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It does get better when you're an adult! You just lose all your old problems and develop new, equally upsetting ones.

I am really worried about my future. I want to be an artist and being an artist there is NO guarantee with anything. Even though I know that it is risky, I LOVE doing it and wouldn't want to do anything else. The thing is I get really distracted and ALWAYS have changed what I want to do. I have now said for the past few years that I want to be a fashion designer, but in all honesty I am not sure. I also like a host of other things like writing, skincare, photography, pottery,... read more

I never thought I would be here, I never thought I would get this far
If they say life's like a beach chair , why am I sitting in the dark

Sometimes I just feel like, f*** my life
f*** my life
Even when im up im feeling down
f*** my life
Got n***a locked up or underground
f*** my life, f*** my life
Sometimes I just feel like, f*** my life
f*** my life, f*** my life

Everyday is getting harder and harde rto go through now all of my days are going to school keeping my head down cutting and going to bed and eating because i'm a fatass my mom called me fat everyday so many times i'm so sick of this i can't do this anymore it's so hard

Me and my boyfriend own this husky/Australian Shepard mix who is such a lovely dog. However, she's very unruly and hyper for me and hurts me when I play with her (she bites a lot). I can't take her out of her kennel often so i leave it up to him but he's always so f***ing busy watching Netflix when he comes home. EVERY DAY, It's come home take a shower and watch netflix and ignore the puppy. I can't handle her that well, you wanted her so why can't you at least play with her ... read more

I feel like my teacher is starting to make up my grades because he doesn't like me. Recently I've been failing all of my tests even though I understand the information, and I haven't even been able to see how I did on them so I have no idea what I've been doing wrong! And then he gives us a pop test over literally EVERYTHING IN THAT CLASS INCLUDING THINGS WE HAVENT LEARNED and then says my grade on it was "concerning." Gee, how helpful! Then someone outed me (I'm gay) to ever... read more

I have been running into a LOT of Asian f***boys recently. It really sucks because at this point in my life I would really like a relationship with an Asian guy. I am a white girl and it seems like that stereotype of Asian guys just using white girls is true, at least for me. I am really bummed out by this because I know that is NOT what I DESERVE and that there are GOOD Asian men out there. Anyways, I would like to know tips on how to spot a guy that would just use you over ... read more

Children giving advice to children! PRICELESS!!

Just do it!!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! So just do it!

I know there's probably going to be a thousand of these muttrs today and tomorrow, but I really wish I had a valentine.

Don't you hate it know you fall in love with the most perfect person in the world at the wrong time.......?


I just want to die
I just keep making problems
I just keep not listening
I'm such a waste of air
such a waste of life
Why do I even exist??
I'm too cowardly too even do self harm

What the hell is the problem with you freaks?
If you got a penis YOU ARE A MAN!
If you got a Vagina YOU ARE A WOMAN!
Those are the only choices there are
and you are mentally ill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to invite me to your RP community (forum / group, etc.) ?
Keep in mind that I am NOT interested in sexual interactions between my character and yours, nor having affairs.
And, no, do not insist.

Thank you.

I am never dating a man with kids again. My "boyfriend" has 2 kids and at first, I thought that they where cute until I started watching them on weekends and noticed that they have MAJOR issues. They don't listen, they are very annoying and they have some mental issues. I told him that SOMETIMES I would watch them, but sometimes turned into every weekend. The weekend is the only time that I have off! I pushed him to get a babysitter so that I wouldn't be watching them all the... read more

Who are these 2 strange creatures eating a slice of water melon in the desert that is right it is my picture that i gone and done for when it was record store day last week and if you do a click on this bit then you can have a read of some questions that a lady asked me about it and i hope that you are having a lovely thursday for yourself today because i am having a really nice day thank you very much and this morning i was standing outside of my old school ringing a massive... read more

So, basically, I was roleplaying. Now that's all fun and dandy, right?
But here's the thing: This is a REALISTIC stray dog roleplay.
I sign up as a female Akita Inu (which is 24-26 inches tall). Now I don't say that she's super tall or anything, so people can assume that she's regular-sized.
Now this other person signs up, and they have a habit of creating Mary Sues, powerplaying, godmodding, and being an absolute BRAT when they don't get their way.
They sign up as an America... read more

I'm basically making out with my chocolate bar right now. Nom nom nom.

My girlfriend dumped me on Christmas day. She told everybody that it was mutual and that she was happier like this, but then we started being lovey again. I thought maybe there was a chance we would get back together. It's been two months and I know she's been f***ing other people while being lovey with me. Telling me that I'm the only one for her and that I'm still the only one she wants to make love to.
I knew but I wish I didn't.
The last straw came when I received an anon... read more

The viewbotting on some YouTube channels couldn't be more obvious. :