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Don't I deserve to be loved? I want someone to care for me too. As a friend, as a partner, as a person. Why do I feel so useless and lonely all the time? All my life I just tried to be nice to others and be accepted. It didn't work like that for me. I'm left outside alone.

Its so annoying for people to be asking quetions about your family like my friend be asking about what my family's birthday the age all kinds of stuff like how old was your mother when she had you and etc like mind your business that's family business

I just have to get this off my chest: I hate you so much. The things you do to me. How can you be this cruel? I wish I didn't know you. A BIG f*** YOU TO YOU! Stay away from me and stop ruining my life. Well that felt good.

If people only knew how f***ed up my mind is. My mental issues are eating me up daily and I try really hard to hide it.

Put my girl in the hospital this time..

Exoboy's midnight haiku:

A flower is there,
Hidden from view by tall weeds,
Its beauty still shines.

Wasn't having social anxiety, ocd and depression enough? Now I also have self-esteem issues, that make me not want to go anywhere. I feel like I'm gonna go crazy soon.

People don't care about me. I'll never be good enough for anyone.

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm being induced and I'm absolutely terrified. I am not really sure what I'm scared of, though. I have always wanted a child and I know what is going to happen. My husband is handling this whole thing a lot better than I am.

There's so many emotions i seem to feel everyday its never just one, i have been dealing with a lot of stress lately and honestly i just want it to stop, the emotional stress of my alcoholic aunt passing away she's not quite gone yet but the last day i saw her it's like she was already gone, it sucks because this lady was my mother, the lady who taught me a lot in life the woman who made me realize its not about everyone else's happiness you choose your happiness and you choo... read more

Oh my gosh, what a night. I just want to cry. Its not often husband and i get time to ourselves and when we do things just always seem to go wrong. Tonight we planned a date and had the stay at home with big sister watching them. Told them we would be gone about two hours. We drove past my ex boyfriend whom i care nothing about but husband laughed and made jokes and such. I didn't recognize the guy but he was in uniform filling up the squad car. We pulled up to car wash, husb... read more

At certain times I get lonely but I also don't want to be with anyone.

In "Rain Interlude" by The Neighborhood, what is the soft music in the background saying?

So yea guess he doesn't actually like me the way I like him..not one text or fb message today. . .

I cant wait til my girl gets home i swear to god ima wrap this b**** right in the f***in mouth she was supposed to be home a f***ing hour ago. shes gonna get the beating of a f***ing life time im sick of this s*** disloyal nasty b**** n no matter how hard i hit u u still wont leave.

My sister is probably having the time of her life at her boyfriend's. I'm at home crying because my dad is telling me to get a job and move out. It's "his house" he can do whatever he wants. I'm only 14. If I could move out, I would. Anything is better than being afraid of you pointing a gun at me whilst you are drunk.

I like someone who likes me too. I do believe I like him. But my heart doesn't beat faster or anything around him, unless he gets really close to me. I feel comfortable around him yet my heart doesn't skip a beat. Is this bad?

f***ing sick to death ma, just give me.some fucling attention

I've had back pain for months. Insurance is not an issue and am an amateur athlete so I've been really active in trying to get it fixed. Nothing has been working. I stopped into a walk-in clinic after training today because my whole back was burning and I couldn't feel my shin or toes. Talked to the Dr for two minutes, got a prescription for Aleve (an over the counter pain killer). Didn't bother even going to the pharmacy to fill it...I have a bottle of the same s*** at home.... read more

If there's anything i'm pretentious about, it's my art. i'm good at what i do, and it's the only thing i have going for me so i feel like it's ok that i'm confident in my abilities. recently i was commissioned a piece for about $200, and it came at a convenient time. my friend, who is also an artist but younger, less experienced, and whose art isn't really on the level of professional graphic desig, keeps like..... complaining? and she keeps insisting that it's easy money, sh... read more