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We were supppsed to go Xmas shopping today. Won't happen because mom says it's "too dark outside". f***. YOU. b****.
I've been beghing her to drive me for TWO WEEKS and now she won't. I can't go by bus because the bus doesn't drive there.
Now I'll show up at my BF's with no presents, f***ing awesome.

Help:/ my boyfriend of 3 months is planning on going with his brother and his brother's girlfriend to break in to some old school that is abandoned..I really don't like that he's doing it and I told him I don't wanna go..we've known each other and been best friends for 8 years..but it hurts that hed rather take me home later to do something im very uncpmfortable with..than to not do it and be with me. I dont care what he does..until it starts getting illegal. He can screw up ... read more

I can't believe that guys will go that far that they'll pretend they're your friend for WEEKS, and when they think you're "close enough" friends they ruin it by flirting and other s***...ffs

And keep that #notallmen s*** to.yourself, it's obvious that it's not all of them for gods sake.

I'm Fourteen years old, turning fifteen in a few weeks, and I am anorexic. It first happened over the summer and I lost about fifteen to twenty-five pounds. I keep relapsing even though I'm trying to recover. It's just so hard. I don't think I really look that thin, I think I'm about 125 pounds, and I'm 5'8. I'm addicted to anorexia, I want to stop but I can't, I'll just hate myself for it.

Should I be angry that my mother never makes a friggin effort for me or my kids I have to go to her....again for Christmas and im making the food and dessert cuz shes too lazy to. Ugh

I just had a heated discussion with my parents about how overprotective they are. I tried to make them see that I love them to death and they're very important to me. But I would love them to accept the decisions I make and that I want them to let me lead my own life. Now I feel superguilty after having seen their disappointed faces. I'm grateful for everything they've done for me, so now I wish I could take back every word I said.

I'm so tired of being lonely.

What is is about having a penis that totally disables dudes from ever having real empathy for others?

All your data gets stored in the utah data center.

There's this guy that i met recently and we basically we had an instant connection. like, we opened up about some deep stuff and now we feel comfortable talking about whatever. we were talking about christmas one day and he has something against it; i'm pretty sure it's because he hasn't spent christmas with his own family for years, so i was thinking of sending him something nice for christmas and then telling him that if we're still friends a year from now, he can spend nex... read more

So a few days ago a my family with a few friends and I were eating dinner. And one of the friends was like 'the oldest sister is always the prettiest' .......-.- Then she looked at me and was like 'no offense' .......Yea ok I know I'm uglier than the ugliest thing on this planet but no need to point it out.

Ive been going out with my girlfriend for a little more than a month now, though ive known her for nearly 10 years. she's a sweetheart and i love her and all i want is for her to be happy, but right now she's struggling with severe anxiety and depression. i dont know how to help her and im struggling, myself, with similar illnesses. i have been struggling with my gender identity and waves of depression will come over me when it comes up, which it does often. im not out of the... read more

I wish I wasn't alone. I wish I was in a relationship but then I realize that I could never be in one. Most guys go for the pretty,tall, (or short), women who wear make up and have big blind and a big butt. Or they go for super skinny women. You could even say they go for the nice personalities too. Yeah I'm none of that s****. I'm ugly, fat, with a small butt, small boobs, I'm not an optimistic person, I'm antisocial and I have scars, I also have discoloration marking on my l... read more

Has life screwed anyone here over where you just begin crying without needing a reason?

I don't even know how to start.....Do you think life is fair? I don't. I think this way only because I want to give up so bad. I want to kill myself so bad. But...I can't. One because my dad has a broken back and my sister is already in pain for different reasons. And my dad would be pissed. Well I guess these are pretty lame reasons to stay. I am cursed to love them they are cursed for me loving them. I'm as deaf and blind as a bat. I'm as stupid as a tree and weaker than a ... read more

I think i was put on this earth to just be a f*** up. I can't do anything right, I just want to destroy everything I'm so pissed.

.....I can see how this helps but I can't pull myself to do it...I want to let it all out but I just can't form the words. I can't help but ask if it's ok if I can let it all out. Will I be considered selfish if I do this? I'm trying so hard yet everything I do it seems selfish to me. I have so many things swimming around in my head it comes out all jumbled. It's so disorganized that I contradict and fight myself with everything I do.

Getting sick and tired of you. Maybe everyone was right was they said.

WHY WHY WHY OH DEAR GOD WHY are you texting me now?!?! Im sooooo tired of this game!!! I am really trying to get you out of my head, and your "hot" then "cold" ways are really really pissing me off!! just pick one!! please!!!!! I don't want to do this anymore, it hurts me! Just cause you don't feel like I do doesn't give you the right to toy with me :(

I'm here if anyone needs to talk or release anything out of their chests. I don't know you and you don't know me, but that's the good thing. We can somehow look at others problems and maybe feel some comfort and find solutions. Because it's always good to let it out than to have it caged in.