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I can't get over the fact that I'm not able to talk to my ex girlfriend anymore. I'm not physically attracted to her anymore but the fact that I can't talk to her gives me pain in my stomach. She has completely moved on and has a new boyfriend, one of her best friends from when we were dating. We broke up before I left for school but would still spend time together. We spent 3 years together and don't talk because when we were in a rough patch I kissed one of her grind while ... read more

Go f*** yourself

There are some things that one simply can not "get over." The repeated and egregious transgressions of a parent or parents often does irreparable harm to the child. The child remains damaged for life.

I've been in line (to be at least looked at) for a promotion at work. They ended up hiring some random girl off the street. No management experience whatsoever. My line of work ito is best to hire from the ground up so you can learn the difficulties vs other jobs of the same type. I originally was a little mad bit gave her a chance.....she would hang out behind the counter, especially when other managers had told her not to, especially when theyou were not around. She would t... read more

I have an extra best friend who I'm having some troubles with. The reason why she's an ex friend...well if you've heard of the story where to boy who is babysitting the sheep cries wolf toof many times you'll somewhat understand the first half. My ex friend was dating this boy who would keep breaking it off with her (she would generally date many boys at once so it was hard to keep track of them but this one she really liked, and even then she was nothing but horrible and dem... read more

My girlfriend of 2 years ended up cheating on me. The sadly ironic part is, she was always overly scared and had trust issues that I'd be the one to run off or cheat. Because of it I slowly grew apart from my friends or potential ones, so now that we're apart I have hardly anyone. I had to find out through one of her social medias, I gave her a week of benefit of the doubt before she full on posted lovey stuff of the other person. We live far apart so seeing each other is mor... read more

Jared, you're so ugly.


That moment when a guy tells you i am here for you
but then they are taken as f***
making you feel so f***ing weird

Why is justin's song so <3 <3?
i mean i am not a fan
i just like his music :p

Oh mygod i was skyping my crush and she 'moaned' and i got really turned on

So have a joint account with my mum to help me to save (I'm 28 but haven't been fantastic at saving). The goal is to save enough to buy my own home by 2020. I am the only person to deposit money into this account. I even had to withdraw from the account to help cover a power bill costing just under $3000 which I have since paid back on top of the mandatory deposits.

I spoke to my mum last week about using the bulk of the current savings to pay off my car loan so that I'm not... read more

The more time goes by the less I can understand why I trusted you in the first place.

When you discover your boyfriend of many years is texting another girl about visiting a sex club and "reuniting the dream team." I'm being consumed by knowing the full truth of his lies, and am struggling with love obliterated.

Everybody's changing, has exciting new things going on, except me. New significant others, jobs, places to live... But not me.

Nothing in my life ever changes.
No matter how hard I try.

I'm going to grow old and die alone, apparently.

I pray that our paths cross again. If they ever do, I hope you can love me like how I love you.

I've struggled with depression, he never even noticed. He left me, he didn't love me enough to stay. I'm falling apart.

I have been with the same guy for the last 4 years and 4 months, he's cheated on me countless times and has accused me of cheating on him at every turn. I will admit that yes I have talked to a couple other people, mainly as friends because I get lonely, the only time I've had sex with anyone since him was when we were split up recently and the night he left us. We have 3 kids together, ages 4, 2 and 2 months. He left us and said it was because he was unhappy but it turns out... read more

I'm asexual and I find it so hard to form friendships because people think you're boring or a prude.

I was stupid and allowed my mother in law to go in on a house with us and I'm seriously loosing my cool. The plan was she would build a house on the property we bought. Months later no plans and my husband and I are fighting. This woman is destroying my life with her craziness and I don't think I can stop it.