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I am only attracted to asian men and women.. I am hispanic.. and most asians I know only date within their race. :(

I was having sex with my bf and I can't tell if I was just really really wet or if I came (like it was seriously an audible wet was pretty gross). I felt like I was close to finishing a few times but I'm not really sure if I did or what happened.

OMG I'm fourteen still a virgin and yet after having skype sex with my BF I'm pregnant
I don't know what I'm going to do, how do I tell my parents? what do I say that won't sound like a lie

My boyfriend loses it when I kiss his neck and I just f***ing love it. I seriously could care less if he ever gets me off but I can't get enough of that s***. I'll do it and he'll grab at or kiss me harder or grab my hair sometimes, or switch places with me and pretty much try to take me. Sometimes I just really love the little bit of sensual aggression, its kinda awesome.

I want to formally apologize to anyone who has had to interact with me. I'm sorry i;m awkward and i don't know how to have a conversation and that i'm generally just hard to be around

Iv been farting ALOT all day at work, frankly i dont give 2 f***s if my co workers can smell it

On the inside I'm having a breakdown because I just don't know--period.
Call me stupid, a dumbass, gimme your worst insults I deserve it.

I'm a hairstylist. I love my job but I absolutely despise the people I work with. Unfortunately, I also work way harder than I get paid (if I had to guess, I average $5 an hour).
I'd love to stay in the industry, but if I quit I have nowhere to go and I know I will have a difficult time finding people I would get along with to work beside.... read more

It's so annoying cus I feel like I can't be myself. I really love kpop and anime, like it's all I ever talk about think about and so on and everyone is so judgy about it.
"Oh those boys look like girls."
"You watch that weird a** Japanese crap?"
"You're such a weirdo. Now I know why you have no friends."
I've honestly lost a lot of friends because of these things. But it makes me happy, and obviously those people aren't my friends if my interests bug them that much. Which pis... read more

I treated you badly i see that now. i cheated. but we were young. im more mature now and i realize that i was selfish...but i TRIED to fix it. you just let everything go once it got bad...if i ever met you again just know that i think about you all the time. and i would give up my immortality for a chance to share jokes about "rectal cinnimon" again..

I honestly can not find ANY substantial or convincing evidence for a god to exist. this scares me because im terrified of the idea of not existing after i die. if i could have it my way i would live forever

OMG they got his whole head up there no wonder she's screaming her head off!

One day he will look at me like he looks at all those girls. I will twist a squish and dissolve myself until only a bare frame remains. Then when he looks at me that way, then I will leave him. Then I will have power back.

How does it feel like to have a d**k?

I would never do this, but I used my dad's credit card to buy all the DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U, Pixel Paint, Ninja Usagimaru: -Gem of Blessings-, and 2 3DS themes. In total, that is around 30 dollars. How do I tell him I did this?

Im 18, almost 19, still living at home, smoke weed everyday, going to college but have no idea why as i do not know what i want to do with my life. i feel like its the weed to some extent but also me. im planning on joining the marines so i can get away from hot a** arizona and see the world...but i want that to happen NOW. i hate waking up all day, not talking to anyone, playing videogames and smoking weed. i know some people might love to have an easy life like me but i HAT... read more

I hate my life. I have no control over anything, which is awful for somebody with borderline OCD and SPD. No control over work, family, leisure, nothing. Life is just one big slap in the face after another. I hate facebook and everyone's perfect f***ing lives. I've been thinking about killing myself just because I want something to end. Nothing ever ends, projects never f***ing end, problems never f***ing end... nothing. I want silence. Everything bores me. I find nothing int... read more

I'm gonna pluck your precious pebble like no tomorrow and slap that a** like a salt shaker in heat. Move b**** before I spill my man gravy all over your hawian punch filled tittys.

Ladies when a guy cums in your a**...How do you feel? I'm just curious as a guy.

Ha, it's funny how they have a "choose category" thing. Because I just can't choose 1 of them.

Man... We're do I start?... How about from the very very beginning before I was born. So my mom and dad had my sister 3 years before me, and they wanted her to have a friend a brother (me) so they attempted to have another baby (me) but the doctor said if my mom tried or had another baby it would be very mentaly damaged or most likely die. So my mom grandma, grandpa (my whole famil... read more

I really want to have sex with someone and its so pathetic because I'm p young and my parents would kill me for just looking at a guy but honestly can someone just like rape me ??
like that's sounds really bad but I've always been like this. I think I may have been touched when I was younger or exposed to sex in some way because I've always known about it and masterbating and stuff but idk. just jerking off isn't doing it anymore. I'm more a kinky person so just physically to... read more