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I'm 17 and recently been put on antidepressant citalopram. In about a weeks time I'm going to a music festival and my friends will having alcohol and weed. I've had both before but I was wondering if anyone has mixed antidepressants or know anyone who has with marijuana or alcohol and what the effects are

Dammit woman what the hell have you been eating? it smells like garlic and fish! what do you mean your shoving garlic up there?
what did you catch this time and from whom?

I've never been so heartbroken in my life. My now ex who I lived with until I kicked him out last night is a manipulative liar. I fell for all of his lies and accepted his apologies for talking to other girls and going on tinder. Yesterday found him on it and kicked him out. I don't know how you can live with someone, f*** them. Wake up next to them, do pretty much everything together and you will still try to find someone else. Then you cry and don't want to leave. Well afte... read more

My relationship is falling apart... My boyfriend has avoided my messages, threatened to break up with me and even goes so far as top tell me that I'm making him out to be the "bad guy" when I state that all I ever manage to do is make him mad. I'm dying inside, I've considered cutting my life short but then I push those thoughts aside because I have a younger sister with type 1 diabetes and a mother who can't do this alone. I'm afraid and falling apart.... help.....

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and just about every day that goes by you ask yourself why do you continue to put up with such f***ery? Well...I do. I'm just fed up with my person. Always bitching about something, overly opinionated, thinks she knows every thing!, Always acting jealous, get mad when random people comment on any of my isn't that what social media is for?
We don't have much in common other than a few shows and 420 other than that... read more

First rant but I have nobody to talk about it with. But I need to get it off of my chest.

I have three children my partner of 8 years. We got together when we were 17 and had a baby two years later ( pretty young I know). I have three daughters now - 2, 4 and 6.

Sex life is f***ing atrocious. She's never in the mood, even when I go literally out of my way to do everything. I'm a stay at home dad while she works ( she got the better job, that's why) and I do literally everyt... read more

I have a possessive "best friend" and I know its pretty immature for me to vent here instead of go talk with her but thats f***ing impossible. Like, today she has asked me if i wanted to hang with her on saturday i said no because i already have plans for the weekend, and now she is such a b**** like she told me to "have fun", its actually nice to say that but her "have fun" had such a f***ing bitchy undertone in it like what the hell is that suppose to mean???? am i not allo... read more

Well, f*** you for deleting my old saves! Why didn't you f***ing make this clear earlier when I was setting up my account, you elitist f***s? Now I'll never know what I've come across, and now I can't find the stuff, such as good advice from a long time earlier, or a really unique idea people are unlikely to come across or think of!

Unfortunately, I was also using Private Mode to browse your stupid website (for some stupid reason), so that makes it even worse!

I was enjoying sex for the first time in a long time and he ruined it by yelling at me and hitting me again.

YOU LITTLE s***. You f***ing get your f***ing dick out of your mouth before you ruin the project with your auto-fellating ego. Seriously, what f***ing person can't even take SOME criticism or SOME change/revision IN THE f***ING GAME INDUSTRY?!?! Have you SEEN the number of changes we've had to make on the UI? The number of times I've had to rebalance the stats? The features we've had to scrap? And your SHITTY a** f***ING EFFECTS DON'T CHANGE WHEN THEY LOOK LIKE s***? They loo... read more

I just got some meds from my dr, reading the side effects since when did DEATH become a side effect?

You've liked me for over 2 years apparently. You finally have the opportunity to get to know me and you run. You start the conversations yet ignore my replies. You worry about what other people will think but don't seem interested. You initiate the kisses but then don't contact me for days. What the hell are you playing at? I don't have the energy for this.

Someone today said I got a butt plug booty WTH is that?

f*** telekinesis and anyone that likes that superpower

f*** telekinesis and anyone that likes that superpower.

I just love stalking people but you only get that fear rush when they know you are somewhere around.

So I need advice on how I should approach this...

I've met some great friends online (on a game) and I've known them for at least like 3-5 years. The thing is they think I'm older than them, but honestly I'm actually a few years younger or the same age as them (these are multiple friends). This all started because I told one of my first friend that I was the same age as her when I was actually just 13 years old back then. Then it just got into a huge lie, because I had to sa... read more

The cops just showed up at my door wanting to know why I was thinking of killing myself WTF!!!

I'm so glad they said till death do us part! I'm sorry but you have got to go!

I wish you had never come back down to visit, because I've been crying for the past four hours because you're going to be leaving soon, and I'm not okay I'm not okay with this, I need more time. Please. Don't go!