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Brandon, do not read

Brandon is my crazy hang out friend & he unlocks my wild side, but he is not one to emotionally & spiritually connect with. I'm starting to feel more of a casual relationship, rather than someone you can be real with & just speak stream of thoughts. He is not one you talk about "life convos til 3 o clock in the morning" because he will not give a f*** or will not be genuine with. He is someone you go to a trip with, and craves the spotlight. As a best fr... read more

If you had a girlfriend or a boyfriend and they all of a sudden switched bodies with your mom or dad and the only way to switch them back would be to have sex with one of them. Who would you choose?

I'm talking into a f***ing wall and telling it all my problems

I do not care about Cecil the lion. Some people care a whole big bunch, while others care only a little bit. I do not care at all. Not even a trace amount. I feel no distress at the death of this lion.

Furthermore, it baffles me that anyone outside Zimbabwe cares about it. The people IN Zimbabwe don't even care about it. They all think we are stupid for caring about it. People in Zimbabwe think you are stupid.

I'm afraid everyone hates me and doesn't want to be my friend anymore for some unknown reason like I know I'm not easy to love because sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me and I'm sad a lot and I cry but I try really hard in my friendships and it scares me that no one is there for me yet they're always there at the same time. I'm mostly afraid because someone who use to be my best friend told me our friendship was "forced" while she was lying in my bed at 1am and idk what... read more

I just realized letting go is best but I sense he ain't done with me. Feel like he will ask or text me soon. Miss him and don't care if he flirts with other girls. Hell I flirt with other guys. He doesn't mind my age nor do I care how young he is. I bring my friend over and he got upset over it. I'm like well you are dating someone. Focus on her unless you are trying to get my attention by making me jealous. We aren't together anyway but you act like you own me since we hooke... read more

You hang on the edge of
effectiveness waiting for some one to post so that you can be on top sounds like a true f** to me. there is nothing original or creative to your posts, but then you like it when your insanity runs it's course! pathetic small minded individuals such as yourself have no place in the human race and you know it, so you strike a blow for all the ones that have no reason for life, a waste of breath and time and life. why do you exist if not to spread hatred ... read more

I'm a horrible friend. I spilled my drink at my friends and I think I ruined her SD card. I can't even believe it happened. I feel like s***. And I'm supposed to be staying the night. Now I'm just horrible and I want to die. f***. f***. f***ity f***. She probably hates me now. She hasn't said anything to me yet. I just feel like s***!





I don't hate you. I still like you. Not mad about your new friend anymore. So why quit being my friend over this new friend. You don't have to date me or mess with me nor do you need to text me daily. I thought about things today and want to let you know I'll be your friend /acquaintance still. Not one to stay angry and I'm gonna move on. If things don't work for you and her hit me up sometime and we can hang out. Im not jealous over a younger girl being your special somebody... read more

I WANNA Be transgender but dont know what to do

I'm SO tired of life right now. Like, everything this year has been getting better until now. With school coming up, I've been lagging even more. I'm in a perpetual state of limbo between being alive and being an embodiment of sloth. And the only thing I can track it back to is my "best friend". I spent an entire year sticking to her side because I placed her social protection above being me. And now, she acts like she knows everything about me. But when I did something that ... read more

I miss him. Wish I was still talking to him. I lost him but I will not text him. I will wait to see if it pans out for him but I miss his friendship. Wish I could make it right. Perhaps some cheesecake and an apology. Maybe a hug and some lemon shandy beers. I just can't believe how f***ed up I am over him.

I'm starting to wonder if people are already beginning to forget the lessons of the Twentieth Century. In any case, I don't think that history will look any kindlier on the Twenty-First Century than on the Twentieth.

I will no longer try so hard to get your attention. Perhaps I shouldn't have been trying so hard anyways. Maybe you're in need of time and space for yourself, and we may be close to each other again some other day. Just know that I'll always be here for you.

I want to tell you what a piece of s*** I think you are. Sooooo bad.

One of my friends told me she self harms. I don't know much about self harming, can anyone tell me more? I don't know if it's disgusting or amazing, and I really want some opinions?

May you live in interesting times!

Why the f*** was I born now and not in the s*** future where I could possibly live forever, or be eaten by cannibals due to the decomposition of civilisation :(

Today I realized that I have two uteruses! It's a scary thought, but I'm not sure. Should I go to the doctor for a check-up?