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I legit left my makeup @ home
Seriously im so done...

Update: 5:39 am
ive been on this bus for 2 1/2 hours and i cant sleep... competition here i come !

You said "keep our business on the low low "
I'm just tryna get you out the friend zone...

it is 1:24 and im not going to sleep i want to but i will literally only sleep for one hour ...
its pointless

Well, my life is basically over.
I can't find my wallet. Someone probably stole it and my identity along with it. Won't be able to provide for my girlfriend and she will leave me for someone who is capable of doing things without f***ing up all the time. No more reason to live after that.

Okay so instead of studying and practicing for my competition im going to the movies ....
lol my priorities rn are goals
its a good stress reliever though

I'm not sure what this feeling is or why- but I just found out that my long time ex husband and first child's father is now in prison for life without parole for murder. The circumstances are the worst part, and I haven't spoken to the guy in over 10 years, but something in me feels like sad and scared but it's not quite that and I can't put a name to the emotion. Does anyone else have a clue? I've had nothing but anger toward him since he left and all the drama and I was so ... read more

So what'll it be Hadden? You have to make up your mind which of us you want, whether it's him or me. This running to me every time he breaks your heart again, only to watch you stay with him has to stop.

I got dressed up for our date tonight and I usually dreds pretty casual. My boyfriend comes in and I asked if I looked ok because I felt a little self concious wearing something out of the norm. I was hoping he'd say "wow" or be surprised at the effort, but he said I looked like I had a belly.

If your x's and o's arent adding up why do it

I just want to feel ok with myself. i want to feel like ive done something well. i want someone to genuinely give a crap about me. i want to not wake up everyday dreading doing anything because i know that i'll be faking it. i want to feel like ive made someone proud. like there's a reason im alive. i just want to feel like im worth it.

I went to a department store to buy something.i had my three granddaughters with me. I couldn't find what I wanted so I asked the man who was about 45 where I could find it. He turned toward one of my granddaughters and started to tell her where to go-I interrupted and said"but I am the one that asked the question. " he turned even more to my granddaughter and told her where to find what we wanted. She is 15. I am in my 60's. We went and found what we wanted but I continued t... read more

If you were guaranteed not to fail what would you do ?

Theyve just been so busy lately and i get that theyre trying to expand and grow the business for the sake of our future, but does it have to be at the price of our present??? like, i barely see them anymore and i think weve eaten dinner together maybe twice over the last two months. and when it gets to the point where we're neglecting each other and the rest of our family, does that not indicate that we should be taking a closer look at our actions and how they impact others?... read more

Probably gonna pull an all-nighter bc i have a lot of homework that I have to turn in online by 11:59 tonight and I have to be at my school @ 3:50 am so that way we can make it to the competition on time ... im so tired just thinking about it ! But its okay, its my choice to do this and I will be okay. Just please if you believe in Prayer include me in it ...

Today I wore my Twenty One Pilots shirt with my black cardigan and my Miss Me jeans with my hair in a mess bun
to school and I felt hella confident
+ random people in the hallway were like hey I like your shirt and in my head i was like B LESS B LESS

reasons why i love hs ...


So, I'm currently having trouble with my friend. She has these two friends that are really good friends with her, but they don't like me very much (or at least I think) One in particular really gets on my nerves...I kicked myself out of a group chat over something and I asked all of them if I can be back in, but this one guy in there said no (the one in particular). My friend wouldn't tell me why, but then again I didn't ask. So I've been trying to avoid all three ... read more

I like you, but I also like him...

So I have been abused most my life and the fact is I never done anything about it. Not just emotional abuse, and not just verbal abuse, I am talking physical abuse pure hits kick and punches. I would get hit like a man and kicked like a man too. The thing that is horrible, and how someone could just watch and see it. I have nearly died so many times I wonder why I am still alive. My neighbors have heard me scream but they did a thing. I wish I could die already. f*** being be... read more

So my dad has the most disrespectful girlfriend. She judges me, she nags when she doesn't do anything around the house, I am more of a woman than her, she even loves to speak insulting opinions all the time and I just sit there and take it. I basically feel like Cinderella. I have to sit there and take. It freaking kills me more and more everyday. I wish I could have someone close to help me get through it. Oh yea she judges and talk bad about my birth mother and shes dead. I... read more