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Ah racist keyboard warriors. You guys can't even say a fourth of all the trash you talk to an actual black person. So bold behind a screen yet so timid in person.

Do you think it is a bad idea to meet up with a guy to clarify things? He has been in and out my life for the past two years and we've gone out on a few dates, we've kissed, he told me he liked me... ect.
Last year, i stopped talking to him and blocked him on Facebook because i was tired of getting my hopes up for nothing. He kept asking my friends for me and asking why i stopped talking to him. So, i unblocked him and he started talking to me again. To avoid the story to rep... read more

Is it easier to get a girl to do anal or to have a threesome with one of her friends? Cuz g**d*** it, I want these things. I want to have my fun like the porn stars do.

AAARRRRGGGHHHHHHH teengaers make me retch !! they're just so, unrefined, ignorant, dull dense stupid!! they're inchoate and tiny and let their emotions control everything they do, they know nothing ! and most of them are sexually frustrated ! I hate talking to them! I hate seeing them, they're so f***ing fake and they make me want to scream, how can you be so.... gullible and blind????? I know I KNOW one day I'm gonna snap and next time i see a stupid a** teen with her layers... read more

Hey hugs you seem pretty cool I hope you're not the black hater?

My BLACK math professor and I were talking the other day about quantum physics
you know what Einstein called spooky action at a distance.

Anyways it's all about how a whitey atom and a darky atom can be separate all their lives
but once they interact they become bonded at an atomic level and it doesn't matter how close
they are or how far away they are, they resonate at the same frequency thereafter.
And when one is destroyed so is the other, spooky action at a distance!

At age 7 i lost trust in everything, i was physically, sexually and emotionally abused for years. Everyday, i lived in fear. I wasn't able to take a shower without fear of someone being there to scare me till i was at least 30. My story has been compared to prisoners of war. I had no childhood and nightmares into adulthood. Doctor said PTSD and placed me on meds. 5 years of counseling did help. For the last two weeks i weaned myself off of them and have been feeling a lot of ... read more

If you have serious issues with blacks maybe you suffer from blackitis
And for that we have a solution for you! It's called darky in a can
and it will provide you with a full frontal lobotomy so that these darkies
will not darkin your doorstep anymore and if they do it won't matter anyway
because you'll be sitting in that chair drooling away completely unaware they exist
so remember darky in a can at your local pharmacy now!

As a family member of a suspected killer it sucks that people make assumptions that the killer's family should be blamed too. It ain't anyone's fault if your adult child kills cold blooded but the person's who murdered a person. You can offer the best for a child but if they suffer from drug addiction and are with a pimp/drug dealer they love, they won't abandon that lifestyle. The parents and siblings shouldn't be looked down upon over a selfish sick individual that is relat... read more

If your fat and you know it clap your hands
if your fat and you know it you're gonna die
The obesity epidemic is getting out of hand
And here's the proof for you
Se how well that works?

If you are going to say that blacks are not human and that is a fact than please present me with your proof
so that I can concur!

What's the biggest mistake a man can make in his life?

The sound of your is such a turn on. When i listen to you speak it does something to me deep down. I get so f***ing wet!

Isn't it f***ed up how heartless people are? I f***ing hate myself 99% of the time because I always want to see the best in people. I want to see the best in them so much that I ignore all the f***ing warning signs. The signs that tell me they're not a good person. It might be that boy that was f***ed up in the head. The one I felt obligated to save. To love. To show that he is so much more than a speck on this earth and he could make such a positive impact on this world if h... read more

My first year at college, I had very, very few friends and made few verbal/physical connections with people because of my introverted and asocial nature. Late at night, I would go out and hug trees because I was desperate for contact with something solid and alive.

They are right, if what you are saying did not happen to you, Then go away!

Why is it that sometimes you are the best, and others you're a b****. We hang out and have an amazing time, then you act like I'm dirt beneath your shoes. Is it me? Am I not good enough for you? Whatever, guess I'll find a new best friend

Don't even know where to start. I just feel like the only person in the world that I want, I can't have, and I am so lonely. I have no friends because the ones I had proved not worthy of my trust and that literally has left me with my cats. It's been this way for months. I have no idea how to escape this feeling like there isn't someone out there for me. I've been in love with him and loved him for 11 years now. We finally had our chance, and I killed our relationship with my... read more

Lol Thought Id give this place another visit, hoping the trolls would decline. nope, wishful thinking tonite! :)

Why can't you understand? I'm lonely. why can't you just hold me, or take me on a date? Why don't you surprise me or make an effort anymore. Is the spark gone? I feel so lost, confused, and alone