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I doubt you even know it happened, but a few months ago when I was still seeing someone and we hung out, you gave me this look. It was a loving look of longing and sadness.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since, even before my breakup.
It's so f***ing silly. A look.
Now I'm afraid it's too late. I waited too long. Nothing will ever happen between us.

So my husband's grandmother will be staying with us for about a two week period. This is the second time in a two month time span. She sits on her a** all day watching horse movies. Every evening she gets drunk. Any time in between she's on the phone complaining about how wild my toddlers act. I have to cook all her meals and clean up after her on top of everything else I already do. The least she could do is wash herself, but she's too lazy to shower more than once a week.

I gave him one last chance because for once he was actually taking steps to get help for his issues. But it's been four years, he only got on meds a few months ago and he's already backsliding. I don't think I want to see what he's like in another four years.

Jesus f***ing christ, I HATE working in groups at school. I hate relying on other people, I hate other people relying on me, I hate how other people can take your idea and totally misunderstand and refuse to try to understand it, and I hate having to settle for some mediocre piece of s*** outcome.

How do you know if you had an orgasm? I don't know if I've had one or not and when I'm doing stuff with my boyfriend and he asks if I'm close I honestly don't know. I think I might have had one but I don't really know. :/

I remember the time when I was truly happy and carefree . It was with someone who supported me and my family didn't cause me any debt . I was happy but I was unappreciative and lost that happiness now I'm in debt and I'm lost no one to care for me and my family take advantage of me . I wish I chose him over my family . I wouldn't be in this situation . Sometimes family betray, family isn't family anymore .

Why does it seem like I always find songs that sum up my life? It's just confusing, because they just fit even if the words don't exactly match my situation.

Me: Stuck in bathroom for twenty minutes because noone would bring me toilet paper.
Mom: Brings in toilet paper. "Sorry, we couldn't hear you."
Me (whispers after mom has walked into the other room): "a**h*** ."
Mom: "Watch your tongue!"

I was raped but I don't remember it. I saw the cctv footage. A vague image of a shape moving up and down on top of me and a man getting up and pulling up his trousers before calmly smoking a few cigarettes. It makes me sick to think of someone violating me whilst I was unconscious. If I could remember it I think it would be easier to deal with. I feel so stupid for having got so drunk and putting myself in danger.

Ugh I don't know if I like him or not I mean our date was pretty good we cuddled and made out but then he tells me he only wants to be friends with benefits. At first I was really sad because that happens to me a lot but then I started thinking idk if I even want to date him or be in a relationship you know . I do want to be his friend though I know that cause he's cool and I like talking to him but I also loved cuddling and making out with him so I guess I do want to be frie... read more

Sorry, but I can't be friends with someone who breaks all their promises.

Girls with short hair can just f*** me up i'm so attracted to them

I'm gonna die.
He's going to kill me. I know he is. He's suddenly started acting strange and his "jokes" are getting more graphically violent...

One thing any movie, show or book can do that annoys me more than anything else is to explain what just happened, as if I didn't just watch/read it happening. This is why I can only enjoy a few anime.

Honestly, f*** off. You act like you're sooo smooth and think you're impressing me when honestly I'm just tired out. Like, I get you're trying to be cute and seduce me or whatever, but if you want to girlfriendzone me, at least don't insist on staying friends when I keep rejecting you and then go back to trying to flirt.

I have a midterm tomorrow. My laptop just crashed. My Laptop won't start up again. My laptop had virtually all of my files related to the midterm and the in fact, the entire course. I am now working from virtually scratch on a computer with an OS so old YouTube and Skype have deprecated it.

If you are within a 200-foot radius, you have ten seconds to run.

#GodHatesMe #SomeoneKillMe #Imgonnagoinsaneandkillatrandomuntilsomeonekillsme

I hate #school fml

Hey Baby man,
I'm not as dumb as you want me to be. I am not dumb enough to do or say anything that would cause you to have a reason to say that I'm being unreasonable, uncooperative, neglectful or bit$$y. Anything I say may be used against my DD in a court of law. I been through this route and I know less is more. You go right ahead on and dig your own hole. You are bizarre and weird. Do you really want me to tell the court system that you like to run around in your underwea... read more

A doubt
A reason
A closed up mind

A look
A word
A person who is kind

A cuddle
A kiss
A story too great to miss

A secret
A fear
A fall from bliss

A text
A tear
A heart in a bind

A doubt
A reason
A closed up mind.

I am a bored kid on summer vacation. Feel the wrath.

I really really sincerely want to kill myself. for eight years i've been wanting to kill myself. but you know how much you get blamed for it? a lot. you'll feel guilty and even worse. please god just let me die, if that's the last wish i'm ever granted. please, make the pain go away. because i can't take much more nor is there anything worth living for that i wouldn't stick around for for other reason than guilt. just let me go