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Note to self: Reasons to stay alive.

1. Your dog. If you're gone, who will feed him?
2. Gage and Mom. They'd be heartbroken if you died.
3. That concert in October.
4. Getting out of your brother's big dumb shadow. You can't die being the family failure.
5. That skull photo shoot you've been wanting to do.
6. You have talent. Don't throw it away.

People are weird. I'm weird. Feeling very emotional today. Some of my friends aren't answering my texts. I'm sure they are just out riding and can't check their phones but it's bugging me. Freaked out and went to the ER today to. I'm fine but I don't know I'm just feeling off. It sucks!

Combustible g-strings easy for thugs to hit it quickly

My mansion my money my man serious gold digger everytime i hear it makes me wanna kill gold diggin b****es

i cant believe my parents are actually allowing me to finally go and stay all weekend i sound like a kid but my parents are strict so these opportunities are once in a life time.
im so excited yet so scared and then again i dont give a f***
im so skint so i didnt know weather to just wait for last year but you know what im just going to do it f*** it... IM SO EXCITEDDDD!!!

I'm sorry if I caused you any distress, and made you feel upset. I know I couldn't keep my eyes off you most of the time, maybe you looked gorgeous and pretty and I realised it made you feel anxious, and we never knew or talked to each other and I get that I am sorry. I'm only saying this because my past has come back to haunt me and I had a dream about you, first time I actually get to talk to you, and you've responded furiously, and never wanted to hear what I wanted to say... read more

So this one guy I was talking to was spewing really hateful things about poc (I'm not sure if he knew he was being hateful because he was talking about disrespecting America but the message was still there) so I was trying to get him on the right path and then he started yelling about how everyone nowadays is a liberal idiot who refuses to do anything to make things better so they just b**** about it. So I was trying to tell him that a lot of people aren't in the right place ... read more

Ive been grafting on a guy for so long trying to get his attention, ive been liking his photos and i followed him on twitter and today after all my hard grafting for like 4/5 weeks (without being seedy af) i liked one of his photos and he TEXT ME!!! like no kidding he actually text me and then added me on snapchat
we have been talking for like 2 hours now and hes really fit. i hope he wants to talk more than just one day.
i wanna tell my friends but every time i tell them any... read more

I am f***ing beautiful, damn it! I don't deserve this I'm a great girlfriend and have a lot going for myself, and I can't leave this sorry a** jerky boyfriend I've got. I wish he would just let me go

During sex my boyfriend always wanting to watch porn everytime we f***


So nasty transgender women f***ing women wtf

The only person I can stand in my life in my dad my mom and sister a a**h*** and I really can't wait till I move out so I can completely erase them from my life.

I'm a girl 23 year old and probably have the lowest libido ever. I tried masturbating, watching and reading porn, and getting it on with my boyfriend but it just doesn't turn me on at all!! If anything it bores me. Help someone?! I don't really know how to increase my libido :(

If you're a hoe then you're a hoe it's nobody's business

Saying sorry just to say sorry what exactly are you sorry for ? There's has to be a reason why

Why can't the cunt my sperm came from just leave me alone? It's been two years and I've made it quite clear that I never want to talk to him.

Its annoying that i cant rememeber my login

Combustible panties ready to pop off for my boyfriend to shove it in my p****

I keep forgetting you can't trust people they use you and then at as though you are in the wrong. When will I learn they only care about themselves once again I am in pain and they just go on as though nothing has happened.