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I've been dating this guy for over a month. I had a crush on him 3-4 months before we started going out. It was perfect. He treated me perfect & clingy. But a good clingy, but the past couple of days he's been going ghost. He's been texting me less & made an excuse today to not hangout. Everytime I wanna just give up on the relationship so Im done with it before I go into more pain, he'll call me & just remind me of how I shouldnt. Idk .. He's been distancing from me lately, ... read more

I hate life. Not that I'd rather die, suicide, in my opinion, is a rather tragic way to go. And I'm not looking for anything special. I found my Bible today. And I was thinking, why believe in a God that could care less about his "people". Not saying there isn't one, I'm just saying it doesn't care. I don't like my family. My friends are fake. What is the point of life, when I keep looking forward to other things? In elementary, I couldn't wait until highschool. Now being in ... read more

I am so motherfucking eloquent when I'm angry and it pisses me off that I don't feel comfortable expressing myself like this out in the real world. I KNOW EVERYTHING AND PEOPLE SHOULD ALWAYS LISTEN TO ME AND DO WHAT I SAY DAMNIT. And bring me some f***ing cake. I want cake.

Why do you have to smell so good all the time? It just makes me want you even more even though I never will have you.

I think I love you....

My dad. I love him, but I'm not connected to him like a lot of girls with their dads. My dad is just my dad, he comes home from work, eats, and works some more. We don't bond a lot. He's controlling and blows up randomly and overreacts. Sometimes he doesn't realize what he says to me. The things he says are the things his father said to him, and I really dislike his father (My grandfather)
There has been times my dad said he's disappointed with me, and I can't forget it. I re... read more

You know my mom told me something today: no matter what you do or what you are, when against a white man you will always lose. Don't think you have a chance. Don't think you can match up to them, baca use in truth, you'll be the one in the jail cell. And to tell you the truth... I know she's right. And I'm scared.

You know my mom told me something today: no matter what you do or what you are, when against a white man you will always lose. Don't think you have a chance. Don't think you can match up to them, baca use in truth, you'll be the one in the jail cell. And to tell you the truth... I know she's right. And I'm scared.

Sighhhhhh....I wish you didn't talk about your girlfriend all the time. I still can't believe that you two have been dating for over a year and you seem so seriously committed to each other yet you haven't proposed yet. This is so bad but I secretly hope you guys break up. Her biological clock is ticking and she's not going to wait much longer for you to pop the question. I have this fantasy that I bump into you randomly in a couple of years and then we start chatting and eve... read more

f*** you Matt C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I f***ing hate you, you creepy piece of s***. Go f*** yourself for wasting my time and everyone else's time. I'm so f***ing glad I don't have to see you again. Maybe if you had treated me with more f***ing respect I wouldn't hate having to deal with you all the time. But no. You're an a**h*** dick-faced mother f***er who decides that each time you see me is a new opportunity to make a pass at me, even though I would never be interested you in a MILLION f***ING YEARS. I pity th... read more

Suprise suprise. b**** face Mel has finally come to work, started thinking she didn't work here anymore. Annnnd what a day of days. When her boss is in town. And look! She is in some over the top dress. Please Mrs Bi-polar dick shite, do us all a favor and quit because you're never here anyway and when you are we all wish you'd be hit by a bus.

I want to scream at the world. Not in an "I hate you" way, more like a "I have mental illnesses up to my collar bones" kind of way. I want to shout how I have depression and can't bring myself to do assignments half the time, how my PTSD causes me to scratch up parts of my body until I feel grounded again, how I don't spend a waking moment without wanting to kill myself. I want to scream how I want to be happy. I want to be able to eat a meal without staring at it for an hour... read more

Pagan in a small town in southern Missouri. One word: Damn

I feel like Americans are the stupidest bunch of superficial a**h*** ever to walk the earth. 85% of your population is religious, you bomb ALL the brown people (and feel so f***ing smug about it), you know nothing about the rest of the world and you make students pay for investing in the future. All of that is f***ing dumb. And yet, you're apparently a 'super power' and therefore other countries just lick your a**h*** like anxious puppies. If there are any cool people left ... read more

Woohoo! I never have to see your face again! Good bye mother f***er!!!!!!

To my (ex)best friend,
F*** you. You don't realize how much hurt you put me through. I realize you found some new friends and I'm happy you feel like you fit in at your new school but g**d*** it call me. Text me. Stop making last minute excuses. I'm so angry. ILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU. But we both know I will. I'll always forgive you no matter what you do. I don't blame you though. No one had ever been my friend for over 4 years. Why would you break the curse. No one cares, but I... read more

I used fake happiness to hide my hurt. I built walls of stone to protect myself, but every once in a while things slip through. Each time that happens, a crack forms. My mask is fading, my walls crumbling. I can't repair things fast enough and I've learned to except that nothing will every go right for me and people are going to keep trying to tear me down. But I can't help but try and fight back. I'll try to keep fighting, I really will. I just don't know how long I'll last.... read more

The australian radio station triple j has in recent years become nothing more than a parade of tall poppy syndrome. They will preach how good a band is until they band becomes big and then all of a sudden they hate them, they seem to think they are the deciders of what is cool, well they can keep their arctic folk drumming and sitar played by deaf japanese nuns provided they learn to shut up. It has actually gotten pathetic, oh he said one direction what a joke *all of the pa... read more

I am slowly starting to love myself. To be proud of myself for who I am. It's a slow process overcoming all of my own guilt and angst. With time I truly believe that I will be happy with myself, to be normal. Though it's something that I want, it scares me to death. To finally crawl out of this dark hole that is depression. I've known nothing more then these dark feelings of regret and self loathing, but I want to change I want to be happy with myself and my decisions.

You'r... read more