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I hate that I never get to see my husband anymore. I really do. I thought his work hours would work better for us, but they don't. Maybe it isn't his hours, maybe it's our relationship, I don't really know. I just feel like something is in our way. I love him so much. There is no question in my mind that I love my husband. I just feel like we lost something along the way. I am still so angry. He really hurt me. I just thought that maybe after all of this, he would change, jus... read more

Okay so I'm one of those people who has everything figured out. I know how my day is going to go before it even starts. I know what career I want and what's next on my agenda. But a huge stage in my life is coming up, and I feel like I can't control this stage. I feel like the lights are too bright, and all eyes are on me. I had a chat with my brother tonight and we talked about my future. "What do you want to do with your life?" He asked. Of course I didn't hesitate, I told ... read more

If you ask me, the most stressful part about essays is picking the damn topic!

Unfortunately, i miss you

Why is it that I can curl up or cuddle with a guy or go to bed and fall asleep in a guys arms without a second thought but looking in the eye of a guy I'm talking to is embarrassing as hell??

I have a big test tomorrow, and due to me wasting time, I am cramming tonight. This test is for my butt-kicking, required-for-my-major class and I need to cover how to explain the Statistics concepts in words by tomorrow at 10am. #FML #venting #student #studying

I font want to talk about it then it wouldn't be beautiful

So I went through a bad break up recently, and I have been talking to this guy for the past few months and I think I really like him.. he lives overseas though.

On the verge of either being happy or commuting suicide. Dammit.

Verbatim conversation between me, a 31 year old man, and my mother.

Me: "Your husband used to feed me alcohol, show me depraved incest pornography, and then rape me on those father-son camping trips you forced me to go on with him when I was 6."

Her: "I did the best that I could!"


That's ALL you can come up with, mom?

Not, "oh, that's so terrible."

Not "oh I am so sorry I did not protect you."

Not "oh, what can I do to help you get better?"

Later... read more

I don't know what to do... I feel so trapped. I am married to what seems like a sociopath, I have two children with him and am worried if I left he would take them from me. I have seen a therapist for some mental problems in the past, my biggest mistake was opening up to him and telling him how I felt. I feel like if you say anything to anyone they will eventually use it against you. I feel so lost I don't know what to do.. Some days he is happy and he treats me good and cate... read more

I made friends with a girl (whom I will call Shay) over Tumblr because we blogged about the same TV show. After a few Skype conversations, I found out that she was depressed, bullied, suicidal, and scared to seek treatment. Her parents weren't great people either, so that added on even more issues. She lived in New York, so our only method of communication was text. Thinking I could be a hero, I kept talking her down during time I could have better used for studying and ended... read more

Its come to my realization that as much as I don't like myself and that I feel I am nothing but a loser I am far much more than that.
Every other night I'd come on this website after my chronic insomnia keeps me from sleeping and type out exactly what I was thinking about myself at the time.
The doctor tells my I have chronic insomnia, social phobia, and self esteem issues. As I type this out now I'm kind of starting to realize that even though I'm scared to talk and say some... read more

Stuck at library for the next hour and a half. I thought it would take me longer to get my work done but i guess not. Im not a big reader either and i'm really tired.

I think I'm finally done with that guy. He still looks cute to me, but I see nothing anymore. His eyes don't sparkle like they used to.

And the other one... well. We'll see how that goes.

Is there a place like mutter where you can talk about supernatural things? I just had a crazy experience and really want some adive.

Why does nothing work out for me?

If it weren't for my daughter, I'd have killed myself months ago. I can't pretend to be normal anymore. My positivity is drained and I have nothing more to give. Life is true hell. Death is ahhhhh sweet relief. Thank you.

I hate my life now. I want to ride a mountain bike all day long. So much work yet not a single play. I hate it! bulls***!!!!!!

I HATE EVERY FREAKING THING IN THIS MISERABLE WORLD AND I JUST WANT TO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH ANYONE. I hate people so much. I don't want to see or communicate with anyone anymore. Humans are pathetic creatures; all we do is spew out filth in everything we do. People are so irritating. I hate everyone. I can't stand it anymore. I feel like I'm going to lose control and do something stupid.