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I am so sleepy right now that I feel drunk! Why in the world did I have to come in to work today?

If I thought I wouldn't go to hell, I'd have killed myself by now just like my dad told me to.

I don't have a life. I spend practically everyday in room, on my bed browsing the internet. Not motivated at all. It's actually depressing. I want to have a job and a social life, but I keep getting rejected everywhere.

I think if I was not so good looking my wife would be more honest with me about things. Most of the time she just tells me what she thinks I want to hear and not what I really want "her thoughts, opinion and the truth".

I've been crossdressing privately in the toilet at the charity shop I volunteer in. I've only done this twice, and I feel guilty afterwards in case my co-workers may find out. I do this partly as a fetish, and because I don't really find guys' clothes interesting, besides tank tops and skinny jeans (which are admittedly the only items I look for in department stores), even though I'm putting on weight to the point I won't suit these items.

#crossdressing #guilt #fetish #guil... read more

I really wish I had a guy best friend but I think I won't get one because I'm ugly and unattractive.

Why, Dad?

Why is laying around and watching TV the only thing you know how to do anymore? Just because you "retired" doesn't mean you can just sit around and do nothing all day, every day, when we don't really have a steady source of income right now. Quit pretending we'll be just fine, because retiring from the military doesn't mean s*** in the working world. I'm terrified that we'll lose our house and have to move away because we won't be able to support this lifestyle any... read more

I wish I had a guy best friend. But I'm afraid I won't find any or he would hurt me and lead me on like my ex crush did to me.

I don't know what to do. I wake up every day with those awful feeling of anxiety. I thought going to get my certification for billing and coding would be a good option but apparently it's near impossible to get a job in that field. I just dontknow what to do and I'm so afraid of the future and being an adult. I'm 19 and I feel so behind everyone my age. I'm starting to not even see the point in living anymore

Holding in your s*** makes one anxious. I mean that both figuratively and literally.

((Warning: this rant may lack coercion at some points. ))

I'm sick of it all. Sick and tired of my extremely-likely-to-be-narcissistic mother. When I bring my problems up to my "friends" in real life, all they do is say how petty they are and how she loves me. Yet, when they tell me their issues, I listen patiently and give them advice.

The b**** who gave birth to me apparently has to be "respected and loved". The inhuman b**** who abused me both physically and emotionally ... read more

You're not allowed to do nothing! You're not allowed to want to feel like s***! YOU MUST BE HAPPY OK YOU f***ING CUNT! BE HAPPY OR KILL YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A WORTHLESS COWARD IF NOT! - The world to me

To my ex,

You speak to the kids once a week online IF they want to talk to you. Having a go at them and then at me for not wishing you a happy birthday 2 weeks ago after everything you have put us through is taking the micky. BIG TIME. YOU are the one who moved to another country without telling us. YOU were the one who caused us to nearly loose our home. YOU were the one who abused us. YOU are the one who "forgets" your sons birthday every year since you left but not your d... read more

I never thought I'd say I don't love you...I guess it was due to your inability to trust me.

Do I have to do stuff in life? Why? Like I'd know or be able to decide what anyway.

The love of my life and I started out perfect..but now everything seems horrible. He puts everyone before me. He thinks I'm hiding things, but I'm not. I'm pretty sure he went out with a relative yesterday or friend and just walked out and let me wonder where he was...but if I do that, he automatically accuses me of hiding things. It's never anything huge, but it hurts that he hides anything at all. I wonder if he's trashing me with his relatives because he deletes his text..... read more

So my boyfriend (and it still feels really thrilling to call him that) kissed me, like, last last week. And. Well. First kiss for me. And him, I think. He kissed me and he said, "Sorry," because he was afraid I didn't want it. And then I kissed him. And then we had a sort of makeout session. And then I pulled away and he said, "f***, I'm getting real addicted to you." And. Wow. Now he can't stop staring at my lips when we're alone. It's thrilling.

So, school's ending soon. I've got three months ahead of me of no stress. No class. No teachers. And dear f***, I kind of hate that. Because I miss my friends already and it's not even a week until we have to leave and I can't really stand to not see them almost everyday again.

I haven't seen him in over a year and I don't know what will happen when I see him. I haven't seen the one I have loved for that long because they moved to another state but their gonna be back in town. I have loved this person with all my heart for years and I think I will always love them no matter what happens. Despite things didn't work out between us while we were together we exchange emails once in a blue moon. We were friends for a very long time prior and slowly becam... read more

I love to act. It is the only form of expression I am good at. I just wish I was good-looking enough for roles. I'm always the sideline guy or an extra and never the lead. For once in my life, I want my experience to speak for itself, and not just my face. Because truthfully, I am just losing the will to go for this silly dream. I'm just losing bits of hope everyday..