the religious, people that like money) is treated like a disease.
But Gene himself was a very greedy man. He regular... read more

To the advice-giver who wrote, "Okay, I'm not joking. You need to seek psychiatric help.
This behavior is majorly abnormal and talking about this with a medical professional will help you so much more than continually blowing up the feed on a venting website.
This isn't venting, it's a sign of a mental health issue.
I'm not saying this to put you down, or insult you in anyway. You should seek help for your own benefit.
You are sick, and this happens to a lot of people. I hope... read more

I would make a porno with derrick rose called this ain't Chicago Bulls XXX with his c** dripping

I keep you happy because I know when you get out of prison, you won't have anywhere to go.

Is this bad? I'm referring to my controlling boyfriend...

I think our purpose is to gain new ideas about the world and pass them on to the next generation, so they can gain new ideas, and we can progress onward as a species.