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Afraid. I may not have enough money to leave to go off to school.

No depression symptoms for months but I feel... nothing. Just emptiness. Nothing.
I don't care anymore. I don't seem to take care of myself or want to.

I love to watch circumcision videos. I'm addicted to them. I love hearing the little bratty baby boys scream and yell in pain and agony as they get their fishy uncut cocks sliced open for the world to see. I feel no empathy for their cries ; they annoy me at best. I would love to go to school to learn how to do it so I could mutilate a few thousand dicks over the span of my lifetime. I'd cuff them to the bed, slap them around, spit on them, squeeze their penises til they're r... read more

I'm sick and tired of my Dad calling me out whenever I wear makeup. He thinks I do this to get attention and get boys attracted. But really, makeup makes me feel comfortable and I feel confident when I do wear makeup. When I fail to wear makeup as I'm running late every morning I fee the need to hide myself. I don't feel confident at all and he can't see that.

I feel very stupid for liking someone who obviously don't like me.

I got to ask. Why are black kids, teenagers, even adults so dumb? A few months ago I had the misfortune of moving into an apartment complex that's about 40% black. I didn't know until after I moved in. Wouldn't you know it? These savages are ruining the place for everyone else. But, here's my point. There's this Black child who runs around unsupervised, she acts like a complete spastic retard who can barely speak in an understandable fashion. I didn't know how old this little... read more

I'm in such a weird spot of my hobby. I enjoy what I do mostly, but the only one who really gives me compliments are my lover and family. I know I'm not the very best, nor am I the worst. My girlfriends paintings get so many good comments, and it feels like I'm in her shadow.

Funny how it goes. There I was depressed and crying my heart out, now someone comes and challenges me and suddenly I can only feel anxiety and tension. I don't know what's worse.

I can feel my depression growing inside of me and wrapping me in a dark embrace.
I honestly /hate/ talking about depression, my voice just reeks of immaturity and "attention" to some people, and that's okay
But I finally have motivation and good grades but now all I wanna do is nothing but cry and hit my head against a wall and I cannot justify my reasoning for doing either

Today I flattened the tires. I'm from the slums of Brazil. It only escalates from here. I want my money! I told you not to cross me. b**** a** mulattos.

There's a party coming up in less than two weeks and I absolutely have no choice but to go. I found out that a group of friends whom I haven't talked to in two years is going. That friend group and I had some not-so-great history. I feel very vulnerable and I know I'd be attacked. IDK how I'm supposed to prepare for it, and I need advice.

I don't want emotions involved. I just want a straight up good f***. I am a woman in my late 30's, attractive enough, and I know my way around. I need a good man with no ties & no attachments. Age doesn't matter. Let's have some fun.

Older people always assume that because I spend a lot of time on the computer, that I must be just wasting all of that time "doing the facebook" or "posting in the youtubes". Just FYI, pretty much everything is online. Banking, investing, my clients and work. I spend at least an hour a day e-mailing clients and employers. Then I manage my accounts, and my websites, and I get to work on the new ones. I have to collaborate with people online, I have to be scanning spreadsheets,... read more

You know a lot of my friends tell me that I show too much emotion when trying to attract the opposite sex they say "show more interest than emotion." can someone please help me under stand that, maybe some examples because I just don't understand...

To sleep or not to sleep? Later today I have class, and I'll have to babysit for 8 hours. But if I sleep, I know I wont wake up on time for class. It was stupid for me to take a class that starts at 9am when I regularly end up in bed at 4am or later

How did I get here again? I can't stop lying. I lie to everyone. To anyone. About any little thing. I feel awful. But eveytime I ry to tell the truth it just won't come out. My parents caught me in a the middle of quite a big lie. And I couldn't even offer an explanation. The truth just couldn't come out, so I stayed silent. I hate myself. I'm angry and sad and yet I know tomorrow I'll still lie. UUGGGHHH!!!! Why am I like this?! I just want to disappear!!!!

There's this guy whom I think I might have feelings for. We started off badly though, so we ended up being really mean and saying hurtful things to each other. But now that we stopped, I'm becoming so comfortable around him and it confuses me. What do I do?

I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago.. He was going away to join the military and started treating me poorly because he just stopped caring about me and doing crazy things because he wanted to have a fun summer or whatever.. He only had a month left and decided he wanted to have fun and by fun I mean hang out with his friends and do drugs and drink and party.. And whatever.. He called me the night before he was leaving and told me he loved me and I don't know.. He's wr... read more

To the teenagers that entered my garage and rifled through my wife's car. Did you not notice the 3 f***ing cameras on the front of my house and the one IN MY GARAGE?!??! The pictures have been printed and mailed to every local high school, posted at the local walmart and hung on every stop sign in the neighborhood. A police report has been filed and all incoming information is being sent up to them.

I need you and your parents to understand this ain't no game. I have 4 camer... read more