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It's really hard to cheer someone up when you're the one that needs the cheering up in the first place.

My dad is cheating on my mom. he doesnt know that i know, im not sure what to do.

Im not good enough for my family. im trying so hard to do well but it always backfires. my mom does drugs and my dad drinks, i never can talk to them without getting hit or being abused in some way. my boyfriend hates my family and is now refusing to talk to me because he thinks that i am just as messed up as them. my best friends have started to pull away from me because of the bruises i always have. no one will talk to me. im so alone and all i can do is think about ways to... read more

My older sister who only ever sits at home, smoking my mom's weed, eatting, buying tons of clothes or lotions with her debit card is bitching me out. She tries to say I don't do anything around the house since I'm taking a semester off college. I'm the only one who does laundry, dishes, cleans up her trash in various rooms, and takes out the tons of recycle/trash bags. I even help our younger sibling half the time who's made it into honors classes, something neither of us did... read more

Literally, there was this girl I used to really like. I almost thought I was in love with her, but I'm still younger. But, she played me. And long story short she had family issues, and had to move back with her mom. But before that, I thought she was really starting to ya know settle down kinda with me. Not like marriage because like I said we're still younger. But she just was f***ing with these guys for a while and like she knew I had feelings for her and when it all final... read more

I gave a girl a stick n poke tattoo last night on her ankle (actually several people), im only 15 and this isnt the first time, but her dad found out about it. He somehow found out where i live and told my mom. Now there is a whole chain reaction going on and parents are finding out about the stick n pokes i did. I know it was very stupid but i just wanted to fit in since these are people i used to be friends with but moved schools, i wanted to still seem cool. Because of all... read more

I'm in college right now, and I feel like my life is falling apart. My classes are getting harder and harder (which is expected) but no matter what I do I always seem behind. All of my friends live in a different dorm and it's torture to walk over there all the time, especially now that it's so cold outside. And on top of all of that, I barely get to see my girlfriend anymore. I come home on the weekends, and she works on the weekends. I just want things to be like they were ... read more

Roberto in California you are a rambling, incompetent, and somewhat insane moron. 1st off your the one who is misunderstanding, and what's with the creepy laughing after every remark you say?? #weirdo Also you have 20 claims on your policy for over the past 3 years. Instead of talking to me like I'm unaware of how to do my job. Sir you and your household need to learn how to drive and you need to learn how to talk to a women.

It's very big and hard, yes I know what y'all think of me, but girls are too sexualised nowadays showing off their curves and booties. #Pawg #curves #bigasses

So I am LITERALLY PANICKING AND Hyper Ventilating because of this so please help, I don't know what other website to go to. This has never happened before, whenever I open up a new tab on my chrome it's yahoo now starting today. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS! I deleted yahoo from the webpage manager thingy everyone said to, BUT ITS STILL THERE AND I EVEN RESET CHROME TWICE AND IT STILL POPS UP! IS THERE A VIRUS? MY BODY IS SHAKING VIOLENTLY FROM MY ANXIETY FROM THIS AND I DO... read more

Holy s***, dude. I witnessed something so, so sad today...

Okay, so our academic adviser has these meetings in the common room every so often to tell us about things developing in our program and whatever, and it was all going well until one of the RAs came in.

Now, for some reason, he's a big hit with the girls, so all the girls started clamouring when he walked in. He went and sat down near the mass of them and the meeting continued. I have no idea why he showed up; he's ... read more

Sometimes it feels like I can't process the value of enjoyment. Happiness isn't quantitative so I don't really know how to take it into account when I'm making decisions. Pretty sad, really.

There's this guy I like in my class. Let's just call this guy Phil. So Phil I know crushes aren't a legit reason to feel depressed, but I kinda do. He got pissed at me for teasing him about the girl he likes and he HATES ME now. I tried apologizing literally a billion times and I even bought him giant bags of his favorite candy because I felt so bad. The guilt is eating me alive and he doesn't even acknowledge my existence! I know I should just get over him and forget about h... read more

Have u even been in a thirteen years relationship without that person making love to you? #wouldnt know how it feels

Why are jelly beans so freaking good? I'm nom nom nom-ing right now non-stop. The bag'll be empty by the end of the night probably.

I sexually identify myself as an attack helicopter

This is so hard. Why must I have feelings for my best friend.

I wish we could be best friends again or at least closer than we are now but... So much happened and we haven't talked for so long so I'm sure you don't care anymore.. You also re-triggered my eating disorder and helped push me into a whirling pit of anxiety and depression. Idk I love you but you really hurt me but I'm sure you stopped caring about me.. Oh well meh I need to move on :/

I just give up. Really, what else am I supposed to do. We will never cross paths again and I need to just accept that. For a fleeting moment I thought I was special and lucky as hell to come across something so different and special, but like everything else... no just no. f*** it I give up.

I hate watching the videos in my drivers ed class because they are so upsetting and just triggering in general. Good thing i can have my chromebook out so i dont have to physically look but still i can barely handle it...
Im gonna drink a bunch of soda so i can get all sugared up so it doesnt affect me as much....
Im scared.