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I'm at my in-laws. They have a big fridge full of food, all kinds of it. I'm allowed to eat whatever I want, however, I just can't can't simply because I know the food isn't mine.

Can i jus die now??? Death would be better than the way i feel right now....

I know why i feel like a corpse today. i miss you. but im not allowed to interact with you. you'll say "no, leave me alone today." we're in a relationship, i know i have BPD but ive been doing my damndest to stop being clingy. So cant i have off some days? Cant you put aside your stuff to interact with me for a day? or do you just not care anymore?

I wish i had determination. like how do you get that?

Honestly, like tbh, i honsetly miss the old muttr with the sidebar for comments and stuff but like honestly i like the colors and the new features on this one tbh

Despite what I do to try to improve myself, I don't seem to be getting any better. I've told my friends about some of my problems, including my depression, but they couldn't really be of any benefit. I have recently come to terms with something that I wish I hadn't. Some day, some how, I will die. That is a given. But what I wish I hadn't come to terms with is that it will be by my own hand rather than that of time or another factor.

Still feeling hurt thinking about it. How it all ended despite my best efforts. She can just jump into a new relationship and I'm stuck with the heartbreak. People can say "it wasn't your fault, it was nothing you did" all day, but I still feel like it WAS me.

You know you are a total fail when you dress all sexy and all he does is go back to Facebook

I want isaac brock to f*** me in all the positions

When you're LGBT, and you live in a small, socially backward town that prevents you from coming out, and you befriend someone of the same sex who you suspect may be LGBT as well but who also is not out, and the two of you do some really cautious flirting disguised as jokes, and you get really attached to them, but you're scared to make a move because you're not 100% convinced they're actually LGBT and not just a really tactile straight person, and you know making a move and b... read more

Im not sure what it is, but i feel as if i have trust issues... reason being, my boyfriend works at target and recently found out one of his coworkers are interested in him. now he told me that he made it known that hes in a relationship. however, i know how females are and i know how they can be when they want something. but of course every female is different... with that being said i feel like this female will try something to get my boyfriends attention being that she wor... read more

Note to self: gotta study hard to get out of here. Easier said than done, but I'll give it a try. it's my last chance.

Dear Hillary,

Im am writing this to you though you will never read it. For so long, the whole time ive known you all ive ever wanted was you. You are the only thing ive truely ever wanted. Ive cried over you, ive sat up all night because i couldn't sleep just thinking about you. I wanted to be with you so bad. I just wanted you. I know your not perfect but you were to me. I wanted you and all the flaws that came with you and i did care what they were all that mattered to m... read more

I walked in on this random girl giving my husband a massage. I know they didn't sleep together but, it still pissed me off. Should I be upset about this?
he says it was nothing.

I am married and my husband and I talk about anything but, It seems like I always have to hear about other females and his past relationships. I don't mind it, but hearing it all the time is too much. He does that or he will go in to great detail about them, like how pretty they were or how big their boobs/butt was, etc. am I wrong for not wanting to hear about this. He tells me I am beautiful, but having to hear about this stuff all the time makes me feel otherwise.

I do just about everything for my husband. I cook him breakfast, I get the kids ready for school and get them there. I give him massages anytime he asks for one. I keep the house clean so he can feel comfortable. He always says that he is going to give me a massage or asks me if I want one, but I never get. I have to beg to get the trash taken out. He helps out when it is convenient for him. He can see that there are things that need to be done around the house but he ignores... read more

I just.. I wish... I wish you knew the pain you're causing me. All of you. You say you love me, but it's not true; and I also wish, you would see that I could be that Mr. Right you're looking for. Just.... open your eyes. Please. Before it's too late.

I give up... i jus give up!!!!

It sucks being me

f*** my piece of s*** life, I don't like it. I'm over it. This is just stupid. Whats the point? I work, when I'm not working I play video games. I go to school 2 days a week. I am such a f***ing loser. I'm so over this.