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Mothers-in-law... You give them respect, make their son happy, give them grandkids 'cos she wouldn't have any if it was up solely to her sons... And after more then 15 years she still treats you as an outsider 'cos you just don't let her meddle in your life and in the decisions you take regarding your kids and your own family life. How do you behave/ continue having respect for her after everyone gets a birthday present/card/special dinner on their anniversary except you??

Oh my god i just want to curl up in your arms and cry myself to sleep holy s*** it will never end

I have fibromyalgia and it's been really bad the past few days and I don't really know how to deal with it because I've only had it since like August (due to a car crash) and I'm just really in a lot of pain and don't want to get out of bed but I have school at 7:00!

Hey a**h*** when i tell u that i'm starting prozac the correct response is NOT 'u dont even need it that badly!' are you BLIND

I'm so stressed out it feels stupid. My boyfriend of nearly two years is suffering and I don't know what to do. His parents are getting divorced but his dad is cheating on his mom and he's so angry and he won't talk to me and I'm so nervous and scared. My family is full of lawyers so one of them looked his parents up and they filed fifteen years ago for divorce but reconciled and now they're doing it again! I don't think he even knows but I do and I'm really afraid. I'm so sc... read more

Got to read 400 pages of french and write a paper of 3000 words for uni by Friday morning...will I die?

Why did he ask me out if it gets awkward every time we talk to each other?? My humor is decent but I do think its cute when his hands get shaky and nervous around me.

I feel I never fit in with the people I hang out with.

Sometimes I want to tell people close to me that I'm not emotionally and mentally stable. Just so they can take it easy on me. I'm so stressed out and anxious. Don't need more pressure from people around me.

So I'm very unsure about my relationship with a friend of mine. She constantly says things that she knows I'll disagree with or that will piss me off, and in the past whenever I've tried to discuss it with her she's shut me down or changed the topic, and when I straight up try to call her out on it she gets all defensive or acts like it never happened. It makes me feel like she's trying to keep me in line and quiet. And when I don't do what she says or if I don't respond quic... read more

My boyfriend and I broke up after a single month. I really cared about him, but he was always tired, or too busy to come around. He couldn't ever come over because of one reason or another, and then would lie to me with excuses (and then my mom would call me minutes later, saying that she saw him driving to the store, ect.) He never wanted to do anything with me. Wouldn't ever hold my hand, or kiss me in public. He wouldn't put on facebook that we were dating, his reasoning f... read more

YOOOOOOOOOOO I f***ING HATE FAKE a** b****es THAT TAKE ADVANTAGE PF YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ND GET AWAY WITH s*** JUST BECAUSE OF TEARS, b**** if me neva did wah bombopussyrassclaat graduate and lef jamaica yuh wudda f***ing dead


Im expecting my first baby and ive been with my significant other for a whileeee, 7 years, relationship is all roses and champagne. The thing is i would like to hyphenate the baby's last name. Why?...because why not?? ..Eff all that "traditional" bs, aint caca "traditional" nowadays. Just as important it is for him for OUR baby to carry his last name it is to me. Soo i mentioned this to him and he got all butt hurt! the effff u getting butt hurt for?? its not like Im p... read more

I have been friends with my best friend since 7th grade. About a year ago I started dating this amazing guy and I decided that about six months into our relationship I would set up my best friend with his best friend. They started dating and everything was fine until my boyfriend best friend texted him out of the blue one day telling him that he hated me . My boyfriend and I did everything for these two so I tried to make it work but nothing I did would make it work. So latel... read more

I'm terrified of feeling at this point. I must have been 7 or 8 when I swore off love and friendship. Maybe it was a bit later. In 6th grade when they skewered the class pet on a pencil because I liked it and it killing it would make me cry. Maybe it was in 5th grade when the teacher laughed when I said I'd rather die than have to be in that classroom with those children who did nothing but mutter foul words in an attempt to see the fat girl suffer. Maybe it was ealier still,... read more

My Dad is such a cunt to my Mother. It makes me wonder how the Hell she manages not to stab him at night.

It's my birthday and my mother told me that I don't matter to her anymore and I overheard her saying rude things about me to my brother when she thought I wasn't in the house... I'm very sad and I thought I was doing okay but now I feel like I can't trust anyone and no one cares about my well-being... I may as well just be an egotist

I want to shut off my brain just for a day. I feel mentally exhausted. Depressed, compulsive thoughts keep wandering in my head.

I wish he could see who I am. Not who he thinks I am.

For some reason my mom asked my brother when he'd take me to Vegas, and then she said to take me for my 20th birthday, and after that my brother said he'd get me a male escort. Lol I was dying.