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You know i was in the army for about 10 years i come home and all these punk police officers are randomly shooting innocent people they make up lies that's what groups do to protect their partners they are amateurs and getting away with it i think we as a community should stop it and we can do it if we all unify they have taken our kids and families at their disposal we can defeat them in numbers all coloradoans possess some type of protection and if we unite we can decide ou... read more

Feeling forgotten because you aren't convenient

I hate existing and if I died nobody would even notice.

I'm dead inside. But you don't know that. You think I'm tired because I don't sleep enough. You don't know I generally run pretty well off of little sleep. And I'm tired because I don't care. I have to drag myself out of bed every morning and force myself awake. You don't pay attention. Not enough, anyways. Not to notice the really important things. Every wrong pronoun you use, is a little stab at me. Every time you talk to me on the assumption that I am a girl, talk to me ab... read more

We are all being judged by someone who isn't even close to having their own s*** together.

Honestly today's a good day, and honestly, i still think about the possibility of my children's father and i not being together one day. i'm creating goals for myself...see, when i was younger, i f***ed up. i didn't give a s*** in high school. my mom died before i turned 12, my dad was a drunk, and i had 4 young siblings to look after most of the time. today i am taking charge of my own life. i have two young children with my boyfriend of 5 years. this is probably the best th... read more

I have a group of friends and I seem to get along with (almost) all of them. There's just this one guy that annoys me so much and he's so loud. I feel awkward when he talks and everybody is talking to him. I can't get a word in and he also makes these remarks that put me down. It's just uncomfortable being around him, but he's still part of our group. This almost makes me want to skip out on hangouts when he's around. How can I fake confidence and not look bothered by this du... read more

Well, you win. you made me feel stupid. congratulations. you "love" me, right? this is how you show it, by being unfaithful, bothering me to take you back, while still f***ing her, right? sure. you "love" me. i can't believe i wasted so much time on garbage like you. you canceled plans with me, for HER? you told her you weren't with me because you cared about HER? you're both the most dirty, despicable, most pathetic excuses for sentient creatures i have seen. good f***ing jo... read more

I can beat my fatal cancer before it kills me.
No food for 8 days , the last three no liquid either.
It is a mercy less , ugly , painful disease that consumes an entire family in a heartbeat .
I'll beat your pathetic a** before you get me , you motherfuckin piece of hell .

Hey guys, how are you?

I really like you but this isn't working out, we've been together almost 2 months and seen each other 5/6 times. You never wished me a happy birthday and you never tell me you like me or that I'm pretty which sounds stupid but it would be nice to hear every once in a while. You've called me your last resort, you've told me you only really like me because I like you and for kissing, you seem to have more fun with other people. I'm having a really bad time at the moment includi... read more

If you feel guilty should you tell your spouse that you're having an affair

It's been rather gloomy these past few days. Today in particular, I decided to take a nap. Now I'm awake and I have to read. (wish I could keep sleeping)

I'm sick of people, they don't give two f***s about you even though they pretend to and I'm sick of it. I try and give a s*** about my friends, I care about them but no one gives me the same damn courtesy

I want a new car but I'm scared to make payments because I'm not mature enough. I would buy a car cash but I want a new car NOW, not in a couple of months.

I don't understand how people can judge my attitude and behavior in life or at work over the internet on a site that was created to vent and talk s*** on. Do you think I actually voice my opinion of how f***ing dumb people at my job are? Cuz maybe I wouldn't have one if I did.

So is the dang dress black + blue or white + gold?

I'm so mad at just everything right now. I like this girl but it's been so long since we talked it seems like it would be awkward if I talk to her now. I just waited too long and now its all just....gaaaaaaahhhh. I don't even know. I punched a bed mattress yesterday until my knuckles started getting cut. I wanna fall down and scream and cry at the same time. I just don't know what to do. I really like her but I can't just say it.

I like this girl but I don't know what to do? She went to my middle school and it was a pretty small school so everyone got along really well. I ended up going to a different high school than her, but we hung out with other people together over the summers of 9th and 10th grade (for me, would've been 8th and 9th grade for her). After those summers, the friend that would always get everybody together kind of became an idiot, so I stopped hanging out with him, which meant I sto... read more

I get forgotten about a lot. It sucks.