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I need more guy friends. I'm a female college student with only 3 guy friends and I've only hung out with 2 of them. The one I haven't hung out with is more of an online friend. Although I met him back in middle school. The other 2 I met later. One I met at prom and the other during college. The one I met at prom I suspect might be secretly gay or at least bi and the guy I met in college is a nerd. My nerdy friend had a girlfriend but she recently broke up with him and he's b... read more

My boyfriend is the biggest a**h*** on the f***ING PLANET.

If we believe in our heavenly father we also know that the devil exist too

The amount of times I visit this site is ridiculous.

Am I really that easy to forget?

Once you go looking for something you're gonna want to find it

I find it silly that I'm venting about this here and not to someone close to me but I don't have a lot of people I open up with. I want to get it off my chest so as not to be moody for a stupid reason.

Before my grandma died she gave me a really nice necklace that she asked me to wear on my wedding day in the future. She said to hide it from my boyfriend so he wouldn't see it before, kind of like how its bad luck for a guy to see the dress before. It was a very cute gesture ... read more

My life is so pathetic. I am 20 and dont have my license, on top of that I have no social life and my friends would rather hang out with each other then with me. I have never had a guy say that he likes me or have a guy I liked pick me. I have never been kissed and have never been on a date. And when I try to get a guy s*** hits the fan every single time, when I try to open up to my friends more they don't give a s*** and my social anxiety has been so controlling that I don't... read more

Another guy has stopped talking to me suddenly out of no where. Things were going so well and he just never replied back. Man, I must really be a terrible person to talk to. This is the second time and I am really getting tired of it.

I am to embarrassed to tell my friend that I misread someone again. I am to embarrassed to tell her that ANOTHER guy didn't work out. My life must seem so sad. I can't even get a guy to like me on the internet, while she has a thriving internet relationship I am here messing up everything. Seriously, I can't flirt and don't know how to tell if a guy likes me. I am just gonna give up for now. All it has gotten me is false hope, disappointment and unbelievable awkwardness.

I am beginning to see why guys are stupid. I thought this one guy liked me again and even had a friend said he was giving hints. He wrote, "what do you find romantic in guys?" in red and asked how I liked guys hair, but I guess he was just asking to be cute and just as a friend. I can't be the only one that thinks that he was flirting right? I feel crazy because this is the second time I have misread someone. At this point though I feel like I won't find anyone. I knew that i... read more

Talking to my best friend about sex and I don't really care about it. He told me to masturbate and that would help but I told I can't. He told me to look at pictures or porn or just fantasize. I said I don't do any of that either and he said "you're tellin me you've never thought about what it'd be like if we f***ed" awkward

Tried masturbating cuz thats what I keep getting told to do, and it didn't really work. I tried looking at different pictures, thinking about different people and it didn't help. I got even less far with myself because no was there to touch me. It just doesn't feel right.
Side note: On the bright side I know I'm not physically attracted to my best friend now. :)

Meat is ruined forever for me. I just feel like throwing up when I eat it, which sucks because steak was my favorite.

Kids are full of energy

Franceska Jaimes big a**

Kinda goes into friends and love because of my boyfriend but I love both my friends and boyfriend. You're probably like, what's the issue? Well, I f***ing miss my friends. I kissed my best friend one drunk night and my current boyfriend and I were like talking about getting back together and I had reasons to believe he didn't love me at the time even if he was saying he did. Anyways, he hated my friends and hated the thought of me with guys and I'm thankful he forgave me beca... read more

Now that's just sick they shoved a guys whole head up there

How do I give good head to my boyfriend?

Did you know a .22 wont work it'll just go in and bounce around making swiss cheese out of your brain leaving you a vegetable