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I'm 36 and I have been single since I got divorced at 20. I have tried the online dating scene and found nothing. I don't drink and around me is nothing but bar after bar. The women around me who are my age look much older because of drinking all the time. I am attracted to younger woman, but given my size (312lbs) society views me as a creepy older guy trying to hook up with a younger woman. To make matters worse, I am helping support my parents financially. To that end they... read more

IMA horny black male 24, from Detroit, looking for some thick chixxx, inbox me yo whatsapp numbers.

5SOS = 1D gone emo

I love God. Gonna seek him and throw myself more into a Christian lifestyle. Done with being disrespectful to my body and will ask for forgiveness of my sins. I'm sorry for lusting after a guy I can't have. I'm sorry for fornicating without being married. I'm sorry for all I do Lord. Please help me change my ways.

Why bother being motivated at all? Everyone else in this house is too lazy to even wipe the f***ing side after they've finished cooking. I can do that though. Why? I'm the most lazy f***ing cunt in this house. WHY IS EVERYONE ELSE TOO LAZY TO DO SOMETHING WHEN I CAN f***ING DO IT WHEN I COOK?! I AM MORE LAZY THAN THEM! THEY KNOW I CAN'T f***ING COOK WHEN THEY LEAVE A HUGE MESS IN THE KITCHEN! CLEARLY THEY DON'T CARE IF I STARVE MYSELF! IT MUST BE INTENTIONAL. f***ING c***. I... read more

You know what, whatever! I'm gonna contact Poptropica and tell them that this game is supposed to be for kids. It's not for twenty year old loners who sit on the computer all day and pretend their friends are the random people that watch their videos! If I can't beat this, it's too hard because I'm a straight A student. I MADE HIGH HONORS! If their game is so hard that it's driven me to crying and hurting myself, that's their fault! And if they use any stereotypes against me.... read more

I had genius metaphysically educated 'boyfriend' off and on for several years. he taught me sooo much that stays with me to this day. try not to let my feelings of missing him get in the way of what he taught me.. you can not have sex with your teacher.. it doesn't help a thing! unless you made a definite committment and he definitely is not using you, which is rare like a needle in a haystack.. because this guy was kinda using me. was also bi-sexual i figured out kinda late ... read more


I'm playing Poptropica Wild West Island and Think Noodles was able to shoot the bandits on his first frieakckenciwnoefbiwup egifvniueqprbcpiuqbewpcb qeipucn[qoieubwciupqebwpficubqerupiciuqbe ieohbrtry!!!!! I TRIED 30 TIMES AND STILL HAVENT THERE R LITERALLY TEETH MARKS ON MMY HANDS FROM TRYING TO RIP MY SKIN OFF FROM ANGER!! SCREW YOU POPTROPICA

What gives the person the gosh-given right to judge a person by who they love?! Just, who gave them that right?! I have to go to this youth group almost every Friday and while I didn't have to go to this previous one (I was given the choice, but I had promised one of my "friends" I would go cause they said I would "love it", I disliked it). It was about whether or not homosexuality was a sin (the Great Debate), now I would've liked it IF MY "FRIEND" DID NOT GO AND SAY "Now th... read more

If I'm a tgirl, and I still have a dick, is it okay for me to use it during sex?


Seriously you run around in tight tight pants and then cover your a** because lord
forbid someone might look at it. Which just proves what teasing c*** you are.
When the fact is you have your heads so far up your a** that your embarrassed
to have anybody to see the spectacle!!!!!hahahahaha
So at least if your gonna tease us give us a little show, something to remember
you where more than the typical C.U.N.T.


god, so sick of people who...
1. talk endlessly about cancer. JESUS CHRIST GET OVER IT. most people don't die from cancer nowadays.

2. personify the illness, giving it a life, acting like it's a person. NO. NOPE. NOOOOOO.

SHUT THE HELL UP. Cancer is like a g**d*** cold these days. Just suck it up, do your treatment, and get over it.

Spending so much energy on talking about what you're going to do is WASTED ENERGY.

What is wrong with posting up philosophical quotes?

Oh my god my sister is driving me insane!!!!!!! Lately she's always cold to my mum and i (she's friendly to my dad though) for no apparent reason. She never speaks to me first and when she does, it's short and rude. To be honest i could deal with that but the worst is how messy she is. We share a bathroom and she leaves her s*** everywhere!!!! Dirty clothes, dirty underwear, the wrappings of sanitary pads and tampons, even used sanitary pads and tampons!! She doesn't flush th... read more

You know what's f***ed up? most of the ppl on here wanting to commit suicide are being totally abused and have no idea that it's not their fault, and not everyone is like that. they just didn't get real parents capable of giving love. pls protect yourself and be the parent to yourself that you needed but didn't get.

Lol. what a joke. i don't really care that you're pushing me away, only that you think i'll come back or be interested in your candyass games!!!

I feel stupid. I am turning 21 this year yet I still cry whenever I visit home and have to leave again to return to my univeristy studies at another country. I miss having my mom around. Sure the feeling goes away but it take a week or so. I dont have a close friend to even talk to. So I just pent it up inside me until it no longer trouble me.

Danielle, I liked you. I admitted to you. I was nice and looked out for you. You passed it up. You knew that I liked you and yet you allowed me to believe that you liked me in return. Up until I had to ask you. Now you decide to go hang out with a group of people who I strongly advised it would be a bad idea. Well I tried to tell you... I said be careful but now I don't even care. Go hang out with them. Once they get you drunk and drugged up and you start getting gang banged ... read more

Closeted "gays" (more like biscum) like @brian_4real from Instagram aka @keleonpokesabs from Twitter deserve to be exposed and ostracised. Not for being gay, but because they want to "hide it" and lie to their female "beards"