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I snooped, and found out my boyfriend was cheating. Isn't this technically my fault..?

Stop trying to use my cold as an excuse for me not being able to go her party. You weren't gonna let me go even if I was 100% healthy. Okay! You are literally sucking the life out of my teenagehood. You let me go nowhere you let me do nothing!! And it's sad because even when i ask you to go somewhere, even if you'll be there, you still don't let me go. Coming up with all these excuses. "Oh it's too cold" "Oh I don't know what that is" "Oh Oh Oh!!" "Oh you're a girl" (wtf??!!)... read more

I don't think my girlfriend knows just how in the closet I am. I'm telling her "My parents aren't open-minded. I WILL be killed or disowned." and she's all like "When can I meet them? I'll be friendly!" and I'm like "You don't understand. They. Will. Kill. Me." and she's like, "I went through trouble with my parents! I'm sure they'll come around!" and I'm like "No, they won't. I don't want to go through that." and I feel like she doesn't respect my decision to stay in the clo... read more

I hate myself for being born this way. Why do I have to be so diffrent? Why can't I just be like the other normal people? Why can't I just be that lovable girl, that lovable daughter, that lovable student. But I'm sorry I can't. I'm sorry everyone mom, dad, brothers, sister, friends, teachers. I'm just SORRY!

Oh I'm sad I'm so sad. I'm depressed I'm so depressed.

WTF I look after your kid on weekdays now I have to watch him on my fecking weekend omg taking advantage of your family a**wipe gosh

You know what roomie? I adore you. I love you. But you have GOT to stop this negativity. Stop. Think. And perhaps you'll see WHY I've grown distant towards you.
I want you to be happy.
But judging me in insecure silence isn't helping. Ignoring me in favor of your other "friends" from back in that program, isn't helping. And for the love of god, stop judging my relationship! Yes I know- it's long distance and weird. But can't you tell he makes me happy...? Can't you be happy f... read more


A little before Christmas I became suspicious of my partner of less than 2 years. Something wasn't right, he felt distant and secretive. I confronted him the weekend before Christmas and he basically told me he couldn't be with me anymore, that he couldn't give me the 'attention I needed all the time' so he left. I was so sad it broke my heart but underneath I knew there was another reason. Another woman most likely.

A couple of days passed and he got in touch and asked if w... read more

TBH being bi is a trend more than a sexuality. So get over youselves.

It has been around 7 months since my ex and I broke up because of some mistakes we made together. For a while I thought I had gotten over the thoughts and feelings and that I was ready to move on but in all honesty I still haven't even after all this time. She has moved out of town so I can no longer see her and I feel if I message her I would get in trouble by her family.

We had a happy and healthy relationship going and it honestly felt like true love (I know it sounds foo... read more


If it's not a choice then it's an abnormality that serves no purpose!

An undesirable genetic mutation that should be eliminated.

You wouldn't say oh you have cancer that's just how you are, just live with it.

You wouldn't say oh Alzheimer is just who you are, accept it.


Why in blue f*** would all these nice little white girls, I don't mean the rejects and tash, want to even entertain the notion of dating, marrying,or f***ing dirty n***er it's f***ing disgusting.

So my husband has cheated on me before not physically to my knowledge he has lied to me about seeing another girl that I knew after I had told him not to see this girl cause he got drunk with her and invited her to my house without telling me right away. I saw e mails he wrote to other girls that said awful sexual things about me and now I'm afraid he maybe lying to me again. There was one time I smelt woman's perfume on his collar and scratches on his back but he works out s... read more

I can't sleep knowing she might kill herself while I am gone. How many all-nighters can I pull before I die?

I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. Every time we talk about her suicidal thoughts I know she is closer to the edge then she was before. She is inching ever closer and I don't know what to do to stop it. It feels like everything at this point is scripted, like some cruel playwright had her suicide predetermined and all I can do is draw it out. Every time she takes another step I feel my own grip on life loosening. I can't let her die. My world would come crashi... read more

You ever fall in love with someone so hard they're all you can seem to think about and talk about? You become obsessed and infatuated with them lol. I love love sometimes.

I was at a guys house when he started to play with my below lady parts. Whatevs, I just showered and went to his house. He stops shortly after and continues to "fall" asleep. Then his mother calls him. He comes backa and tells me she wants me to leave and how he's embarrassed. Whatever. He put on a great show. The next day he isn't replying to me. I know when I'm being ignored so I pretty much told him have a nice night. I was done at that point. This a**h*** tells me how his... read more

Roses are red
violets are purple
my balls are blue
just because of you!

Today at work I got into an argument with a coworker. He usually doesn't get along with anyone I work with. Knowing this I always tried to stay on his good side and just got along with him.

Every thing was going fine till we had a small conflict over something missilanious.
Just an error that anyone could have worked out with nooo problem what so ever. All of a sudden he started belittling me in front of customers. I responded with "you don't have to be rude". He replied "I ... read more