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Had what seems to be my first anxiety attack today. Ironic because I was in psychology and we were discussing psychological disorders, depression, etc. Im assuming the topic triggered my memory. The feeling hit me 3 times within 20 minutes. It was dreadful. I thought I would bolt out of class in tears. I tried to level my breathing but it felt like someone was choking me and I struggled to catch my breathe. I might have looked like an idiot in the corner clutching her chest t... read more

Some days i just want to be a fat girl so leave me alone And let me eat cake

I hate math. :P i also hate people who think im a girl. im transgender and i think i look like a guy. i hate people. haha. f***

Mr.Drama Llama says oh i blocked his girl im never going to talk to her again it will be a cold day in hell first
well...............lookie here it must of frozen over he's messaging her back *eye roll*

My poor cat, he is a good cat. He was a stray and chose us to be his family. Im trying to teach my kids to be gently with him. The baby grabs his tail and pulls his ears. She carried him around by the tail once. He never scratches her though. He'll meow but never scratches the baby. She is learning to be gently. Its so funny, if the baby cries, the cat looks for her and follows her or rubs against her. Its so funny sometimes.

Republican politicians can suck my balls #republicans

Im going on a date with my girlfriend tonight and im so anxious. im really awkward and ugly and shes beautiful and perfect. im so gonna f*** up. how do you relationship? i love her so much and i dont want her to hate me. im a f*** up ;-;

I hate technology class. i cant do s***. i fail at everything ;-: why cant i do anything right? i need help. i feel death around the corner. cherish your life is my motto, yet i cant even do it. bleh.

I hate people. everyone i come across is a closed minded sack of s***. i wish i could live life without running into morons who think im a female just because i have a feminine facial structure. im a guy. who likes to wear black. whats wrong with that? everyone around me is scum. f***.

"Don't weigh more than 70kg or I can't be rough with you ;)"
Okay, listen up you little f***er because I'm going to write all the reasons why I f***ing hate your guts in no particular order,

- I told you I wasn't interested in your bum a**
- I told you I'd never, ever, ever f***ing have sex with you
- I REPEATEDLY tell you I won't send you pictures of myself
- I've told you a hundred times NOT... read more

I just got a new dildo yesterday and discovered how fun deepthroating is. Now if only my boyfriend wasn't a thousand miles away so I could do it to him.

I wish you would notice me.

I wish anyone would notice me.

Love is stupid. Life is stupid.

Seriously? You guys b**** about me being too skinny my entire life and then the moment I gain even the slightest bit of weight you come to me like "Dear, your father thinks you're getting kind of chubby". Yes, I gained a little weight. Let me also point out that I'm still at a HEALTHY weight. Let me point out as well that for the rest of my life I will be gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight again and so on because that's WHAT PEOPLE DO. Are we going to have these "l... read more

A drunk guy I was dancing with said I seemed nervous and asked if I'd been raped... dating with anxiety ladies and gentlemen.

I got to actually sleep next to my best friend and heard them snoring i was like squeeeeee i never thought i would like the sound of someone's snore :D :D :D <3
i was just thinking of how creepy that sounded
i'll be like hey i like the way u snore and they will be like ugh.......thanks weirdo :P

Someone give me advice please read the text. I am a guy and im 18 and my co-worker she is 24. I truly love this girl alot and I would do anything in the world for her. I would get a new phone number and drop every other girl ive ever talked too for her. We hang out at least 3 days a week at her apartment and im not talking about a few hours I mean im spending nights! If I do get in a relationship with her will it work
alot of people will say aw she wants a man not a boy but h... read more

Me and a girl have been going out for a little while and I like her. We are getting closer to being actual boyfriend and girlfriend. But she told me she has had sex with about 10 people. We are both 18 and I feel like that's too many. It really bothers me, almost to the point where I don't want to be with her. I don't know why it bothers me or if it will go away. Anybody got advice

So I need some advice people. I'm 22 and a guy that likes me invited me to go out with him this Saturday but I'm nervous about telling my parents that I'm going out with a boy. We don't really have a good relationship and we're not very close. And tbh I prefer it that way. Telling them I have a date will just lead to my father telling everybody (and I really do mean everybody) about it when he 's drunk..which is alot. I don't want the whole world to find out I went out with a... read more

I hate my f***ing teacher. She yells at me for being late to CPR training today, like, I have a f***ing pass b****.
I was in the office when the bell rang. I work for the f***ing school. I'm a digital technician. I was repairing the proxy server. You want your students watching f***ing porn in class?!? Didn't think so. So quit the f***ing yelling, and sit the f*** down! I'm certified in my field of work, so get out of the way. I have a C+ In you class.
Just what I wanna do is... read more

Holy crap I can not handle your s*** any longer. You can not stick to your word. Sometimes I gain a little hope like "oh maybe he FINALLY understands that a pair of t*** isn't worth being around such an aweful person," but then goes crawling right back. Close friend just broke it off with this girl, cause she went a little nutty over something and then said she isn't attracted to him, stopped talking to him. sends him a pic of her with her t*** hanging out and hes back hangin... read more