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Everybody's changing, has exciting new things going on, except me. New significant others, jobs, places to live... But not me.

Nothing in my life ever changes.
No matter how hard I try.

I'm going to grow old and die alone, apparently.

I'm asexual and I find it so hard to form friendships because people think you're boring or a prude.

I was stupid and allowed my mother in law to go in on a house with us and I'm seriously loosing my cool. The plan was she would build a house on the property we bought. Months later no plans and my husband and I are fighting. This woman is destroying my life with her craziness and I don't think I can stop it.

I've been on several medications and I don't know what it is but the past couple days have been terrible i've ben anxious, having panick attacks, etc and i'm so worn out

It's my day off but I am going to march right up to him and give him my number.

Nothing to lose. Either it works out or not, but at least after that I can know it's nothing and move on.

Several people I know...
I haven't seen them in months
But I still feel angry for what they did.
The world would be better off without them but there's nothing I can do...
At least without major consequences.

I will not go into too many details,
but several people really screwed me over months ago and I am having trouble getting over it.

I'm in my twenties and was just recently in my first relationship. It lasted 6 months and we were best friends and everything was good, I thought. He suddenly stops messaging me right before university classes start up and then a couple weeks later he calls me on my birthday and breaks up with over the phone. Only he didn't quite break up with me. We're both crying and he says he made a mistake and he wants to try and work it out.

He calls the next couple of nights and it's ... read more

Hi! I'm 17, and the man I'm in love with is 18, soon 19. We knew each other about a year in 2014, long distance of about 2 hours as he was at a college in the city and I was living in the country, we were talking as more than friends, we talked about moving in together once I finished school (which will be at the end of 2016), but this was all before I knew he was joining the ADFA. He was/is my best friend I have grown such a strong friendship as much as a potential pa... read more

Anyway. The biggest of my vents. Why did I have to be born so wierd. I feel like a metal head. I won't dress like a goth but I aim for avril lavigne type clothes. She's a hell awesome. Everyone around me is so different and the metal heads I know are like satanist. Yeah I like the look but I won't let it rule my life. Imma Christian who wishes to have a rocking life and good grades.

I was always an introvert and I'm 19. Now I find it so hard to hold on to God I feel like I'm about to go crazy. I am supposed to be studying and I hardly started but I feel like I can't focus to continue. It's so frustrating I wish I could break down and cry and get over it but its just there controlling me and putting a damper on my whole day. I had two beers with a friend and I never told my mom.

I'm a mess and I'm not very happy with my life at all. A while back my family lost our house (no one was paying who would have thought they'd kick us out /sarcasm) anyway we all went our separate ways and since I was still trying college at the time I had to move out with my mom into a s*** one bedroom apartment. It sucked but I could manage it. Until about a year later my idiot brother moved back in. So now it's been three people in a one bedroom apartment. I knew the seco... read more

So, almost two years ago... I was involved with this girl, who happened to be the first girl I loved.. she ended up with another guy about two- three weeks after we decided to end things. she ended up making out with this guy in front of me. after that i wanted nothing to do with her, and we got into arguments and totally cut each other off.. it was a little over a month later that she admitted that she had fallen in love with me, yet was still involved with this guy. after t... read more

Found out the love of my life cheated on me with my best friend while I was at bootcamp

I haven't been able to feel emotions or pain for a few weeks now. I'm constantly tired and have a terrible memory to the point where I forget things I just did or where I am. Stuff is really confusing and I have to focus to understand what's going on, or else I just kinda tune out everything and I don't feel like I'm in my body. I don't know what's happening to me??? I'm sure I would be scared, but I don't think I'm capable of it right now. #venting #pleasehelp

God this school year is turning out horribly. My AP Chem class is insanely difficult and so is Spanish. I could study for 6 hours a day for a week (which I have) and barely get in the eighties for a test in either subject. Meanwhile, my SAT score is 200 below what my target was, and I only have one more test to go before they completely change the SAT for good. I'm scared I'll disappoint myself or even worse my parents.

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years now, and I know he's the one. Right now we're too young for either of us to be officially engaged, but we really basically are. The thing is, while we like to be completely honest with each other... There are things I haven't said to him. Back in January, just a month and a half away from a year ago, I quit smoking. What he doesn't know is I started back up again about a month later and I haven't quit. And it's not just... read more

I'm back, muttr-butters! :D

And boy, do I have a story to tell!

So, there was this one time in ninth grade, where there was this girl I kinda liked and she was legitimately my friend. She was cute and all and I used to make her laugh a lot too but I could tell my friend liked her too and he was a f***boy so he was probably gonna get her. So I remember after school, before I got on my bus there was this place in the front of my school where my group would hang out and she wa... read more

I can't do anything to make him feel better it's that far between us
I hear about the times he's cried and I haven't known or helped and now IM crying
and yet for all I care there's little moments that just kill me like he got a new chat group and had it for a good month before he even mentioned it to me like I tell him everything I do and when he doesn't do the same I feel like he feels like he needs to keep ot from me I don't want in on the action I just want to know I want... read more

So, I'm part of a group of people on Tumblr. They're all pretty cool, usually, but something that just gets on my nerves is when they're screwing around. And it's not even that I'm mad, it's because they don't include me. I posted a picture that I drew, just to be nice, but they didn't show any sort of recognition that they saw the post. WTF, you could at least send me SOMETHING that says, "Oh, that's cool, but I don't really want to respond, thanks anyways." All I want. Is t... read more