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Ugh. I hate people. I'm "friends" with this lame a** s*** person and I honestly don't know why I bother sticking around. She does all this crap to me that I don't deserve like blowing me off, making up excuses to not hang out, and picking favorite friends over me. Ugh! This one time we had made plans to watch a movie but she bailed on me. A week later she went to watch the same movie we had planned on watching with a group of different people. Whenever I bring this up, she pl... read more

I have so much f***ing candy right now

So much s*** going on. im depressed, boys always cheat me. mom's doing drugs. dad's dad. only child. im so alone in this world. aint no real friends. they're all fake.

I hate the way i look. i hate my body. i'll look at plus-size models and think they're beautiful, but when i look at myself i'm just disgusted. i'm just over 5'5 and 148 lbs and i just disgust myself. i can't help it. i used to think i was beautiful but i just don't know what happened. i see cellulite and i feel like i'm too young to have cellulite, but everyone i ask about it says i don't have cellulite. it just feels like everyone's lying to me out of courtesy. i have f***i... read more

Sometimes I wonder why I feel so extremely insecure. I always bring myself down, talk bad about myself, and just laugh at myself. Others tell me to stop doing that. But after having done this for so long, it's hard to stop...

I can't even deal with him. Who even says yeet in real life. And that Save Ferris shirt was toooooooo cute. And his laugh was fantastic. Sigh, another great time spent with the dreamiest bearded dude around.

I broke up with my boyfriend and best friend of 8 years. I immediately relapsed with my eating disorder, and I have no one to talk to about it. Worse still, I don't want to talk about it. My eating disorder was my friend all these years, before and during our relationship, and I am somewhat happy to welcome back the comfort I found in it. But I still feel empty somehow. How do you keep up a life when you wish you could die but are afraid of what lies on the other side, becaus... read more

Ok so I'm just f***ing so done with today. I haven't had a day off in 3 weeks. I'm so exhausted. And today was supposed to be my first morning off in a month, and I was so excited to freaking sleep, and I freaking got scheduled to work. So I come into work and I'm asked to work at a station I have not yet worked, and I did a much poorer job than I had anticipated and I was thoroughly discouraged. Then, my boss said something to me that made me feel like a complete idiot. And ... read more


I'm going to loose it soon. My Bf and father of my child doesn't give a s***. He works all day and then last minute say he has to work late. He comes home and doesn't even say hi to me or our son and then run to play xbox. He's selfish and a f***ing slob. He also has two other child and when there at our house he pretty much think that there my kids and does whatever the f*** he please. I don't wanna do this on my own. But how much more can one person take. I'm so tired and d... read more

I love handing out candy on Halloween. Little kids costumes are so precious! One guy had his baby dressed up as a little chicken, I almost died. I can't wait to be an aunt, just so I can dress my nieces and nephews up all adorable.


This sums it all up..... Matthew 16:26-27 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done.


I live with 3 girls and five dogs none of which are mine by the way. One of the girls I live with has two dogs which she does an amazing job taking care of them. She has then potty trained and everything. It's the other 2 girls and three dogs that are a wreck. Their dogs aren't potty trained so our house always smells and has dog poop and pee all over the place. The three dogs are also very loud and destructive so we can never have anything nice because they'll tear it apart.... read more

I feel like my social existence is to defend myself from all things bulls***.

Mr.douchebag couldn't take a f***ing hint when i told him i didn't want to give him my number and he had to follow me and ask me like 10 more times

Why couldnt I have a punctual mom?? Ive been sitting out in the cold for over an hr, its freezing!!

Finally have some money and all my kids want to do is dress up and go trick or treating. They had specific costumes picked out from a sale ad and only those would do. Ive been so stressed, just with life in general, and thought payday would be a good day. No, it's been even more stressful. Along with other things... I figure taking my kids trick or treating would make us all happy and id forget my worries. I go to the store and there's 0 costumes. None whatsoever, so I buy ca... read more

This guy says he wants to marry me, im his girlfriend, he loves me and he thinks I'm cute. He has a girlfriend and I haven't given him any good signs back. I've been telling him no moving away, but he still tries to put his arm around my waist, hand, or lay his head on my shoulder telling me he loves me. I move away. The other people at our table tell me you guys look cute together, its finally official and we should date *they're his friends*.