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My mom, when I was ten, used to call me 'fat'. I suppose, though, it was kind of true, I was a slightly chubby kid then, but I thought I was beautiful, so honestly I didn't give a damn. But gradually, my mom would keep hinting, keep forcing me into too-small clothing and laughing at my stomach, keep parading her bullimic-a** self around, that I couldn't deal with it anymore. So, I did the only thing I knew how to do to get back at her: I ate enough f***ing food to feed an Afr... read more

I dont wanna go DRINKING TONIGHT! hahahha i mean who says that? omg a bunch of folks are gonna be dressed in dirty arse costumes and i wont be supervised.. and i don't wanna go? idk whuts wrong with me! THATS THE WHOLE PT OF HALLOWEEN... and its not even halloween...

And now to smoke willy's wonder and play skyrim.... Tho I'd much rather waste away the Saturday with a friend... I might have to fire up okcupid again but maybe there's a better way to meet people?

I just want clearer skin, but every product I buy turns out to be either bad for the skin or useless. I keep looking online for a site that reviews skincare products by real people but it's hard to find any that don't sound like paid testimonials. I feel like I have to become a dermatologist to quit wasting time and money... But come on. It shouldn't be this hard to find good, reliable skincare that works.

I just need to wrote this somewhere ok so last night I dreamed that I had a gf (I'm a bisexual girl BTW) and like we lived at this house with a bunch of other people our age and we were kissing and cuddling in this bedroom and the house was like really tall and big and it was in a wooded area so the view outside was of the mountains and forest and it was super pretty. but then some of the other people that lived with us were planning to attack us because they didn't think we ... read more

Oh god I need a couch so bad! No money or way to transport it so I am stuck with a love seat that I Hate! I'm very petite but this thing is still too small and total bulls*** to sit on.... Don't even think about trying to lay down!! I fantasize about Setting it on fire and chucking it off the balcony as I salute and laugh as its consumed by flames made of crazy colors. Maybe next weekend.

I don't even want to think about Halloween right now because it's making me too upset. I'll be staying home for the first time in my life. Halloween has always been my thing and I always went out but I can't this year and I wanna cry.

I think "How to get away with murder" on television starring Viola Davis is amazing.

Viola Davis is very sexy and vulnerable and powerful and multifaceted and I love her.

And everyone on that show is ho. I love that, too. I love hos.

You hurt me, I hate you.

I want to see you suffer in the way you have made me suffer. I know 2 wrongs don't make it right but I don't give a sh1t. This is a vent and I can say whatever I dahm well please.

I have nothing to live for. The past several years have been full of disappointment and humiliation. My life is going nowhere(I live in a depressingly drab poor country.... who cares?)

I have very very few friends. Even among these friends, NO ONE bothers to call, write, text, etc. Even if I take initiative, it often goes nowhere, I get generic answers, or nothing. I mean I was confined (medical) for months and years and no one asks if I still exist. I have been truly forgot... read more

For everytime I slip up on my fasting, I have told myself that I would stab a needle through one corner of my bottom lip!

How come no one ever told me that sleeping in just panties and a shirt feels so comfortable? #shelteredvirgin#insecure#ashamed

I think I like Paige, but I don't know where to go from here.

i am only young however i am not going to specify age because i feel that it may bias some responses. Okay this is just a bit of context so you will understand my situation a little better, i was dating this guy (M) for about 4 months (i know its not long but that's only officially, we were speaking before and after so it was actually about 7 or 8) he meant a great deal to me and i would've done anything for him. however my best friend (C) was spea... read more

So sick of my neighbor 'pretending' to be proactive by going and smashing all his f***ing tools around in his garage, which just so happens to be below my bed. Between his f***ing ignorance, living next to a bar and listening to some a**h*** chip away at the grout between bricks to replace them across the street (this has been going on for months, btw) IM ABOUT TO LOSE MY f***ING MIND. Does NO ONE in this world understand that sometimes people like to f***ing sleeping in on t... read more

I haven't felt a shred of happiness in the past two years. Everything that once gave me happiness when i was younger just stopped one day and i don't find not in anything. I am scared of something one moment then 2 minutes later im not scared. Its a repeating pattern of not only the fears, but everything. I can eat something i "like" then 2 minutes later I'll never like it again. I feel as if somebody else is taking over my body. Im emotionless when it comes to situations whe... read more

I'm just so f***ing annoyed at myself and you. Why the f*** did you even come out with us, come back to my house and stay in my bed to f***ing hurt me the next morning? Why the s*** did you even bother? I'm fuming, absolutely fuming that I let myself get like this. Why did I ever think things would go my way?

You know i used to think my Dad was strong minded but as soon as a** comes into the picture all his good sense goes out the window. Dispite the fact that my retarded job is trying to lay me off and I've been applying for jobs vigorously, doing schoolwork taking classes for a certification-agaaaain, and am damn near 40 and never been pregnant cuz i've been careful because I haven't gotten that much money, wondering what the f*** the reptilians and big folks need me to do.. rig... read more

Relatives and family friends are dying left and right recently? This scares me tbh. I've yet to lose someone close and dear to me and this s*** is making me realize that death isn't that far away for my parents who are well near their 60s.

Can someone (who isn't a f***ing ugly creep) eat my g**d*** p****, like please, already?!