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Dear sister. Please stop griping about how stupid the NFL player's wife is because she married him after he punched her.

Am I on glue or did you come to my house after your husband physically pulled you out of his car so he could drunk drive? Remember how scared you and your kids were? I do. #glasshouses #potcallingthekettleblack

I love my wife and daughter with all my heart but I have told them I expect them to leave me forever and never look back if I lay a hand on them o... read more

I just finished the watching the LEgo movie. I gotta say no movie has brought me to overwhelming tears in years as this movie did. Great work, guys! :)

Today, was one of the worst days of my life. I am a 8th grader, and I am on the Speech Team. I was staying after today and this 6th grader, I guess you could say was "flirting", and he punched me in the stomach. He made me mad, and that hurt so f**king bad, so I went to the teacher to tell. When I got to her classroom he grabbed my arm, and pulled on my charm bracelet, and it went flying. He broke it. My grandpa gave that to me. And he is dieing. I literally, balled my eyes o... read more

I am loving the update for Muttr! Nice color scheme. Cool theme, and the ability to enable or disable response? Awesome! I notice plenty of new details. Well done, MuttrStaff, well done.

Some one has put a curse over my life or I'm just lost in this world and God has looked over me just like everyone else, my life has been a living hell.. Everyone in my life uses me for something, only talks to me when its convenient for them!! Done talking to everyone. I will go to work and home and be ant social, I don't care anymore

In the middle of my conversation with my boyfriend whom I'm in a temporarily long distance relationship with as we were getting off the phone he suddenly said "huh?" and I said "what?" thinking that he couldn't have been talking to me because he said it in a lower voice than he was using with me and he said it rather abruptly. So I said "who are you talking to?" and he said with slight hesitation "myself-- stop trying to procrastinate!" And rushed me off the phone.

This boy has been following me like a puppy and he's always calling me beautiful and holding my things and he told me he really liked me and is always staring and i don't want to tell him I'm gay because he's so sweet and seems really genuine, i dont want to hurt him but im just not attracted to guys. I'm not encouraging him, but it feels like I'm leading him on because he doesn't know its hopeless to pursue me. What should I do?

So I recently checked my spam and it's full of penis enlargement and other types of penis "offers". Why?

I really don't know what's the matter with me. I've always been happy. My whole life has been nothing but joy, thrills, excitement and just plain fun. I guess you could say I'm one of those people who actually believe 'love' ruined my life. Well, not my whole life, but my life right now. I can honestly say teenagers aren't ready for something like that, but like I was saying. I was happy all the time. I did so much stupid stuff in Middle School. Drugs, fighting and sex but I ... read more

I just want a friend. a best friend. someone to tell all about my day or what we should do together. i want to have somebody to spend a day or night with and not care how I'm dressed or if i look fat, or if i have make up on. i want someone to be on my side, telling me how much i deserve to be happy and to be that friend to MAKE me happy. nobody seems to think I'm worth it, even though i try so hard to make people happy and understand i WANT to be there. i WANT that call at 3... read more

First of all, I don't think I will ever get used to being alone. I am the definition of an introvert and try really hard not to live by the stereotypes. But I am who I am and keep making the same mistakes. I got married 9 years ago and everything was fine until his alcohol problem became the reason for out separation 2 months ago. I still have to live in the same house as he and his wealthy patents would take me to the cleaners financially. The only thing I've always had goin... read more

So many times people take advantage of me. i am too nice and always feel the need to be. though i know how damaging it is to me inside, i don't know how to become strong enough to put my foot down and not let people walk all over me. its killing me.

Sometimes I really do wanna be done with you. You're constantly mean to me, and I'm just really sick of it. But at the same time I don't wanna give up on you. I don't know I'm just really tired of you treating me this way, I know I deserve better. It's just so hard to give up on someone you're close with

I should work OR go to bed....but what am I doing? Wasting time doing nothing

Nothing is worse than people saying DONT DIE LIFE GETS BETTER
Booboo, I've stayed alive for years simply because of those words. It doesn't, because every day the world only gets worse.

How do i comfort someone with clinical depression? a really good friend of mine is struggling alot right now, with self hate, self harm, anxiety. i wish i could make him feel better, but i have absolutely no idea how to go about it. i dont really understand the illness, how it works, what to say, what not to say.

Why don't you love me?

What does OP stand for?


I can't focus on my studies unless its absolutely quiet and zero activity in the room. I don't do libraries because of all the distractions and I don't do enclosed spaces(for x reason). I've found the best place to do my homework is at my dining room table, its smack-dabbed between the kitchen and the living room, very spacious. But because of the noise factor, I would have to wait till everyone's asleep.. like 1 a.m :/ With the amount of work I have to do, I'll be getting an... read more