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Yep, right at the end of my f***ing rope. I'm ready to make this situation a whole lot worse for my self.
Must.... breathe.....

I wonder why a lot of girls depict men as stolid, emotionless rocks who can take anything.

Will not rush my time or go against what hasn't happened yet. Instead of waiting some of us stop praying and go out and try to do things on our own when in fact if we just pray have faith and believe God will see you through it. Its all God's timing, being patient is the key!! I'll wait my turn

I feel like I am suffocating in my failures.

You say "love you" ...but do you really? I don't think you do. You only ever say "love" when your pushing me away so I think "love you" is your way to brush me off with those words. You don't show me you have any "love" for me really. When we are together it's nice and you are very affectionate, but the moment we part there's nothing there. I'm OK with just sex but don't throw "love" In the mix if you don't mean it. It's not what I want to hear unless you are sincere! So stop... read more

I have a bad habit of biting my nails. In class, a classic vegan sjw who is obsessed with Beyonce, just started staring at me condescendingly when she saw me doing so. f***. You aren't cool or on point. Stoppp.

I feel like I'm just living for the sake of keeping other people happy. But I can't leave them alone, not like this. My mother has nothing, and I feel like it's my fault. My brain is f***ed, I'm going insane. The therapy's not enough, the pills aren't enough, and she's suffering along with me. Every day is another risk. I can't control it. I never know when I'll break, and the day will go to s***. And she has to carry the load. She suffers, because I suffer. I sometimes can't... read more

Why do people lie for? it grinds my gears.. bae tells me he's going away for the long weekend with his family so i can't see him but he's posting and so are his friends that they're keen to party and get 'turnt up' over the long weekend...then when asking what its about bae lies and i ask his friends and they say yeah theres a party on and bae is going -.- smh let me punch you.

I've finally come to the conclusion i shall forever be single. I'm over the heavy talking to someone for months and hanging out alot to but then BAAMN they stop talking to you and you try to find out what happened because you thought it was okay but they ignore you and don't reply so you end up crying or eating tubs of ice cream and chocolate cake... weeks or sometimes a month later you finally have forgetten about that person and are happy with the newer you but they come ba... read more

This shits personal as f***. Parents divorced not long after I turned four, and I'm an only child. Only recently realised I'm not over it. Been constantly bullied, only recently realised that my personality has been permanently f***ed by it and all I have to show for it is the fact I have barely any friends. I'm usually hanging out on my own. My phone lasts months with only 10 bucks of t&t. Got trust issues and slight issues. I go to a s*** school that makes me feel like ev... read more

My relationship with my sister used to be 'very close', not until she gets a job. She's like change from the doesn't care anything type of person, to the I care for everything. Okay, I know that's a good changes of her, and as the sister that she used to love the most, I felt jealous when her attention now turned to her friends, not me. Well who wouldn't, right? And when she went home, she would tell me her friends did this and this, that and that, but when I try to talk abou... read more

Whenever I post a Muttr I totally forget about it and then 2 or 3 days later I'm all "Oh yeah!" and I come back and try to find it so I can read the replies but there are so many new muttr's by then that mine is just lost in the jumble.

My child psychologist wants me to keep a dream journal so he can study it after a month or two. I don't think anyone has the right to intrude on my dreams like that. They're the only truly private things I have. If he would have asked me to share I might have said yes, but I object to being told to do it as if I have no choice in the matter. So he'll get his dream journal but it will be a lovely fiction. I don't need some shrink to tell me what my dreams mean. I already know.... read more

When I buy food or drinks for myself I hide it from my boyfriend because when I don't, he steals it from me and doesn't let me have any. And he's mad at me for being annoyed about it.


is disgusting.

If anyone wants to help a poor college student to earn a tiny bit of money, you can download FeaturePoints, use the code GG2S6R (to get 50 points) and then delete it (or use it for yourself) I just want to be able to buy food :/

s***. You have a girlfriend and you flirt with me. Why do you do that?

My old boss was a dickbiscuit. that's why i quit today... and threw his hot coffee all over him.

yeah... he deserved it.

never, ever, EVER call me a dumb minded, fat, ugly stupid employee again. Especially when I haven't done anything to you.
#f***YOU #yep #ineedanewjob #goodbosswhereareyou?

Wow. enough with the shirtless pictures on the hood of your car! what's up with that?

#putyoshirtonstooge #hoodofadumbasscar #whathavewebecome

So like the SAO thing but with Kingdom Hearts...
#kingdomhearts #sao #escapism