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I'm a horrible person. I know I shouldn't be, but I'm the way-beyond-crazy-jealous type. My fiance is my whole world and then some, and the thought of losing him terrifies me more than anything in this world. He's truly my reason for living. I don't have a single other reason to live, and I didn't before I met him either. This makes me super protective and jealous beyond all reason, you might not believe it by the end of this, but I'm usually a reasonable person who thinks th... read more

Dear God. If there's a god.
Dear God. Please let there still be room in his heart for me.
Dear God. Please give me the courage to tell him I love him.
Dear God. The fear of losing him stabs, stabs, stabs.
I am talking to myself. And this realization is so f***ing PAINFUL.
I, alone, am responsible for this. And this, this, this is my greatest fear in life: not telling him.
My greatest fear in life is losing him.
My greatest fear in life is that I lost my chance, that he might ... read more

Ok so you know Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph from Twenty Øne Piløts, I was just thinking they should go on naked and afraid together...


I probably do need to be hospitalized. All I think about is leaving my girlfriend and killing myself. Leaving my girl might not be a bad idea, but the latter is. I just can't handle anything anymore. This girl is killing me.

This is my the first time I think I actually fail my finals in college. There is just not enough hours in the day. I work like a damn slave and I still can't finish everything. I've been doing homework for the past 7 hours and still am not even close to done. I'm so stressed and anxious but I can't even tell my family because they expect so much from me, and my friends expect me to be the happy-go-lucky one all the time. Going to college is my biggest regret in life...honestl... read more

I made a best friend last summer. we call a lot, and we've somehow gotten extremely close with each other. closer than my friends before i had met her. a few months ago, she had told me about how her boyfriend attempted suicide by overdosing medication. yesterday, her boyfriend revealed that it was because of the fact that i became friends with her. apparently, their relationship changed after we became friends. im not sure how i feel right now, whether it's guilt or confusio... read more

I hate myself and I have no friends! I want to die :)

I need to concentrate but my mind is all over the place. Freaking finals.

it just everything sucks that i cannot even f***ing put it into one category. it's so hard to do anything, really. like i have to push myself all the time. it's like a mix of little motivation, distraction of just complete bull sh** (like the reasons i'm sad), and i don't even know. i think the worst part is when i'm out, and one minute i'm literally fine, and the next, it's like... i'm just back to this gloomy, sad, ment... read more

Things I need in a relationship:
Give and take
Ability to help with my anxiety
Sweet moments

You don't give me any of these things. But I do my best to give you EVERYTHING you need.
So I think I NEED to leave. And it breaks my heart.

You didn't decide to leave your $73K job; you were fired because you couldn't be bothered to go in or contact your boss for over a week. and every time you act like it's no big deal, you make me want to tell you to get your own apartment, because clearly you have it all under control. you can't even tell your parents about it, so do you seriously expect me to believe you 'planned' this?

For the past 4 years I've been depressed but it's beginning to get severe and I don't know how to handle it. No matter how much I try to distract myself from it, I feel like nothing is working. I've never been this stressed before and I feel like death.

Dear roommate.
please stop talking to your boyfriend at 1am. I am trying to sleep and I can't sleep when you are talking. I also can't sleep with music on very well, so that is out of tje question. Just kindly shut up please.

I'm really frustrated and some of my friends right now. I've been having friendship issues as it is and I don't need more crap. Let's just say L and A are their names. A is actually a really good friend of mine, but L seems to be more of the problem. L can be a good friend, too, but sometimes both of them are just really inconsiderate and just say what comes to their mouths. A will say something like "I think L's getting me a Southern Tides shirt for Christmas!" Ok, first of ... read more

Someone: this fandom is cancerous

dude, you could say that about a lot of fandoms, even the ones with a high concentration of toxicity. still, fandoms are not a hivemind. there may be a lot of people who do pretty nasty and rude things, but not every single person is like that. take a chill pill.

So my roommate finally got annoyed with my pacing and told me about it. She said that I could use the tread mill at the gym if I wanted to. I tried to explain to her that tread mills give me anxiety and she totally did not get it. She is way to logical for me. Then again if it isn't medical she doesn't understand most things. Kind of sad really. I mean I know that I am f***ed up, but she is to normal to the point were it is boring.

PSAT scores are coming out soon and I'm really anxious about them because I really want this National Merit Scholarship but I'm not sure about how I performed.

I hate when my grade depends on someone else. If they don't like me, which often is the case since I'm an unsociable a******, they can write down all kinds of crap that isn't true and I'll end up with a bad grade even if my work is good. I hate it. Who the f*** thought up this kind of grading anyways. It's even worse than group projects bc at least when I'm doing a group project if someone's bringing me down, I can take them with me. Here, I'm being thrown under the bus by my... read more

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▒█▄▀▄█ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▒█░▒█ ▀░░░▀ ▄█▄

Well, it's happened. It's finally happened! I swore I'd disown my dad if he gave me a hard time again, and that's just what he did today! Merry Christmas, you menopausal mofo!