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I just want a silly idiot , adorable funny, perfect guy too love. but i guess those dont exist.

I love Porn a lot

I am afraid to die, because after this life we are nothing but worm food. No one will ever remember me or what I have done.

At least Hitler will be remembered.

I just want more to life than life. I love living and never want it to be over put my brain in a computer

Adrian Peterson is a piece of s*** that should retire

I like Turtles !

I have a masters degree cant get a job in my field let a lone a job in retail

With out sleep aids I cant sleep! So annoying

Me and this girl have been broken up for 9 years, 9 years! I have dated others girls, shagged my way through college, drank, worked out, nothing. Nothing gets me over, I see her at events and I still want to talk to her and be with her. I have to see her 15 hours then next few days. She is happily married now probably going to be pregnant anytime soon. I just want to be with her, i have never have had feelings like this for anyone else

My last girl friend after well yea afte... read more

I'm so sick of going into my room to sleep at night. Every time I do I have anxiety attacks and it's starting to take a toll on my health. It always looked like I'm wearing black lipstick because of the bruises from biting my lip. I also have bruises on the inside of my palm from clenching my wrists and on my legs from hitting myself. My eyes are always bright red from crying too much the night before. I never get enough sleep from staying up til 5 every night and it's so har... read more

Sometimes all you need is a good cry

PLEASE READ AND HELP! Okay, so there's this guy I've liked for a very long time and with past experiences I know he likes me too. This guys lives a couple of hours away from me yet every time we're in the same city sparks fly. This last time I traveled to his town for a mutual friends birthday party. During the party we danced and he held my hand, however one instance when I came back from the restroom he was talking to some other girl. He ignored me for the remainder of the ... read more

So it's not enough that I was willing to accommodate your s*** "friend" living with us after we get married, now you want to drag all her friends into it too?
I swear to god, I will never understand women. Should have just said I was gay and got with A or J while I had the chance.

As a kid i wanted a little bit more, i wanted my mom to love me a bit more, i thought i could use a bit more, wanted a bit, and one day maybe around 7 or 8 i said with half-heart tears "i feel like you dont love me enough", i felt like she took this a wierd way like she could chill because she 'got me', anyway i was ok, but maybe i blew it out of proportion cuz later i sort of told that story (mom doesnt love me enough) so i'd do obnoxious things *maybe to get her attention, ... read more

My mom always makes things against me. like once we were walking to her car and my bra strap was showing so she said "let me fix it" but i quickly fixed it on my own, and she told me i "want her out of my life" and that i don't love her.. she does this all the time. and she's dead serious. i've never had that great relationship with my mom, we fight a lot and have never agreed on anything. she is basically the complete opposite of me and never even tries to like the things i ... read more

I want to kill myself. Everyday I get more and more frustrated and grumpy with other people making it almost impossible to talk to people without them thinking i'm an awful person and a jerk. All I do is wake up to want to go back to sleep again. I tell myself throughout school "Only this many more hours until you're back to sleep." All I look forward to is sleeping. I get extremely frustrated with anyone that tries to talk to me to the point where i yell at them for no reaso... read more

I, like, like the word like, like, you know?

Ok, i dont know if this counts as a rant but i really like this boy and he likes me back, a lot of people know, we both know that we like eachother. we just havent 'talked' yet, and i want him to say something or do something.. im hoping to kiss him on our semi formal (he's my date) which is coming up soon and ugh there are just nights i cant stop thinking about 'us' and what we could be if someone just said something. i probably have to go up to one of my friends to talk to ... read more

I hate when my mom blames my phone problems (texting her where I am and it not sending) on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy... Just been trying to work together my calendar for the next two months... I'm actually scared of how busy they will be. Going from being an unfit shut in to this is f***ing with my anxiety a fair bit right now.

You are my sister. My only sibling, my only immediate family member. Why can't you just love and support me without criticizing the way I'm doing it. I'm gonna do things my way, not your way. My way is not right and my way is not wrong. It is just my way. This is my life. I love you unconditionally. Please love me back, unconditionally.