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The only thing that could keep me at this school is friends. Unless I make some awesome friends next semester or don't get accepted into the school I want I'm getting out of this f***ing place. I hate not having any friends and being so far away from my friends and family at home. I've started to like this place even less now and I can't wait to be out of this school and back where I belong at home.

This was a year of change for me. I got diagnosed with ADHD and social phobia, and taking meds for both. Vyvanse and Celexa. The side effects were the scariest at first. Now, I feel like a zombie, but that's okay. Getting these diagnoses made me realize that there are people all over the world who have these "invisible" conditions that some people don't believe are real. THEY ARE REAL. It bothers me so much when I hear people say "I'm so ADHD today!" or "I'm so OCD right now!... read more

That scary realization that nothing will happen.
I anticipate meeting you. My heart races. I will drive you home. Can I walk you, I say? I know I'm not allowed to take this right, to the street where you live. No, you really don't have to, you will say. I really want to, I will say. Don't worry about it, you will say, but you will look at me before you step off the car. Your face is so close, and a Schumann quartet is playing in the background. In a rare moment of courage I w... read more

-I just moved me and my wife to a new place because I was promised an administrative position within my company. I was to work at my new branch for a short time till they finished the paperwork to get me in my position. I find out today they that the general manager (new store) didn't approve my advancementioned because I'm one of the hardest workers he has seen in a long time. He told me "your a victim of your own success buddy sorry." So I just lost 40k more a year because ... read more

My guinea pig died at around 11 this morning.
It was exactly his fifth month anniversary of having him with us.
He wasn't even a year old.
He bit an electrical cable, and burnt his tounge to the point where he couldn't eat or drink. We noticed too late.
At the vet, he became paralyzed and started having a seizure, that's when my mother made the decision to put him out of his misery.
I was in bed when my mom came home and said "He didn't make it," and my first reaction was "wh... read more

I'm about to take my stats final. I studied a total of about sixteen hours over the past week for it. I've done well in the class. This final is worth 35% of my grade. I want to do good on it. I NEED to do good on it. This is very likely the last math class I will ever have to take (it's still a possibility that I might have to, but let's just hope not).
Just please let me do good on this. Just this once.

It's like I'm addicted to love. That rush, the initial infatuation, I can't stop myself from feeling that so so easily. And I love it, it feels wonderful. But then I've put myself out there, I'm open to being a hurt. And there is nothing quite like that crash when it comes.


I like this girl. In fact it's more than that. She likes this other guy who is a drug dealing drop out. He doesn't even care about her. I know I can give her better than he ever could. I asked her on a date once and she mentioned that she liked him. EVERYONE around her has said he is a bad influence. She just won't listen. She is the most amazing person I have ever met. I just wish she would give me a chance. Does anyone have advice???


If only I knew where YOU worked. I would berate you and act like an insane cunt just like you did to me.

Funny how you thinks it's ok to treat people like s*** when they are doing their best to take care of you. You do know I know where you live right? I know your social security number, address, phone number, name and dob. You're a dumb cunt!

I'm a Pagan of the "chaos magician" variety, and I just stopped in to say: Skeptics and Christians alike can suck my cl1t. Enjoy your respective high horses, but just remember: We can all see up your skirts from down here. And if I hear one more word from another Christian about how "persecuted" they are, I swear to god I will spend the next 3 hours following them around telling them the many, many, MANY stories of REAL abuse that goes on towards pagans every f*ck1n day. Suck... read more

Ahahaha I'm f***ing exhausted and terrified all the time because two of my closest friends are suicidal and live far far away from me so I can't be there for them and I feel so helpless and afraid

The one I can't even talk to anymore because my brain isn't much better off and I can't Deal anymore it's too much!! I'm a s*** f***ing friend. I'm the worst. Please let them be ok.

I dont know how to talk about it with the other friend because it seems they just do Not want to ... read more

My friend at work is obsessed with my bf she talks about him to my boss and whenever my boss mentions why I'm quiet she'll mention my bf even if it's work related . I'm like wth ?? I

It's been a while since I've cried and tears came out

I'm so tired of feeling alone. I have an awesome husband and awesome kids but I feel so lonely. I hate that at work nobody ever says hello or anything to me but my boss whose obligated to. These women just ignore me and I don't know why I've never done anything to them sure I'm not much of a talker but I don't feel comfortable or liked here. I'm just tired of feeling alone yet I'm surrounded by people

I'm sick of people putting down 20 year old's who still live at home. First of all, I have classes for 7 hours every day five days a week, and I am working two different jobs who don't know that I have school or another job (otherwise they wouldn't let me work there) so I can pay for these classes. Even working these two different jobs, there is NO WAY I could afford the 2000-4000 a month it costs to live in a studio apartment around here. I can't move somewhere cheaper becau... read more

I finished school a couple of months ago and I'm at this point where I have no idea what I want to do. I'm scared of trying something out and realizing it's not something for me. Don't really know what career to pick. Don't want to fail. Should I just go for it and try it out to see what it's like or play safe and pick something I know I can do?

I screwed up I told my friend i had a dream about having sex with him and his sister. I enjoyed the dream. Oh dear god I'm so insane!

Took my kids to story time and we were all sitting around. Then a mom and her son walk in a little late. She had a musty smell to her and was dressed in her work clothes. Her son was well dressed and jumped right into the fun. The woman was very loud and cheered her son on the whole time. At craft time, she told me she had just got off an 18hr shift, said they had alot of surgeries that morning. I found this woman such a delight. She was exhausted and still found time for her... read more

Pretty sure my apartment has a poltergeist.
Things disappear altogether and get moved around constantly. I live alone. These things should not be happening.
I hang my keys up on the peg on the wall and they just vanish only to pop up in the refrigerator or on my bedroom floor. My eye glasses get set on the right-hand side nightstand when I go to bed and in the morning they've moved to the left-hand nightstand. I push my kitchen table's 3 chairs in at night only to find the ch... read more