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Let me tell you a story. About a girl and a boy. Fell in love with his best friend. When shes around he feels nothing but joy. She was already broken and it made her blind. She could never believe that love would ever treat her right.

I want my ex boyfriend dick inside me so f***ing bad right now but no you had to cancel on our f*** session. s***@!?E!

I think I have a bit of a problem. I am a straight female who gets off on ONLY blonde lesbian threesome porn. Don't get me wrong porn with a man and women gets me off but doesn't make me c**. Like watching straight porn makes me think about sex more but doesn't get me off. Am I a lesbian? I'm 21 and have been with only one person my whole life (my ex boyfriend). Sex with him was wild. He was my first and I gave him my virginity when I was 20. It really was amazing but since t... read more

Vallero? More like TEXT A HOE!!!!!!

I'm gonna smell your quief till you c** out dust.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm b**** a** tittys. Huh oh I love b**** a** tittys. Ugh.

I like it when the red water comes out....

So my ex recently got in contact with me and I haven't seem them since the break up going on almost a year ago. They no longer live in the same state as I do but he was my first and by that I mean the first person I have honestly fell in love with 100%. Long story short,my father who is a bit of a hot head and scrooge over heard the argument that ended our relationship last year. With that being said he doesn't want him here and when I talk about him (how much the relationshi... read more

I feel like a disappointment about things I can't help. My online friend asked what my eye color was expecting green or blue...but my eyes are brown....and my teeth aren't straight...they're slightly uneven that need braces.

Its so hard not to go insane in these surroundings... I have been trying hard to change from being soangry and frustrated to letting things go formy own sake, but its really hard!! Im surrounded by people who dont give a s*** about their job, and since we work "together" I always end up doing it all... I know thats my own fault, for picking up all of their slack, but I cant help myself!!! I feel like if I let it slide I will be look upon like Im like them, and im not! I just ... read more

My friend is a f***ing whore. She's been with her boyfriend for 5 years. And has cheated on him at least twice. He knew about the first guy but decided to forgive her because of her super power of using her cute voice and giggling. WHICH IS ANNOYING AS f*** AND NOT EVEN CUTE, IT'S f***ING UGLY. And he recently found out about the last guy. Then this b**** has the nerve to be bawling and complaining to me and my friend saying s*** like "he doesn't want me back. waah" and just ... read more

We all have that friend who is pretty but is always saying "Oh I need to work out" "I wish I was naturally pretty so I don't have to wear make-up" but yet she always has guys falling all over the place and going out of their way to do stuff for her. And then they go on about how ugly they are. STFU. Stop trying to fish for compliments. AND she's always complaining about her boyfriends! b**** JUST BE A LESBIAN THEN

Why are men such shits?
He hasn't texted me back for 48 hours now, even though I know he's been on his phone because he has been on facebook. He told me all weekend that he missed me and wanted to see him but when I told him I was free he's either decided to work late, or he's been too tired, or he's made other plans. He says that he cares, but it really feels like he doesn't.
I don't deserve to be ignored by him, I'm not that bad of a person.

Work should finish at 2 on Fridays

Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas... How he got into them, I'll never figure out!

Alot on my mind tonight

What a pisser. I've had the online name exoboy since the Precambrian days of AOL dial up... NOW there is an awful Korean boy-band called the EXO boy band... And you guessed it... Now exoboys comes up whenever I search for my name! C'mon you weenies. Get your own web identity!

My sons grandma is a whore! What is that teaching him? Watching his grandma bring someone that isn't his grandpa around? What does that teach him about women? How is he suppose to respect women when his grandma is an example of a woman that doesn't respect herself, her husband, or her children? What does that say to a child? I don't want him around her!

Since this is anonymous. Admit it! Who doesn't love a nice, big, round a** bouncin' in yer face! Ha!

Leonard Nimoy: neither living long, nor prospering. Good bye, my friend... Or should I say "God be with yee"?