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Jailbird is here ! Lol finalayyy I can get laid :P

Looking for opinions. Why do sociopaths fixate on the one(s) who got away?

The one(s) who got away referring to:

* The one(s) who were smart enough to call them on their bulls**t and dump them rather than being played like yo-yo's.

* The one(s) who moved on and settled down in healthy long-term relationships.

* The one(s) who succeeded in areas of life where the sociopath(s) failed.

I am so sick of this. All my friends around me are getting into relationship after relationship and I can't even seem to find one guy to f***ing like me. I wanted you so bad and I thought you had a girlfriend so I stopped going after you. Now I regret that because the person who told me you had a girlfriend was a guy who was trying to keep me from dating anyone. I regret it, I miss seeing your face so much, I haven't looked at you directly in a couple weeks now, and f*** I mi... read more

I have had the worst day, it started last night when I binged, purged, and then self harmed for the first time in 3 weeks, after I binged again. Today I have been reckless with my eat ugh I'm so stupid, I've already purged once and I think I have to purge again. My cuts from last night hurt like hell, and I want to cut again. I am such a fat worthless failure. I don't want to go to school tomorrow, at least it will be Friday and I have a 3 day weekend to fast. I'm sorry if yo... read more

Sometimes I get so mad at my husband that I just want to tell him to not come back home.

I hate it when my sister has to shoot down my ideas. Whenever I think that I have a good idea and I say it out loud, she always has to say no. It's annoying. Then she has to be so ridiculous about it (when though she's probably trying to be humorous, but it just sounds like she's rubbing it in my face.)

I've given up on environmentalism. As far as I can tell, nature, humanity, and the planet are all FUBAR.

Why am I always so angry and sad? I never used to let anything get to me, but now I ALWAYS have this underlying sad or irritated feeling even when I'm happy, if that makes sense. The feeling just never goes completely away. I've been this way for about 3 years now, and I kind of know some reasons why I'm sad, although for the most part I have no f***ing clue, but I really don't know why I have all this anger built up inside of me. Why am I so damn angry? Why am I so sad? Why ... read more

I f***ing hate email

Why would he compare me to his sister? I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Oh... macdonalds is the only restaurant doing that these days... it's very unique and cutting edge.

well, la de da, fancy pants.

Typing essays in hopes of winning a scholarship or two, it's almost like trying to win the Lotto

I rather have an intelligent friend as opposed to a stupid one.

Got home from school a while ago and my mom wants me to drive her to her friend's house (who happens to be literally just a few houses down) but since my mom is old and "afraid of dogs" I'll take her... I just want to take a long nap to be honest. Hopefully she doesn't take to long at her friend's house. I'm trying to get home soon so I can rest

I don't understand why my dad changes his attitude when he's around my step mother. Like earlier I asked him if my girlfriend could come over and stay the night as her parents are going out of town (I'm a lesbian) and he was like " Yeah sure, but when your step mother gets home I'll ask her" The b**** got home and he was like " She wants her girlfriend to come over but that's not such a good idea is it?" Her response was " Nope, your remember what happened last time" Like fir... read more

I dont want to work out but i know i need too. I need dome motivation. All this cold weather and snow makes me want to curl up in a blanket and knit

And trim your nails before you type!!!! cute sqeaking... squealing cute....cute..girls... and stop talking on the phone!

Squealing, cute at 40 year old ladies or almost 40... stop whispering at work! It's also unprofessional!

I really can't stand squealing girls at work, who's 40 and still acts and thinks that they are cute. Squeaking and speaking like a 5 year old and giggling really isn't professional.

It's a shame that Ernie Banks was a very good player who stayed with one team his entire career & hours after he passes his family is acting like money hungry greedy crows.
Great way to honor Mr Cub.