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Please give me advice...Okay so, tbh I miss you like crazy and still like you like crazy but nobody knows and its eating me alive. So, I lay here 2:00 am venting to a bunch of strangers who don't know who I am. I still have you're sweatshirt, that I'm pretty sure you forgot about, I found you're shirt you left at my place and I wear it to be because I miss cuddling and being close to you and I feel like it's the only way I can be close to you. We talk anymore and I have to id... read more

Idk I'm just sad because i was hit by the reality that I miss you and there's nothing I can do about it because I'm pretty sure you don't miss me back:'(

How can people be so loud and not realize it? I guess you can't hear yourself over your constant screaming. Chill. Also why do you need to yell to emphasis your point? Do you have no self awareness? Like mid sentence, did you have to scream like "I was eating icecream and it was SO DAMN GOOOOOD" Everyone in this general vicinity can hear you. CHILL.

So I have a friend that has this constant need to be included in everything. If I'm just talking to another friend about something completely unrelated to her, she'll just have to jump into the conversation. Most of the times it's topics that have nothing to do with her or she'll just won't understand (like a show she doesn't watch, or an event she wasn't even at, etc) and sometimes I have inside jokes in those conversations with the people I'm talking to but she'll get all b... read more

I'm so tired of this all. I feel like I'm not really transgender at all that I'm just faking it to feel like I'm finally figuring out myself and I can become productive. I dropped out of school because my depression got so bad and now I feel like I'm never going anywhere. It feels like I can never truly be a normal person. I can't stop thinking about my abusive exs and crave a relationship even if its abusive. I just don't know where to turn and just feel like I can't do this... read more

Asked a girl at work if we are more then friends. Nope.

What a bunch of idiots

Well how on earth do you expect me to believe you when you're not doing something, when you can't accept responsibility for your own actions when you're actually doing something wrong. you've done this sort of thing before to irritate me so how can i expect you to not have done it this time?

I feel trapped. I am drowning and I can't describe this feeling exactly but drowning comes close. I thought that when I wrote this I would know exactly what to say but now I am without words. That is to say that there is nothing I can say to make anyone understand and more importantly there is nothing I can say to make me feel understood. I need help. I think that this is the first step out of the void. I need to say this to the universe. I am not okay. I haven't been for a l... read more

f*** those bastards who continuously try to "help you" but know full well that you didn't ask for their "help" and that their "help" only ends up making life worse. And no, I don't mean the people that at least mean well in trying to be kind. I mean the people who actively try to do things such as trying to force you to change, when in reality, you just want to be yourself, and be accepted as yourself. People like that.

I try and try and try to please my parents but nothing ever do seems to work I'm so tired of trying. My parents are all I have I feel like giving up.

I'm so tired of being ridiculed for making mistakes and looked down on for those mistakes and flaws. I'm not perfect, okay?

I feel like everything I do is wrong...

I sincerely want to die... I can't take it anymore. I'm not happy with what I'm doing, I know full well that I won't be happy with the way I'm going and that it's too late for me to change that. What I'd want to do, it'll never happen. And I know that if I ever meet someone, I couldn't make them happy. I would only end up ruining their life also. I don't truly have friends anymore, my family just looks down upon me... I was a mistake... I am a mistake.

I'm in love with his boy and he really loves me but I get so anxious before dates...I have anxiety and its just so hard to control. I'm wondering if i should still see him if I'm this anxious. What should i do?

I think my mom is cheating on my dad. I found out when I went on her Ipad to watch netflix and a facebook message came talking about how much he loved her.

I honestly have no clue what to do with myself.

I graduated with a BA degree this past June.

So many dreams , but so much debt.

I have no idea where I want to be or what I want to do.

I feel like a slave to the student loans.

I keep all of my emotions inside and cannot physically release it, anxiety and stress is taking such a hard emotional toll but my parents just continue to anger me.

I just don't know what i'm doing wrong. if anything goes wrong, and i mean anything, it's always my fault. Normally i can take it, but today i just.... my younger brother just told me that his life would have been perfect if i had never existed. I try not to take it to seriously because of his serious anger management issues, but i just feel so broken right now. i love him so much and he just wants me to leave. Disappear and never come back. The worst part is that my mom just... read more

Im so pissed and feel betrayed by my ex-friend group but if they ever felt like letting me back into their life id honestly probably scramble for the bone and i hate that about me. maybe i wont have to once i get friends that dont have a repretoire of turning all their friends against one person, even if that person was a part of their tightnit friendgroup to begin with