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So my school is having a talent show and my friend and I love to sing and she wants us to do a duet but I have horrible stage fright and I'm not sure what to do because I already told her yes and now I'm getting cold feet..I feel nervous just talking about it

Sorry im not that educated on this topic
but why do the us and nkorea hate each other so much? (besides communism)
like if someone says theyre from nkorea then people are like O.O and start freaking out

I am bisexual girl and I also prefer girls, a lot of my friends are homophobic and I'm terrified of coming out to anyone...advice?

Stop accusing me of lying you manipulative b****! Ugh so done with you rn I give you all of my love and attention and you pay me back with this kind of s***.

I just went trough some of my old class mates FB profiles to see how they're doing. (We graduated this year in July)
I realized how all of them are more mature than me, or at least look like it. They go to college, some have jobs and all of them have friends and go out.
I'm still stuck at home. No college because we're too poor, no job and no friends because I'm too introverted and mentally ill. I honestly feel like I'm 16, not 19. All of these people take up responsebilities... read more

Great. It's Christmas break which means I get to stay home with an emotionally abusive mother.

OOOOOKAYYYYY So there's this guy I really like and I'm pretty sure he likes me back, but the thing is... I won't see him for another 18 days and my best friend won't give me the guys kik and UGH MAKES ME SO MAD BRUH #bruh #notshittingyou #f***

Things have been going really rough the past few weeks... I'm honestly preparing for a possible break up. I'm really scared of that, I know I'm a f*** up and all but what scares me the most is if he's going to be okay. None of us got any friends, we're both loners since middle school and we lost all contact with pretty much everyone after graduation. I just want him to be okay...

Anyone know a way to block emotion

I'm not good at anything. My whole life I have tried and tried many sports, Dance, Ice-skating, Soccer, Softball, Tennis Swimming and Volley-ball. I'm not smart, at all. I can't draw, or write, or take pictures. I don't have a teaching ability, and I can't speak in front of others. I can't sing or play a instrument. I can't do makeup, or hair. I have gone around my whole life, thinking I must be good at something, anything. But I'm not. I wan't to give up, I wish I was dead a... read more

I really hate myself so f***ing much. I'm so ugly, skinny and stupid. I really ate my body. I've never got fat. I have many scars due to allergies and self-harm. I also hate my frizzy hair and my face. I'm not smart. I'm not good at anything. People dislike me for no reasons. My family treats me like their personal slave. I really hate my parents for conceiving me. I hardly have friends and don't have the ability to make one. I stopped caring about myself because nobody cares... read more

I wish I was never born. I don't fit in anywhere I go. In school, home, church, mall anywhere. I feel like people really hate my presence so they would just avoid me or ignore me although I dress nicely, observe personal hygiene and not being rude. However, some people told me that they are afraid to approach me because I look like a cold-hearted person, I don't smile a lot and I look intimidating so maybe this is the problem. I keep trying my best though but I still fail. I ... read more

Here I am, stuck in a constant cycle of trying to have a bright attitude in a sticky situation. Why do I suffer?

Why Many People Are Not Saved


A.Each day countless individuals die lost.
1. To be lost is to be alienated from God (2 Thess 1:9).
2. To be lost is to have no hope (Eph 2:12).
B.The horrible part is that most people die lost (Mt 7:13-14).
C.Why do so many individuals die lost?


A.Many think they are too good to be lost.
1. They know they haven't committed horrible crimes.
2. These are good, moral people. They make wonderful n... read more

Why do I tend to isolate myself... ?

Okay, so, it's the christmas season, and my boyfriend and i wanted to get dressed up and go somewhere nice, so we did. we've been together since junior year of high school, stayed together through college, and have had a healthy, stable relationship the entire time. he's literally like my best friend in the whole world and its great . but so, here we are, wearing our nice suits and everything, and we sit down at the table. the waitress comes up, and she starts hitting on us r... read more

What would you do in my position? My boyfriend would be the perfect man for me. But I'm seriously not physically attracted to him. I never have been. I'm kind of a fitness nut but he's the exact opposite of that. I've tried hint that he should start working out or eating healthier, I try to get him to do that stuff with me so we can make it a "we're in this together" kind of activity, but he just wont stick to it. We've been together for around three years and I feel like a b... read more

I've got $13 to my name, lost my keys, 4% phone battery and s*** my brains out at work. f*** your boyfriend problems.

So I'm not obsessed about my boyfriend or anything, but I still like him. We've been together for years, and the two of us just don't feel like we have to be around each other all the time. We're happy and stable as a couple. But my friends are taking things (being apart for spans of time) as "not going well", and some of them are taking this chance to butter me up or hit on me even though I'm clearly committed. I have to remind everyone that I'm in a relationship because app... read more

How can I kill myself painlessly but surely? I'm just so tired of my life full of adversities and problems. I've never told anyone about my personal problems because I know they would just judge me. I'm just so tired to the extent of feeling nothing but emptiness and numbness. I just want to die to escape from this shithole earth.