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Ok I graduated highschool .... what's next? I tried college but I don't know how to do anything! I don't have my license. I don't have a resume and i honestly don't know how to make one. All my friends are going on with their life and I'm just sitting on the bathroom stressing out or crying myself to sleep. What can I do? I can't even date, the person I love doesn't see me in that way we been friends for a while and I think it's also because of my weight. I tried so hard to n... read more

Remember when children were seen but not heard? Good days!

"I don't go out to eat lunch...that much. At the most, once a week." Well, let's see, you went out today, and you're going out tomorrow with you regular Friday group. That equals TWO. And you call yourself a math person.

I wish I never fell in love with my husband

So me and my daughter have been living with my cousin and her partner and 2 kids for about 4 months roughly . My cousin is pregnant again with her 3rd child. I love my cousin but her boyfriend on the other had I tolerate. Hes lazy doesn't work or clean and complains like a little b**** when things dont go his way. I dont understand why my cousin puts up with this behavior and leaves. Out of all the years weve hangout Ive never seen her so angry and sad all the time

I want to run away with my boyfriend foreverrrrrrrrrrr

You make me loose so much self control. I love the pleasure that I give you. It is really so satisfying. I like that I can actually tell you my sexual preferences without feeling like a freak around you. You make everything hard to focus on because I just want to focus on you..........

I miss you more then I should. I think I just like the attention I get from you because I feel safe that I am behind a computer screen. I like that I can be more myself around you and you don't mind. I just hate your inconsistency. It is driving me crazy. I know that you are working, but just a small, "I miss you," would be nice.

I hate that I just want to cry right now. There literally is no reason. I am not really even sad about anything. Damn, you emotions.

Why do people feel the need to cuss? Cussing reminds me of someone from the ghettos. It's like you don't have the vocabulary to clearly express yourself so you have to use foul language. Cussing does not make you cool; and it's definitely off putting when you are a boss or boss' boss. And it's damaging when a parent cusses at their kids. I totally hate that.

Ross Szlag is a smelly a**h*** .

I can't believe my social anxiety actually gets to me so bad, that I get sick. I feel nauseous and feverish because of this employee day we have coming up in a couple of hours. Hope it'll all clear up in the meantime.

im in band and we were doing a boy vs girl contest for playing this piece of music. I am the only girl in my section of instrument and I'm not really great at playing out loud but I do play the right notes. So when it was the girl's turn, my band director was standing like idk 8 ft away from me and one of the people sitting next to me told me the my band director was giving me a disgusted look. and its causing me a bunch of axienty

so I have a crush on a boy I met in an internship. We never exchanged words but we do follow each other on social media. He likes my pictures frequently and spammed me a couple of times so I thought he was interested in me. But he got into a relationship so I stopped sending a signal. Recently he became single and I don't want to but I still have a crush on him. should I pursue him still??? How do i go about it since my plan last time didn't work

I've suffered with plantar fasciitis for over a year now. I can list everything, but I've seen a doctor, podiatrist, message therapist, physical therapist. So I've had custom made orthotics, after I tried ones at walgreens that didn't work. I had deep tissue massage/trigger point, foot taping, dry needling, homework of multiple stretches per day. Wore supportive shoes, tried the barefoot minimalist method, rolling on tennis balls, rolling on rolling pins for my calf, rolling ... read more


Did someone seriously just justify calling people names because they don't like the same things? Seriously? This happened on YouTube, and it is sad that this is becoming normal.

As humans, we have different preferences. I thought that was suppose to be common sense, I didn't think anyone would be foolish enough to justify name calling because of differing opinion. What? Are we in preschool?

I swear some people kill me. The campus monitor in my lunch room came up to me and said "I can hear you cussing from over there" which was over by the door of the cafeteria. So I was of course respectful and apologized but COME ON. There are soooooooo many people closer to her that are complete and utter potty mouths. I am too but that's just how I talk and I bet it is how they do too. But reallyyy? You come from alllllll the way over by the door to tell me you can hear me? A... read more

To the protestors:

Get a job! Maybe you won't focus so much on the election results!

"I have to do the dish everyday!" Really? It only counts when you ACTUALLY do the dishes, which is like once every three or four days.