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Is it just me, or does depression take away all f***ing motivation for reading? I used to love reading when I was a kid. I was one of the smartest kids in the school. Now I'm a f***ing dunce. I just think so slowly.
God damnit, I need to get this book read.
I hate to say it, but somewhere along the way, something made me really f***ing hate reading. How can I say that? I used to read for hours at a time! I want to enjoy reading again! f*** this s***! Everything is boring now.... read more

Seriously I have the worst stomach bug ever thumping migraine and u won't be boyfriend advice mom? Seriously no. I've been up with my kids and barfing. I really don't wanna hear it

Environmentalists are naive. The planet can't be saved. Humanity would rather doom its descendants than give up their commodities.

The way I see it, there are four ways of solving the human problem and none of them will work

1) Changing our ways, which no one would do.

2) Exile ourselves to space, which would take too long

3) Have humanity commit suicide, which no one would accept

4) Have humanity sterilized, which (again) no one would accept.

Face it. We're all screwed... read more

So I posted on this forum about how I'm with a guy and I like someone else and I don't know what to do. This married chick then goes apeshit and accuses me of being a cheater, wasting my bf's youth, and not loving any of them. b****, please. Way to assume a bunch of s*** about someone you don't even know. A ring on your finger doesn't mean you know more about love than I do.

My parents are driving me insane. I can't wait for college. They need to LAY OFF.

I get that you were upset and having a bad night. I get that you felt like breaking down, and I wanted to be there for you. I stayed up all night to be there for you. You do not get to call me, scare me, and hang up before calling me again an hour later, scaring me more, and then telling me you'll call me back in a few minutes and NEVER CALLING. I woke up every twenty minutes last night/this morning to look at my phone (which I fell asleep holding so I could hear it ring when... read more

I am middle aged with a teenage pizza face.


I hate your ugly gay face and your stupid gay hairstyle and your stupid personality.

So im having really bad cramps but thanks to my room mate who introduced me to a home made heating pad i feel much better. Couldn't even sleep in on my damn day off. I shouldn't be awake yet but i been tossing and turning all night then finally couldn't take it and just stayed awake then my gf tried massaging and holding me which usually helps but these cramps are just killer. Seems only high heat can kick it. Anyway ima go enjoy the rest of my day.

I noticed I get emotional over my stuffed animals. I feel as if they have feelings of their own. If someone is mean to them I get sad inside and I secretly feel sorry for the stuffed animal even though I know it is not alive and doesnt really have feelings. But some part of me tells me it does. I feel ashamed of this...

I just want to be pretty, talented and rich

Advice appreciated! c: I met this girl a month ago, and I haven't stopped talking to her since. I'll call her B. She's gorgeous, but that's not even the best thing about her. She's hilarious, a total sweetheart, and compassionate. She's willowy with the most beautiful brown eyes and blonde hair. She's basically all I want. I told her I liked her, and she told me that she felt the same. x) There's an issue, however: she lives in Australia and I live in the States. We actually ... read more

Damn my panda eyes hurt gaaaaaaaaaah @_______@

Mmmmmmm apples are f***ing delicious!

If a Zombie and a Vampire bite each other simultaneously ..... I believe the vampire would turn into zombie since human are the only known specie that a vampires can transform into one of their own. Zombies on the other can infect human AND dogs which give zombies a higher chance of transforming a vampire into a zombie right?

My mom, without asking me, signed me up for volunteer work. It's not that I don't like volunteering, but my friend and I were going to do stuff today. Now I'll have to cancel on her because you never asked me if I had plans.


I am very happy with my fiance but recently i have been getting dirty thoughts about a few of our male friends i really love my fiance and would never cheat on him but should i tell him about my thoughts or just keep my dirty lil secrets to myself

Work harder, millions on welfare depend on you!

Yea it's time for sexoff saturday let's hear your sexcapades

One time when I was in band camp I stuck a flute up my a** and played the Star Spangled Banner! True story

and so what if I am 12