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I am a (secretly) angry young man consumed by thoughts of revenge every day. I wasn't always like this. Let's just say I am forced to start from scratch almost as if everything I did in the past decade was for nothing. I want revenge. I am going to find them. I will ruin their lives and reputations.

Are men with Vericocele infertile? Or can they still get someone pregnant There's just a less chance?

Been friend zoned by my best friend for quite some time now..... Every time she posts a picture now I become sad...... She says she is not beautiful, but I am telling you everyone she is so, so beautiful!!!! Her geat amount of attractivness actually is the part that makes me sad... I take one look at the photo and people are complimenting her photo in the comments and it does put a smile on my face, but at the same time.... Just really makes me feel like im out of her league.... read more

I cooked me a steamy hot bowl of ramen noodles, all I need is some shrimp and parsley to go with

I swear I hate chatrooms, they're so awkward, the moments of silence can be earsplitting. And I hate how random people can be. I know I'm bored but not that bored to talk about stupid s***.

Don't even know where to start.
I'm about to lose one of the two remaining reasons I'm alive, and I'm responsible for it.
I'm buried beneath mounds and mounds of stress, coming at me from all sides, and I'm not sure I can handle any more of this. I'm losing most of my friends because they're sick of me, and the friends that aren't don't understand even a little bit of what I'm going through. They don't want me as a friend, they want someone who will listen and is too damn pas... read more

Falling in love must feel amazing, when is my guy going to come??

Where do I begin. I have found myself in the most f***ed up situation I could ever in and I know some will judge but what can I do it's just the way this s*** has turned out and sadly I should walk away but my heart wont allow me to :(
To paint the picture my daughter started kindergarten which is now 3 years ago. She made a friend and I because quite close with the mother. To the point that we fell in love. I was am still to some degree happily married however I always ha... read more

My roommate made us leave a party early so she could go to bed to get up early for work. She's been on the phone for the past hour and a half. Now it's time for me to go to bed and I can't because I can hear her talking through the wall. :

I dislike it that a bad confession requires me to confess everything since my last good confession. I dislike it that I am questioning the foundations of the religion I just went back to and I am on the brink of returning to agnosticism once again because of pride. I understand everything--that this has to be done to fully participate in the sacraments and to complete my repentance. I am humbly asking for God's grace to enlighten me and remove this pride that is gnawing at my... read more

I love my boyfriend, we're very close to being engaged, and I want to marry him. But I want a week or two break just to sleep with this guy I'm really attracted to.

I'm afraid I'm growing apart from my partner.

Recently, and a few times in the past, I've found myself looking at other people more seriously than just an appreciative glance. I've started imagining what it would be like to be with someone who was around, someone who was comfortable with themselves and motivated in their career.

I've always been the go getter, the leader, the workaholic. My partner really isn't even close. He's very childish. He's never had a job. He has mu... read more

Mom asked me, "How can you stay in your room all evening? Aren't you lonely?"
I couldn't tell her that I'm dead inside and they're happy without me anyway.
So I shrugged and said, "I like being alone. I have to socialize all day."

I haven't even felt real all week.
I don't feel like I'm myself at all. Like, I just took the backseat to someone else and watched from there.
It's the worst feeling especially when this other person is just f***ing your life up already, causing you to drown in stress.
I feel like ending my life would be the best answer to all of my problems, and it's really f***ed up because I really thought I was over all of that s***.
I feel the tears coming on and I just can't cry because... read more

I need to pee, but I can't be asked to get out from underneath the covers and go. I wonder if this is maybe down to the fact that I got a little spooked earlier on this morning. It was around 1am. Saw this piece of paper or something shuffle from underneath this little corner drawer that our TV's placed on. I'm suddenly tempted to pick it up and see what's on the other side, but at the same time I am very paranoid. This makeup bag of my sister's ended up magically falling fro... read more

I absolutely hate it when dogs lick their feet. It automatically gives me the disturbing thought of someone receiving a b***j**.

I don't wanna feel this way. I didn't want to fall in love with him. I didn't want to let that feeling grow until it became unmanageable. And I certainly didn't want to get my hopes shattered and my heart broken like this. I don't want this pain. I don't want to have to see him again (but I know I will have to-that's what happens when you fall for someone who attends the same club as you do once or twice every week). I don't want to pretend that I'm fine when all I feel is th... read more

For once in my life I was okay with being alone. I not only accepted it, I embraced it. Then you came along. I was skeptical, and kept my hope in the situation to minimum, but I ever so slightly began to want us to work out.. I let myself believe it could be possible.
I don't know what changed.. I have theories.. but it doesn't matter regardless. I've delt with these symptoms before. I know where this is headed. It's fine. These things happen.
But I'm angry with you. You, jus... read more

How did you think I'd feel when telling me all those beautiful things about how you never loved anybody else that much and how you're in love with her soul and all that junk? Jesus Christ I hate melodramatic people. Y'all can all round up your favorite 18th century poets and have a wallowing party, and I'll just y'know. Live my life.

I reluctantly broke up with my girlfriend today. She didn't even bat an eye; though I know that's likely because she's not one to show emotion. And while I was incredibly upset about it, all she and my supposed best friend could do was joke and act like nothing had ever happened between us. It hurts so much to know my best friend who's supposed to be there for me through thick and thin doesn't even offer a supportive smile. It's like she wanted me to end my relationship. She ... read more