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OH MY GOODNESS, I AM SOOOOO f***ING HORNY!!! I AM SO TIRED OF MY MANS ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION CONDITION, that im about to go insane. We both are 37. It pisses him off, but that doesnt help me at all. Not sure wtf im gonna do but this has gotta change. Its been wayyyyy to f***in long, and my mind is going crazy. Not looking for a fill in, need suggestions to fix problem permanently, not temporarily. Im too young for this s***.

My friend stalks her crush(es) too much it's honestly getting creepy but everyone else thinks it's okay and "cute"

Well, I'm not so sure where to start so let me just put this entire thing in the context that she and I had a sort of relationship. We weren't together-together, but I really did love her at one point. She was my closest friend, but after months of this relationship of closeness and trust, she decided I was too much of a drag and simply didn't want to be around me anymore. She tried talking to me a couple weeks ago, but things swiftly fell apart the day after; she got upset a... read more

I get so nervous when people are stupid drunk because they don't care what they're doing. I'm so glad the cops came. But it sucks bc I'll be home alone tomorrow

I'm so emotionally done I'm jus so tired of everything

I don't even know where to start, there's this girl and I can't say for sure what love is but I'm damn sure that's what I'm experiencing now. I've known her parents for a few years and recently she's been around a lot more so I've been seeing more of her. She has a small social circle and she's very retracted in the way that she's never comfortable with other people making any contact with her, I don't mind this as I used to be the same a few years back. To me she is perfect ... read more

You say you're upfront but you don't even have the guts to tell me it's over this time, right after I open up to you. I don't know if you're just stringing me along yet again, or if you're just a coward. You brood and post up emo s*** ALL THE TIME but tell me if I'm not happy go lucky 24/7 that it's unattractive. I have no problem with your age, but you judge me based on stereotypical generational labels. You're an arrogant know it all that makes an a** of himself with little... read more

I woke up and again I reminded myself that that you hate me. This time I didnt get sad. I got mad. Your arrogance is disgusting. Next time you initate all that drama and dont understand why people dont trust you and keep their distance, next time you pity yourself and cry for understanding,next time remember that arrogance. Take notes now,keep them and take them out, read them carefully next time,when you dont understand.

So I send my boyfriend pictures and videos allllll the time since he can't physically be here (he's in Kuwait, air force), but tonight I asked him to do something for me. Idk if it was because I was in a 50 shades type mood or what, but it's really not all that hardcore of a request. I've done it for him multiple times. I asked him to masturbate for me and send me a video, and he wasn't with it. I get he's millions of miles away, but I'm tired of always putting on a show and ... read more

I've had a really huge crush on my neighbor/close friend since early Nov. 2015. I told her my feelings, and she friend zoned me because she didn't want to ruin our friendship (which I get) but we're still really close. She started developing this thing for some guy who's pretty much better than me in every single way, but I've been supporting her through it the entire time. After a while, it's just gotten so painful for me to hear about him because I wish she would think of m... read more

I feel so ugly and gross I just went to destroy myself so that no one ever has to look at my sad excuse for a body ever again. I've felt like nothing but a gross grey blob trying and failing to fit in as human for years, and I'll never be able to make a family of my own.

"i understand but-" "no you don't" "yes i do, i have personally-" "you don't"
A+ parenting.

While he's moving in with the love of his life, I'm tossed away and discarded like a piece of trash. I loved him, and he treated me like a side chick to be used, nothing more.

I really want to lose this freaking weight and get back healthy but omg why is it so darn hard??? I never liked how I was before, but damn I'd give anything to be back to my 180. This makes me not want more kids. I'm huge, and my self confidence is pretty low. I have always loved my face. I'm pretty, but I want my body back!!! Hell an even better body. I have 80 pounds to lose and I can't do it sitting on my a** but God, I'm so freaking relationship is suff... read more

f*** love, gimme diamonds. - Iggy Azalea

I've shared so much with you and grew feelings for you so strong. So after all that you're going to tell me I don't mean ANYTHING to you? You mean, NOT A DAMN THING? That's not fair, but I'm going to be OK. I'll be alright. I hope your next girl makes you realize what you lost and I hope when you're ready to love me or show me some sort of appreciation for what I've done for you in our time together, I'm happily married and pregnant with my first child with the man of my drea... read more

So ive reached that time in my life where I can stay awake into the wee hours of the morning scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, etc. which was fantastic for a while until one night I could hear low mumbling from downstairs, turns out it was my parents having sex. Now this caused me to have a panic attack, as i have pretty severe anxiety, and I ended up throwing things across my room and slamming my door over and over out of rage and anxiety which is extremely uncommon for m... read more

I want to be a chef one day, but sometimes I just eff up food so badly that it utterly defeats me. I love cooking but every time I eff up I want to give it all up and forget about it all. I know I just need practice but if I don't bring 100% perfection then I feel bad :/

i have suchhh a big crush on you. But you dont even know i exist! Why did you have to be my teacher! When you explain things to me i just feel like pulling you towards me and smooching you right there! <3 I am constantly thinking about scenarios that are just too dirty to write about here. You are sooo sexy(sooo hot) and smart(from iit-k :o) and sweet(you are sweeter than chocolate in my dreams; ) all at the same time. I wish you werent 10yrs older to me. It wou... read more

Okay. So I'm not sure if it's me or this person? But he makes me want to throw a brick at his face? I liked him before, a lot. I still really do but I can't seem to express myself in a way that goes to show this.. and theeast he can do is .. not be a f***er. Y'know? Makes me not want to hit up his phone.. but I do. So much for my not giving a f*** attitude.