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Why is it that girls (and guys but this isn't the situation) think its okay to wear their undergarments around young family members say 3 and up (walking and talking ages)? I Dont get it. Its not like they Dont understand what t*** and a** are. They may not have enough hormones to give a damn right now. But when their hormones kick in, they gonna remember seeing their hot a** aunts t*** in her bra and s***. I may be old fashioned, but I find this a bit naive and lacking of se... read more

He doesn't love me, oh my lord. It doesn't mean it's a tragedy, tragedy.

I hate it when my sister comes over, it reminds me of just how lonely I truly f***ing am. My other sister was asleep and I was so excited because the only sister I have that I can truly connect with that isn't a pill head is coming over and the moment she gets here my other sister wakes up and starts talking to her and excludes me. My boyfriend is out of town and has been nothing but a huge cunt to me the past few days and all I want is someone to f***ing talk too but no I ca... read more

Why the f***, Calvin Klein, did you f***ing choose Bieber, that entitled criminal piece of s***, as one of your models?

One thing I hate the most is when people wanna get in your personal business especially when it's dealing with your life sometimes people don't wanna talk about it

I feel so completely useless. My mom is always comparing me to my siblings saying how I'm the oldest and not acting like it. I know I need to grow up and but she brings it up every time she gets a chance. she also says how I'm more like the daughter of my aunt and my aunts daughter is more like her. I know I'm 23 and should act more adult-like but I just don't know how...

So tired of your empty promises. I hate you and how much you put weed over someone breaking their back to be good to you. I hope you fail the drug test I've been trying so hard to help you pass. Why can't you just be a normal human and stop thinking only about yourself

I don't want to live in this planet anymore. I've been always getting abused by the people whom I'd expect to love and care for me. My parents abandoned us for work and for their extramarital affairs. They even abused us for years. My room mate also molests me every day. He also abuses me physically and emotionally. I can't tell anyone about this because I'm afraid they will judge me. I just want to die now.

Currency started out as an easier way to trade goods. Now it is the defining ability to survive. To obtain currency one must give there life to acquire it. I say this because instead of playing with your children or doing things that you enjoy you are required to be a slave for someone with more currency for periods of time. Ones that have more get more and ones that have less have less opportunity to acquire more. This is the nature of currency.

The economy is the hash of a... read more

To the ever present delight that is my cheating ex-girlfriend: stop your immature little mind games. Coming into your ex's place of work and going out of your way to go wherever he is located in said place, EVERY SINGLE TIME just to give him a death stare and/or force that 'thing' you betrayed him for into his face is both slightly messed up and more than a little creepy.

Grow the hell up and let me get on with my life.

Why does my boyfriend think it's okay to A) hit me and B) WHILE I'M DRIVING?

*Please don't read if you're uncomfortable reading about drug use and suicide*

I think in this very moment, I stopped feeling numb towards everything in the past couple years.

I'm sitting here crying alone because I suddenly feel all the emotions I was supposed to feel instead of numb. I'm not sure if that's good.

I think I need help, I use marijuana to pretend even for a little while that everything is okay when I feel like taking my boyfriend's handgun and shooting mysel... read more

I'm a woman who has PTSD. But the rape occurred two years ago. He grabbed me, and dragged me onto a dark side street, where he raped me. But it was two years ago. Why am I still freaking out about this? Why am I still looking over my shoulder when I walk home, day or night? I was wearing a big, heavy overcoat when he grabbed me, so he couldn't see my body, but he sexually assaulted me anyway. What's wrong with me? I still feel scared. Maybe I'm not normal. People keep telling... read more

So I have a couple of friends that broke up a few months ago (as in their friendship broke up) and one of them (T) was left to herself while the other, (M) has since kept all of her friends. I stayed friends with both. No one else did, I'm not sure if its because I was there for both of them through it all, or because all my friends are more opinionated than me. In any case, it was going swimmingly up until recently, until T brought up the fact that I didn't pick a side. I to... read more

LOL! The people who obsessively respond to my posts don't seem to realize they're perpetuating the circle. So what that you don't like my posts. I don't care if you don't like what I have to say. I have the right to post whatever is on my mind. Your obsessive need to either respond, or copy-and-paste my posts in which I've disabled replies, is very telling about your own neurotically obsessive mindset. LOL! If this is so distressing to you, then stop responding to my posts. I... read more

I'll never understand the jerks here on Muttr who try to dictate what can and cannot be posted here. These are also the same bossy control freaks who go berserk if you post more than once about the same subject. I'm not talking about spam, which *is* annoying. Just three or four, maybe five posts or so about the same thing - hey, maybe the person doing the venting needs more than one post to get their griping out of their system. And these whiny trolls start screaming about t... read more

Its amazing how much s*** I get from black women for being married to a white woman. I have one question I'd love all my black "sistas" to answer: Just where in the hell were you when I was on my knees and broke, working two jobs and barely getting by on four hours of sleep just to keep my head above water? Where were you when I needed a little encouragement and a shoulder to lean on? The woman who became my wife was there but I don't remember any of you wanting a thing to do... read more

Your two word response a week later doesn't even warrant acknowledgement.

I just watched a clip of Lucy Lawless getting a** raped on Spartacus. Her kids will be so proud one day.

Feelings of emptiness, jealousy, and vengeance are going away and all i had to do was watch the new season of daredevil.