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Critical thinking
The other national deficit

A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste

If i love someone how do i let them go if they are tired of me.

I wish you would stop shoving what I should and shouldn't do in my face. It's my life that is in jeopardy NOT yours! Stop making everything about you cause its not. It's easy for you to sit there as my father and say what you will when you aren't the one with cancer. I AM THE ONE WITH CANCER NOT YOU!!! I might be young but I'm not stupid. I am fully aware of what I have and my treatment options. I'm not a 2 year old. I am 21 years old and old enough to make decisions on my ow... read more

I think about him a lot but who wants to be with a depressed f*** like me?

I love you but i can't tell you and its so damn hard to keep it inside :( i dont even know if you feel the same way

So I had shrimp for lunch and I'm still hung like a horse hungry #DatGutTho

I have a hemorrhoid. Shold I pop it?!?

I'm gonna play with your Twitter and make you Goggle all over my Facebook all up in MySpace.

The one thing my husband and I did well was sex. Now we can't even do that anymore thanks to his medication.

Listen you dumb idiot husband. I do not want your mother coming with us on our very first anniversary. What the heck is wrong with you to ask in the first place? Oh, and you really wanted her to stay in the same room? Right, I'm supposed to reach the height of passion while your old behind mother is separated from us by a think curtain. The fact that you even suggested that is bad enough, but that the heck is wrong with your equally dumb mother for thinking it was okay for he... read more

Michael you are rude, and you are mumbling buddy. What the f*** are you trying to get across??

I WANT MY MOTHER-IN-LAW TO GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! She is living here for no reason, tells ME what I am going to do in MY OWN HOUSE, and my husband is completely blind to anything. Frankly, he tends not to look deeply into things when he is getting his own way. I can't stop thinking about it. My thoughts are consumed with the day that she is gone. Even with that dream she sometimes talks about living on her own, but then other times she talks about us all living in a bi... read more

My boyfriend and I haven't had sex in over 3 months. It started of because he got frisky while I was sleeping and I must of been having a bad dream so I freaked out. I have been sexually abused and so has he idk why he hasn't gotten over it. Then he said he hurt his back and promised it wasn't me. This is reeking havoc on my self confidence. I don't feel wanted attractive or loved. Every time I bring it up he gets hurt and sad so I don't or he blames it all on my abusive ex f... read more

I f***ing like you! So bad! But im chicken s*** when it comes to trying to talk to you or even look at you. I'm pretty sure you like me and I so want to message you on Facebook or leave my number on your car but then I feel stalkerish! Like How can I hit on you on the sly??? I

I wanna tip my laffy taffy into your sweet suculant peach. Can you feel me? My balls are hairy and well they may seem a bit scary but I promise you baby girl that I can make your onion wetter than Justin Biebers a**h*** on a hot sunny day.

Hi, I'm trying to post somewhere where my family can't find my secrets or me wanting to be crazy bcuz of my son Eli but yeah my name is Sarah and I'm in the tn area and I like to have sex in the snow, I want to have another kid so I won't feel alone alot... so hit me up!sarah.terry.50702769
Plus I went to a mental institution call Oak Plains Academy in Ashland tn So hey Cody if your on here, look me up! Lol

He calls me a b**** and ignores me or doesn't reply to my texts. I'm f***ing done now. I know I've done nothing wrong and I've felt like s*** for the last few days because I thought I had.

I'm not worth s***, I'm ugly, fat, and stupid. I can't do anything and all I wish for is that I could be dead. All I do is cry and f*** things up. I felt so good about myself until this. I don't even understand why I can't be good enough for them. It's like I'm just a speck of dirt underneath someones feet and no one cares if they step over me. Not even the people that are supposed to care.

We were bestfriends, he was obsessed with me--- I finally recognized my little feelings & gave him a shot, we dated, he stopped talking to me. It's been a little over three weeks, should I text him now, another few weeks, or just let him and our friendship go?