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Wow I've been feeling good these past 2 days. Wtf.

WTF is wrong with me...? :( I don't even understand myself sometimes... I never identified myself as bipolar nor having split personality but, sometimes I feel like if someone knew all my thoughts right now they would be like "UGH! I don't know what you want woman! Make up your d**n mind!!!". I remember when my friends in high school and I kinda grew apart after graduating. I felt restless for a time when the loneliness became a conscious thing in my mind. I wanted to go out ... read more

My brother is so g**d*** nosy, I wouldnt have to close my laptop if he didnt seriously, LITERALLY put his face on my screen everytime he sees I'm online. 1st its none of his effing business what I do or dont do in my life. He wonders why I'm so damn secretive. Stop bothering then I wouldnt have to be!

I'm waiting for "She/He's as insecure as iCloud" to become a common simile.

So I'm very upset because I am a 16 old girl who's a junior in Highschool and this is my most hardest year. I have college course and homework everyday including the weekends. I get stressed and overwhelmed and on top of that I have to clean. My mom talks to me like I'm some thug off the street and I find it f***ing retarded. I wish she would act like a an adult and talk to me like one instead of talking to me like she had a low iq. She likes to say comments like wow that sou... read more

I wish I could kill myself already so I wouldn't have to deal with these feelings everyday. I just can't let it go and I feel disgusting.

This whole Ottawa shooting thing had better not turn out to be the Canadian version of 9/11. The last thing I want is for that dumbass Harper to get himself re-elected!

So my ex-boyfriend is very upset with me and wants nothing to do with me. However, he is the one to end things saying how he was not ready for a serious relationship. Once he said that he wanted me to be friends still... I told him it would take time for me to forgive him. Well he wants nothing to do with me now because I was talking to one of my friends about how I thought he broke up with me to get back with his ex... Well apparently he found out and it blew up and he is re... read more

Do you ever feel like you get more from the dirt than you ever do from your man? Like your expectations are way to high? When all you want is a kiss or hug? Uhm yeah.

I don't feel like I am anything special... I wish I had more supportive people in my life.

So I'm in high school and I was having an argument with my gf and she brought up the fact that I couldn't pay for my senior dues ( dues you pay as a high school senior ) and that is a touchy subject because I don't have a job and I have so many siblings to where my father couldn't afford to give me $250 to pay them. So another family member offered to. Her saying what she said was hurtful because she knows my situation. Also, we both are taking the ACT tomorrow and I have to ... read more

I fell in love, and I think it's the biggest mistake I ever made. The person is a close friend of mine, and to make things worse, they are aware of my affections. I've been trying so hard to let go and move on, but I can't. I know they have feelings for someone else, and every time I see interactions between the two, it just causes me to hurt so much inside, because I can't let go, I want it to be me, and I absolutely hate myself for it. I want to be happy for them, I really ... read more

Eating a pizza by myself at home the Friday before Halloween. This blows.

I don't want to admit it, but the passion is being lost in my relationship. I waited too long to fall in love, and now I feel like jumping back into it was a mistake. I can't bring myself to break up with you, and after this week I'm not so sure I'm not in love with you again. But I'm terrified of what the future holds if we do break up, and tonight you were upset and I told you I loved you and you just said ok. And that scared the s*** out of me, and now I'm really upset and... read more

I'm afraid I will be like my father. He's very abusive and I could say he's a demon. I was abused for many years, and this has made a huge impact on my personality and mentality. I've started to get abusive too by getting overly mad at my brothers and by throwing things like my father does. I have no control of my emotions. There was a time that I hit my brother on the shoulder because he wasn't helping out with chores and I pinched my 7-year old brother because I had no one ... read more

Hahaha! You didn't cancel your wedding two days before getting married because you love me... but whatever.

All men are the same! They will only hurt women, abuse us, manipulate us and play with our feelings! Like my dad, uncles, the pervy housemate and my exes, they're all the same! They're a big time cheaters, liars and abusers! Those men made a huge impact in my life and my points of view. They broke my heart too much and for too long! I hate you men! I'll never get married, this is my promise to myself!

I'm a weird person. When you're first friends with me, I will never get angry or even upset with you. I am not the kind of person to display my aggression easily to people I don't know well. I just hate showing that side of me. Of course, as you get to know me, and I get more attached, or I should say comfortable with you, then I am more prone to be annoyed and easily let it be known. However, some people I just click with easier than others, and some I don't. Whether it be b... read more

Nobody ever wants to listen to my story im just always the victim. i don't even think people want to ever hear my side. Ever since i tried to tell someone how i felt, nobody looks at me the same. "you just want attention" "you complain too much" why can't someone just sit there and listen to me and tell me im not wrong for once.

I can't tell my mother about the trouble I'm having with my mental health because she'd either tell me I was making it up for attention, that I could get over it if I tried, or that everybody feels this way. fun fun fun