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I don't find men who are a lot shorter than me very attractive. Sexually, I mean.
I'm 6'8.

There's this irritating brat in a few of my classes that is really pissing me off. She looks perfect, has parents that are supportive and generous, has a bunch of friends, and has a perfect little boyfriend that she lives in a perfect little house with. She has this perfect life just f***ing handed to her and she's probably going to have an easy perfect adulthood, too. Meanwhile I'm miserable with nothing to show for all the effort I put into life except neglectful parents, f... read more

*** le sigh*** i can't wait to meet u and give a big hug and kiss mmmmmmwah <3

b**** b**** b**** first of all dumbass the hold time is not 20 min learn to keep track of time or dial the correct number idiot... second your complaining of how much pain your in and all the meds your on you sir shouldn't have been driving I was happy to NOT help you

Seems like we're heading right back into that path... My life has always been a living hell, since I was a little girl! Seems like I was cursed. No one loves me neither does God, I feel worthless and I'm tired of life!

I'm irritated.
-Started two days ago.
-Zits popping up. Frickin zits.
-Cat had surgery.
-People coming over tomorrow that I have nothing in common with. Plus I'm doing all the cooking and it will be the first time.
-my neck and shoulders are super stiff.
- Did the iOS 8 update over the weekend and my phone is wiggy.
-I miss my kids and wish they could be here tomorrow.
*** Happy Thanksgiving, America****

I feel a bit better now. :)

There are times where I want to break down and call my ex and beg for her to take me back other times I feel fine and I'm okay.
I always fight back the urges to call her but some days it's so hard.

Idk if my crush knows who I am.. Any advice for him to know who I am?


Sometimes I think about how easy it would be to just grab a knife and kill someone... it's too easy.
And I'm really starting to scare myself..

I can never do something right. I always get complaints about something. Feeling so stuck in life right now.

Want to be alone #ornah?

Feelings are complicated... Ya feel?

I'm so sick of people making assumptions about vegans/vegetarians and accusing them based on these assumptions. A lot of people claim that they are only annoyed with angry vegans/vegetarians but I know from personal experience that there are PLENTY of people who will attack non-meat eaters upon being aware of the fact, regardless of their attitude

I'm vegan because I don't NEED meat and dairy to be healthy. Dairy and meat gave me heartburn and nausea and I feel way better wi... read more

Talking to you is like a copy-paste from Tumblr. Really, what's so funny about men doing manly things? What's so silly about masculinity? If you revere femininity so much, and the gender identity of women(including trans women) is sacred, why not the same for men? How can you mock boys for not wanting to cry or shaking hands instead of a hug? How can you demand respect from men when you, a woman, give them the opposite? AND I'M A WOMAN TOO AND EVEN I CAN SEE THIS! if we both ... read more

Do you love me #ornah?

Seeing how long I can last without getting caught.

I hate the holidays. I'm always expected to travel to see my family. Nobody ever comes to see me though. Ever. It's an hour drive, but I get s*** gas mileage and I'm always broke. It just makes me mad that when my family comes out this way they never think to call me. Then there's the fact that I'm living on my own and am in college (not living in a dorm btw---in an apartment) but yeah...let me buy arts and crafts for all my nieces, nephews, and misc little ones that will a... read more

All this talk about Ferguson is making me think about the culture clash between me and my friends. One of my exes is training to be a cop and is bothered by the conflict. Another ex is a racist from that general area. I was flirting with a new guy last week who happens to be black, a teddy bear, but the kind of guy who would be profiled. Even being there with him drew a GASTLY number of eyes. Thinking about those three guys and the positions they would hold in this nonsense m... read more

Feedback wanted! My husband and I are expecting our first child in January. Husbands birthday is is December. I was thinking for one of his birthday/Christmas presents I would get him a hotel room for late February to give him a chance to catch up on sleep. Details: All of our family lives out of state and will not be around to help out, he will be returning to work shortly after the birth, I will be staying home indefinitely.
Would this be a good gift? I figure he will be wo... read more