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God please make this pain stop.Never in my life have I had a tooth hurt this bad. About a few weeks ago I bit down funny on something resulting in a old filling to come out and a chunk of my tooth with it. The pain is so bad that it keeps me up at night and I have to eat on one side of my mouth over there other. I have tried temporary fixes such as temporary filling,tooth ache numbing cream and even Crest sensi-strips but that only last so long. I am unable to get into a dent... read more

I'm 17 years old with very strict parents but I love them. They give me anything I ask for and do everything for me. But I have a bunch of rules to follow. How to dress, who to talk to, what to do. They don't even let me talk to guys who aren't Indian Bc we own a store and they've dealt with underage drinking and drug dealers from my school I guess. And I get it but Indian guys aren't perfect. I hung out with my white female friends for the first time two weeks ago. And I had... read more

Gonna eat some mother f***in' Phillsbury cinnamon rolls after I bake them because I can! Can't wait to put icing on those f***ers and eat them

I feel like crap. I had derpression for two years until I got over it without any support from my family, and now I've fallen back into suicidal thoughts.
I don't support self-diagnosing, but I'm scarred I might have Bipolar disorder, and I can't talk to my family about it, because they don't "believe" in mental disorders. I honestly don't know what to do.

Do you ever admire someone (that you dont know that well) so much that when you think of them it makes you happy? but then after a while, thinking about them actually makes you sad because it just reminds you how youre not their friend?

My dad is so over protectivce he sent the cops to my moms house because i was sick and not in school he doesent let me have frinds over hes always going through my phine WHAT DO I DO

I know I think about it a lot. I submerse myself in these movies, the books, and I fall in love with the characters and I love how I am just taken to a different world. And I do that because not only does it make me happy, but more than anything, it helps me disappear from all of the hurt I am feeling. I can't get away from it, I mean how can you run away from yourself, your own thoughts? And the only way I have found is just by forgetting reality and just losing myself in al... read more

My wife is talking to other men on her phone. I ask her to let me see her phone and she hides it from me like I'm stupid and can't see what's going on. We have a 2 year old together and I still love her very much. She's made Twitter accounts and has sent dirty pics to other people and I know I shouldn't stay with her but when I look in my daughter eyes I want it all to still work out. I'm lost. So lost and I don't know if I can ever trust her again but I do love her. I was to... read more

I can't do it anymore, I can't walk with this much baggage. I'm collapsing and I desperately want to say so without being brushed off. I'm so close to the right age of buying a gun, I'll do anything I need for the possession of it. I won't be hurting anyone, just myself.

I was talking to my ex and Im a bit sad. She told me she loves me, and how she felt like she wouldnt fall in love again. We broke up 4 years ago you know?but I get it, because I still love her in a lots of ways, but I dont think thats enough, we are so not good for each other. We justdont work, but I dont want to hurt her, and i dont know what to do, because I told her we cant be anything else, we can be friends, but thats it, we justdont work. I told her that I want her to b... read more

I let people make fun of me because I know it makes them feel better about themselves, if only for a moment. But sometimes I wish I wasn't the butt of the joke.

I'm trying desperately to make this guy leave me alone, by making myself seem really really unappealing. I don't want to tell him to go away because I don't want to hurt his feelings, so instead I'm trying to figure out what he doesn't like in a girl and then doing that. doesn't seem to be working!! He's still talking to me, except now he seems even more interested. I'm tired of him and his creepy pick up lines.

Why the f*** would you think that putting someone down who is already down would help them in any way, shape, or form? That might work on someone who doesn't already have crippling self-esteem issues, the whole "break em and build up back up" thing, but otherwise you're just contributing to the problem.

Why would you say sorry, why would you leave early that night, why did you seem like you wanted to tell me something, but you didn't, just why? You not only said sorry to me, but you said sorry to her too? Not once, but twice? Where on Earth would you possibly go to that night if you should have been in class? And you claimed to be tired too? Wtf man... wtf!

Why on Earth would I tell anyone that I think about kicking the bucket all the time? I think it's silly that these stupid "oh please don't kill yourself" campaigns think that people who want to die are going to go to them about it. I don't want people to think I'm f***ed up while I'm alive, so I'll keep those thoughts to myself thank you very much. Plus, if I say that I'm thinking about it but I don't actually do it, people are going to think of me as an attention whore and t... read more

So many thoughts going through my head right now

I'm really struggling to reconcile the teachings of Jesus with the teachings of Paul. I know many people more learned than myself have tackled the issue and come away with various ideas of how they compliment one another but all I see is massive contradictions on Paul's part. From Paul's misogynistic feelings (never espoused by Christ) to half a hundred other things its clear to me anyway that Jesus and Paul were definitely not on the same page. So, being that I'd rather foll... read more

Wow, I haven't been this sober in months. Now I remember why I hated my life!

Its never easy to forgive someone when they've done you wrong repeatedly

Instead of doing any of the hundreds of things that are stressing me out, I'd rather sit here and stare at muttr while I think of what I want to post.