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I just reported my father in law for animal abuse. i hope he gets his dogs taken away and put into better homes. those dogs deserve a better life. i feel kinda bad, guilty in a way for reporting though.

Being a scientist and reading facebook comments on science issues puts you at risk of developing an aneurysm.

Mr. Momand I need you to please shut your mouth and listen. You just may learn something. If this how you normally behave, your gonna get b**** slapped at some point.

My in-laws are coming for a 4-night stay this weekend. They are kind, generous people but I cannot stand their visits. My MIL cannot sit still for 8 seconds, which wouldn't be a big deal except that she cannot entertain herself either--she is dyslexic so doesn't read, which is fine but she also does not know how to use a computer (and therefore does not own one, or a smart phone), cannot learn to use our television no matter how many times we have tried to teach her, doesn't ... read more

Why won't they love me?
I have no respect in this world.
I have as much use as the perforated edges of paper.
They don't care. So why should I ?

15 year old me: "I hate poetry. It's f***ing stupid"

21 year old me: "You're f***ing stupid"

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I try to be happy but I can't I try to fit it but I can't im sorry that all I think about is death. We wake up eveyday one step closer to death one meal one blink one word closer to your demise no matter how famous how successful how much you mean to people even love why fall in love if you lose that person or the watch you fade away in the end Its worthless because in the end you are nothing you die and what do you achieve nothing you are forgotten you may be remembered for ... read more

I'm extremely stressed out. My church suddenly wants me to do all sorts of things I'm uncomfortable with like leading worship. I also have a jerk teacher who counted me tardy even though I was stuck behind a bus and couldn't get to school in time. I was late by 30 seconds more or less. He made me late to another class too. Im angry and also teary and i want to go home

I'm 15 year old guy, tall, pretty intelligent, and not bad looking. I used to be obese, but I've been losing lots of weight and gaining muscle. However, in the past three years I've been developing red stretch marks all over my body. It's gotten to an insane point, and I can't take my shirt off in front of anybody except for my best friends. Even then. I'm embarrassed. And I'm took much of a p**** to talk to my parents about removal, because I hate to make them feel like it's... read more

I'm so tired of being overlooked because I'm a heavier girl. I'm 160lbs, and I have put a lot of effort into getting there from 215lbs. I'm still continuing to love weight, but it's not enough - like I need to be an original skinny who's never been fat in order to be worth something. I'm an intelligent girl with a creative mind and a pretty face, and I give really good conversation. I'm also great in bed, as anyone I've been with will attest to, but no one will even think to ... read more

Literally crying right now because I've hit my limit of "dumb things witnessed today".

I had a dream that Martin Luther King got lynched from the tree by KKK.

Tupac used to suck biggie's cigar dick back in the day.

I'm so tired of cleaning up after other people who obviously have no consideration for my effort.
I feel like I'm being taken advantage of, or like my priorities don't matter. I just want to live in a clean house. It doesn't have to be perfect, just not f***ing disgusting like it is all the time.

I cannot believe that someone in my family didn't loan us money because they talked wiht their accountant and he said they couldn't do it like lmao if you have that much f***ing money you can pay an accountant you can't loan us at least a part of what we asked since we are f***ing desperate to come talk with you in the first place. besides we knew the ammount of money you had from when we were friendly to each other... I don't know how to get out of the hole i am in, tho.

I should be leaving to go to class right now, but I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to leave my bed...and it starts in five minutes...f***

One thing I hate about stress its f***ing gets to me like a damn vampire ready to suck the living day lights outta of me

This is for a little thing I am working on. Please answer the question:

"When were you diagnosed with depression and what do you personally do to cope with it?"

Just need to brag to someone about the weight I've lost. I'm very short, so when I was 135lbs I was quite chubby looking. Well, I'm now 116. I still look a bit chubby, but I feel a lot better about myself. If I lose 6 more pounds, I'll have the perfect shape!