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I love this girl. There is no question or doubt of it, I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I just want her to be happy, and I guess that means us not being together. I don't know how to come to terms with this.

I'm about to teach a b**** a little something about respect #powerplay

When you're hanging with your bestie and your crush and he tries to hold your hand while walking but when you leave them, almost has sex with said bestie.. #what #scrub

I haven't been that well recently. I suffer from depression for a few years now, I'm not able to seek any professional help, and it's really affected how I am today. It's summer and I don't have anymore school, which is great, but it's not what I really expected. At the end of the year I got real depressed and hopeless, and for the majority of the summer I've been the same way. My friends aren't with me much anymore and I'm always in a room with this computer, enjoying summer... read more

I just sat here and ate a whole pound of fried BACON! Is there anything better, I think not!

I need to get get rid of my "best friend" she's become so terrible ever since she got a boyfriend and I can't deal with the stress she's placed on me. She constantly ditches me for the boy, tells me about all the stuff they get up to that really should just stay in the bedroom, and then screams at me when I don't talk to her (because she was too busy talking to him that she wouldn't reply to my messages and then say that I shouldn't message her so much when I'm trying to talk... read more

So I broke up with my boyfriend of almost 6 months 2 days ago and I expected to feel more upset about it but I'm just not? Like I was and I obviously miss him but I don't want him I guess you could say. Does it make me a bad person that I already like someone else? I kind of hate myself. It's also the same guy who I promised my ex I wouldn't date. I also found out today that when I went to a party with the guy I like now, this was 2 days before my ex and I broke up, we made o... read more

So what I like to play Yu gi oh it's a fun card game

I don't know what to do anymore. I accepted that I was at my lowest low and I didn't think things would ever get better, but then they did, and now I'm back where I was and I can't get back to the state of acceptance i was in before and I feel like I'm drowning.

There is something I want to admit to my parents but I'm so afraid of how they will react
when I come out of the closet so I think I'll try it here first, and see how it goes!

Dad dad I have to tell you something and I know that you will be ashamed of me but I can't
help the way I am! Dad's I'm a heterosexual! There I said it, I like girls and I like them alot
I hope you can understand???

I think I'm in love with my best guy friend. While I'm typing this, I'm giving him advice about how to get another girl. It's killing me, but I just can't tell him. I'm telling him to push past his fear of rejection and make a move. Why can I tell him this but I can't do it myself? I can't tell any of my girl friends because they don't like him. He can be a jerk sometimes but I can't deny my feelings for him. I have a knot in my stomach that grows every time I give him advice... read more

I hate how im 20 years old and I'm basically relied on for everything in my household. It's because I'm spoiled and I'm not used to this. My mother was diagnosed with RA a couple of months ago so she's been out of work. Meanwhile my father has been working 2 jobs (was previously working 3) and still, we find ourselves behind on bills because my father is so irresponsible with his money. Not to mention his affair that he had with a girl the same age as me and gave her all of h... read more

I'm the only girl on this f***in planet who wants to have sex but her boyfriend don't lmfao.

I'm the only girl on this f***in planet who wants to have sex but her boyfriend don't lmfao

To all the racists and homophobes out there, YOU are the ones who are causing our world to go to hell! You sit and talk about how you think it is going to hell, because you can't fly your stupid redneck flag, and about how gays getting married is against God. YOU are the problem! For one thing, every one of you idiots who have been out there waving that stupid flag on your pickup trucks, you are not fooling anyone by saying you are not racist. Let me guess, you are one of tho... read more

I'm bored: if you want to chat in person anon follow the link for a video chat
I will be on for 1 hour, multiple people can join in, no cost no membership
just follow the link, in other words follow alice down the rabbit hole :)
and I am an older gentleman so no young girls or guys entering just to tease me
if you have a problem I'm here to listen ONLY! I don't know you you don't know me

Ok. It's this guy that at first we were friends really good ones at that. I had a crush on him to. Anyway one day at a event we were joking around doing karate and saying we would beat each other up yada yada yada..So he swept his leg under my ankle and I was about to fall But he caught me and when he did we looked into each others eyes for about six seconds. In those six seconds I saw me through him. I could see us together. I could tell from then he was all that would matte... read more

I really want to have a relationship with this guy who was one of my best friends I used to go to school with but I moved and didn't find out he liked me till I did. We've talked ever since and stuff go a bit heated. He says I likes me but doesn't like long distance relationships, but he would have dated me If u still live near him. I get what he means because I don't like long distance relationships if they're with friends or bf/gf's, it all can get complicated. I really lik... read more

I'm so f***ing tired of my life. I have friends that are depressed, and those who aren't are always out with someone. I have nobody to talk to because I'm afraid of people telling others what I talk about. I fall in love, get rejected and I am left to pick up the pieces alone. When I finally do and move on, the same thing happens and it gets harder every time. I'm considering just ending it all. I'm useless, I'm lonely, just a complete waste of space. I cry in my room alone a... read more

Im 19 years old and would say im an alcoholic. Im not drunk 27/7 but I definitely have a problem. The thing is i know this and i dont care at all and i have no intention on stopping before this gets worse.