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It's been a year and a half and I still can't get her out of my head. She was was the first girl I actually liked, and I had to go and ruin it for myself. I know these things don't last but I just hate the fact that we left on bad terms. I'm still looking for some way to make it up for her, some form of closure at all. I just want this pain to be over.

I am so done with this society's schooling system. Just completed my year 12 Biology exam today after spending two years studying and working my a** off to get a high score. What happened? I totally flunked out. Not only was the questions extremely hard I ran out of time and couldn't even gather my thoughts to get some marks for the questions I could answer. Yes, I am happy it is over, and I know I am only in year 11, yet in a away it just makes things a lot harder. I now hav... read more

So , i feel very selfish right now. I've been together with my boyfriend 2 years. We've have had on and off problems before. but hes always putting school before me. it wasnt that serious of an issue because we were both in high school (we both went to different schools). so now were both in post secondary and all he does is ignore me. he thinks i'm going to sit and wait for him all day. i have friends, family, work and schoolwork. our schedules always conflict with each othe... read more

Collection agent called and woke me up earlier.
"This is Stan from Golden State Recovery*, is this (my name)?"
"The (my name) that lived on Spruce Avenue?"
"No. Afraid not." (I did, about 10 years ago. I just denied it.)
"Oh... well, how about on Evergreen Terrace?"
"No. I've been at my present address for more than 30 years." (I did live on Evergreen Terrace back in the 90s)
"Hmm... what's your social security number's last four digits?"
"Hang on a second, let me get... read more

I feel dead inside. My best friend and only friend really.. ( I have 2 kids so not much time) died in July from very aggressive cancer. ShShaas the one person I could tell everything to. She was also my mom in law and nana to our new baby boy. She called him her little peanut. Life feels so unfair when I think about it. Last Halloween we went trick or treating and life was great then a week later she was diagnosed and this year she's gone.. she was only 55.. my husband has be... read more

Oh God, my engagement ring is gorgeous. Like, seriously, the diamonds blast rainbows in my frigging face. I feel so guilty for spending every dime of the ring budget my fianc gave. I'm not usually so materialistic, I mean, I shop at frigging Ross and buy the store brand canned tomatoes. I'm also pretty sure these are blood diamonds. I seriously hate myself.

I really can't move on from him. It's like I'm stuck in a black hole and rock bottom not knowing how to get out of there. It's been a year since I've got my heart shattered. I feel like this misery will be forever.

I found out last few days that my crush has a girlfriend. I saw them talking to each other and wearing the same colour of coat. I feel crushed and disappointed because I really really like him and he's always nice and friendly to me. So I decided not to look approachable and to start being aloof to him in order not to keep my false hopes up. I even started to avoid him at all costs.

I feel like I don't deserve to be loved because no guys have ever liked me and I've never felt what's like to be loved. I don't even have friends to talk to or share my time with them. I'm also tired of dealing with one-sided love and being heartbroken and disappointed all the time. Every guy that I like either has girlfriend or just playing with my feelings. I also feel I'm ugly because no one ever has told me that I'm beautiful. I certainly hate and feel disgust for myself.

I told 2 motherfucking people who I liked but I guess a 3rd person was eavesdropping and knows my secret.
I know it's not a big f***ing deal and it's not the end of the f***ing planet but this f***ing a**h*** is basically blackmailing me.

"If you don't give me a piece of that cookie I'm going to tell Guitar Boy you like him"
f***ing have the f***ing cookie you f***ing fat piece of s*** there's no way in hell I am letting my dark secret escape the clutches of my thoughts and ... read more

This girl in my gym class pisses me off.
She doesn't know how to f***ing run. Like when we run 3 miles every few days she immediately takes off ahead of everyone else. And after maybe like 400 meters, she starts walking and I casually jog passed her. Like she doesn't know how to f***ing run.

I know how to f***ing run because I am a cross country runner. It's all about pace. And this f***ing stupid b**** doesn't know s*** about pace.
No one except me and 5 football players kn... read more

The ringing in my ears won't stop and I wish I was dead

My friend of 5 years asked for a hug today. So I gave him a hug, and it was a really long hug and it felt nice because... well, we've never hugged before and I was happy that he finally wanted one.

Then I realized this f***ing dickhole was actually trying to steal some coupons from my backpack. -_-
LMAO! I love my friends! xD

It's happening again... I am getting depressed. I want to just be able to disappear. I saw a picture of my oldest brother as a baby. It reminded me that when I was born I was hated. I "caused" my family bad luck. Every negative thing that happened to my family was because I was born. At least that is what I was told. The reason why that photo made me think of that is because out of all my siblings (5 + me) there are no baby photos of me. We sift through the baby pictures and ... read more

It sucks when the one friend you hang out with and talk to judges you for your mistakes.

I'm probably the stupidest person to trust someone who has proven to me so many times that he can't be trusted. I'm never letting it happen again.

I don't understand why people trust the government to be transparent. When CDC Director Frieden attended the comgressional hearing on the Ebola threat, along with the heads of NIH, etc., he specifically said that they would conduct a trial with the U.S. military. This was directly after illustrating potential vaccines and cures on an overhead (3 or 4 of them). Why is it that nobody in media asked him what he meant by this trial, and his mention of a greater trial after the mi... read more

I have some secrets you will never know:
1. I ALWAYS fake it. Always have. I tried to warn you when we first got together that other people just can't get me off. It's impossible. But you slipped into the same trap the other three did and think you are so great that you succeeded where others failed. I do it for you. I know it is important to you to feel like you are a great lover. Sadly, I could care less about getting off. I am okay knowing that I am the only one who can ge... read more

To the people annoyed by me not being able to follow directions, I'M ANNOYED TOO! I hate not understanding things and you guys asking why I don't do things right are not helping!

I just want to leave. You are too self absorbed, to angry, to careless at the moment. So what if the dog s*** on the carpet. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! He rarely ever does it. And because you had a long day it gives you the right to treat me badly? I do way more for you and am way more considerate of your feelings than my own. I'm really considering checking out of this relationship.