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You know Johnny, all my life, I've wanted to see you locked in a basement. But now that it's happened, all I want to do is get you out!

Asberger burger a-s-s neckbeard brony furry convention attenders are social losers. Can you imagine these schmucks when they're in their 40s and older? Are they even gainfully employed? Will they still be living with mom and dad at age 48 or 50? Repulsive.

I already know that no one calls me because I'm boring, but thanks for saying it outloud.

I keep telling myself that I want to go home when I supposedly already am. My head is starting to burst and something feels wrong with me. How can I be so alone when my life is full of people?

All bronies and furries and people who call themselves "otherkin" (ick) are social failures, outcasts, and losers.

I have no friends.

Learning to parent yourself may involve recognizing how to provide yourself with the things that make you feel worthwhile and safe.
It may also involve containing your feelings, and learning to respect others' boundaries and limits as well as your own.

If i could be totally blunt...// there's totally no point to ever hanging out again if you won't give me weed or help me get some.
bc last night was your last chance to prove you're caring and attentive, but no, you couldn't even make me c**, or even give me
half the attention and foreplay i gave you. taking me for granted and playing it cool was a huuuuuuge mistake, dummy.

you'll never feel this tight p**** again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you'll never feel the back of my throat o... read more

Specific Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

A person with this disorder will also often exhibit impulsive behaviors and have a majority of the following symptoms:

Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment
A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation
Identity disturbance, such as a significant and persistent unstable self-image or sense of self
Impulsivity in a... read more

I can't imagine what it must take to go public with your past as an abuse or rape survivor when you're a person in the public eye, like janice Dickinson; so much raw guts. Awe-inspiring courage from this woman, and I admire and congratulate her for using her platform to support and defend the other abused women in this case.

#Ibelieveher #Ibelievethem

Idgaf about a dentist shooting a lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enough already.

Should you lie about the personal issues going on in your just to shut people up in order to keep peace

It you don't get stress under control can it kill you

My back has been hurting like crazy for the past 5 hours. It lessens and then gets worse. I have been vomiting up everything I eat for the past 2 days. (Well, not EVERYTHING. I can keep down the occasional cup of vanilla flavored yogurt.) and have lost 5 pounds. I went to the ER 3 days ago, and all they did was give me a weak-a** hydrocodone pill, blood tests, an X-ray, then tell me I was constipated and to go home. COULD YOU AT LEAST f***ING RECOMMEND WHAT TO TAKE FOR IT? I ... read more

August is the most stressful month for me I don't know why but it just stresses me out

"This video game is dressed too sexily, I don't like it, change it. I'm dressed too sexily and you don't like it? Stop oppressing me!"

This is the third guy since January who has suddenly lost in interest in dating me, they won't even tell me why. Am I just unlovable or something? Do people just go on dates with me and laugh about me behind my back to their friends? Is that my purpose in life, to be a joke for other people to laugh at? I just want someone to actually like me back and want a relationship with me, not just a two week fling so they know they'll get my hopes up and then crush them.

I dont feel that im enough and im done trying. maybe i should just accept myself the way i am but i can barely do that. maybe it takes a bit longer. yeah, maybe. this is so unimportant. my problems are unimportant and i know it well but it keeps going in my thoughts and accumulated so i gotta get it out. i like one of my close friend a lot and i know he doesnt feel the same way and thats totally alright. i dont expect him to anyway. the fact that he will never like me and tha... read more

I am afraid to do anything right now. I feel like everything I do accomplish something, it brings like bad luck to my girlfriend.
We are in a long distance relationship and I am a music producer. Now I have the feeling that every time I compose something or even touch my instruments, something bad happens to her. She's having constant bad stuff happening, family, life, friends, she's always angry and I'm even afraid talking to her. I remember one year ago she said that only m... read more

Sometimes I just feel like getting my all s***,packing it into my car and driving the f*** off into the sunset. Tired of my life always being put on hold because of my family. All they do is kick me down and disrespect me. Things weren't always like this. I miss my family,the real one not what my parents have become. All they care about is where they are getting their next fix. Could give two f***s about me. I just wish I had the heart to get up and leave out of nowhere to sh... read more