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So my "friend" is dating this guy that not even a week before he asked her out he cheated on his ex girlfriend and my "friend" said she wold never date him and now they are going out. But 2 days before that she was still saying she misses her ex. Ugggggggggg.

Rocky Balboa's voice is ugly. He's got the looks in the movie, but his voice...

Lately, my uncles stepson has been giving me a lot of unwanted attention. He's 30 and I'm 19, and my whole life, he's been like blood to me. Anyway, he keeps telling my cousins how hot he thinks I am. Last night, there was a party at my house and he kept trying to kiss me and stuff while my boyfriend was there. He was holding into me pretty tight, so It was really hard to get away. I don't think he really meant any harm, it's just that he was hammered, and he's really tall an... read more

My best friend literally controls my entire life hahahahaahahah i wantto die please kill me

I'm going at my own pace, and if you can't handle that, then you can kindly f*** off.

Everytime i lay my kids down for nap or try to nap myself, my neighbor turns his leaf blower on, in the summer its a weedeater and then the leaf blower. It drives me crazy at how loud those things are so loud. This guy isn't even my neighbor, he lives on the street behind us and a few homes away but i can see him through my upstairs windows. I hate those things, they are so loud. Then the people across the street from us, directly infront of us, turn their leaf blower on and ... read more

To be clear, I'm a muslim girl who wears the face-veil. I'm also NOT living in America, which I need to clarify because lately whenever I make that fact known I get a ton of "GET OUT OF 'MERICA, TERRORIST!!!!" messages.
Anyway, that aside, lately I feel like whenever I show anyone my face (when it's only girls around) I get comments like "Aww.... You're so pretty, it's such a waste you cover your face up." or "Good thing you're wearing that veil, a face like that could start ... read more

I always find it hilarious when some customer service person rants and screams and cries about terrible callers. Because I've worked customer service and it is the CSRs that are much worse than callers.

I just got off the phone with someone who I am sure would say I was the worst call of her day, but it was in fact, she, who was entirely terrible.

her: "This is La'swaniqua. (heavy sigh)"
me: "Hello. I was hoping you could help me. I had a confirmed appointment at the clinic... read more

The girl I've fallen in love with is getting married. I don't know why I am upset. We'd never be together . She said she loves me and she doesn't want to lose me, but I know it's BS. I want to cry and pretend to be happy for her but I just can't. I invested so much of my energy and time...shared intimate secrets with her and vise versa. For her to just tell me that. I know now maybe I'm meant to be alone. In all my relationships I'm left alone. Just not the one. Ever for anyo... read more

I have a milestone birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. I have no SO and I live alone. I have no plans to do anything, I'm a late-in-life introvert. I noticed my sister whispering to a co-worker of mine. I hope they're not planning a surprise party. I know, I
May be jumping to conclusions. But I would rather know ahead of time. I had a surprise baby shower years ago and it took me a couple of hours before I could enjoy myself.
It would be awesome to have a shindig. Very t... read more

Best friend has a crush on a lesbian. She has a girlfriend. Hes doing everything and anything to make her like him. I wish that words would get through his thick skull that it wont happen. Hell the fact that shes lesbian should be enough to make him back off.

I just need to get over this fantasy of you because I know it's never going to happen. Wah.

Tired of feeling like a loser. I've only had one relationship and it lasted less than 5 months. I'm starting to feel like I'll never have another, it's been a year and a half since then and I've had absolutely no luck. Girls that I fall for are interested in me for a little then the all inevitably cut it off and say we have no potential. I f***ing hate myself and I wish I was a completely different person so I won't be alone anymore.

Anxiety is paralyzing me again and I can't get out of bed again. My skin is tingly and i feel like cutting it open. My mind is racing and I can't make it stop. I feel trapped and helpless. I don't want to face everything again. My chest feels really tight right now. I feel this weight on my body. My mind is fogged. I've spent this whole week lying on the ground doing nothing because the anxiety is so bad and I'm unable to do anything. And that makes me more stressed because I... read more


I keep falling in love with boys I see in my dreams. Just to be clear, they're not sex dreams or anything like that. I don't even recognize them as anyone I know IRL, either, but I wake up feeling such a strong sense of loss to know they're gone. It happens fairly regularly and I'll spend a while thinking about them.
Take my dream yesterday, I'm taking a tour of a college I want to go to, dressed up pretty because I want to make a good impression, and I meet this really nice ... read more

How many times do you have to go o through something before you learn. My daughter likes losers and will pick them above her brother or the rest of us we everytime. She is 19 dating a 29 year old who does not know what he wants to be when he grows up. Really what age do you think a grown up is.. she promised her brother that she would spend day with him now it us 11:30 and is no where to be found...

I hate it when people talk about their problems because I have no idea how to respond 99% of the time.

I swear. If you pronounce it as Missouruh ONE MORE TIME, I will STRANGLE you!

My Instagram logged me out and reset my password. I don't remember the email I used. And I don't know how to connect my Facebook to Instagram while being logged out