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I raped my dick, It didn't want it, didn't ask for it, but I forced it!!!!! :)

My ex-wife and I share joint custody (50/50) of our two children. I make decent money and she gets social security disability because of her questionable "disability". Because most of her disability income is not used in the child support calculation and because I make decent money my child support was just raised by triple. My ex, with her disability and my child support, makes the equivalent of someone who makes $47K per year in Utah where the average wage is $42K per year.... read more

How f***ing stupid can someone be?? my friend, who's barely 18, is going to a PARK to f*** some 30 year old she just met today online . please tell me i'm not the crazy one. i can't do anything about it unless she doesn't let me know its all okay, because it's legal because she is 18. of course f***ing in a park isn't but she'd be angry as hell if i called the cops for that. but if i don't do anything, and she gets f***ing murdered, i'll be stuck with guilt because of her STU... read more

Have you ever wanted to just kill someone? Just take a knife and ram it into the back of their neck when their back is turned? I don't want to go to work tomorrow or I am going to eviscerate my boss with the small pocket knife I carry with me everywhere.

Why do I seem so hell bent on making my life more difficult than it has to be? Have you ever continued to do something, even though you knew that it was going to end badly for you? Even though you knew there was no possible way that it could work out in your favor? But you just kept on doing it because you had convinced yourself that you need this. Needed him. Now i don't want to sound like some sappy teenage girl, although I am only 20, and yes i realize that's not far off f... read more

Why does my family hate me? I don't bother them, I don't fight with my little siblings, I don't insist on being entitled or bratty or disagreeable. They (my parents) put up with my little brother and sister swearing and acting like the king/queen of the world (my sister's 9, my brothers 8, I'm 13). They put up with them screaming and biting and kicking each other. But, whenever I need help with my homework or ask for advice on how to deal with a failing friendship and stuff l... read more

I don't see why a communistic political system is all so bad -_-

Screw u to those who unfriend me on facebook! U say you're my friend, even after almost 30+ years?? U can suck my big left toe!!

8 inches or 13 dick


This site is so fatalistic it should die

Want a good career look up micro expressions, learn this and always know when someone is lying to you
A major plus for all law enforcement

I swear this b**** needs to shut the f*** up talking to me like she thinks she truly know me and has figured me out all of a sudden. She's annoying as f*** and a big a** fat hypocrite. She's probably just jealous of me and how calm I can be white she always have a b**** a** attitude. No every single person at my damn job gets on my f***ing nerves! Once I move and get a new job and better job I am never coming back there. I will probably work with people less annoying. On the ... read more

I feel like im falling apart. i dont want to do anything im juat tired.the baby wont stop crying. i feel like im just here. i wish i had the balls to kill myself i have a gun right here and im to muchof a b**** to do it. my husband used to be so kind and understanding and like after the baby i feel like he just drags me along. he doesnt care about anything i say when i try to tell him how i feel he just says im crazy he says everything is always my fault. i want it to be like... read more

Looking back at old pictures of my boyfriend and I really hurts. It comes across that he was much happier back then. The way he would smile at me, or be sitting with me, or even be the one taking the pictures. That doesn't happen anymore and it's crushing me, today especially. I just feel like we aren't in the same place we used to be. I know that people get comfortable in relationships, but does that have to mean that you stop looking as happy also? I just feel so confused a... read more

Break ups are hard... especially when you thought you were happy.
You put everything you've got into one person and then one day they're gone.
You're back to square one, same as before, but now you have haunting memories.
No one understands how you feel even though everyone's been through it.
They can't see it from your eyes or feel it from your heart.
Everything just hurts... until you're mostly over it.

I googled how to give a bj, and I definitely didn't know there was that much to it. Now I'm even more confused and hope he's cool with just sex for now cuz I have no idea what to do and really don't wanna hurt him or embarrass myself too badly.

Just got my birth control and now I'm ready to go. Hopefully my bf's sister and parents won't be staying at their house this weekend cuz, yeah, I don't want them there for any of that and I don't really wanna have to find somewhere else to do it

(Note, we are both females) I've been in love with my closest friend from the very beginning, but I'm not sure if I should ever act on it. I really don't want to ruin our relationship as she is the most important person in my life and I feel I have never connected with a person like I have with her. She has sort of hinted she likes me too, such as admitting she has had a crush on all of her friends for at least five minutes and saying if she were a guy she would date me. We a... read more

Hey, weirdo, your videos are no longer interesting to watch. You've always been weird and mentally ill, but in the past, your videos used to be fairly entertaining, particularly the videos you labelled "Cop Watch", in which you would run up to police officers out on public sidewalks, hysterically yelling irrational abuse at them as they were making their daily or nightly rounds. But these days, you hole up in your apartment (which you can barely pay for) making boring videos ... read more