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Went and saw Interstellar today. it was BEAUTIFUL. I loved the plot and characters and the special effects and everything and I was thinking how I'd recommend it to anyone... until the second half. It became the stupidest and most disappointing ending I've seen in a while, like someone was hurrying to finish the script. It went from cool, realistic sci-fi and characters you'd care about and cry over to (mild spoilers) some time travel bulls*** and a forced romantic plot. Oh w... read more

God dammit why couldn't I be hot?

I don't know if I need new friends or what, but the ones I have now are unintentionally making me feel like an outsider.I'm 16, a junior in high school, and still have not had a boyfriend or first kiss. I'm as pure, innocent, and naive as can be, but all of my friends have had relationships and are very touchy people whereas I'm more conservative and respective of myself. I don't know what to do?? I just feel so alone like a little penguin in a world full of Hawks . I know th... read more

Any time I see a hot guy at the gym I think some not so innocent thoughts......

If time and money didn't exist, the world might become a bit of an unorganized mess. But maybe there would be a greater peace we haven't experienced yet

You're older than me. You're my mentor. You're taken. You probably see me as a little kid. But I've pictured us together many times. Sometimes when I look at you and you're looking at me, I hold a glimmer of hope that you at least think I'm beautiful. That when you look in my eyes your'e thinking to yourself that you can't because it's wrong. Because at least you would feel the same way about me as I do about you. I've tried to stifle my feelings because it's definitely not i... read more

I need the comfort of knowing that someone really cares about me. Im just waiting for that someone to come into my life

My mom is in a terrible mood or something: I was at my cousins house and told her I would really like to go home since i was really tired(it was 10 PM) and she told me I should just spend the night and I told her I just wanted to go home and she went off on me asking me in her stern motherly voice "tell me your reason for being so concerned with going home. Why do u wanna go home so bad" and asked me like 50 times and I told her I just wanna go home. You feel me right? Someti... read more

Okay so there's this guy that I haven't even known for more than a month and he's already saying he loves me.

Um excuse me bro, but I barely f***ing know you and we have only had 3 conversations that have not even exceeded the 1 hour mark.
Some haven't even exceeded 30 MINUTES.

Sorry but you sound pretty f***ing desperate to me idk.

In my head, I've already dated you, met your family, married you, loved you and had your children. Even though I know it will never happen.

Ever time you talk about her, it cuts me a little deeper each time. Why couldn't I have met you first?

Snapchat really pisses me off. Dear friends, I don't want a camera in my face all hours of the day.

Hey Jason, you're a f***ing piece of s*** douchebag. Thanks for telling me you had a girlfriend while you were texting me about hanging out sometime. Do you think she'd approve if she knew what you were doing behind her back?!!! I had to find out you were taken some other way because I had my doubts. Be a f***ing man and stop wasting people's time. How difficult is it to tell someone you're in a relationship? Jesus what the f*** is wrong with guys? I think I've finally found ... read more

Earlier today around 3AM i had a strange feeling. I felt like running, walking, screaming, crying, laughing and any emotion or action you can name. I can't describe the feeling overall but all i know is that i haven't experienced this yet. I was pacing around the house with a swelling off my heart because i was scared. I didn't know what was happening. I was crying, smiling, laughing and screaming. My breath kept hitching every move i took, and everything felt unreal. I went ... read more

It seems to me that every guy I just just ends up liking my closet friends. I really hate myself as is and this just makes me feel worse about myself.

Since you seem to take everything else I say to heart, why don't you add this to it - I'm sick of crying over you.

My brain hurts.....

I hate myself i hate myself i hate myself i'm so f***ing disgusting everything is wrong with me why did i have to be born a sociopath with mental disorders i never wanted to be autistic i wish i had died when i was born and dealing with respiratory issues why did i have to become the person i am today why did my brain have to be made this i'm the most awful being on this earth because even the nazis and whatever at least had 'humanity' or cared about someone else BUT NO I'M J... read more

A guy I was friends with in highschool just recently started contacting me. I remember why I stopped talking to this guy. He kept me on the phone for two hours while he was talking about himself. He said that he wouldn't have dated me in highschool because I experimented with drugs so I obviously wasn't "smart enough" for him. (I didn't even ask) Now that I'm away from all that, he called me "worthy". WORTHY. On top of all of that, he refers to women as "females", which reall... read more

Everyday when I get home, my mother keeps on trying to find things wrong with everything I do, and proceeds to yell at me about it. I haven't had a peaceful night at home in weeks, all she does is take her anger out on me, and now I am done. I can't do anything though, as I would get in trouble. I have really no other choice than to be sad, mopey and extremely introverted.