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The biggest regret of my life is stepping foot into that God forsaken place. God give me strength to never go back.

For the first time in my life I'm happy.
Nothing happened to make me this way. I didn't meet anyone special, I'm as stressed and busy as ever, struggling with crippling self doubt, and I still hate everyone. I just got royally screwed over again by someone I cared for. My ex has been trying to make my life a living hell for almost a year. Things aren't going that great.
Obviously, moods come and go, but big picture speaking I am happy. I have been depressed and suicidal for 2... read more

When we were young I was a fountain you could never drink enough
Until all the boys had their way
Playing careless with your heart...

I hate when girls say I'm so ugly yet they've been in relationships and almost every guy wants them. And I'm just on the side thinking "I'll take anyone"

There is a guy I was friends with in grade school but eventually we drifted apart. I tried adding him on facebook a while back and he never accepted my request. I don't really know why our friendship ended, we had a lot in common and never fought or anything. I did go through a period of trauma and depression during that time and maybe I had cut everyone out of my life and maybe that hurt him.

We are adults now, that all happened when we were in junior high. Well I guess som... read more

this is the BS i get for doing something good? crap? well. forget it then. i'm just going to live for myself now; be selfish; be as crappy as the rest of the world is

Heart: You love him
Me: I can't he, he's dating one of my friends
Heart: If you love him why did you support him
Me: I didn't want her to find out about what I did, I just wanted to fix things
Heart: Don't you want him to love you?
Me: Yes, but it won't happen i-
Heart: Do you want them to break up?
Me: no I don-
Heart: Do you want them to break up?
Me: Yes....
Heart: you love him
Me: Your right...
Heart: You have sat there for a year now.
Me: I know...
Heart: Stop fixing thi... read more

1. f*** you.
2. I hate you.
3. I wish I never met you.
4. I never, ever, want to see you again.

The end.

DISCLAIMER: I'm aware that these are stupid teenage problems so if you're annoyed by this then don't read any further.

So first thing I'm super insecure about my teeth. They're extremely crooked on the top and bottom. On the top its like my teeth are on top of each other.

I do track and so far I've lost every event I've done. Which is very discouraging especially when you're the only girl who's not on the relay team, meaning i have to work out alone. (Which I've just recent... read more

I really need advice. I'm on bad terms with my ex and I feel like he may expose me anytime.

Because of Kpop it made me realize that not all guys who dance are gay and it is actually sexy as f*** when they are really good at it. It is almost seductive in a way when they can do it right......

I dont give f*** if it is racist, I think asian men are attractive and think that Japanese sounds SEXY as f***.

What if like someone confessed their love for someone on here and used their name cuz they thought like who the heck knows this website, but like their love saw it and was like oh crap and like this website like fixed them

All I want is a guy that is attractive and that I get along with. I want us to be more like friends and just have a good time together talking or doing nothing. I hope that he would be smarter then me as well, so then we can learn things from each other. Turns out that is way harder to find then I thought. I am not the type of girl that thinks every guy is cute and do not date casually. I would sate someone because it felt right, I found them attractive and see a future with ... read more

I keep on wondering why my friend was so nervous to meet me. Then I remember him saying that he looked at my instagram and I recently posted a sexy picture of me. He was stuttering SO BAD. It was cute though and to be honest I have done the same thing..... I feel bad though because I am not sure if he is attractive or not. He bought a cheap camera for his computer and so his image was a bit fuzzy, which annoyed me. I feel bad, but I kind of refuse to date someone that isn't h... read more

I hope that I can be a good girlfriend to my future boyfriend one day........

I wish I had a jar of pickles like that kind they sell at the fair. :*(

I haz no pickles.

Life is meaningless if you don't have a job.

Is this the way a toy feels
When its batteries run dry

i told the guy i liked tha ti love him and he asked out my best friend but i gave him permission buthe didnt want to because he was afriad of hurting me and he liked us both equally and im doubting everything