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Here I am, stuck in a constant cycle of trying to have a bright attitude in a sticky situation. Why do I suffer?

Why Many People Are Not Saved


A.Each day countless individuals die lost.
1. To be lost is to be alienated from God (2 Thess 1:9).
2. To be lost is to have no hope (Eph 2:12).
B.The horrible part is that most people die lost (Mt 7:13-14).
C.Why do so many individuals die lost?


A.Many think they are too good to be lost.
1. They know they haven't committed horrible crimes.
2. These are good, moral people. They make wonderful n... read more

Why do I tend to isolate myself... ?

Okay, so, it's the christmas season, and my boyfriend and i wanted to get dressed up and go somewhere nice, so we did. we've been together since junior year of high school, stayed together through college, and have had a healthy, stable relationship the entire time. he's literally like my best friend in the whole world and its great . but so, here we are, wearing our nice suits and everything, and we sit down at the table. the waitress comes up, and she starts hitting on us r... read more

What would you do in my position? My boyfriend would be the perfect man for me. But I'm seriously not physically attracted to him. I never have been. I'm kind of a fitness nut but he's the exact opposite of that. I've tried hint that he should start working out or eating healthier, I try to get him to do that stuff with me so we can make it a "we're in this together" kind of activity, but he just wont stick to it. We've been together for around three years and I feel like a b... read more

I've got $13 to my name, lost my keys, 4% phone battery and s*** my brains out at work. f*** your boyfriend problems.

So I'm not obsessed about my boyfriend or anything, but I still like him. We've been together for years, and the two of us just don't feel like we have to be around each other all the time. We're happy and stable as a couple. But my friends are taking things (being apart for spans of time) as "not going well", and some of them are taking this chance to butter me up or hit on me even though I'm clearly committed. I have to remind everyone that I'm in a relationship because app... read more

How can I kill myself painlessly but surely? I'm just so tired of my life full of adversities and problems. I've never told anyone about my personal problems because I know they would just judge me. I'm just so tired to the extent of feeling nothing but emptiness and numbness. I just want to die to escape from this shithole earth.

I think it's funny how parents tell us to not be lazy so that they can be lazy. Almost makes me want to have kids so that I can have little slaves to do this s***-work for me.

Many years ago I'd celebrate the holidays by starting to drink today . I'd continue right up to New Year day .
I was so wrapped up in myself I was clueless to everyone around me.
When I quit drinking , I'd think about those days. Like today.
What a fool I was , and back then , I didn't care.

The priest of the parish I work at handed me a Christmas card yesterday . After I came home I opened it. My humbling surprise was the one hundred dollars that was included.
He will never know the attitude adjustment that gave me . Truly not the money , but the thought.

First time muttr-er. My girlfriend of four years left me two months ago. It was a long-distance relationship that lasted four years. I visited her every December. Right after breaking up with me over the phone, she declared on various social media/blogging sites that she was entering into a new relationship with one of her male friends - who is now visiting her instead of me. We were each other's first sexual partners so the thought of her having sex with a new person breaks ... read more

***please respond*** My husband and I have been going through problems with him talking to other girls. I read a text in his phone where he was telling another girl he was in love with her and wanted to be with her, but the girl didnt want to be with him. He feels like i should be happy that she didnt want him. This is not the first time we have been through this. He told me that he can talk to whoever he wants, but he will only quit talking to that girl he had feelings for. ... read more

I hate how people always ask personal stuff like "do you work?" at college... then automatically ding you with "...oh". Then they call you "lazy" when they are a personal fitness trainer and your a computer science major. I just laugh inside my head because I know if they were in my classes they would be shizzing in their pants like little poosies. Like you son of a b**** don't assume I'm lazy because I'm a "full time student" and I'm not working. These classes are fairly dif... read more

We were supppsed to go Xmas shopping today. Won't happen because mom says it's "too dark outside". f***. YOU. b****.
I've been beghing her to drive me for TWO WEEKS and now she won't. I can't go by bus because the bus doesn't drive there.
Now I'll show up at my BF's with no presents, f***ing awesome.

Help:/ my boyfriend of 3 months is planning on going with his brother and his brother's girlfriend to break in to some old school that is abandoned..I really don't like that he's doing it and I told him I don't wanna go..we've known each other and been best friends for 8 years..but it hurts that hed rather take me home later to do something im very uncpmfortable with..than to not do it and be with me. I dont care what he does..until it starts getting illegal. He can screw up ... read more

I can't believe that guys will go that far that they'll pretend they're your friend for WEEKS, and when they think you're "close enough" friends they ruin it by flirting and other s***...ffs

And keep that #notallmen s*** to.yourself, it's obvious that it's not all of them for gods sake.

I'm Fourteen years old, turning fifteen in a few weeks, and I am anorexic. It first happened over the summer and I lost about fifteen to twenty-five pounds. I keep relapsing even though I'm trying to recover. It's just so hard. I don't think I really look that thin, I think I'm about 125 pounds, and I'm 5'8. I'm addicted to anorexia, I want to stop but I can't, I'll just hate myself for it.

Should I be angry that my mother never makes a friggin effort for me or my kids I have to go to her....again for Christmas and im making the food and dessert cuz shes too lazy to. Ugh

I just had a heated discussion with my parents about how overprotective they are. I tried to make them see that I love them to death and they're very important to me. But I would love them to accept the decisions I make and that I want them to let me lead my own life. Now I feel superguilty after having seen their disappointed faces. I'm grateful for everything they've done for me, so now I wish I could take back every word I said.