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You've destroyed a perfectly great site with your piss poor upgrade!! I'm done using it after 4 years !!!

Its after 4 a.m and I have to wake up in less than 2 hours but havent gone to bed yet because I had to play catch-up since the order for my glasses hadn't came in for a whole 3 weeks of the semester. I couldn't see anything written on the board, and I just finished yesterday collecting all missed information needed for my exams. I also have an ailment that increases memory loss, constant headaches, weakness, and lack of conciousness. My parents are too busy to care, and just ... read more

I look like a dude in the morning when I wake up, can't stop laughing :')

Holy s*** im actually being entertained by drawing dicks on word with touchscreen. i think i finally get those people that draw dicks on everything for fun. im almost an adult

I really want to lose weight... I feel so fat. I really want a thigh gap, I want to be skinnier...

It that time of the year again. I am sorry that I was bad while I had you. seeing your cousin makes me happy and said. If you were still here you guys would've been great buddies!! she's beautiful and smart for a 1 yr old. I am sure you will be as well. It was my fault, I got too excited since you were my first n a blessing from the sky that I forgot to take good care of myself and you. I still have the picture and it keeps me going everyday. I'm staying strong for your daddy... read more

Life is just so much f***ing bulls****t, I despise life, just everything about it, I hate the laws of human nature and how there is nothing that I can do to become more than I am, there is absolutely nothing I can do, no achievement could change the person I am, nothing. I see no point in doing anything or becoming anyone, and I already feel so lost, I feel so empty and I don't know who I am. I hate myself, I hate this life, and I look forward to the day that I get to rest. I ... read more

People are sooooo f***en damn annoying!! Arrggghhh!!

I am sooo heartbroken, I am scared that I may not get the chance to be a mom.

I really hate high school and the people there. I just feel like giving up on everything and everyone. Like at first it was okay and i could go along with everything but now im just so confused with life. Like why am i taking pyschology when i dont even need it or plan to be a psychotrist. Why do i have to sacrfice my time on studying for that instead of putting all my time into studying something i actually need to pass high school. All i need are 3 classes to graduate, engl... read more

I got a 97.6% on my calculus test that I took today and it brought my grade up 6%. I only missed one problem and it was a challenge problem. I'm really happy about this because I started off with B's on my tests but then that dropped down to C's. And then I got an F on a quiz because I made extremely stupid mistakes. This was because I was feeling extremely depressed for weeks and stopped eating and sleeping, so I guess that affected my test taking skills. It's really frustra... read more

Mr. Champlin, you're a terrible f***ing teacher and I f***ing hate you.

What the hell has happened to muttr? Why does it look like this. I'm not sure if I like it. I hate change.

I absolutely hate my AP Physics teacher. He's an idiot, and I'm pretty sure everyone in my class is doing terrible right now. I don't understand why some people are teachers. And when I ask questions, he gets frustrated? I hope that there's a survey of his teaching at the end of the year because I'd gladly put "you suck at teaching"

Time Warner Cable is the robber baron of the 21st century. F*ck them and and their sh*tty internet.

Each day is passing by like a grey blur. Time is slipping from my hands, and I can't do anything about it. It feels like my life is a movie that I'm watching, and I can't do anything about the things that happen. Every day is a constant battle with depression and anxiety, and I'm getting worn out from it. It's gotten to the point that I'm not even sure if I want to be happy again because I know happiness doesn't last. Happiness is harder to obtain and hold on to. I don't want... read more

Dear roommate, I wish you wouldn't have lied.
"Yeah, I usually go to sleep around eleven. I always wear headphones, don't worry about noise."
Bro. You stay up until three in the morning every single day. That wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that you f***ing watch movies and stand up on max volume. Like, what the f***? I'm trying to sleep. I've got work in the morning, and you've got class in the morning. When I get out of my classes at the end of the day, I'm... read more

I am sooooo freaking tired of the racism in the US arggghhhhh like really I'm a black girl of course and I can't shop at a store without getting stares in a "white" neighborhood when blacks live there too! Everyone is so darn racist!!! And when I say that I mean EVERYONE whether you're blue black purple green orange or WHITE.

If you are sad and feel like dying or killing yourself, remember... that this is JUST a bad time in your life. You've got a lot to do! you've got a lot to show the world and give the world so remember, suicide is not the solution to your problem. its the worst answer to all your problems and possibilities. Plus, there's someone that cares about you. Dont leave them. #suicide

Im lonley,depressed, thinking of killing myself