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There's this guy I like in my class. Let's just call this guy Phil. So Phil I know crushes aren't a legit reason to feel depressed, but I kinda do. He got pissed at me for teasing him about the girl he likes and he HATES ME now. I tried apologizing literally a billion times and I even bought him giant bags of his favorite candy because I felt so bad. The guilt is eating me alive and he doesn't even acknowledge my existence! I know I should just get over him and forget about h... read more

Have u even been in a thirteen years relationship without that person making love to you? #wouldnt know how it feels

Why are jelly beans so freaking good? I'm nom nom nom-ing right now non-stop. The bag'll be empty by the end of the night probably.

I sexually identify myself as an attack helicopter

This is so hard. Why must I have feelings for my best friend.

I wish we could be best friends again or at least closer than we are now but... So much happened and we haven't talked for so long so I'm sure you don't care anymore.. You also re-triggered my eating disorder and helped push me into a whirling pit of anxiety and depression. Idk I love you but you really hurt me but I'm sure you stopped caring about me.. Oh well meh I need to move on :/

I just give up. Really, what else am I supposed to do. We will never cross paths again and I need to just accept that. For a fleeting moment I thought I was special and lucky as hell to come across something so different and special, but like everything else... no just no. f*** it I give up.

I hate watching the videos in my drivers ed class because they are so upsetting and just triggering in general. Good thing i can have my chromebook out so i dont have to physically look but still i can barely handle it...
Im gonna drink a bunch of soda so i can get all sugared up so it doesnt affect me as much....
Im scared.

I want to curl up into a f***ing ball and die. f*** life, f*** trying, f*** trying to be happy and f*** everything.. #f***life

Is 3 inches normal for a female human? #penis #size

I'm too numb to feel anything except for how much I miss you.

You're probably going to get back with that a**h*** even though you have feelings for someone me. Well go ahead, I'll find someone else to date and you can suffer from the pain that you gave me.

Miss you like f*** today. But I'll never tell #needtogetagrip

What the heck is up with that Hallmark commercial on Youtube? I aint trying to see a bunch of people kissing, especially old people or and this one is the worst of all a bunch of gay people. I was having an okay day until I saw that crap, and now I feel dirty from the inside out. Boy, that 5 second skip couldnt come fast enough. Im probably gonna throw up now.

Im fine now..... whew.

Im freaking out.
HElp helpp
I feel like iim restricteda and cant breathe,,,
Too much rules

So guys have this great reputation about not doing things for their girl but I'm starting to realize there's a reason... I bust my a$$ around the house, helping to cook, making sure the dishes are done, we have a new puppy that I primarily take care of, I keep track of her little one and try to contribute where possible financially. Apparently guys, that just makes them lazy. She's taken on new responsibilities and distractions in her life and my work seems expected now. I th... read more

I just wish I didn't feel so bad all the time bc it f***s everything up when I ask for things. I feel bad for existing, essentially, and I want to live without that guilt but I can't make myself. I know that I say sorry too much. I always feel like a burden or an annoyance. I wish I were invisible bc maybe it'd be easier than this.

Vacations are supposed to fun but for one person in my family is my father who feels that hanging out in the hotel all day is fun okay maybe for him

Prison life will make you change for the better