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I have been with my boyfriend for a little under a year now, and I love him with all my heart. But lately, with me starting college and work and just being all around stressed out, I seem to be getting really passive aggressive and being mean to him without meaning to. As soon as I realize that I'm being unfair, I apologize, but I feel manipulative. He and I both know its not okay. I want to stop being like this, but I just can't. I don't want to lose him. Any advice on how t... read more

I believe its time that I *snip snip* cut him loose, I'm only beneficial to him!! He wants to be best friends when I will pay for things. But everyone that knows me know that I have a big heart and I love helping people out, he's taking my kindness for my weakness, I might just have to let him no about himself!! He'll be upset because I never sugar coat anything. I bet if I would text or call him and say let's go out and eat and drink he would be like yeah I'm down, wtf!! Yea... read more

Colosseum Providence is filled with a bunch of losers

I really can't stop farting, it's like ever since I walked into this guys house.

Some people really love to copy what you do.

It's so funny when I see people in a serious relationship.
The poor thing.
They actually believe love is real.

My life is so stressful between school and field hockey and family and the tons of homework we get, I can't get a break. I just need some time to enjoy myself and hang out with my friends. I'll start with school, 6th grade was much easier and less stressful, there wasn't as much homework and pressure to do well, now I have absolutely no free time and I have no classes with my best friends because of the way they sort the classes this year, and I am constantly reminding myself... read more

I just feel like absolute s*** right now i don't even know why >.<

Im a paranoid freak. Im currently in a relationship with my best friend. She #friendzoned me for 1 year. I finally broke it. I was soooo happy. Now, i feel like ill do something to screw this beautiful relationship up. I have a history of cheating and lying. My dying grandma said on her deathbed "jack, stop lying, please". since then ive stopped lying. that was 1 year ago. Im paranoid that ill lie and ill end this thing that has really made me happy.

Goodbye, as it is now my time to leave this world <3

I'm friends with people who are only my friends when it's convenient for them, but I keep going back because of the 1% of attention they do give me. How do I stop and find better friends when I keep getting dragged back in every time?

Why kick down someone who's already down?

I hate school so much. I know this is a common and repetitive adolescent complaint, and it's usually just brushed aside. School is really difficult for me to handle because of my anxiety. It's really hard to explain to students and teachers what this is and how bad it is for me. They don't understand the horrible anxious feeling I get when I'm at school, whether it is in class or walking on campus. It takes so much effort for me just to be there in class. Don't even mention b... read more

I feel lost....

Sometimes I wish my thoughts had an on/off button. Depression is making everything more difficult than it actually is.

So, my sister is about a year and a half older than me. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but I envy her so f***ing much. Why? Because literally everyone likes her better. So I just kind of feel like a less important version of her, you know? Why would you want to be with me when you could be with someone who is exactly like me, except prettier, skinnier, funnier, nicer, more talented, and has more friends? It doesn't make sense why you wouldn't choose her over me. Lik... read more

I feel hated by everyone in my life. They all get annoyed with me. They probably wish I was never here. I'm ashamed of myself. And I just want to be seen as something good.

He doesn't know how to be his self, he has to mock other people!! He's such a lame a** and its a turn off thinking off it!! Whatever he can go run after other people because he's a waste of time lying about everything, trying to be someone he's not. So I will keep my distance from him

I feel like people want women to shut up and take s***....because when you start to fight back, it offends them.

People are so stupid.

I'm upset about him cuming quick, like wait can I at least enjoy some part of it. I don't know if it's something with me or is he just a 3 minute man!! He even had the nerve to want me to moan and tell him how big he was!! I couldn't do that because I'd be lying, its kind of funny thinking about it. That he did all this talk like he would rock my world and have me running from his penis, well it didn't happen.. I hate when people do all this bragging and then you find out the... read more