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Why is fate so cruel?! I rather be wondering if i could ever be a mother than getting two chances n not being able to keep them. Its Halloween i should be happy but my heart is not. I miss bith my babies soo much and the first one we found out on this day, halloween. Its soo hard n its going to be a long day.

He broke up with me because he said he didn't have time for a girlfriend, and that he cared for me too much, and that he couldn't handle long-distance. Then a couple weeks later he starts posting all these pictures of himself with a different girl. She's just like me, except slightly prettier, slightly more overachieving, slightly more Christian, and slightly less outspoken and opinionated. He can't stop posting online about how much he loves her. He never posted that stuff a... read more

I have gone outta control last month , I made out with a retard , then snitched my best friend whom has lost his roommates and almost ended up homeless , I made out with another retard in which we're not even in relationship then got in a week relationship then we broke up ,then ended up making out with his friend , I feel so cheap and outta control , I hate my self and what I did to people , I'm afraid karma goes back all the way around and f***s me up , I truly wish to chan... read more

I was doing the dishes and I saw a dog outside in the backyard so I immediately stopped what I was doing and ran outside to go play with it.

My mind was literally a tumblr moment:
*sees dog*
holy s***

Who would win in a strictly guns, sword/knife and hand to hand fight, Alice from Resident Evil or Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill?

Literally all you freaking do is b**** and moan as soon as you get home then you have the gall to tell me I have the attitude? No, f*** you. f*** YOU. You are the most ungrateful, insensitive, whining little b**** I have ever had the misfortune of living with. Sometimes I wonder who's the f***ing adult around here. f***ing t***.

I love muttr....:)

My grandma and I thought we forgot my gift card my grandma knows I made a mistake and I got very annoyed at her she uses every time she hears from my dad to bear all of my faults in my wrongs to get me to hate myself she wants my dad to be raged and she does hate my happiness she's so mean

I am so freakin annoyed.

15 years ago I used to date a guy who would make me duck in the car when we were driving around town because he thought he might see people he knew and he didn't want them to know he was gay. Because you know driving around with a guy in your car just makes you look... gay. I know, I know... I am the fool for putting up with that. Believe me, I know.

Fast forward to now: he is all kinds of friends with leather people, drag people, fem men, etc. In p... read more

Why am I the kid that gets grounded for forgetting a chore in the morning when I'm in a hurry to go to work or school? Why do I have to be the kid that doesn't go to friends houses, just to play video games? Why are there so many kids going out with friends every day and doing so much worse, but they're not punished? I hate living in a family where they're so focused on the image that everybody is miserable.

I wish I had the dress from the movie labyrinth for my costume but tonight might as well be just another Friday... Bummer

I'm starting to get bad again

I can't believe you can't just stop. I haven't even said sh*t , but when i do its actually a big deal out of nothing just to tell you keep my name out of your mouth that its simple cause it is. You think no one likes me , but yet nobody has your back. But I could care less if nobody like me , because I am my team. You can;t even handle your own let alone say anything back to me. All I've dealed with all week is your bs and I'm over it. I aint gonna have nobody say anything el... read more

My ex-fwb has been heartbroken by his girl bestfriend who happens to be lesbian and has a girlfriend that she truly loves. Honestly, I feel sorry and heartbroken for him because I love him more than a friend. Although he used me for sex and disrespected me, I still love him and I'm willing to help him moving on from her. I really want to tell him that I'm here since we haven't talked for a couple months but I'm afraid that he might just shove me off. Or maybe, I'll just walk ... read more

Today is Halloween and they're already showing Xmas episodes, wtf...every year they're starting more and more early.

What's really the point of waking up in my life? I'm just a most worthless and unloved person alive on earth so why live, right? I'm not good at anything either. I don't have a life because I don't have friends to share with my life. I'm also the ugliest girl in the world. I'm too tall, skinny, have eye bags, blackheads, scars from pox and self-harm and I have lots of moles in my face. Maybe this is the reason why people hate me and don't want me as their friend. Btw, I still... read more

I'm so sick of all of this hate toward certain groups. Race, gender, occupation. People are all for equality, yet hate on people different from them. It makes no sense, and it only creates more issues. Feminists want equality, yet so many of them shame men, sex workers, and even other women who disagree. People hate cops because of the ones who give them a bad rep. Many of these people save your lives and keep you safe. I've been hearing a lot about how "cis white men" are th... read more

I can't tell if I fractured my wrist or not. It hurts to turn it over and I heard it pop when I woke up. Ouch

I've never really appreciated mornings until now. I used to be a total night owl, but now, for some reason, night time brings a strange discomfort to me. So now I sleep through the night, wake up at 6:30, just in time to watch the sunrise. Something about watching the sun emerge from the night is increadibly peaceful to me. It's gorgeous, it's a new day. I get absolutely giddy over mornings.

I did not pull an all-nighter just for one of my damn research sites to NOT load, goddamnit! Ahhhh, f***.