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Little things (remarks) trigger my social anxiety and self esteem issues. Is this normal? I don't even feel like I can be myself around my friends anymore.

This should go in health as in "mental health". Ok, I know I'll catch heat for this and maybe I should. But I can't help it. I'm 15. About a month ago I forgot to lock my bedroom door and my mom walked in on me fapping in bed. She immediately rushed back out and I couldn't even look her in the eye for days and days afterward. Since then neither of us has spoken a word about it and she always knocks before entering my room now (she never did before, she'd just barge right in u... read more

So I'm finally at this point where I'm not even sure my relationship is worth the effort anymore
I cook clean work and so on I'm the only one who does romantic gestures I can't kick this feeling that he's cheating on me. Or that he has he yells at me all the time be makes me cry. We haven't had sex in about a month he hurts me and I can't help but think I'm tires of living with this piece of shirt he birches about taking me to work sleeps all day takes two hours to even spend... read more

Just had another fight with my mom... We're bankrupt, parents' divorced, living in a small apartment and barely have enough money to survive. I try to help out around the house but she's never satisfied and ends up complaining so much how I'm so useless, so lazy and ungrateful, that I don't appreciate or respect her for s***.
I've been going through domestic violence ever since I was three but that's another crazy-a** long story. My dad would get drunk, coming back home reall... read more

I was best friends with this girl.. Most amazing person I've met. Super clos . Had feelings. And so did she, but I had a gf at the time. It hurt her, so she dissapeared from my life.. 2 yrs later. She came back. I was suppperr happy bc wen she left I was pretty depressed. An empty void in me. We talked and when I thought maybe this was our time, she said she had a bf .. It seems small bit its eating me away insid . .... Horribl . I had my chance but chose not to betray my gf ... read more

I'm sick :( I hate being sick, slept most of the day and now I'm wide wake at 5:45 haven't eaten anything but an apple not hungry, worst cough ever, my chest hurts so bad I know I'm driving my neighbors crazy :(

I'm sick of being a prisoner in an adolescent body. I don't age like other people. I was fourteen in 1972 and I'm maybe biologically sixteen now. Lmao, they don't even care if I vent online anymore. Nobody will believe you. They'll just call you a headcase. I don't care anymore. I don't get todays music, I don't get the pop culture. I'm tired of being the "old man" in any group of "kids". I don't want any more girls to ask me out. I could be their grandpa. Time has moved beyo... read more

I really hope you break the sexual tension between us soon. Lord knows I'm too chicken to do it.

I smoke marijuana
cause I like to get high
here's some Americana
Washington smoked pot so tell me why can't I?

he was a ganga farmer
he wanted to be free
he used it to make paper
now we wipe our a**es on old growth trees

the Declaration of Independence
Constitution and the Bill of Rights
ain't worth the hemp that they're printed on
if the citizens won't put up a fight
(to keep em STRONG!)

I smoke marijuana
cause I like to get high
here's some Americana
Washington smoked po... read more

I woke up Sunday morning and my head was mighty sore
there were two Jehova Witnesses a'knocking at my door
they were preaching word-O-god at ninety miles an hour
but nine AM on Sunday is a most ungodly hour
I thanked them for their interest and I told them that I'm Pagan
the taller woman made a face that looked like Ronald Reagan
they said Jehova sent them out recruiting in his name
I told them I respect their path and asked them for the same

move over Jehova, now do you und... read more

One of my guy friends just got a girlfriend and I've actually been meaning to ask him out but I was too chicken. I'm happy that's he's happy but I wish I was the one he was being happy with. I miss him

Look, husband of mine, you are trying to be there for your friend in ways thay he does not need you. You are constantly throwing yourself into other people's business to "help" them but you end up looking just plain foolish. You embarrassed me today by following your groom best friend from table to table at his wedding shower, and I had to come with you as your wife. Did you ever think that maybe hr was trying to get away from you for 2 seconds or that his fiancee was trying ... read more

Went to a wedding shower today. I had a miserable time. How am I supposed to be happy about a couple getting married when my own marriage is a great source of misery for me to the point that I am very jaded about marriage itself? Then my husband kept making a scene by changing tables to be near the groom and I looked stupid following him as his wife. I seriously want to send my husband back to the factory for repairs.

Finding out your first love has finally proposed to another woman is closure enough to pierce you where it hurts most. Maybe I'm just not meant to marry anyone. Lord knows :.(

Disboards is closed until tomorrow night. Oh well. I guess you Muttrers get my misplaced advice instead.

I wish my husband wasn't so affectionate. He is constantly wanting to touch, rub, hold, kiss me, as many as 5 times a day! And each sessions lasts from 10-30 minutes. It's getting really annoying really fast. But when I tell him this he gets upset because he thinks I'm telling him to take it to zero. Ugh! The man does not know the meaning of the word modesty in anything.

I want to believe in God, but...

I think I'm in love with my bestfriend( yes I'm a girl and he is s boy) when we're together idk maybe it's just me but I feel like a tension between us where I almost want to kiss him, be with him in his arms. Recently he keeps saying how beautiful I am but I don't know! It's killing me since I'm leaving for school in June and I don't know when I'll see him, I feel like I have to DO something or I'll regret it ! But I'm scared I'll ruin what we have..

I have only two close friends, and they don't really like each other.

I'm unattractive, dark-skinned, fat, and lazy. My shoulders are too broad, I have a scar on my leg and a keloid behind my ear. My face has acne all over it and razor bumps. I hate having body hair but it's so tedious to shave it all off and keep it off. I hate my voice. I hate the shape of my body. I hate everything from my dry, short, and apparently balding hair to my big, calloused feet.

I suck at math.... read more

So as a senior in high school, I'm sexually active. Where this story starts I had broken up with my boyfriend of 2 years for problems and accusations made by both of us. That's for another time though. You see I was freshly single and I had met this guy who I thought was pretty nice. We talked in a few classes we had together, we spent Friday's together since I worked for be team he played on. Anyways, long story short we slept together, ONLY once. And something I've never sa... read more