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WHY WHY WHY OH DEAR GOD WHY are you texting me now?!?! Im sooooo tired of this game!!! I am really trying to get you out of my head, and your "hot" then "cold" ways are really really pissing me off!! just pick one!! please!!!!! I don't want to do this anymore, it hurts me! Just cause you don't feel like I do doesn't give you the right to toy with me :(

I'm here if anyone needs to talk or release anything out of their chests. I don't know you and you don't know me, but that's the good thing. We can somehow look at others problems and maybe feel some comfort and find solutions. Because it's always good to let it out than to have it caged in.

Ighborhood ... a bunch of us would play games all through our yards and trick-or-treat together. also my friend next door would come with us to every random errand we went on ... grocery shopping was fun with him, we made our own weird club and would hang out in our basement and my sister would read to us in goofy voices and we would make crafts and draw and collect any random thing we were into together. we were always trying to find ways to make money and would come up with... read more

Help i dont know what to do... fresh out of high school going to college... i

I grew up practically alone. I have nothing but the made up life I've created for myself in my head. I have great ambition but this journey to success is an awful sad and lonely one. Even if I climbed to the top... What good is being on a top of a mountain and being there alone...?

I feel like a total idiot. Why is it that strong emotional connections come at the worst timing ever? I knew I was walking along that thin line of "when a friend begins to become a little more than that" but I thought I could swing to whichever side I wanted whenever I wanted It's really annoying to know that you are developing some sort of feelings for someone you cannot have those feelings for. We developed such a strong friendship and connection, he opened up to me about t... read more

I am an artist, and People would say i get better. But i dont feel like i am, i feel like i am falling behind on the crowd. These people, i feel are not as good as i am, but others see it otherwise. As an Artist, when people talk about you, you feel amazing, problem is, when you are ignored for others, you feel forgotten, discarded and talentless. You fall into a horrible state of worthlessness, feeling like you will never be good as someone. I am tired of this feeling, and i... read more

I just started taking to this guy, and I'm taking it slow friends first. I just broke up with my boyfriend at the beginning of the month and don't want to jump into anything, but there's a new problem. Tonight I found out that this guy got a dui a few months back and didn't have his license right now. And won't for another couple of months. He's made himself clear, he wants to date but I'm not sure I can go into something like that right now. How do you decide if one mistake ... read more

Hey I'm just here to help people so.. feel free to respond with a problem in your life

Theres this fine line between "haha do what you want and dont care what others think!" and "woah dude... cmon." so its like... can I like this or not?

I'm in love with my best friend. She know's but i don't know if she really cares about what I think or how I feel about her

I'm usually a pretty compulsive and organized person, which was a problem when I was younger, but over time became more manageable and I was able to make it work in my favor... But I'm worried because since I've started my first year of college it's gone completely downhill to the point where I have no desire or motivation to do anything beyond what is necessary. I'd usually enjoy cleaning my room once a week but now I get half-way through it and give up... Procrastination is... read more

I don't love my boyfriend anymore and we are having a baby together.

Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies... I'm crying. Not emotionally prepared for such feels! Ah!

I wish I was brave enough to talk to him...and have the confidence to do so..

I wish I actually had someone to talk to :/ my thoughts are just too much right now!

If you think a vague muttr could possibly be about you, that's probably telling you something about yourself that you're not willing to admit... or you are often the recipient of similar rants. :

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and we always have problems and alwas manage to make it through somehow but I'm really sick of it and when I try to leave me he begs me to say and says he needs me and shows up to my house and just won't leave me alone. How do you leave someone that won't let you leave.... Now I'm questioning if I even want to leave but I know I do all my friends remind me of how s*** he is to me... I'm confused and he's persistent.

When I look up articles on ways to be happy, one of the first things on the lists is "Figure out your dreams/goals and start working on them step by step." That's my problem. I can't figure them out. I'm just wandering, lost with no direction.

My doctor told me I have an upper respiratory infection today. It's been going on for a little less than a week, and I was doing really well today. I thought it was going away, but I've gone almost deaf in one ear and when I talk I sound like a drag queen. I feel so awful and I wanna cry. On top of all of this, my anxiety has me thinking I'm going to die.