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I don't know if she likes me, and if I find out then I can't even do anything.

Dear teenagers:
I know life is hard right now. It's not easy being your age. I promise things will get better. High school is tough. But you will get through it. Don't worry if you're clueless about your future. You're too young to know what's out there.

Hugs. XO

I love my body like a mother love her child. No, I do not boast about myself nor do I think of myself as better than any other. However, I do love myself from head to toes plus soul. I am not cocky nor am I insecure! I just get so angry when people can not accept that. I know I should not hate those who are ignorant and close minded because I know that they do not know any better but boy do they get on my nerves sometimes!

What has the world become honestly I am ashamed of the things that people are doing to one another no matter skin color or sex we are all children of god but I guess people just don't get it why be afraid of one another I wish there really was world peace but that's in a perfect world

My boyfriend and I just engaged in sexual activity... after eating habaneros. My clit is on f***ing FIRE.

I lost my slipper. Maybe Prince Charming has it. Seriously though, I can't find it. I live alone and don't have a dog (who may have chewed it up). Oh where is my slipper? Oh where is my slipper? Oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh my slipper?(sung to the tine if 'oh where is my hairbrush' by Veggie Tales).

It's been nearly six months since I last saw my ex, and nearly a year since I last talked to her (if telling her to leave me alone counts as talking- if not, it's been nearly two years since I've talked to her) and not a day goes by where she doesn't pop into my head in some capacity. It's maddening. I don't miss her, but I miss what she brought into my life, which had been missing before. Well, except the mind games and eventual insults. Everything started off fine and progr... read more

Listening to my two friends laugh and share their stories about the times they got so drunk and f***ed up that they threw up, passed out, etc.
One of them is 18 and the other is 15.

And I'm 14, just sitting here actually worrying about my grades and school life. Pity.

Oh my god. Stop asking me why I don't think you're "boyfriend material". Stop crying saying you like me so much and that you think you're a bad friend because that. Just stop. We've been friends since preschool. You're cool but you're getting on my nerves with all this crying.

I waited 5 hours for my friend to talk to me and when he finally gets on Facebook, he messages me... saying he's going to bed.
I wanted to talk to him so I waited 5 hours for him to get back just to get him to message that he's going to bed.


I am so lost. I work incredibly hard and I want nothing more than to succeed. I am from a family that is at times horribly abusive and at others great and caring. I can't trust anyone. I feel horrible describing my home life as abusive because that's only some of the time but I need someone to love me for real. I will never have the kind of adolescence that I dreamed about because my parents micromanage my every move and I have nowhere to go. I feel like I'm losing all contro... read more

I wish I was never born. Nobody loves and cares for me, I'm not good at anything and I feel ugly because I was bullied big time. I've never had a normal and happy life, and people who really care and love me for who I am.

I f***ing ate too much. I'm sneeziing barbecue

My friend is pursuing the guy I love. She is the one I've gone to for support and encouragement. And now she's being rude to me and trying to pursue him.

I have the worst friends in the world.

I'm the ugliest girl ever! I'm not popular in school and I've always been an outcast. People call me names and they don't want to be friends with me. Guys hate me,too. I'm always who shows affections towards them and they either reject me or make fun of me. Fml!!!

The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

I've been struggling with anxiety and depression for a while now. It's been steadily getting worse. Recently I went to talk to my GP about these problems and she helped my schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist. So that's been settled and put on the right track. However, my mom is trying to cure my anxiety and depression spiritually. She makes me pray and do these healing things that I hate. I mean, I know I should have faith and trust God through this, but not to the ex... read more

Nobody ever texts me first or messages me on Facebook. I occasionally send messages to my friends, relatives and some acquaintances but they never initiate conversations with me.I'm also always "seenzoned" for no apparent reason. I try being nice but I get nothing in return. Yes, they talk about me but they don't talk to me.

I don't know anymore if I wish he cared, or if I wish I didn't.

Has anyone ever had a weird feeling? Like one they get then later wish they never have to feel again? Well tonight, I got one of those weird feelings. I got the strange feeling of my chest being empty. Because it literally feels like I don't have heart anymore.
There was this girl, I care about her more than anything in the world. Yeah I'm young, but honestly, I don't know if they're is anything in this world I wouldn't give up for her. She means the world to me. When I firs... read more