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So my mosey neighbor came over and brought a bag of clothes for my boy. I greeted her and thanked her. She then asked me if I been ok, I said yea in a cheerful way. Then she asked me if I been hearing any screaming, I laughed and said my kids, and I'm holding my baby, who is about to start crying. She says no, these are grown people, and I just wanted to know if you were ok. I said yea I'm fine, why me? She laughed and said why me, "they" thought it was me first. She's guessi... read more

Sometimes I'm a b**** to my brother on purpose, I hope he doesn't take that as me actually being a b**** cause I'm not. I just like to get on his nerves when he does stupid s***.

This sucks a**, I felt more alone surrounded by those I called close friends when I was depressed than when I'm not depressed and completely friendless(which makes sense)save for the only friend who wants to be around me who lives miles away and wants to kill himself! So now I have this need to be there for him and help him and his sister so I try as best I can online but I want to be there and I can't because I have no money to go there and I have responsibilities at "home" ... read more

My supposed "friend" is being really mean, judgmental, and just nasty towards me because she wants to chase after the guy I love, knowing full well that I love him and that it would really hurt me. I mean, she's not even apologetic about it. Just bitchy and mean.

I can't even really get rid of her because she's part of my friend group. So she's always around, and has no sense of boundaries whatsoever.

I got these jeans I really love in the smallest size they had and I was really excited to wear them but they came in the mail and they were too big. It makes me feel unconfident in my body that its not good enough for the store to make a size of. My mom says I'm ungrateful but it's not the jeans its the body thats in them thats making me upset

When will people understand that freedom doesn't mean freedom from consequences of the actions they choose?

When you sit in you car for 3 hours at his campus. While he knows your there. Seriosly?

My crush has been giving me these looks lately.
They aren't sweet cute looks, but they aren't menacing or hateful.

The looks he flashes me are rather... sultry.

I go to a community college, and I have to transfer to a four-year college for next fall, but I hate my major, and I want to change it, but I don't know what to change it to. I had this exact same problem when I was a senior trying to pick a major and a university to go to. I got really good grades and people expected me to go to a good college and everything and I panicked and couldn't decide on a major and I ended up an art manor at a community college and I'm so scared I w... read more

I'm still head over heels for someone that's never going to return the feelings and I mean, it's kind of okay because he was manipulative and a liar, but like, that hasn't yet occurred to my emotions. I'm supposed to call or text him today (I wanted to sort of tell him off- I was a mess after the break up and was basically super pathetic and wanted a chance to say some things- i.e., thanks for f***ing lying, thanks for playing with my feelings, etc.) but like I'm terrified to... read more

So I have a class this semester that has a disproportionately large number of hot men in it and today this really cute guy sat next to me and I look over at him in the middle of class and he's zoned out staring at my crotch/thighs/lower stomach area and absent-mindedly touching his crotch. Part of me was creeped out, but another part couldn't help but think it was kinda hot that he was just too horny to control himself in public.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Well s*** I must be some damn idiot for thinking that you actually care.

Why do I bother?

I recall a time that I was so anxious, that everything was getting to me. I had all this stress built up, and that day I couldn't shake it off. My chest even began feeling weird. It was a very strange feeling. Although, I'm not sure if it was just my body having an emotional 'heartache.' I had been thinking about the guy I liked, and the thought of him hating me made this feeling worse.

I'm planning on starting a business, and my gf wants to be involved too and I'm all for it, but my thing is that I feel like I'm more IN IT, thanks she is, I'm looking up tons of things I'd need to start my business, looking into business classes, legal stuff, branding, etc etc. My gf is more the design aspect of things, but even then she isn't trying to make any strides like taking a photoshop class, taking design class, fashion etc.I don't know, I just feel like once I star... read more

I dont know what to do. I saw this guy I liked. I am also a guy. I told him I liked him. He told me he would not tell anybody and my secret was safe with him. He also told me to write down some of the stuff I would like to do with him. So I wrote down some stuff on apiece of paper and gave it to him. Again he told me he would not tell anybody. A day later I walked out of class when the bell rang and his friends saw me and said, "We know about your little note to a certain som... read more

I just woke up and looked at my chest, and it's as flat as a board. -_-
You had 19 years to develop!

It's so stupid, you guys always break up and then get back together, stop doing that! If I knew your relationship would suck this bad maybe you should have let me date her instead but at the same time glad I'm not the one with her. Get over it you guys broke up again? What's the big deal? You guys are getting back together in like 5 minutes!

Debts, debts, debts!! They're bringing us down. I feel bad for my parents that I keep wasting their money, not being able to finish school :( I'm sorry for being a failure...

Ten years we've been married and I feel that we have dwindled to an insulting situation. You see me and your brain shuts off and all you think of is sex. You can get anything you want off your chest... If I pour my heart out to you, your response is "you have big t***."
I feel devalued as a person. You have more of a support system than I do because you can't take me seriously anymore, you just think sex.
I'm sick of it. And I'm sick of having sex with you and pretending I'm ... read more