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I fudge my age because I'm in my 30s but look like I'm in my early 20s. I don't think age should matter to anyone except the IRS and creditors. People assume I'm very young, this is what made me realize that saying I was younger wasn't a big deal. My boyfriend knows my real age but also tells people that I am in my 20s. We have roommates who thought I was in my 20s. My boyfriend got drunk and we got in a fight and he told our roommates that I was lying about my age and they w... read more

I found out my boyfriend watches tranny and shemale porn. I'm not sure how to process it or what it means. Anyone have experience with this kind of situation?

Even when you vent, society expects you to watch what you say (Word things right: you can't truly speak your mind without being negatively judged instead of positively criticized). Amazing how even anonymity doesn't protect you from bullies.

Two of my sisters live less than a mile away from me. We don't talk. I bet they don't even give it a second thought. Not sure if I'm hurt or relieved we don't really talk. Not much to talk about.

A rape survivor was talking about her experience trying to keep anyone from finding out what happened before she sought help, and this one guy just kept on asking her "Were you a virgin?" over and over without ever getting a reply. I wanted slam his face into a wall. What the f*** does it matter? Why the f*** are you asking? What the f*** kind of question is that to ask her? What the f*** is wrong with you?? It doesn't make a difference if she was or wasn't--she still went th... read more

I am so deliciously tired. Lol. I didn't realize it until I got my comfy pj's on and got in bed. Sweet dreams.

My high school psychology teacher was right. I was never going to be happy in my future because I would always have myself. It's been thirteen years since he told me that and I have been trying to prove him wrong, but he's right. I'm a loser and it's never going to change. It doesn't matter where I live or if I have an awesome job, I will always have me. I can't escape from myself. How can I possibly be happy if I F***en hate myself!

What is so wrong about casual sex? Like, I am perfectly fine (with one person.) Climbing into his bed, and bangin' his brains out with out staying to cuddle. We are friends with benefits, we f***. That's about it. We make small talk like work or class just to see if the other is busy, if not then we go for it. I don't need to love him to have sex with him. Why sex such a frowned upon thing?

If only you knew; That I have a pinterest board about you.

I'm a terrible person.. I am in a totally committed relationship.. Wouldn't ever actually act on any of my thoughts. But, I can't help but think that the end of my teens, beginning of my twenties, I am in a 100% committed relationship.. I am more than happy spending my life with him. But about 1/16th of myself wants to spend the next 3 years doing just about anything I want.

If I got thru it today without bugging out and mad I will continue to act like he doesn't exist! Sorry brother you had a good chance but you messes over someone that would have always been there

So he didn't bother by texting me at all today, could be numerous of reasons why he didn't but could've used some ones phone just to say hi or something. I see were we are now, just on a text when I need you type plan. Haha that was funny,but I won't fall for your traps again

I feel like all i do is never going to amount to anything
i actually cut myself a couple of times last week and it felt good
i'm so tired of myself

Should I date my best guy friend of 8 years?/. he loves me. And I love him back and I don't know/.

I am so pissed off at him I want to unfriend him on Facebook. But I know if i did that he'd flip his s***.

Is it bad that I wake up 3 hours prior to the time I'm supposed to wake up for school just to complete all my assignments ? I feel like its efficient since I get it all done, but my parents says otherwise.

I think your kids are the most self-centered, entitled, arrogant, disrespectful, pathetic people I've ever met. And I've met a LOT of people. I feel sorry for them.

Never seeing an ex again is getting harder to do with all this damn social media. My mom won't stop uploading pics of me goshdangit

I know this is weird..But how do you know you've found The One? /.

I'm so tired of fat a** b****es who sit and do nothing at home complaining that they have so much homework and they're so busy with "everything they do" NO, you're just a lazy a** f***ing b**** that just sits on her butt all day worshiping little boy bands. Fangirls are pretty much the most annoying thing on earth. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE. And here I am, not getting home till 7PM because of sports, (still hotter than you, may I add) and stressing over homework and AP cl... read more