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I want to sleep with my friend, but I am in a relationship. I am too much of a coward to break it off first.

I've been forgotten by everyone, the world can and will go on without me. Should I down some Zoloft to see what happens?

theres nothing quite like listening to my ex girlfriend/ current housemate who i still have feelings for tell me how they are pretty sure that they are never going to feel love again and that they havent felt it since the person before me, my married 30 year old boss who she stopped seeing a month before she started talking to me or how she used to make out with him all over the workplace even when his wife was working out the front. even though she knows i still love her and... read more

I'm scared that I will never find anybody as good as you.

Just been to a toga party and actually found out girls can be perverts too as some of the girls were caught trying to look up some of the guys togas. Girls harp on about guys been perverts because they look under girls skirts and dresses but when the guys wear something similar the girls are caught doing the same thing.

I want out of my relationship. I feel trapped. I have no one i can talk to without feeling judged. I wish i would have said no. 3 years later and i still regret it.

I just wish my family didn't hate me so much.

I'm not sure I can do this anymore.

God, these stupid f***ing migraines are almost unbearable. Please kill me.

God I'm so tired of my physical and mental illnesses. How am I even still alive????

Adult ADHD is more than just twitching and spacing out. It's losing memory so constantly that you can barely hold down a job, racing thoughts that make conversation awkward and difficult, and having trouble focusing on study and even driving. Worst of all is rejection sensitive dysphoria- that's when you get so shaken by failure or perceived rejection that your chest and guts hurt and it feels like you're going to die. Like you deserve to die. It invades every part of my life... read more

When I was 7, I thought a bra was called a chi-chi holder!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

Why the f*** does slightly overdosing on over the counter pain and allergy meds work better than my actual prescribed antidepressants???

I wish i could just drop my life and travel for 6 months

...can we just all agree that not telling someone that something they do hurts you, until you have a huge meltdown over it, is ridiculously unhealthy?

I don't feel doubtful of my bfs feelings for me but I know this is the longest relationship he's been in and I don't know that he really knows how to treat me. it's good when we're together but then he'll go days where I'm lucky if to get a couple messages from him. I've been hurt so badly so often I and I get hurt easily so I worry this will only get worse but I want it to get better. my anxiety is just through the roof and I'm terrified he'll be mad at me for reaching out t... read more

Another day, another load of unhealthy passive aggressive garbage from you.

I have just been got cheating on a homework assignment and the professor actually announced it to the class online thankfully without saying my name. However, I felt that I need to talk with him in person and apologize. I missed his office hours today and that's the only time for this week. Should I email him to meet? I feel so embarrassed and shameful right now. What should I do? Thanks. #cheating #school #ashamed #cheated #homework #advice

I pretend to be happy, busy and active but at the bottom of my heart, I am tired of all people and want to die.

I can't stand that my boyfriend still thinks about his ex. They broke up FOUR years ago... and they have talked recently and it has given me so much emotional exhaustion that now I'm at the point where I don't even care. She's come up a lot in our relationship and idk if its because of closure issues or whatever but he's shown so much love to me so now and says he wants to marry me... I'm just confused...