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I really envy those who can reach the highest shelf in every grocery store.

I have cramps
i need to pee
im hungry.

this isnt a good feeling

Come on ladies let's see your bras

It's playtime, how many gallons can you take?

And you think you matter LOL

I've just been feeling kinda s*** lately. And the guy i love just broke up with me. i want to go back to college and have no money. i have no car and cant drive anyway. and my family members are slowly losing their sanity. my dad doesnt even feel like my dad anymore. my best friends couldnt take how depressed i've sounded when talking. I cant sleep. i miss everyone in my life.

All of Flumes new album is so amazing LOVE IT SO MUCH

Cant stand this trans pride bulls***. whats the point of celebrating myself being physically and socially wrong. its just stupid. besides that its all just a bunch of a**h*** turning it into a cute trend and trying to replace their personalities with their transexuality. well f*** you maybe i dont want to flaunt it, maybe i dont want to be told my transness is beautiful, maybe i dont want to celebrate "myself", maybe i dont want to be constantly reminded of it, maybe i dont ... read more

I took some medication the other day that f***ed me up. I fell asleep quickly, which was good. But then maybe a few hours later I woke up panicking and extremely concerned about my power outlets lol. I thought they were going to catch on fire, so I moved all my furniture/etc away from them. Then I went back to sleep. Woke up again later with the same outlet problem. My room felt extremely hot, but it was only 79*F. After my room was decent (aka i trashed it trying to move eve... read more

As soon as you get a boyfriend, you treat me, your best friend, like a side b****. Thanks, it feels great.

When your always supportive and can't get the same back ,,,,,grrrrr

Recently, I started watching these coming of age type of things. Mostly the big cotillion dancr, and it looks so nice. My mom is planning on doing a big celebration for it (right now I'm 15, and it happens when you tirn 18) and I'm just so overwhelmed. We leave away from most of my family so it wouldn't be very big and I don't have many friends so it wouldn't be to fun. I don't knoe I just hate things like this because everything in my life doesnt match up with how everything... read more

Too sad to sleep, so I'm watching Pirahna DD. What a life.

Does anyone even care on here or

Can somebody please give me advice? I just noticed my mom has started cutting her wrist. I know she is depressed but i keep trying to get her to get help but she refuses. I have been there for her and heen supportive but she doesn't accept it. She pushes me away. I tried talking to my dad and he yelled at me for it. He says "it'll blow over. She'll get over it. It doesnt matter." Hes being so mean and insensitive. Today she cried in the car the whole way and my dad didnt even... read more

Peeing after holding it in for more than 10 min is the best feeling ever.

I have never done anything like this i always keep my feelings inside and pretend everything is ok but i need to get some things off my chest..I am very depressed and sad and saying it just makes it more real i find myself not being able to be happy anymore i pretend to be happy but im not i have a boyfriend that i live with he is a great boyfriend 75% of the time so its not him (i think) i have friends im a likeable person everyone loves me and thinks im so happy (im a great... read more

I hate relationships that end through circumstances more than anything. How can you move on knowing that you both still love each other, but there's nothing you can do to save it.

I lost my virginity to you. I got an implant in my arm that I'll never need again. The only thought that kept me sane through that process was thinking what a nice a** you had.

There are still so many things I want to do with you, to try, and experience. I never got to taste your warmth, to use th... read more

How does your vagina taste? don't be shy stick your fingers in there and taste them!

Do some c** taste really sweet? How sweet?