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What are some signs that allow a person to realize they're asexual?

I feel so fuxking alone

OH well s*** happens .I'm so dumb. maybe I'll be less dumb in 1 year or so.
Screw everything and everyone. Well mostly screw me for being an idiot. I'm so desperate and stupid. Why would I believe it was okay to do that? I'll never live that down. I'm freaking 18 years old I should have known better and trusted my instincts. but I did it and now I've f***ed up thier impression of me. Oh well life goes on

I'm really annoyed with all of the haters out there that say that Gay marriage shouldn't be legal. People have a right to marry who they love whether her or she is of the same gender or of opposite gender. I might be Bi, but I don't want to be Bi in a world where people will hate on me for it. I also feel like if I am not Bi, i will have more power in standing up for LGBTQ people.

I feel like I'll never succeed in life because I still don't know what I want to major in. And even I choose , I'm scared I'll end up hating my job 20 years from now. It seems like that happens to every person I know. I want to choose something that i know I won't fall out of love with.

How exactly do you begin to love yourself? Everyone makes it seem like its the easiest thing in the world but its not

I'm such a f***ing dweeb. I'm over here obsessing over some guy to text me back like a 13 year old school girl. What the hell is wrong with me? "Oh he's not responding because he hates me!" "Or did I do something wrong?". Why am I being such a girl about this. I mean I know I have a crush on him but damn. If he doesn't text me back its his loss.. but if he does yay for me. I need to stop putting so much care into those , whom I'm barely even a blimp on their radar.

I have an obsession with a famous actress and I am now starting to act a little most sassy like her. It is an issue in school and many people can sense the change. But the one thing that I know is that I can't give this up. The actress is truly amazing and I love her work so much. I am very protective about this and whenever I see something that shows hate on this actress I get really mad.

(This is gonna be long but please read) Okay, so I'm 14 years old and i have a sister who is 11 and for the past 3 or so years my mum has done nothing but push us away. I'm not just saying this but we are genuinely good kids. I dont smoke, drink, fight, to be honest i never really go out with friends because i dont have many I just dont know what to do because nobody understands what shes like behind closed doors. Everyone thinks shes the perfect mum who would do anything for... read more

Someone's head's up in the clouds. Keep dreaming b****.

I've been home for too long. Don't have anywhere to go, so I feel locked up. I don't have any passion in life, nothing I look forward to. Where/ how do I find meaning?

I feel completely and utterly numb. It's as if no thoughts are in my head. I don't want to do anything. And that's not meaning that sitting or laying down is what I want to do. I don't even want to do that. I literally want to do nothing. Cease to exist for a little. Freeze time, disappear, then maybe come back.
My dad passed away 3 weeks ago today. It hit me yesterday at 11:30 coming home from work. Hard.
I've met someone who I never thought could exist about five months ago... read more

I keep revisiting old feelings for a guy i used to have a thing with in the past, but the 'thing' we had never formally ended we just drifted apart and i sometimes miss him

Just saw a snapchat of my friend hanging out and giving attention to the girl who did things to me. They treat her like a f***ing princess just because shes "mentally unstable". They all know what she did to me. I cant bear to be around her, let alone in that house whether shes there or not. I get paranoid and frantic, anxious and scared. I can never sleep there again. My other friend had her as a background on his phone asked why he had a pig on his phone and he got mad and ... read more

I'm feeling a little bit trapped in my own mind right now. I've had the week off work. But sometimes I just don't know what to do with myself. I obviously want to feel good and revitalised, but sometimes if I waste my day it makes me feel worse. Sometimes I feel like it takes so much for me to feel satisfied at the end of the day. Tuesday was a good day. I worked on a musical project all day, was very disciplined and made good progress. Tried the same on Wednesday, and even t... read more

Why are white british filthy smelling living in a shithole of Doncaster with their tracksuits and hoodies on bike living on benefits?

I hate Chinaaaaaaaaaaaa, I hate Chineese ppl, they so f***ing creepy, they are the most distinct looking race on planet I ever seen with ther slanty eyes and mutilated nose, but I do like watching "Jackie chan who am I" film, also Chinese girls knows how to gag for a Big Black Cock.

My life sucks big time right now. Work is becoming a drag because I need more support to work the way I want to. My house is in a shambles because my husband wants to behave more like my son. I just want to sleep all the time. Sometimes I don't even want to move. Ugh!!! I'm done making bad decisions. That's why I'm in this mess to begin with.

Another throw away kind of day. I need a coach.