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I'm kinda annoyed with my family right now. I spent hours yesterday baking brownies and making little chocolates for my boyfriend for Valentines Day and i made some extras for my family to have. Even though i gave some to my mom, she was mad because i put nutella on the ones for my boyfriend. Mad because she doesn't like nutella but i already gave her brownies. Then my step dad kept sneaking in and stealing the sweets i made for my boyfriend. I gave my stepdad a big bowl of c... read more

My sister gets to drive the FJ Cruiser while my parents never let me even back it out of the garage
she just turned 18 and I was told back then "unless I have 5 years of driving expererience I wont be able to drive the car"
she's always been the favorite: she gets good grades, listens to the parents and is a total suck up. whenever we get in trouble its always my faulth wheter she did something or not. it was always my fault.
I worked hard for the things i got in life: cellph... read more

Uuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhu... I have to go over to my friends house to work. The ONE TIME my parents are going away for the night, I have to go over to my friends house. I love my friend and all, but when my parents are gone, I have to go over to my friends house. I'm also behind on my work in school. So my mother called my friends mom, and was like, can my sone come over to your house for the night, and. An you make sure that he finishes his late work. WHAT THE f*** MOM! Also, m... read more

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow wow diddy woow do dang di dang wow. Its too late to wowigize...its toooo laaaaaate.

I was so disappointed when I woke up and noticed that my boyfriend didn't even try to get me anything for Valentine's Day. I know it sounds so dumb, and he's so great, but since we haven't been on the best terms lately I thought he might have tried to put a little more effort in this. He doesn't put any effort into anything though, so maybe I was just over my head... #sad #unsatisfied #valentinesday

Here it goes.. So there is this guy that I work with who I found really attractive. From the start we really hit it off. We eventually got each other's numbers and texted non stop. He eventually told me how he felt about me. He basically told me that he was in love with me.(he told me over text). After that we started telling each other that we loved each other.Everything was going great. Till one a mutual friend (who like this guy) told me he was still talking to his ex girl... read more

I'm jealous of all the couples walking around. It's valentines day and i'm single. I never wanted to be in a relationship. I was happy being single. And then this guy comes along and makes me like him and i convince myself that i love being in a relationship with him. And then he dumps me and i'm lost now. I'm finding it hard to change my mindset to liking singledom again.

I am a f***ing loser
That's what I am....AND I shouldn't even be in this site should I? godddddammmnnn ittt!!! I mean bloody hell- all my friends know what they want and they are working for it...And me? I'm making f***ing excuses....Damn I hate repeating myself. I hate absolutely hate being a constant failure. Gosh why do i have to have this conscience that's repeatedly making me feel my guilt.
Ahhh!! I wish there was someone out there who could f***ing spank me right now an... read more

Living with depression is hard. It's harder living with depression and your family members don't believe in depression. They don't think it actually exists and you just need to get over it.

Hello fellow-muttrer, will you be my valentine?

Here's the deal. I've been dating my boyfriend for four years now. It's my first long term relationship where we're currently living together. I've always been a bit insecure throughout the relationship, also I have trust issues. I've been trying to be more open with him about these things. He seemed very supportive about it and I was happy.

Everything was going well until a few weeks ago, he went out for a few drinks with his friends. He left his computer on with browser mi... read more

I actually do like you, and your always running through my mind. But I pick up on the hints you don't like me, so if you see this, by any chance, if you get creeped out by me being nice, don't waste your time, i'm just being polite. We have a business relationship thats very important to me. I can wait it out, hopefully the right girl will come along who actually likes me as much I like her. So I don't have to waste my energy on giving a s*** about you anymore.

Hell, our per... read more

I really like someone, but i f***ing pushed him away because i think that he is a distraction on my life and i think no one understands me even him. It's really hard for me to move on right now but i nees to because he is moving on and I should moved on too and be strong like him. Happy valentines day to all of you who can read this

Do the people who play OP character have no skill, or do you lack skill because you refuse to play with people who use OP characters? Hmm...

Britain seriously has some of the worst people. They're all basically children no matter what their age.

I know people will comment saying "uhmehgurd ur such a weeb nerd wif no lyfe xddddddd" but this IS a venting website and I'm allowed to rant. So take that stick out your a**.

The west will never replicate anime because they pay so little attention to the source material. Most of the time when the west sells "anime" they usually just sell it by the art style and treat it like it's basically the same. The only people who confuse actual anime with western interpretations or say... read more

I think I'm scared of my dad. He has a very explosive temper, he gets mad easily, and I often end up flinching when I think he's going to touch me. He's not abusive, he doesn't hurt me or my siblings or anything. I'm just scared that one of these days, that yelling will be directed at me and something I did.

So this girl I've bee dating. We've been together for over a year now and I care about her so much. For some strange reason, I can't seem to get over her sexual history. Her and I had a thing a long time ago and her friend ruined it for us. So she slept with someone. I only slept with one other person before her. She slept with 2. I tried talking to her about how I feel and she got upset with me. I imagine him and her together and dream about them sleeping together often.... read more

How many times do I have to keep telling my dad to chill with the sweets he's a diabetic knowing damn well he can't eat stuff that's not good for him

Happy Valentine's Day you t***. I remember when you completely crushed my hopes of dating you, crushed my hopes of you ever loving me, crushed me. So I hope you have a f*@!?+% happy Valentine's Days.