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Hey I'm all about venting, but sometimes when you invite it in it takes roost and settles.
it's more effective to step out into the moonlight and just SCREAM!

If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?

Reason #6 on why i hate hs:
Teachers -
(example) I made a 89.4 in my English class and my teacher wouldn't round me up to a 90 is seriously the only B on my report card

reason #6 in why i love hs:
Besides my English teacher , my other Teachers are hella cool...
actually my English teacher is pretty chill besides this one incident.

"Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian."
- Dennis Wholey (1937-)

"The average person thinks he isnt."
- Father Larry Lorenzoni

With the dawning of each new day there are a million new possibilities

If you knew how emotionally unstable and insecure i really was, would you still want to be my friend? Better question being, could you handle being my friend.

I'm so sick of whiny c***. You can't do the work a man can. Statistically you don't show up for as many work days. And you continually go to pieces and make life difficult for everyone around you because of your feelz. The Vagina tax is a myth. You constantly cry about feminism yet you'll f*** any bad boy who treats you like trash with no sense of irony. And you get used like an ATM while screaming about patriarchy or whatever the f***. Anyone but screwed up women and beta m... read more

I wish there was a depression category. I'm so sick of life, though, I guess that'll do. I hate myself. I've hated myself for something like 20 years and I'm barely into my 30s. I don't want to deal with this s*** anymore. I have clinical depression. I'm on medication for it, but it only does so much. I had medication for my clinical anxiety, as well; but my new primary care physician (after moving to another state) has taken me off of it based on "it's not good to take that ... read more

If you're reading this, you're probably a corrupt entitled piece of s***. So f*** you.

Note to self: I don't wanna see you anymore. You love me, so what. You're not the last person who will. Why do I cling to it even though you bore me to tears, even though every second I'm with you my heart is ticking away time and I'm thinking what the f*** am I doing here? I'd rather be doing anything else. I don't like you, don't like you, don't like you. Forget me.

Next speech & debate tournament is in 4 days !

When you're just feeling feelings but don't really know what you're feeling... but you know that it's a lot of feelings to feel

I hate waking up every day. I hate existence. I hate humanity. I hate life. I'm living a hellish existence being stuck living at home with my alcoholic abusive father and my sociopath mother. I'm 450 pounds because I dread leaving my room and because every time I do something horrible happens. I either have to listen to piece of s*** father going on a racist tirade about how everything isn't his fault or how it's all my and my mother's fault. Or my mom is floating around thin... read more

I don't know if i have bad luck but i was born with a stutter which limited myself socially. I sweat when other people are cold i get my words jumbled up sometimes im not shy but im shy. This stops me from progressing so ive just been stuck here. Life is so fun... not

Do you hate me as much as I hate myself?

People: "Don't Judge. Who are you to judge? Stop being a judgmental a**h*** /b****. Never judge a book by it's cover."

*Ends up judging others or talking s*** about them behind there backs.*

I hate hypocrites.

I watched the film Chappie yesterday and it practically broke my heart--seeing the poor robot dicked around like that really got to me. I don't know why, but it drove me insane to see him beat up by a gang while begging for mercy and running home the way a child would.

I need help -_-

I know I shouldn't still feel like this, you obviously don't and haven't for a long time, and I'm moving on, but I still have some feelings for you.