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I have been thinking a lot about who I am the past year and have come to realise I am transgender. I was born biologically female, but identify as male. I wish I could come out and live my life how I want, but I know my family wont accept me. They are very homophobic, transphobic and basically against anything that isn't 'normal'. I have been dropping subtle hints, such as stopping shaving my legs and armpits, which disgusts my dad and he tells me its 'not lady like'. I wear ... read more

I hope I die soon. Taking the matter into my own hands and ending my life myself will only leave a mess and that will be too bad. But I can no longer suffer anymore at the expense of everyone's "feelings".

There are times I want to confide in my friends about my problems but immediately restrain myself because they've already heard so much from me in the past and I knew back then that it was getting to be too much for them, so that's why I can't even talk to my own friends about my problems...

I honestly don't know what to do anymore I have no friends I feel like my girlfriend is going to leave me I have medical bills I can't pay, is there really any reason to live anymore everyday is hell I don't know what to do

Sometimes I wish my boyfriend would show me in some ways that he's actually sorry instead of just a verbal apology. I see other men give their all and do what they can to earn their forgiveness but my boyfriend just does his all to get out of trouble with me and doesn't actually do anything to show me other than him saying "I will" or "I'm trying". Maybe I'm just asking for too much...

So this dumbass Carl.. I'll refrain from providing his location, even though people do deserve a warning from this a**h*** . This idiot pulls from the side of a curb completely failing to yield to any traffic, and slams into a man coming down the road. Carl can't seem to understand that he's at fault. He has spent the past 2 days cussing people out over this. Your clearly at fault dumbass! Perhaps some education and anger management is needed for this b****. A 30 plus grown ma... read more

I want to cut my brother's autism out with a knife. It's driving me crazy!

Life is so hard. I have to push myself to get all my work done, and nothing seems to be good. I'm just not happy anymore.

I'm feeling invisible, I'm sick of blaming my own insecurities on average looking people who might have their life together, but I keep letting my negativity get to me so I become envious of them, well one day I'll be better person and not be envious of others. I'm sick of being left out when all i did was stand up for myself and I'm still being hated on, but I shouldn't let them(or whatever get to me...). Well guess what, I not better than you, I'm sorry, I don't hate you at... read more

I have 3 deaths in my family back to back. My mom,husband of 27 yrs and my mom 19 toy poodle Dec 23 of last yr. I have a girlfriend living with my that help out with bills food and things for the house and I do the same. I have a male was gone for 2 years and now is back with us. He does paid bills r get food r get anything for the house . The only thing his sorry a** does is get extensions on bills. He just thinks about his self. I live royalty checks my mom lefted me in her... read more

I love him so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with him, I want him to be my first everything, and do my first everything with me. My first boyfriend, my first kisst time having sex, my first husband. I want him to be my only everything.
He is my first boyfriend. He is my first kiss. My only.
I almost lost my virginity to him, and him to me. Things were intense. Kissing, feeling, breathing. We have done that before, touching each other. Except he put his penis on me,... read more

Please stop giving me things I dont want.... I appreciate it but I always feel so bad because I dont want it!

I stopped taking my depression medicine because I had been taking it for nearly two months and saw no improvements. Plus I didn't trust it to be safe to take while pregnant (even though the OBGYN said it was fine.) I feel pretty much the same as I did when I was on it, but yet everytime I get upset, or sad, people give me this look and say " Maybe you should get back on your medicine." Maybe you should shut the f*** up.

I sometimes imagine being in an open relationship with my BF and a friend of mine who is a lesbian. (Sigh), but I know my BF is too jealous and clingy to even consider that and my friend is already in a relationship.

Had a threesome wtf

My BF nags me like a parent whenever I leave a dirty plate, or trash around, but yet I see the empty bottles/plates he has left in my our bedroom. Hypocrite much?

I pick my nose constantly everyday and wipe the boogers anywhere. I know it's gross and immature, but hey, at least I'm not addicted to drugs, or drinking.

I'm depressed and 28 weeks pregnant to boot, so of course I'm going to be a little lazy... Okay, maybe a lot lazy. Stuff like washing dishes, or cleaning the house? Sorry, I can't find any f***s to give at the moment. Just let me sleep and eat in peace.

I wish I could just go to my boyfriend, seduce him and have sex, but it's not that easy. No, sometimes he says he doesn't want to, and even accuses me of wanting sex "too much" How is every other day too much? I'm pregnant and my hormones are raging! I sometimes feel like screaming "f*** me!" But I know it won't get me anymore. So...I guess masturbating twice in a row will have to do...

I hate when guys grope women especially when they're minding their own business are they asking for it no