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I'm going through withdraws ...
I cant control myself anymore

Not too sure where to start. I have a way of keeping all the thoughts in my head and trusting no one. I have a few friends that I can share certain bits and pieces of my day to day thoughts but not in full detail or how they need to be spoken about. I never asked to be like this, and I sure as hell don't WANT to be. I will come back and talk about things in pieces, and how they interfere in my life. I am just hoping someone will listen because the judgment of my friends that ... read more

I hate how much I rely on caffeine, first it was just a little bit, now I'm reliant on coffee. Caffeine withdraws suck.

Okay, so someone came into the office very sick today with, as she her self described it, an airborne contagious sickness that she picked up from the hospital. If she didn't have the common sense to stay home, I don't know why I thought she would have the common sense to confine her activities to her desk. She keeps coming around my desk and even offered me some of her food. Can you spell N-A-S-T-Y? The last time I checked, I don't like getting sick, so the last thing I need ... read more

f*** THIS s***. f*** THIS PLACE. I hate my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;adkfja;dlkfja;dklfja

My demons have control. I don't think I can make it on my own anymore.

I like this girl andd i think she liked me too. but now she got bored of me and likes other people ( which is very obvious to me ) and i feel vry bad now

Im in Highschool and it isnt the first time Ive liked a girl, but whenever I do I seem to become confused and clueless like the first time. I recently started talking to this girl again and I took her to homecoming last weekend, now Ive fallen for her and I was told after talking to me again she began to like as well. I want to confess my feelings but I find it hard and Im afraid that she'll get bored of me after awhile. Help?

Why did i even choose to stay ?
When you guys don't even think i'm helpful.
Well, since i'm that useless in your eyes .. just send me packing.
Believe me , i am more than happy to leave this place.

I swear, it's like land developers have their souls surgically removed!

Ungrateful a**h*** . Hardly have any idea how to do their jobs and when you help them, they dont even acknowledge it. Love it how they will skim through an email to extract what they need, fire back any stupid questions (which they should know the answers to in the first place) and totally ignore any requests you have made.

I'm a girl, but I want to date another girl. What's wrong with me? I've never been in relationship so I don't know.

What do I want to do with my life, you ask? Oh career wise?

I want to become a masked hero, roaming the streets of the city at night.
Armed with a taser gun and a baton. Tossing in smoke bombs to disorient the criminals, before I swiftly dispose of them.
The unharmed civilians will cheer me and the sponsors will call me forth! There will be peace and glory aplenty.

Every day, I work to hone my physique and mental clarity.
Perfecting my reflexes to gunshots and shouts, flexi... read more

You know for all the jokes I make about getting the ladies with my collection of evangelion posters i have technically made out with someone under them so there you go

I can not stay focused.
I was addicted to adderall in high school and it ruined my concentration (yes, I see the irony). I was never meant to take it in the first place because it's not good for people with my disorder, but a doctor thought it was a good idea to prescribe it to me while I was going through some serious bouts of depression that were affecting my schoolwork.
Now it's been almost a decade later and my brain feels all sorts of messed up.
Does anyone have any tips... read more

Happy birthday, bro. Took a drink for you. Wish you were here with us still...

This guy he has been with his girlfriend for like almost two years with breaks in between. we are all in high school and they are both a grade above me. his girl is very controlling of him, she never understands him she makes him do things he doesn't really want to etc. they argue all the time and he is getting really tired of him and plus she keeps flirting with other guys a lot and he sees that. me and this guy are friends but i always thought he liked me but then i remembe... read more

I hate room mates!!!!! I live with prostitutes no joke the bathroom is always taken its caused me to be late for work I hate sharing there is to many people in this house!!!!!!! f*** this s***

I'm expecting my first child and I can't wait to have her, but honestly, I hate other little kids... The younger they are, the more annoyed I am by them. Unless they are polite and quiet, I can't stand them. I can't stand my boyfriend's nephew, he's such a little brat and he screams about everything if it doesn't go his way. It makes me want to smack him and tell him to shut his mouth already.

I know that I am not a real parent yet, but I can tell when someone has failed at ... read more

I think being a teenager is one of the most difficult times in your life. I mean you have to deal with acne, drama, untrue friends, hormones, and the best of all your loving parents. Sometimes I just can't handle living in the same house as my mom anymore. She has this idea that she works so hard and that she's the only one in the house who "holds things together". First of all, we all work equally around this house. We all do chores. Second of all she's not the only one in t... read more