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NEVER take your health for granted EVER!!!!! Living in misery and constant pain is HELL!!!! Throwing up until you see blood is HELL!! Going to the hospital and finding out on top of it all that you need to have your thyroid removed is HELL! so please, if you have your health.. both mental and physical please never forget how precious that is...

Please someone help me.
I honestly just am so depressed now, and I was okay for awhile because of a special person who I'm in a relationship with at the moment but now I just feel depressed more.
They're making me get anxious and depressed by the most smallest thing (bird chirping, drawing, etc.) and they've made me cry a lot of times and the relationship is just starting to get a lil bit abusive it feels like, but I don't want to end it because 90% of me says "this person is... read more

My health has been f***ed up for over 8 years.. i wake up every morning with crippling pain and nausea, the doctors found a mass on my ovary.. going in this week to see the results. I am getting to the point where i just don't want to do anything. I hardly laugh or smile.. i withdrawal myself from social gatherings a lot due to my pain. I know my life wasn't meant for this .. i just want to know when this will end its course and f*** off

I feel like I'm going to commit suicide Cuase i'm so upset with my life i don't know why i have a good family a job yet i'm unhappy and want to disappear. It physically painful when i feel this way i wish i didn't feel this way.

Things I should be doing: A lot of them
Things I should be doing that I am doing: None of them

hM I wonder why I'm constantly stressed about nearly overdue and overdue assignments

I am bored looking for someone to talk

I'm so confused, at this point i don't even know what to do

I've had the two people I care about most in the world tell me they hated me in the last 2 months.
I shouldn't exist

Whenever I like a guy and he ends up liking me back, I almost immediately lose interest... I'm not sure if it's just because I "enjoy the chase" or if it's something more. It's not like this has happened only once, it's occurred several different times with varying types of guys, too. It makes me feel bad about putting people through emotional turmoil along with me and I always feel guilty when I have to explain to them that I don't feel interested anymore. What is wrong with... read more

I have a 14-year-old pubescent child id like to make offers for ?
I'm thinking somewhere between 40-50 pound ill take euro ?

he's about 5'5 and 8 stone ( 112 lbs )

he's a pretty good boyfriend, well trained, has a bit of an emotional side to him but it's kinda cute depending on the person.
he enjoys marvel and dc movies and tea and spiderman booty

dm me for contact-

So today was my first driving lesson, good god, that teacher, I'm not sure if I can criticize her since I'm like the worst driver ever, prior to this, I hadn't even touched a steering wheel, but seriously, I don't think she knows how to teach. It was 45 min and approximately 30 of them she spent them putting her hands over mine to move the wheel while she was talking by the phone, while the last 15 were just her driving, she didn't explain anything to me, it was literally lik... read more


I wish my mom would just go to HELL

Just... f***!!!

I hate my mom so much i cant stand her all i did was give my opinion on something and she told me to stay in a child's place and she just took my phone i have people to talk too I HATE MY MOM SO MUCH RIGHT NOW

I just really want a new friend to be able to open up to. That's all.

I miss my ex a lot. I don't know if its her, the relationship or just being with someone. It's horrible I really just miss so much, I'm craving just having her here and just being able to talk to her about anything. Simple things like how both our days went and what she thinks about whatever I'm thinking about at the time. I've gotten to that point where my own company is good enough for me but I still feel like her company would be the best for me. I just wish I coukd have s... read more

My friend has talked about doing a club, we both do clubs on that day and take the buses to get home after. Yet this is the second time she's ditched me after the club. I confront her about it and she acts like she's never done that club. I then post something indirect about in on a social media and she posts a negative post basically complaining how she can never get pity when she's having a bad day and that all of her friends were being horrible to her. Therefore making me ... read more

Today everything is getting on my nerves. i wish i could just feel fine but even the people i love are making me hate them. i honestly feel like im at the farthest point from human life right now. i know tomorrow ill be fine again...only to feel like this another day.

Look at the clock, it's rape time!!!