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Having a nice conversation with a guy and then him suddenly switching to talking about how much sex he's had with other girls and or how much he pleased them in bed is like starting a movie seems innocent at first but turns out to be a PornHub special and midway through all the actors take off their clothes and start f***ing.

Do you leave the question you cannot answer with certainty:

1. blank and receive no penalty (you receive points if you answer the question correctly; no points if the answer is left blank)


2. fill it with a guess and have a partial chance at being correct. but if the guess you enter is incorrect, you receive a penalty

The question, in question, is not multiple choice so there are not a reasonably number of finite answers by which to gauge probability of your guess.

I'm going to f***ing kill myself over one class. Over one f***ING class.

I wish people at university would grow the hell up and stop treating it like high school. Its just getting pathetic now and no one gives a damn about your petty lives

Im so ashamed, I've just applied at the Mens Gallery (strip club) in my area. My parents got divorced 6 months ago and i've been living with my mum. We are so poor we can't pay the bills, haven't had a proper meal in months usually just egg on toast or sandwiches. Sometimes there is so little food I eat and mum goes without. Mum has a full time job but on payday all her money automatically goes on bills, and we have $50ish for food for 2 weeks. Im 20 years old, female, live i... read more

I feel like no one takes the time/makes an effort to get to know me. Meanwhile, I go out of my way to get to know people so well, and I listen to everything they say, just so I can make them feel special and loved and important as much as possible. I mean, I don't expect anything in return from people, but every now and then it would be nice to hear someone say, "I'm so thankful for you," or "I really appreciate all you do for me," or "Thanks for listening." But I get nothing... read more

I'm really pissed right now. This guy is taking all the credit for creating a tag that me and another person were using before. And sadly I'm the only person "promoting" the tag so others get interested. But HE gets all the credit simply because he's got more followers.

If I tried to complain or anything, the 30k something people that follow him would most likely just go crazy, send me threats and call me liar. I'm not up for the drama.

At least the whole thing is for a goo... read more

I wish everyone I knew wasn't homophobic & so against same-sex relationships/marriage, especially my husband. It gets so hard to live with such close-minded, ignorant people. I'm not asking them to support it with me, but I just wish they'd stop making fun of the LGBT community because people are people, and love is love.

Made loaded potato soup and cheddar herb rolls last night and it was actually delicious. I don't know what happened. :)

I get anxious just being out in public. I don't want to leave the house anymore :'(

Horrible. This past week, I purchased the AT&T Touch Screen GoPhone Z667, and there's no way to insert the SIM card; once you remove the battery, there's no slot or opening or aperture in which to insert the SIM card. It's physically impossible to insert the SIM card. When I took this cell phone to an AT&T store, the employees deliberately went out of their way to be rude and disrespectful. This grumpy girl who works there reluctantly tried to insert the SIM card, but she qui... read more

Im not smart, at all. I wish my parents would start acting like I'm smarter than j am because I'm so stupid!! I know they do it BC they're parents but it makes me feel like s*** BC they expect so much from me and I can't give them what they want. Its inevitable!!! I'm going to be nothing!!!

I love my dog a lot. That's all I want to say

My cousins half brother (no relation to me) has a thing for me. He gets trashed and grabs at me, says inappropriate things to me. I'm so uncomfortable, I've told him to stop but he's too f***ed up to care. Not to mention he's almost 10 years older than me. I tried talking to my dad and he just said "you're beautiful and he's a guy, of course he's gonna chase you. Do you find him attractive? Are you leading him on? Think of it this way, if he knocks you up, your kids won't hav... read more

Im going to make a backpack. Some of the girls at the high school have these super cute back packs with floral or polka dot prints that i just love. They remind me of some of the stuff i had in the 90's. Recently my daughter ripped her backpack and we have the same problem when we buy them, they are thin and cheap. So i figure i can make her an adorable, durable backpack. And make my son a monster backpack for his library trips... How hard can it be? Anyone ever make one befo... read more

Me and my girlfriend were talking and she was telling me about one of her friends that had been sexually abused physically and emotionally, just because she developed earlier than some other girls. She told me that because of this, she used to make-out with guys in the boys locker room in 8th grade. She talked about one specific time where she had multiple guys in the locker room at the same time, and they were all just using her because she was craving attention, so they con... read more

Would it kill you to message me to ask about me? you talk to my brother all the time, im not his damn keeper. i shouldnt have to have the "Hows you & X?" messages. unless its to talk to him, or about him, you've not messaged me in over A YEAR. you're my f***ing father. you should act like it. I'M the one who is sick, and you dont even give a s***.

Sad sad sad :(((( bakit ba ganito, lagi nalang ako nakakafeel na hindi talaga ako bestfriend ng bestfriend ko :( feeling ko ang OA ko na kasi ako lang nagiging ganito sa friendship namin. Triny ko namang magbago e, pero hindi talaga. Kung ano nararamdaman ng heart ko, yun lang yung gusto niyang dibdibin :( Madami siyang nagiging ibang friends kaysa saakin. Meron ngang time na pinagseselosan ko na yung iba niyang friends eh, or should I say, kinaiinggitan, dahil super iba ng t... read more

How do i deprogram all the patriarchical bs? i'm probably a lesbian but this culture makes is so f***ing hard and unrelentingly s*** to be female if you're not a mindless submissive brood mare... there isn't even equality in porn. a guy can find a video of anything he wants, even snuff, but i can't find one video of a man focused on giving a woman pleasure and multiple-orgasms... and even dominatrix's are a joke, they only end up doing what a guy wants which is always getti... read more

Makes no sense... the japanese gov't knows they need to increase the birthrate and marriages but shuts down and limits all their "love hotels". what's the big deal? why can't ppl do it at home? most men of marrying age (about 40%) live with their parents, and it's generally not that easy to have sex discreetly...