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"What is Love if your not here for me what is love if there is no guarantee" thats a song that I've heard before in my moms car, but I mean to be honest my parents dry and worn out relationship ended 3 years ago yet they keep dragging me into their f***ing problems be a mutha f***ing adult and stop bringing me into your issues. Dad stop being a D!CK and Mom you are perfect.


My Dad gives me No freedom, I'm not saying I should be able to do whatever crazy s*** I want and go off the rails but going to a house party or going out with my friends isn't going to kill me, my dad needs to take a gamble and see if he can trust me and if not than thats the end of that. I mean most kids my age have had sex by now and I'm sure somewhere there are mini crackheads running around getting high and wasted.Since I've done none of that and do pretty well in school ... read more

Your father and I are not here to support your lifestyle
But you aren't supporting my lifestyle. I'm paying for my car, my phone, my education, everything. What exactly are you supporting?

I don't know what I am going to do without him now that he has died.

He is no longer in pain so that is good and a relief.

But he was my only family and my only friend.

What am I going to do during the holidays?

B - I miss you so much.

Trying to see how long I can last without social media. It's been around 17 hours and it's killing me.

If you're feeling well enough to tweet that you're sick, you're well enough to notify the people who depend on you to let them know you're sick.

I got to work, and as soon as I walk in, almost the entire prior shift walked out leaving me to work four positions by myself before anyone else on my shift came in. fun. Soon after, I had some a** yell at me and claim I was "getting a f***ing attitude" because I asked her to "pull forward" because it would take five minutes to remake her food and there was a line behind her. "I need this sauce." "And this sauce" "And can you get me a water cup?" "Oh I need two actually." "Ca... read more

f*** you. f*** you for putting me through all the nonsense and making me feel like I don't deserve to be hurt. f*** you for making me fall in love with you again only to crush my heart. f*** you for making me feel so small. f*** you for all the lies you've told me. f*** you for telling me that you might not come back. But also told me it won't be the last time seeing you. f*** you dude. You just wanted someone as loyal and faithful as me. All I wanted before was for you to ca... read more

Why do I have to sit through all this, I'm really not going to use it when I'm older. Just teach me what I need to know in order to survive on my own, and let me leave this hellhole.

I've been in a relationship with my bf for 4 years now, and have never been single. Its always been long relationships (with men) one after another. We have a mutual friend who is a female who I am pretty sure I'm in love with. I can't stop thinking about her, I think about her on the rare occasion my bf and I have sex, and I have been ignoring her for a couple months even though she was a close friend, because when I see her or think about her or look at her Facebook posts, ... read more

My life is a mess. My mom was so degrading and verbally and emotional abusive. i don't talk to her now. She still actively hates me. My sister ran off to GA to marry a man she meet online and psychically meet two days prior. did this ten years ago. Took my niece this time. I'm not allowed to see her. She no longer trusts me. My 'bf' replaced me with a blonde he meet at the beach. We were taking a break and giving space. He ran with it. I was emotionally connected to a married... read more

I don't know why I bother sometimes. Why is it that when I say I'm trying to fix/sort something (but don't ask for help), he always comes bouldering in with allllll his "help", despite me telling him to leave me alone and I would work it out myself. THEN I get to be told I'm being ungrateful for the help I didn't ask for. I'm sorry, but I didn't ask for help, so don't expect a thank you after I told you to leave me alone. I'm not a moron, I don't always need help... perhaps w... read more

I have been dating my boyfriend for over 4 years. He's a great guy and I am very lucky to have him. I feel safe in our relationship and feel that he is faithful. Lately one of his single guy best friends has made me angry. A few weeks ago my boyfriend had lied about going to a sleazy bar with him. I wouldn't have been upset if he hadn't lied about going but found it disrespectful that he lied. This past weekend I was out of town for a girls spa weekend. I came home excited to... read more

My friend (and roommate) has a boyfriend who lives on campus in a different building than us. He has a nice roommate who also has long term girlfriend. My roommate has been dating her guy for three years now and the other couple has been dating for two. Well, the other girlfriend got on my roommate's boyfriend's Instagram, scrolled back 3 and a half years and started liking and commenting on his selfies before he was dating my roommate. Is that suspicious? My friend is unsure... read more

Sometimes I wish you'd come begging to be my friend again

Just so I could tell you to go f*** yourself, you manipulative piece of s***

It's sad that people find my needing to vent annoying to the point where I need to silence myself. Happy people don't understand that was my outlet from depression.

I'm starting to feel really depressed and it's terrifying because i've felt so happy and stable for so many months and people always say depression comes and goes and i don't want it to come back again. i really really don't please please please go away

It's funny how people are like, you gotta keep on trying even if you can't do it in impossible situations.
it's like asking a person with no legs to keep on trying to walk, because practice makes perfect.

When you were going to pay $$ off his credit card but he starts being a petty cunt for no reason. Haha oh well $100 more for me.