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I met my step daughter when she was 4 and I treated her like if she was my own I would take her to school buy her things and we would have girly dates I loved her like my own. Her mom is homeless and addicted to meth, last time she saw her mother was almost 2 month's ago she lives with her dad sense she was 3. She is now 8 and we all live together, I now have a son of my own. Rite when I found out I was pregnant I just couldn't stand her anymore and still till this day I can'... read more

Everyone around me is dying. My parents passed away, my (ex)best friend went to prison for life for something terrible, Im fat, getting old, single, have only 1 friend and I feel lonely 24/7. I feel like I have no one to talk to. :/

My mom just died and my cousin couldnt make it to the funeral so she sent me a $100 gift card in the mail. I thought it was really sweet. Turns out she went to dinner before she sent it and spent$88. Thanks for the $12. It wouldn't have been such a bummer if I would have known. The card was still in the package and $100 was written on it. I spent all my money I had in the bank on funeral costs and going out to dinner with family and friends. I wish I would have known I only h... read more

I cry a little inside when someone calls me beautiful or when someone flirts with me because I was tormented by everyone when i was young that I was un-attractive and till this day I have disregarded the notion of beauty yet it's a concept that won't stop following me around.

I'm hurting a lot today. The poisen is strong today. Why can't I just stop loving her

I feel like I'm never really happy, no matter how much i make or how much weight I loose or who I'm dating at the time I'm never really happy. Is something wrong with me? The only time I'm truly happy is when I'm with my daughter, but once she goes to sleep, I'm no longer happy.

So I was shopping for Halloween costumes with my boyfriend today. He wants to have costumes with matching themes because we're going to a costume party Saturday. (Nothing like last minute shopping). It was so stressful. We couldn't agree on a thing, and when we did, it was either sold out or unavailable in our sizes. On top of that, he's pickier than I am. He didn't like any of the costumes, and he got pissed whenever I liked one that shows a little leg. This party better be ... read more

My girlfriend just licked my butt for the first time... am i gay.

What kind of man goes ten years without knowing his daughter. Not one birthday card, not one Christmas phone call. When he does call a few times, his feelings are hurt because he didn't get a call on Father's Day. Several years later, calls a few times, makes empty promises, paints himself as a hero she should respect. Months later, calls and is told she doesn't want to speak to him any more. He becomes enraged that she hasn't been taught to respect her father. Says SHE has a... read more

My best friend since i was a baby infant is talking to the guy i really like. They snapchat really friendly but they haven't even met that many times and they seem to be getting closer. It sucks. I don't know what to say without going up to her and telling her this makes me fall apart inside. I feel like im making everything a big deal and should just shut up. But it hurts so much, i get so sad and emotional... cry. actually. embarrassingly. Its like she doesn't even care eve... read more

This girl I've been dating who I care a lot about seemed like such a sweetheart, just found out I'm leaving for marine basic training Monday and she won't see me and bullshits saying she has NO time when she only works 4-11 on weekends and had today off, f***ing makes me feel like s*** and now I'm extremely frustrated... Don't know what to do

She told me almost "everyone" she knows told her to stop talking to me because apparently I am "bad company."

I had another panic attack today. I started crying hysterically in front of my soccer teammates and coaches. I lost all rationality and completely freaked out. Now I'm super worried what they think of me. They probably think I'm a freak and will distance themselves from me. I don't think they understand how much anxiety I go through and what anxiety attacks are. They probably thought I was being a dramatic cry-baby. I'm really ashamed right now. I can't believe that I broke d... read more

I feel like I've just thrown myself to a pit of snakes and only one has bitten me. It's a slow poison in my veins now. How do you even deal with things like this? How can anyone be okay with doing this kind of thing to themselves? Would you be able to say "I love you too" to someone already spoken for? When you're already spoken for? How cruel is that? How cruel would that make you? Would you rather have someone leave you with a lame excuse or would you rather fall for them a... read more

I'm at work and I share housing with a friend of mine's girlfriend. She's annoying on a usual, and now she's watching a loud, stupid video and I just want to be in another room, but the rest of the place is cold. Incredibly annoying. #crappyroomates

I am a freshman in college. I haven't had my first kiss. There are so many good looking guys everywhere but in the world we live in today everybody is all about sex. I just want to find a guy. I know I am only 18 and have time but I want something now. I am not looking for true love.

I got the nice guy's number, but what good does it do me when I'm wishing I had the other guy's number instead... The guy who's probably still hung up on his ex.

I hate thinking about it. People ask how many grandparents I have and now I am down to two. Everyday I pretend that I can move on. But I can't. You just left. The day after Christian's birthday. Less than a month before Meridy's wedding. You felt so lost, you saw no other option. Mom and Dad are still mad. They don't understand the pain. But I think that's why I find it so hard to really talk about, think about. You emailed. That's just it. You clearly cared a little bit, you... read more

My boyfriend and I just broke up and I know in my mind that it had to happen. But now I have to get to a point where I don't miss him and want to call him and tell him to come back because I know he would, but nothing would change. We agreed to be friends and we text each other but I think we both need time to get used to not being a couple anymore. I just don't want to feel this way anymore.

I am so angry and in a dark place. It has been 5years or so of hell. My husband is disabled and has health problems and now my cancer has returned. It is like life just said your f***ed!. The rich just richer and the people like me who have worked all of our lives have been robbed. All I can say is your day is coming. It seems like some dark force has come along and attached itself to me and I don't know how to get free. Does God here me? If there is some some secret spiritua... read more