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Thank you for holding me all night long :D <3
you're beyond awesome
i love you

(Replies would be greatly appriciated)...I like my parents, my friends, my boyfriend, I do. I would never choose anything above them, but I feel so alone. I have a max total of eight friend I like it to keep that group small. I love my whole family with all my heart all seven of my siblings. I love my boyfriend more than anything. I just can't shake the feeling that I'm only going to disappoint them. When I was a freshman in highschool (I am now a senior) I went through a lot... read more

I feel as if I've been put behind a curtain that only allows me to look out at others, but they cannot see me. I try and connect with others and I just feel like everything I say is rejected. It is anyone, be it a girl or a guy. I'm not the best looking dude and I'm actually a very skinny guy and only 5'7ish. I was born really skinny and goofy looking. It has had always been this way, even with my parents. They kind of get annoyed when I speak or do anything. They obviously p... read more

My Siamese cat has an almost supernatural ability to detect when I and my girlfriend are trying to make out or have sex. The cat can be asleep three rooms away, or completely out of sight and the second I and my gf kiss or start to undress, here he f&!^% comes meowing and demanding attention. Any other time he doesn't want to be bothered.

I'm a 16 year old girl, I've been sleeping with my 31 year old drug dealer, &I think I'm In love.

I've become extremely apathetic towards my schoolwork, prayer life, etc. Like its not even a worry anymore. I'm completely content.

I finally found the girl of my dreams, she is without a doubt perfect for me but I don't think she feels the same way I do. Shes a friend but she doesn't look at me like I look at her. She's never had a BF before and has said she never won't one that she's "fine being single." She treats me just like she treats any of her other friends. She has social problems so she doesn't think too highly of herself, on a few occasions I've had to remind her of just how great she is but sh... read more

I wish I could go to bed early but I know I'll wake up a million times at night...

Would you like to see them?
My many masks.
The masks in which, conceal the suffering, the agony that tears at my heart.
My lips would stretch into a forced smile, and everyone is fooled.
They think, I'm most definitely okay. Even when my mask is made of glass.

I'm dead.
My soul is broken, shattered. My heart is blackened and tainted.
I'm insane. I'm suffocating.
Everyday, I'm shunned. I am judged harshly and looked down upon. I'm just something to disregard or get trampled upon like garbage.
No one acknowledges my effort, how hard I try to meet expectations. So hard to have a greater future. So hard with the fear of standing in a fast food restaurant. Afraid of landing in the streets as people glance at me with disgust, I'm scared.... read more

What the f*** is wrong with society? I am 14, a sophomore, white-ish, overweight, and have ADHD and probably bipolar disorder. The guy who used to be my best friend insults and beats me, as well as being really f***ing racist, and I have had enough. I have wild mood swings and was really close to purposely cutting myself a couple days ago. I'm under a lot of pressure from my honors/AP classes and can't really take much more crap from anything. My parents expect me to go to a ... read more

I'm a girl and I've never danced a day in my life... I'm not even in high school anymore, nor have I ever dated. How the f*** will I ever end up with a guy I like if I don't even know the basics? I don't even have confidence in myself. My hair isn't nice and flowy. Is flowy even a word! I don't know how to be sexy. I don't even consider myself to be girly either. I'm more of a tomboy. I don't know how to smile. I get angry easily. My face has acne. What guy is going to want t... read more

Weird. I was getting really pissed off at my friend because I felt he was being a total cheapskate at a restaurant. He doesn't even know how to tip properly which pisses me off as well. He tips less than 10% at times and it annoys the crap out of me but I never said anything to him. At the time of checking out, the lady says half and I just completely forgot I ordered 1 more item than he did. I said "ok" and gave her my card, she'd already swiped it so I figured by that time ... read more

I don't know how to tell my friend that she's being psycho. There's this guy she has become obsessed with and it seems like nobody can get her to understand that she's being batshit insane about this. She has stalked the pages of everyone on his Facebook, everyone who even talks to him, any girl who has ever posted on his wall. She will fly into a screaming crying jealous rage over the phone with me because of one random innocent comment by a random girl to him on Facebook. S... read more

#Venting #Ex-Boyfriend

Why does life have to be so hard? Everyday just a constant s*** storm of problems. I try to keep a brave face and a smile but it's really really hard. #lifesucks #problems

My dad's on the phone with my mom. She always talks over him on the phone and I think he hates it. She's always got to say what she has to say. It makes it hard to talk about personal stuff with her. They're discussing my sister studying abroad and my mom's going off about not just being safe but imagining a situation with "these f***s surrounding her". She's very security-conscious and though I guess that's a good thing the way she goes around describing the horrible things ... read more

I feel like if I was prettier and looked less like a troll he would love me, instead of us just being best friends and never anything more.

I'm on acid as we speak, and I'm just thinking way too much. About life and the inevitable and how I really need to grow up. I also feel as if I'm worrying too much on the future, I need to just enjoy time as I have it in this moment.

Someone give me advice please read the text. I am a guy and im 18 and my co-worker she is 24. I truly love this girl alot and I would do anything in the world for her. I would get a new phone number and drop every other girl ive ever talked too for her. We hang out at least 3 days a week at her apartment and im not talking about a few hours I mean im spending nights! If I do get in a relationship with her will it work
alot of people will say aw she wants a man not a boy but h... read more