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I just want to raise a family. Finding out I'm unable to conceive, in don't see the point in living.

Do you have any idea how much I miss you? How much I just want to hold you and cry. I want to go back and stop that night from happening. And just hold you.

You can only be IN love WITH someone if the love is mutual. But that doesn't mean I don't love you. The amount of pain I feel right now is unbearable. This is heartbreak.

Why do I just keep f***ing up over and over?

Why did I decide to take medication when I was always against it? I may have completely ruined my life during that time. I still don't know.

I completely degraded myself for survival. When I always promised myself to kill myself first.

Guess I don't want death as much as I thought.

I've made a complete a** of myself. Why the f*** do people want anything to do with me?

My biggest problem is I hate myself. I'm truly my worst ene... read more

I feel so foolish for falling for you, so hard.

I played my cards so poorly. But I wonder why I have to play them at all.

I know this is for the best, but I hate the way it went down.

Why couldn't I have your heart like she has it? I know you know heartbreak, but why did you have to do it to me?

I miss you dearly.

I really don't know what else to do. I really don't like what I'm thinking or feeling about my current situation. My best friend likes someone within our friend group and he previously liked our other friend and is now considering to like her. She hid her feelings for him for our friend since he liked her for a long time. I don't like how he suddenly is interested in my best friend now, but it doesn't help the fact that she likes him and has for a while. I've talked to her ab... read more

Uh-Oh. She really loves me and I'm starting to lose mine towards her.

So frustrated... i just caught the father of my child lying to me , again! he was telling me he was caught up in family stuff and then turns around and goes out to a party! where he was drinking and smoking. our child is due in than 6 months and he hasn't grown up a bit! he has been texting other girls flirting and saying inappropriate things when we are in a relationship! Then he tries to manipulate me. I have been in tears all night . My daughters father will have no part i... read more

Words of Advice:
Never Forget Who You Really Are. Do not change any facet of your life that you don't want to change.

The strictest parents create the sneakiest kids

It's not so much that i hate you, it's just i kind of want to completely rewrite you as a person if that makes any sense.

I don't even know what to say right now. this always happen. again and again, we have gone through these near identical situations with near identical outcomes. i don't want to go through this again and neither do you. so let's both take a step back and consider our options. we can't just say "i'll never go back", because saying those words doesn't prove anything. you need to be able to act on them for them to mean anything.

"i'll never go back"

you've said it so many times... read more

Its all just extra noise i want you here, i need you here, with me rn

*sigh* so I promised my muttrs wouldn't be so long anymore. So I'll just keep it vague. I talked last time about how my issues destroys any chance of partnerships/romances. Well, there was a recent case where someone didn't care for me after I expressed interest 'cause I was just too odd for the person. Which was fine(not really I say it grudgingly) to be expected as usual. But I didn't think they'd be two-faced saying they would still talk to me...but once we meet back up in... read more

You disgust me, you have had sex with over twenty men and you have the gall to try to influence my f***ing brother and say it's not a big deal, and that its only the present "connection" that counts. Sure, right. Everything is superficial to you; you think everything can be taken back or replaced. You don't understand how it all works in the long run, so I hope that the next person you try to rope in realizes this and dumps you for the skank you are, only living for sex and j... read more

Thanks f***er. really thanks. detaching from you even further.

I will never forgive you if i miss this call with my best friend who lives 2000 miles away. Shut the f*** up and ill deal with your problems later

I cant forgive myself. I cannot forgive my mom, my sister, my family. I cant believe they let me turn into this i can't believe i let myself turn into this. Too many hopeless and sleepless nights and too many break days where i just avoid life and lay in bed until i cant stand listening to my own self-loathing. i just cant deal with anyones bulls*** especially mine. It hurts. I cant sleep and i cant find myself able to face the day when i do mange 2 hours of sleep. I cant sto... read more

Get in the way of my goals and I will end you.

Like my other friends hate my best friend, like f*** off. I've known this person for a very long time. If you try to remove her from my life, I will cut you out of my life so fast that you won't even have time to acknowledge it.

I want you here rn