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You foolishly stated, "I've never heard of anyone who cried about PC bullies who wasn't a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a xenophobe, etc." Not true at all. PC bullies automatically assume that anyone who doesn't go along with their domineering, autocratic ways are bigots.

I just remembered why I don't ask people out. Ugh. Now, it's awkward.

My dad is 100% trash. when will he die

That feeling when you're gay and your crush casually say homophobic s*** :-) (but you live in a homophobic country anyways, so what's the point of complaining, probably 99% of the people you meet will be homophobic in some ways too).

Don't mean to be a stereotype but...I'm bisexual, I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years, and I'm not very experienced tbh. I wasn't very physically attracted to my previous 2 boyfriends and I've never had a girlfriend. It's just...every now and then, I get a longing so strong to just have a woman to hold and care for. I don't want to leave my boyfriend but sometimes the thought that I may never experience that is so frustrating. My lips ache to kiss someone's pretty ... read more

I wish my partner could see my side of the story and not always side with the person who hates my guts and make me out to be the problem.

My knee, aches. It just aches sometimes. Right in the center. It hurts much more when I try and straighten it completely, but when I straighten my other knee there's not really any pain at all. When i straighten it though, It feels sort of grindy, and there's a sharp pain in the front of the knee. I'm a 14 year old girl, not overly fit at all, I'm average sized, like 5'5 or 5'4 or something, around 120 lbs. I'm not in any sports and don't exercise.
I told my doctor, and he gr... read more

My friend is hanging out with me less and less often.... I'm scared we are drifting...

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My dad's been sick.
He's 57.
He's smoked for like 40 years. He's drank for nearly the same.
And he's sick.
He didn't really take care of himself. He didn't exercise, he didn't eat enough vegetables, dinners were comprised mostly of meat. He probably didn't drink enough water. He had a desk job. Sat at a computor for hours a day.
And about a month ago, he had a blood clot. In his leg. It was a minor vein or something, I'm not sure, there was something about it that made it sai... read more

I'm so tired of feeling like a prisoner. Like a child. Really, I want to go somewhere and its wrong.... He makes me so mad with his insecurity issues and control.

I'm so tired of feeling like a prisoner. Like a child. Really, I want to go somewhere and its wrong.... He makes me so mad with his insecurity issues and control.

I went away almost a year ago now, 7 months after i left i returned home. Returning home changed my perspective on who i am completely, returning to school may have had the biggest impact on the course of my life, seeing my homie nearly cry and many shedding tears changed the way i think about myself and them. without them i am nothing and i definitely would not be the man i am today without their help. Unbeknownst to them, they are my saviours They are the people that strive... read more

I'm hate being black and gay and unattractive. It's the worst combination ever. I'm a double minority. The world wants to kill me because I'm black. People say I'm abnormal and f***ed up because I'm attracted to the same sex. And I'm not attractive and I'm quiet. I'm tired of every girl I meet treating my like their "super-gay bff!". I'm sick of walking on eggshells around every guy I meet, wondering what category they fit into: straight and accepting of lgbt, straight and ha... read more

I have dry lines under my eyes and I want to buy a moisterizer or eyecream but have no idea what to get. Or is an oil a better option (like argan oil)?

Right when I'm almost over my crush he just ends up doing this stupid s*** that makes me keep liking him.

I don't think I'll ever find out why I was bullied by males only during school time. Every time it was a guy, never did a girl do something bad to me, not even spread rumors. Guys however beat the s*** out of me, stole and broke my stuff, called me names and other things.
They were always nice to other girls, sure they teased them, but never would hit them or something...I was always the exception...f***

"You're the nicest girl I've ever met."
Said every guy I'm in love with.
And then he went and made love to somebody else.

I live with my grandmother and it was going great till I started dating an amazing trans man. Now my grandmother throws out hateful comments and imposes rules (I'm in my 20s) that are ridiculous. She belittles me and starts fights and has threatened to kick me out. But when I make plans to leave she cries and begs me not to. I'm leaving anyway, just up and going, which will get hate from most of my family. My dad might disown me. I honestly almost wish shed die so the decisio... read more

I haven't been happy in a long time. I don't want to live anymore.