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Can I please just close my eyes and actually fall asleep? Some rest would be nice for a change.

What does one do when one feels as though one is losing his or her best friend? My brain is telling me to move the f*** on with my life, but my 'heart' or whatever (that's if I even have a heart) is telling me not to let go. When we were younger we shared memories together, yes, but I feel like we've grown apart, and it's kind of hard to talk to you now because we're not the same. We don't think alike and I don't believe in the same things you do, yet you told me, "Please don... read more

Why is it that the words that come out of my mouth go unheard? I feel like a broken record, constantly arguing over the same sh*t as yesterday... but you best believe, the boyfriend trained someone at work today, he came home, and spouted off more facts about this kid's life than breaths per minute. It's insane. But he fails to tell me important things like a bill of mine that has been sitting on his desk for a month or that he decided to go to work, even though he's already ... read more

It's been almost 9 months since my daughter's dad was murdered in cold blood. I'm still devastated, depressed, and still feeling very hurt. OMG, I loved and hated him. In the 5 years we were together we laughed so hard, cried so hard, learned to depend on each other and live independently from each other.

After his death, I married a old flame that came back into my life 3 weeks prior, after not seeing him for 7 years. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess, I just was so... read more

Kind of pissed off at the fact that my muttr was lost and not posted.

I'm in a bad mood. I have no reason for it other than it is there. My body is achey and my mind is bored but I feel anxious when I think of doing anything. The only person to interact with right now is busy doing their own thing so I am not going to bother them, especially when I have no real reason other than I am bored? I feel like I never get enough done and if I miss out on anything I am missing out on everything and just thinking is feeling overwhelming. Ugh. Save me fro... read more

I can't sleep, too much on my mind. I can't believe I have to learn CPR too! How the heck do they expect me to learn CPR when I've never even kissed a guy before. Hopefully when I do learn CPR they teach us to breath into the 'victim's' mouth through a tube. I'm also starting to breakout again, because I ran out of my acne cream. I should really schedule an appointment to see my doctor, that way I can get a prescription. I really hope my car's tire doesn't pop on my way to sc... read more

I'm so stressed out with everything going on I have a grey hair now and I'm becoming depressed. With high school and college classes, clubs, and competitions all going on all at the same time i have absolutely no time to myself and to top it all off my parents fight every and yell at me every night. sometimes i just want to drop out of school and run away from home. I feel like its just getting worst everyday! i am never allowed to go out if i ever do have down time. its gott... read more

I need someone to spend time with, have fun, and just forget my worries, even if its only for a little while. But I have no friends and am terrible at making any. I'm scared I'm going to hit rock bottom if I continue to be this lonely

At this rate, in a couple of years i'll have cut off basically all my ties to my family . im an emotional (or lack thereof) wreck. i wonder what my life would be like, what city will i live in? will i still have no friends? if i have absolutely 0 friends, i probably dont have my dream career. what s*** depressing job will i have? i hope i have 2 cats. maybe a dog. i just cant deal with people, not even my own family. Dear parents, you've f***ed me up big time.
ugh i need he... read more

I don't want to go to school tomorrow but just thinking about the stuff I'm missing is stressing me out. Plus I have a German test tomorrow which I can't miss. I really want to drop out of public school right now...maybe do independent study or homeschool. I really don't want to go to school anymore. I don't want to see people or my teachers. I can't do any of my homework because I'm so depressed. My grades are dropping. Anxiety on top of that is making it worse. I feel so he... read more

Don't push me away with your actions and then ask me to stay with your words. Don't love me with all your heart and hate me to death with your thoughts. Don't rub my back with your hands then stab it with my trust. Don't say your ready to start and then be the reason were falling apart.

I've been lying on the ground for several hours, doing nothing. I don't have the heart or energy to do anything. I have a ton of homework, I have to finish my art project, and I need to sleep more but I just can't bring myself to do any of these things. I can't and I don't know why. I've tried but I can't get myself to do anything. And I'm stressed because I desperately need to finish homework. I NEED to finish but I can't do anything at all! I CAN'T DO ANYTHING BUT LAY ON TH... read more

They needa get someone to teach coding in west virginia.

Can't have anything to myself with a mom whos psychic, I know she knows what I did.. as usual. I just hope this time she leaves me be.

That moment when you feel so awake yet also tired at the same time....

I just feel so worthless. I am the slowest runner on my cross country team. The only reason I get to go to State with them this Saturday is because we only have 6 girls on the team, the required amount needed to go. I go by default. I know they don't really care how slow I run because it's a team thing, you run your own race and stuff. They always tell me good job too but I can't help but feel embarrassed every time I finish running last at practice or cross the finish line l... read more

There's this guy that I used to see around high school all of the time. He was more anti-social than I, but he definitely had friends. During lunch he'd always walk around by himself. Now that we're in college, I still see him walking around from time to time. I normally never say hi to him or anything like that since I tend to mind my own business, but a few days ago I decided to wave and say, "Hello, (his name.)" As we walked in the opposite direction he waved and quickly s... read more

Gotta wake up early tomorrow to take care of my responsibilities.

I wish I had a boyfriend to sleep with. We wouldn't even have to do anything, just keeping each other company would suffice. But I know it won't be happening anytime soon because: 1) I've never had a boyfriend even though I am legally an adult. 2) My parents wouldn't allow it as they are protective of me since I still live with them, and 3) Most guys my age would want sex at one point or another.