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People who abandon animals should just drop dead.

Why are you doing this too me? Do you think this is funny? You make me feel miserable. I love you and you say you love me yet you insist on playing little games with your "girlfriend." Oh, and you lie to me and go behind my back and tell my best friend that I "treated you like s***" and "made you really unhappy." So which is it, do you love me or do you hate me? I never did anything to deserve what you're doing to me, everything I did was to make you happy. I never cheated on... read more

I have to get up for school in five hours.
I could cry right now.

Im on the basketball team but i messed up and had a bad first practice, i feel like i should quit. I just dont have the drive anymore for highschool basketball i dont wanna let everyone around me down tho and i feel like ill regret it! what do i do! please help!

No matter how sad I get, no matter how much I beat myself up and put myself down and tell myself I'm worthless, I just can't stop being an arrogant, selfish, entitled piece of s***.

Hey random stranger breathing on my neck....... i think i love you..**howlz***

I can't wait until I've been dead long enough for my best friends to have trouble remembering my name.

What's it called when the person you like no longer seems so intimidating in picture? It's more like, "Oh, it's the person I like. Cool. It's not like I have a chance anyway." Is that called being a realist, or is that being pessimistic? But, if you saw them in person you wouldn't even know what to say. Both of you would probably pass by each other with a poker face. What is that? Though, you swear that whenever you do make eye contact with the person you like, they seem upse... read more

Emotions are such a pain.
Sometimes I just want to feel nothing rather than desperately trying to endure the eternal pain in my heart.

I f***ing hate people these days sometimes.
They treat each other as if we were not of the same species. As if we were more superior than the other.
Humans indulge in sin without knowing, and yet they expect to be forgiven.
Trust me, I'm no Christian or Catholic, religion is not my thing.
I hate how utterly disgusting it is to witness someone of a 'higher class' scorn one who couldn't quite reach that peak. They talk as if they knew everything about each other, the history. T... read more

Then you'd probably like Jenna Marbles' dog Kermit. She calls him Kermie.

I spent my four years in high school away from my best friend and during those years a lot happened and we became such different people that I felt like we no longer knew each other. I miss her, and the easiness our friendship once had. Nowadays I feel like she just doesn't have time for me, like I don't fit in her life. She never tells me about the big events happening in her life, INCLUDING her getting bloody engaged! It's reached a point where I hesitate to tell her stuff ... read more

Sometimes when I'm sad I like to imagine what it would be like to have a pair of elegant long greyhound legs and how fast I could run

He's so willing to tease me and be the biggest flirt in the world, why won't he actually make a move??

If there's any BBW guys/girls on here, how big do you have to be to "qualify", for lack of a better word? I'm a size 12/14, weighing 161lb

I'm a 20 year old lady who is still trying to grasp US politics (or even politics all together). Honestly it's still not clicking for me. I didn't vote during presidental elections when I was 18 'cause I didn't believe both candidates to be convincing, plus I like most people was apathetic over politicians. Although, at the same time I feared I had no idea what to think, so I didn't bother voting or thinking about it. I say I struggle to grasp it 'cause what goes on in politi... read more

I want to find the right guy!!! I'm gay why is it hard finding a down to earth guy now and days??? To many high standards why???

Your rant about abandoning Twitter was clearly just a ploy to try and win him didn't even last 48 you're back in full swing, once again attracting all the creeps that you were complaining about and what killed in the first place....and you thought he would just ignore all those hurtful things you said...what were you thinking? #relationshipproblems

*squeezes your hand, too as you squeeze mine* *heart leaps, bounces for joy, but maintains poker face* You mustn't know. It'll be the end of life as we know it. :-)

Oh god i am so angry literally my mom and my stepdad have been separated for qa couple months and he has been cheating on her the entire time and i hate him so much ugh i dont even know what to do like my mom is blaming everything on her an nothing is her fault!!