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Is there anything you can do about receding gums? I'm only 19 and it's not that visible, only on my lower front teeth. I asked my dentist but she said sh can't help me. :/

Shooting across the deserted sky
You have tossed my heart
Into the black night never knowing why

Now it drips
Like a falling star
Non stop

When you want it back
It'll be there
Because it only bleeds for u
Now and forever

And evermore

Oh my god im guna die tomaro. Its 3a.m and all i wana do is be online until my eyes bug out then sleep till 3 in the afternoon. God i miss high school (flash back). But i have to be up in about 4 hours then work a seven hour day and wait a final hour to get home where i will have to make dinner. Least its just tomaro and sunday then off again monday. I gotta try n get some sleep.

I'm a girl, and sometimes I just want to have sex, no love or anything, I want lip hitting kisses, and a** and boob grabs, I want it all, with no strings attached

So i have been with my gf for 6 years and i love her with all my hearth, so she has a co worker she is best friends with but this guy likes her. Now she assurs me she only sees him as a friend and i honestly believe her. However she says she wants to hang out with him outside of work and this really pisses me off idk why, am i being irrational? What should i do?

There is no right way to start this so here I go. I've been dating this guy for 2 years and 3 months on and off but only 9 months straight. Lets name him "Bob" The first time I saw bob I met another guy who I thought was attractive, "Jim". At that time I hung out with bob a lot more so we got together, that summer another guy liked me and I thought he was okay and bob was cheating on me and I wasn't about cheating so I dumped bob. That guy and I broke up 2 weeks later. That S... read more

I feel like my life will never be okay. Is that irrational? Here, I know that there are people that have it worse but I feel like no one around me understands.. But I also wouldn't want to bother someone I know with something as dumb as me. I'm 18. A girl. Completely overweight/obese. Oh, why don't you lose weight? Because I'm too f***ed up. I never had a real home or real things growing up because I moved too much but I could always buy junk food no.matter where so now I hav... read more

I've been in love with the same girl for over a year. And after she told me she didn't have feelings for me, and said she didn't want to date, it killed me for a bit. Now I learned she has a thing with one of my best bros and the pain has resurfaced. I can't stand to look at both of them in the eye. It kills me every day and the fact that the she said she wasn't gonna date tears me up more.

God, I just love my boyfriend's smell. Haha, that sounds so weird of me, but I don't care! He doesn't even wear aftershave or cologne. Just his smell, you know? Natural. Like the way it smells to hug him and bury my face in his neck and breathe in deeply. UGHAAHHGGGHHHHH... It's intoxicating. There aren't even wordssssssss. XD

Today/Tonight actually brought back the feeling of Halloween, the feeling I used to get when I was younger I actually got excited. Even if it was just for a day I'm glad the excitement hit me at some point this month.

Wow I've been feeling good these past 2 days. Wtf.

WTF is wrong with me...? :( I don't even understand myself sometimes... I never identified myself as bipolar nor having split personality but, sometimes I feel like if someone knew all my thoughts right now they would be like "UGH! I don't know what you want woman! Make up your d**n mind!!!". I remember when my friends in high school and I kinda grew apart after graduating. I felt restless for a time when the loneliness became a conscious thing in my mind. I wanted to go out ... read more

My brother is so g**d*** nosy, I wouldnt have to close my laptop if he didnt seriously, LITERALLY put his face on my screen everytime he sees I'm online. 1st its none of his effing business what I do or dont do in my life. He wonders why I'm so damn secretive. Stop bothering then I wouldnt have to be!

I'm waiting for "She/He's as insecure as iCloud" to become a common simile.

So I'm very upset because I am a 16 old girl who's a junior in Highschool and this is my most hardest year. I have college course and homework everyday including the weekends. I get stressed and overwhelmed and on top of that I have to clean. My mom talks to me like I'm some thug off the street and I find it f***ing retarded. I wish she would act like a an adult and talk to me like one instead of talking to me like she had a low iq. She likes to say comments like wow that sou... read more

I wish I could kill myself already so I wouldn't have to deal with these feelings everyday. I just can't let it go and I feel disgusting.

This whole Ottawa shooting thing had better not turn out to be the Canadian version of 9/11. The last thing I want is for that dumbass Harper to get himself re-elected!

So my ex-boyfriend is very upset with me and wants nothing to do with me. However, he is the one to end things saying how he was not ready for a serious relationship. Once he said that he wanted me to be friends still... I told him it would take time for me to forgive him. Well he wants nothing to do with me now because I was talking to one of my friends about how I thought he broke up with me to get back with his ex... Well apparently he found out and it blew up and he is re... read more

Do you ever feel like you get more from the dirt than you ever do from your man? Like your expectations are way to high? When all you want is a kiss or hug? Uhm yeah.

I don't feel like I am anything special... I wish I had more supportive people in my life.